I picked up a ‘Looney Liberal Immigrant Appearing’ hitch-hiker at Wetaskiwin.

The pot headed fatty smoking, coolers slurping Middle East Liberal fool in my back seat was soon horrified by the events of the little October tour I gave him. Justin had not informed him that his Middle East Madness could explode in his face in such a manner when he crossed the border illegally from the United States this summer.

He heard angry voices disgustedly proclaiming the stupidity of his leader Baby-T and the pot head policies that had destroyed their personal economy in Alberta. Policies that were now threatening the very Canadian existence and future of their children.

He sat paralyzed and dazed as he watched me post material on one bill board after another demanding the removal of Jihad Justin from office and his prosecution for Treason and Sedition.

Naturally, he thought I was more than just eccentric and soon desired I drop him along the roadside. I refused, activated the electronic lock on his seat belt and informed him to shut up and learn.

However, mentally deficient Liberals, Communists, Muslims and Natzi swine simply appear incapable of comprehending when it is best they simply shut up. It does not matter what country births them.

Within ten kilometers I had to activate his electronic arm-hand restraints. He could still breath fine with my last week socks stuffed in his mouth. I suppose the inability to ‘suck them up or toque his dope’ was the cause of the frantic look and whimpering he was emitting.

After all, I had clearly told him/her to: “Suck it up prince/princess. You will be free to rant and bum around once matters have been ended at Edson. Tax payers have already paid your expenses and tuition at the University of Alberta. By the way Assbarjab, or did you say your name was Ahabbarjab? Nod once for the first and twice for the second choice, eh?

He nodded twice.

So, onward we went along Assbarjab’s Canadian Curriculum Pathway. Given his faith base I knew he had automatically lied ‘giving me the double nod’.


   Trudeau was Flushed out in Falun           Baby-T was Poked in Pigeon Lake


And, people wanted Trudeau to Drop Dead in Drayton Valley.

You also would have a concerned look in your eyes if you saw first hand the dismal state of the Oil Industry the Government has created across Alberta. 

The multitude of business closures, the endless rows of camp trailers now waiting for rental and the large-scale construction equipment sitting idle or awaiting the auctioneer’s gavel was a depressing sight.

The wet snow-drizzle falling upon Assbarjab and I as we motored into Edson simply magnified the scene of economic malaise.


The Ending of My Islamic Excursions in Edson


                Jocelyn Pettitt of the Edson Islamic Society Speaks Out Boldly

“I tell all you Assbarjab’s, your camels are better looking than your wives. You are a herd of half blinded Desert Donkey Fools. Slam dunk all your camels into full burkas. We don’t want you to jihad because idiots around Edson are trying to kiss your camel, eh?

Perhaps, for safety, you should bag all your old ladies and wives as well. We still don’t know how to surmount the Canadian Statutes on Visual Pollution. The political scene is shifting rapidly and conditions are not set yet for sharia, so I’m heading into full burka myself soon as this damn snow lets up.

What? Watch your mouth Assbarjab, your camel is not better looking than me! Quit nodding your head at me fool.”

Way to go Jocelyn Baby. Don’t let Assbarjab or that fat headed Toufik Baterdouk tell you who is truly boss in the Edson Mosque.


Edson Mosque – 4831 4 Street, Edson, Alberta

Toufik Baterdouk – Vice President of the Edson Islamic Society was no where about in the wet melting fat snow flakes falling as we entered Edson. When my footsteps were left in the snow it had stopped briefly and the socks were still firmly set in buddy Assbarjab’s mouth. It did not appear that anyone was rushing to his assistance.

“Relax Assbarjab, I have to complete some matters at the mosque.” I proceeded to hang my ‘Islamic Care Package’ on the Mosque Door.

But, like elsewhere in Canada we have groups of pseudo-Christians that join hands with such sharia soaked sad sacks. Such is the critter calling itself Reverend Kimberly Roy at the Edson United Church 780-723-3418.

For many years I have known how to trap such critters through their duplicity, perversions and lies no matter the Nation they hide within.

From Man Trapper   Man Trapper Posted on March 29, 2016

This is a very lengthy posting, but one deserving your attention now, more than when first penned. I am simply extracting some bits from it so I can boot Assbarjab out of my vehicle in Edson once and for all. We have to get on with making Canada a Muslim Free Zone.

“Canada is going to feel the heat increase from coast to coast as spiritual pressure comes to bear upon all things Muslim that were predicted for 2016. The evil of Islam brings about its own destruction and “evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.” (Psalms 34:21)

Islam is comprised of evil Muslim Beasts that must be quickly herded from our shores if you love God or the freedoms you have enjoyed in this nation. Take command now and “you that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints; he delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalms 97:10)

 I have been physically delivered ‘out of the hands of the wicked’ in other nations and this shall carry forward as I have openly expressed public hatred of Islam for many years now.

Muslims, I know how to track you, invade your territories and dispatch you in manners you simply cannot comprehend. And, worldwide a hatred for your Islam only grows stronger along with the intent of turning up the heat dramatically in 2016. Muslims, there is no longer any place you can hide or feel secure in this nation of Canada as you try to establish your sharia.”

“Over the past few years in dealing with the evil of Islam I have sent thousands of messages to individuals, groups, associations, organizations and institutions. I have also walked the same message into locations like the Vatican and remote jungle villages of Indonesia. In it all I have sought the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am going to show you a bit of what I have been doing through some of the ‘electronic responses I have received and the picture that has developed from the messages dispatched. All of it I hope conveys to you the necessity of your being daily observant to the individuals and groups moving about you. It is my desire this somehow helps you train yourself to defensively analyse events to a degree whereby you know how to quickly and actively live a policy of terminating all threats to Canada from Islamic activities.”



