VANCOUVER AM – NDP – British Columbia


God does not want you to vote for sick perverted pukes like Ronan Oger. This cockroach calls himself Morgane and is being called to account for what he is by Bill Whatcott.

Times for some sanity Canada. Time to support Bill Whatcott and put and end to all public exposure of such ‘cheeky bastards’ as you see here.


 Ronan Oger (wearing pink cowboy hat on the left) smiling at a bare bummed homosexual at the Vancouver homosexual shame parade is not a suitable candidate to look after your children’s education.

Good reasons not to support Ronan Oger, Vice President of the BC NDP. Read about him here and better yet on (in his own words) and make your vote count to insure he does not become a school trustee. Here is one of Mr. Oger’s wackier and more tyrannical Facebook posts:

Ronan Oger is deluded (he is a biological male who claims to be a woman) and he is tyrannical. Mr. Oger quickly resorts to state coercion to silence those who disagree with his so-called gender identity, as shown by this one of his many delusional and tyrannical Facebook posts.

In the above post Mr. Oger is trying to hunt down and prosecute a feminist for the “crime” of carrying a sign that reads “Trans women are men, Truth is not Hate” at Vancouver’s March for Women.”

Bill Whatcott

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