Somali terrorism exported

Spread them out fast from BC

More Somali Sluts“Cool? The Somali Muslim woman Ilhan Omar who allegedly “made history” by becoming the first Somali Woman to win a seat in Congress married her brother to get him into the United States and her campaign calls anyone who investigates it a “racist.” Democrats are aware of her shady background but they keep her anyway. Somalis in her community say off record they are afraid for their personal safety if speak publicly about her. Lame-stream media drops the issues about her questionable marriages. Marriage registry scrubs her two marriages from their records.”

This is just another example of your great exponential diversity you political fools in Canada. How does such ‘diverse corruption’ lead to anything good?

What continues to transpire under Trudeau policies makes the actions of our grinning snake above simply pale by comparison.  

Where do you find hands on a snake or arms that are desiring to embrace you? There are none fool. There remains only their deadly bite and venom dripping from poisonous Koranic Lips.


Get Trudeau and His Islam Out of Our Nation Now




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