With the variety of atrocities filling our Nation of Canada and spreading worldwide I believe the singular arrow of my precious writing time has released correctly to deal with the ‘slaves of deception’ we are and reside among.

We Canadians are perched precariously on a three-legged stool of the Church, Business and Political Worlds with our wrist bones tired from milking an ever-fattening cow of daily disasters.  

With slight changes of outward attire cyclical patterns of history are repeating themselves and we cannot afford to continue hardening off our minds, bodies and spirits through an unwillingness to face up to the responsibility we have in the creation of our own emergent nightmares.

We can crawl more deeply under blankets of desire to hide our heads under pillows of deception, choosing to remain in states of unbelief that is properly labeled self-deception; or, we can accept the fact that the same Spirit of Evil that enacted the Holocaust is rising amid us once again. Elements within our neighborhoods are trying to conduct our community barbecues toward the same Aryan ideal of racial perfection as did Adolf Hitler.

You have never read and interacted with a Book written in the manner of this one. It will take some time to perceive what is truly underway, to understand what is happening with you. You will be maneuvered to stand face to face with the most important decisions of your life in travelling within these pages with the Kid from Redvers.

His is not an easy journey and it is one of finality. You will either emerge positively changed and breathing freely or with finality eternally smothered under the blankets of self-deception it shall cause you to increasingly pile upon your own heads.

I wish you success.



(1 Corinthians 11:31)  For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.


Contents – Posting Sector One

Cover Page – “The Kid from Redvers”

Why This Book?


2               The Warning Given in Travis Four

3               A Slight Palm Heel Chin Thrust





6 – 7        CANADA – What Happened to This Happy Looking Kid?

Continued – Posting Sector Two      




This book is a continuance of writings that were blogged as The Premature Nazi Ejaculators Series – Travis One to Travis Four.

We start our journey from the warning that was given in Travis Four.



For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.(Luke 12:2-3)  

Your Full Unmasking will be coming next, possibly precedent to the CNP Secretive Meeting (CNPSM) scheduled for Toronto.  This will perhaps be the last structured time you, Travis Patron, will be visible to the Canadian Public.

The Main Event in the next posting follows a slight ‘palm heel chin thrust’ to get your head up to full frontal attention should your rebellion toward God have continued.


The passage of time from ‘Take A Look at You Now’ posted on November 6,2018 and events subsequent until this publication date comprises the ‘chin thrust’ given.

Travis Patron will now have gone to his grave in a ‘highly agonizing manner’ as was spoken. He is an example of the Disgrace of Canada for turning its back toward a Holy and Justice Demanding God.

Heed the warning Canada. Many in this Nation have preceded Travis Patron into his Burning Hell. But, far greater numbers among you are arrogantly rushing to follow him now through the blackened doorway of the void and torments such action entails.

Do whatsoever your continuing foolishness may desire. You have been warned and your blood will not be held to my accounting.

I am now documenting the last mound of facts surrounding Travis Patron that I shall ever heap into such a large pile. I do so to tidy matters up a bit before I with finality return to seeking the obliteration of the enemy of all righteousness in Canada, the deviant animal called Justin Trudeau.





I started preparing, stuffing, working on and cooking Pavo Patron from the time of our second personal meeting that took place in his hometown of Redvers Saskatchewan.

I jump started the ‘scheduled trip’ to the Redvers Meeting to be held August 18, 2018. I made it appear that the press of political advancement caused it necessary we have a meeting prior. This all took place in the Homestead restaurant with a collectivity of good old boys that occupied what was obviously their familiar tables in the large coffee and bacon filled room.

I walked to the front, told the woman I would wait to order, my purpose of coming to meet Patron which brought quick eye averting looks from the tables closest to us and then took up position to the right of the entry.

As I set up my laptop and final organized my Patron Papers, I examined the men in the room. There was not one effeminate cappuccino orange frappe double foam grande toss away Starbucks posturing cup present in the room. As well, the largest collectivity of the sturdy washable steaming mugs appeared attached to hands of men visibly capable of throwing ropes, winching pipes, welding, tossing bales, swathing and operating heavy equipment. They were strong ranchers, farmers and oil industry men all capable of holding their ‘morning start to work coffee’ without needing the permission of their wives or ‘partners’ to do so.

