The Response to Travis One

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, 10:40:39 a.m. MDT, Travis Patron <> wrote:

 Kenneth, this is ridiculous.

The Phinehas Reply – Oct. 11 at 4:09 p.m.

So, we carry on. Remember our first meeting at the Victoria Club in Regina? 

Better reconsider RepentanceTravis Two will be your second and final admonition to do so.

In Christ I Remain   –   Phinehas





The same ‘lost-the-toss’ glazed White Supremacist look is in your eyes Travis.

Even his handlers in the background knew that Conor McGregor did not comprehend what he was doing when he mouthed off about ‘taking on radical Islam’. He was pretty bold before the actual match. 

But, Conor McGregor was quick to TAP OUT when facing reality in the Octagon.

When I first met you at the Victoria Club in Regina you and your small group were pretty mouthy about Islam and Immigration as well. There were a lot of bold statements about standing strong, protecting your families and taking aggressive action toward the Islamic Invasion of our land. Meanwhile conditions remain the same with you fur-backs scurrying around holding Secretive Controlled Party Member Only meetings.

In Regina I was in full agreement with the sentiments being spoken knowing the reality of Islam here and in many other nations I have ‘ministered within’. But, I also knew there was a marked difference between myself and your Patron Pussy White Organizational Patrol of Six Sick Men that were present.

Not a one of you had ever truly laid it on the line for God or Country in the face of Islam or even the Big Black Boogey Man that infests your minds. You were like a bunch of posturing school boys involved in a classical giggle contest of who was able to pee farthest in the frigid wind and grungy Regina snow.

Your overweight KKK Security Moron from Moose Jaw was perhaps the most pathetic of all. His fat son seemed a little more in touch with sanity, but there is no way this pair could keep your Mr. KKK Eric secure in the face of a group of irate Islamic Burka Babes, little alone a rioting Islamic mob.

Moose Jaw Fats’ simply could not handle the mirror of truth my statements were at the time.

I have been directly threatened with death by followers of Islam in other countries, tasted the tear gas of Arab Spring in Cairo Egypt, scavenged for food in the burnt-out streets of Ambon, trekked remote jungle regions to minister with Rebel Armies fighting Islamic oppression, lived through the days of Iron Dome in Israel and stepped around where a stinking burnt corpse laid as an emblem of man’s insanity.

There is no need to recount other statements I made, but I do know the one that pushed ‘Moose Jaw Fats’ into the volcanic border territory of full stupidity he occupies.

His demand that I be expulsed from the meeting came when I stated: ‘My activities were previously financed through my business, then temporary jobs, but now only my OAP/CPP of some $1600 per month and at times small contributions from friends.

But I fully popped the cork in the ‘Moose Jaw Fats’ bottle of White Supremacist Liquid Crap when I stated that all I did was due to the action of God and following the direction of the Holy Spirit. That the Power All Belongs to God and to His Glory.

The difference between us is not one of man’s ideas of bravery or macho posturing in your futile ‘Battle for the Pearls and the Girls’. It is in the recognition of the Truth of God’s Word and Reverencing Who He Is through His Son Jesus Christ.

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” John 15:5


There was quite a melee in and out of the Octagon following the fourth-round decimation of Conor by the Russian Muslim Nurmagomedov. Opponents were leaping the fence in both directions hammering at one another until ‘Security escorted the Irishman and Nurmagomedov out of the arena’.

There is no man’s security that is going to escort you to safety in the melee that is erupting in and out of the Spiritual Octagon of your life now Travis Patron.


Getting you all to Tap Out in a fight you cannot win is simple Travis for the power and action is God’s and not mine.

It is time to REPENT or Pay the Cost of Your Pride for you fight against a Mighty God and not Man.


















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