File 20141434241 –

Elissa REULE <elissa.reule@rcmp> To 11/13/14 at 11:54 PM    

Hello Mr. Gran, Cst. REULE with the Edson RCMP out of Alberta. I noted an email a community group located in Edson had received from your email address. I do not have a recent phone number for you and I would like to discuss the matter with you. Could you contact me at 780-723-8822 (regular business hours) or 780-723-8800 (after hours and on weekends), or email me back at this email address so we can discuss this.    Thank you, Cst. REULE

I never did speak to this personbut eventually did send e-mail communication and she went off somewhere. Perhaps she read my postings about the ‘Horsemen’, or was directly notified from surveillance and personal interviews that I was in no manner a threat to National Security interests. Both the Horsemen and Canada’s Military know exactly where my allegiances reside. But, the Muslim elements embedded within both these Canadian Enforcement agencies know it as well. They have tried to employ both agencies to deal with me in their attempts to advance sharia. Due to the Grace of God they have been thwarted in all their attempts.

From out of BC they have tried to get me charged with speaking the Truth about Islam and to get me jailed. I have been investigated and their attempts have completely failed because I am simply speaking the Truth based upon the Word of God.


Rest assured Canada, I do know how to eliminate the threat of Islamhow to activate them in such a manner that they bring about their own exposure and destruction.

We now have traveled in time to the point where true Canadians will either stand against all Muslim Incursions or stand for them as dhimmi or apathetic hedonists. I pray all this has helped bring you to correct awareness of what needs to be done in Canada.

Unfortunately, I have residues of belief that most Canadians fit into the apathetic hedonist category when it comes to facing the truth about Islam. You need to fully understand the evil that embodies Islam, the complete change of nature that comes about when a man falls under the sway of Muslims in any manner. So, I am going to provide you with one final warning to take action that will benefit this Nation.

Thus, I want you to listen to some songs. First Richie Havens singing ‘Peace Train’ –  This song was written by and performed in 1971 by Cat Stevens speaking about his “thinking about all the good things to come…that everyone needed to jump on the coming peace train…the peace train that was taking the country…that all hatred would be gone…”  From such a state of mind Cat Stevens was found after conversion to Islam with the new name of Yusuf Islam and calling for the death of Salman Rushdie. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Calls For The Murder Of Salman Rushdie – He Now Denies Ever Doing This        YusufislamKillSalman 

From a peace-loving fella, seeking and needing true love of a hard-headed woman, this folk singing ‘space cadet’ was trying to rethink the universe along with Justin Trudeau and he morphed to another man through the simple steps of following Islam.

The man has actually undergone three name changes since being born Steven Demetre Georgiou (July 21,1948). This British singer-songwriter was always most commonly known by his first stage name of Cat Stevens (1965-1980).  He blanked out of public view for a period of time and subsequent until the present was renamed Yusuf IslamHe now awaits a fourth and final name designation as Eternal Fool.

Pop songs with messages of peace were common in the Vietnam War era, and “Peace Train” was preceded by “Give Peace a Chance” in 1969. Not everyone found Cat Stevens’s peace-themed song convincing, however. Robert Christgau criticized ‘Peace Trains’ message in his November 1972 Newsday review of a concert by Stevens at the New York Philharmonic Hall: “I don’t mind when Johnny Nash sings a charming ditty about how things are getting better, but when Stevens informs the world that we’re all on a peace train, I get annoyed. We’re not, and if Stevens ever stops shaking his head long enough to see clearly for a second, he might realize it.”

Yep! From videos it is very evident why the head shaking of Georgiou-Stevens- Islam was so irritating and abnormal. Steven Demetre Georgiou most certainly shook all common sense out of his own head for existence under sharia is life without Jesus Christ and that life simply remains Eternal Hell.   

And this is the Embraceable Islam of our Justin Trudeau who has proven himself to be a very squirrely mixed up man and another follower of Islam at best. The late country singer Merle Haggard gave us a lament about men like Trudeau who ‘just don’t believe in fighting’ to protect our freedoms. Oh, he will posture in the ‘safety of a boxing ring’ with an ‘alcoholic Senate Patronage Appointee’, but not one true Canadian can count on remaining free with this Islamic Induced Pervert in charge of the Nation.  Listen to Old Merle sing about ‘squirrely Trudeau types’ and where you should be lodging now.

Do not remain some silly hedonistic Canadian kafir. Think about the sentiments of this man born Steven Demetre Georgiou when he was living in the mindset of Cat Stevens and singing  ‘Morning Has Broken’ –  This is the same man that now demands the death of a man for not following the Islam that transformed his mind and renamed him Yusuf Islam.


Well, Yusuf Islam and all Muslims in Canada here me clearly now.

“Beware therefore, lest that come upon you, which is spoken of in the prophets; Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declares it unto you.” (Acts 13:40-41)

Hear what I make a final declaration of to Islam. We now fully enact THINWAH.

Canada will be the First Nation Worldwide that shall become a MUSLIM FREE ZONE to the Glory of God through His Son my Lord Jesus Christ and the Power of His Holy Spirit.

Now, ASSBARJAB, take your rotted evil Islamic Ass to Hell – keep the socks, exit my vehicle and get out of my Nation for Eternity………………..and, Camel Breath, as you exit, take the Traitor Trudeau and his Kafir Kronies with you.”





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