The late arriving Travis Patron looked a bit nervous entering the room. I found it odd that not one of the coffee mugs acknowledged his entry in any manner. Small town morning coffee cups always looks to see who has entered to dip into their pot. They looked and quickly reversed their vision. Not one nod or belch of recognition acknowledging their humble homegrown leader of The Canadian Nationalist Party.

I realized why later. In the hub-bub of activity I needed reminder that we were in the ‘fall out’ from Travis Patron trying to promote a Canadian Nationalist Party rally in Toronto on August 14 following the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi violence that had erupted on the 12th.

The hometown mugs were obviously quite aware of the homegrown ‘political corn bread’ that Travis was cooking up. The Leader Post reports of the 17th of Patron’s words and the reality of the Homestead Café reception when I was there did not balance:

“Meanwhile at home in Redvers, Patron said reaction has been mostly good. ‘I’ve talked to friends back home,’ he said. “Nobody has disowned me, so to speak. They’ve all just been asking questions and for the most part it’s been positive.”

It certainly was not positive when Patron ordered the Big Boy Breakfast Special and I had a coffee in a ‘cup to go’. Paper/Foam cups with a lid on keep the brew warm much longer than any big mouth mug can. Our meeting was of short duration as I drank my brew hot and Patron washed down his ham, potatoes, eggs and toast pile with at best a luke warm liquid and probably ending in cold.

The meeting glee highlight for Patron inside the Homestead was my Time to Flush the Toilet campaign poster. And his exuberance in the street before our parting to vehicles was an echo of his statement ‘of the desired Canadian Nationalist Party candidates being’ Single White Males.

He left and I spent some street time talking to the lady smoking the legal safe distance from the coffee mugs she had just kept refilling. She butted out for inside and I tided my materials into the van. I returned to where I first spoke to her, tipped her for my coffee and said I would eat on my next trip back to Redvers. Naturally, there were renewed glances from the mugs closest to our conversation.

I left to go find some Filipino people to ‘minister to’ and have never returned to Redvers for the Big Boy Breakfast Special. I would like to as it looked damn good, reminded me of what I had grown up on and the price certainly was right for a reformed mug like me.

From this time, I kept triggering our boy Patron through ‘fast forwarding his Party Cause and making myself the ‘great exponent’ for his Party Advancement.

At the time of our Homestead meeting Patron looked like the man in the CBC interview that had taken place some two months earlier. And approximately some two months after our Redvers encounter he looked fairly well roasted as seen in the Free Bird Interview with marked increase of chewing lips, sunken eyes and weight loss.

The transformation from CBC to Free Bird clearly shows you some results of The Travis Patron Series. God was rapidly effecting events and enacting His will for those who ‘did not listen or answer His calls’ in the manner His Holiness demands.

Now, as I last directed at Travis Patron to consider his Spiritual condition, the same is now being fully directed at the Nation of Canada:

“Think about this and try to stop your personal approaches to all these political matters as we discussed, and all your approaches to the established patterns of your life.

In the most minor of details you must seek God quite intensely in all affairs, in all aspects of your life.

Travis Patron, are you going to submit to God or continue onward in your own Eternal self-destruction program?

Think about it? Why would I take all this time to deal with you at all?

Oh, there is the necessity of clearing the Canadian airwaves of the Ku Klux Klan clan and Nazi stench, but priority has established that it is your eternal Soul at stake.

So, Travis, let us pick you up off the boxer’s canvass, set you back in your corner as dazed as you are, jolt you with more ‘Memory Loss Smelling Salts” and make my final attempt to get you standing properly in the Ring with God for your Final Eternal Life and Death Round.

I say Final Round because it appears that you are being held up and made a Spiritual example for this Nation. And, Travis this Nation has become wealthy, fat and ‘sassy’ when it comes to God. The Nation is the same as you in your arrogance of leaving God out of your plans and affairs. Just like you this country has not reckoned on having to deal with a Holy God.

And for certain no one considered or comprehends now that the disasters falling are simply a Righteous and Just God showing errant man the Holiness of His own name and faithfulness to His own word.

Oh, there are some amid us that show and display some recognition of His Truth, but they do not display any willingness to Obey His Truth in any significant manner. They display nothing more than the same attitude of pride-filled rebellion and disobedience that you have at His call for your Repentance.

But this is about your Eternal Soul, so let us get you ‘off the canvass for your Final Round’, eh?”

And, Canada this is the Final Round for our Eternal Soul as a Nation. We are a nation being held accountable to GOD, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.




What took place that by 2009 he had become just another Twitter Birdbrain?

You can get clues from his official selfie propaganda page at For example, it states: Born in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Travis has always attributed his success to the sense of work ethic and humbleness instilled in him through the farming community.

Oh, oh! His statement of being instilled with humbleness shows him having matured to the exact opposite, a man filled with pride.

Humility, in various interpretations, is widely seen as a virtue which centers on low self-preoccupation, or unwillingness to put oneself forward. So in many religious and philosophical traditions it contrasts with narcissismhubris and other forms of pride.

Travis Patron has become adept at producing YouTube videos and posting them to promote himself. You can see every negative aspect of pride, hubris and narcissism show itself at some point within them.  I will be using some of these videos to exemplify what happened to the Kid from Redvers to make him the lip chewing sunken eyed animal we see emerging today.

There is no true humility evidenced in the evolutionary Nazi Travis Patron. Humility is considered one of the virtues of the human condition and there is nothing virtuous in the pride the man displays even if all you do is examine his ‘official selfie propaganda page’.

Humility in a true sense is best reflected in the absence of the negative aspects of pride which are found in people absorbed with competition and especially thinking they are “cleverer” or “richer”, narcissistically seeing themselves being of superior intellect.

Specializing in economic policy and computer technology, he was Educated to a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Saskatchewan. Like thousands of other Canadian students, he took advantage of government ‘exchange style programs’ to garner some further short term ‘intellectual cultural advances’ through University interactive programs at the University of Montreal and Stockholm University. Throughout all Patron pursued his special interests in cryptography and computer programming like a starving junkyard dog. He gobbled up all the newest information presented by the Electronic and Media development gurus that he was growing up with. He even appeared to be taking a lead at times amid the emerging electronic Neanderthals that we see thinking and stinking the media so strongly today.

But Travis Patron was never ‘a leader of the pack’ with the coffee mugs or sought out by the women they did not need permission from to drink in manners they desired. Thus, he naturally burrowed deeply into the anti-thesis of such lives through intellectual pursuits and the endless questions of philosophical reasonings. The cow shit on his boots from walking his mental pastures from the past included the likes of Hume, Descartes, Kant, Hobbes, Wilde, Aristotle, Castro, Plato, Nagel, Aquinas, Jung, Lewis, Soble and naturally Uncle Adolph Hitler. His mind was literally afloat in a sea of metaphysical sewage and ideologies posing themselves as liveable desirable realities for the human condition.

And, unfortunately Patron was a smart kid and he could thus absorb a lot through his self-programmed computer programmed intellect. His state was quite clearly that of a person “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.(2 Timothy 3:7)   

At age 21 he founded Dinginomics a bitcoin electronic investment concern and at the age of 25 he electronically founded the Canadian Nationalist Party. By this time our boy was hot wired into digital reality and had the intellectual skills and moral mental incapacity to believe that his philosophical self-perceptions were the reality of universal existence and the pattern for salvation of mankind. Unfortunately, the Kid from Redvers had absorbed many twisted ‘Aryan Ideals’ and perceptions on his highway to becoming a self-proclaimed Legend in his Own Homepage Selfie Electronic Mind.

Travis Patron essentially trained himself for his own downward plummets. Such training methods were both deceptive and fashionable in the ‘imprinting methodology on the Travis Patron pathway to economic success’.

And, Travis had a great deal of company in his choice of ‘imprinting methodologies’ >   But, like some ‘drug dealing crack addict’ he simply overdosed on his own product.

Thus, we must take you fully into the mind of Travis Patron through his major endeavors.



Chapter ThreeTWO OF PATRON’S FAVORITE DELUSIONS – To be continued December 10,2018




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