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CHAPTER FOUR“The Kid from Redvers”

46              DELUSION NUMBER TWO

The Common Denominator of Patron Roles

47                A Prime Example of Thought Stumbling Patterns

51                Speakers Corner

55                Signs

58                Necessary Information Request

62                Through Moving Outside

63                The Organizational Man

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As we have seen ‘The Common Denominator of Patron Roles’ is certainly not his being “a respected public speaking authority”.

Concerning his positions held, his personal web page claims:

“In these positions, the common denominator has been serving as someone who is able to explain in simple terms, the most cutting-edge developments in internet-enabling socio-economic collaboration.”

But the man evidences confused speech patterns, often jumping disconnectedly from one thought underway to another somewhat unrelated.  Stumbling and rambling around in his ideas the Kid from Redvers is like a mother bird jerking its head from one open mouth to another, trying frantically to drop a bit of worm into whatever appears to be clamoring the loudest.

The problem is that what he hears clamoring the loudest is a barrage of opposing ideas that are hammering at Patron within his own mind. Over time he has disintegrated in his ability to focus upon a singular thought, or to truly prioritize the most important thoughts to whatever request for information has been made to him and then to remain in position long enough to ‘simply and cleanly drop his bit of worm’ to satisfy the existing need. 

Frantically dropping thoughts here and there, Patron soon runs out of worms and abandons whatever mental nest he first entered and erratically flits off to simply look for more worms. Too often whatever ‘clamoring mouth’ was demanding feeding simply starves to death before he finds his way back, with any logically connection, if he does at all.

Such starvation may often outwardly appear no problem for Patron as he has mentally built himself an almost endless supply of confusing informational birdbaths to wade around in. But the Birdman of Redvers is in trouble with his brain overheated from too many sessions of information overload wrapping synapses and circuits like a layered sun-baked onion.

With mental wings frantically flapping, trying to splash some cooling waters of logical connectivity on his already overheated brain, he too often simply momentarily abandons all thought and his ‘mental inner core’ will raise another damaging degree. It can be at such a point he returns to whatever audience may be at hand or he simply flits along to another birdbath of his own informational insanity and babbles onward.

Quite a mental imagery I just painted on the canvass of your mind, eh? It was the scene that was projected onto mine when I started my examination of Travis Patron. It was the imagery that had me ask the questions I did when I first saw the childhood picture of Travis Patron that I posted.

“What happened to this happy looking kid? What took place that by 2009 he had become just another Twitter Birdbrain?”

No amigos. If Travis Patron ever contained the ability ‘to explain anything in simple terms’, speaking so an audience can quickly grasp and understand, he most certainly does not display a consistent ability of doing so now. If he has not remotely repeated a thought line sufficient times the man frequently stumbles in his speech patterns. This is why Travis practices giving the same ‘speech lines’ at every opportunity he can. Anything ‘unscripted’ is becoming more problematic for him. When required to run like a free-thinking range rooster answering the query of some ‘henny penny little fat hen’ question he is too often flying about scrambling the eggs of his own thought patterns.

Travis has become occupied in a form of “media-mind saber dance”, chasing thoughts in his own mind and desperately trying to catch one long enough to make sense or simply stop it dead in its tracks. This supposedly humorous video can give you an idea of the frenzied thinking of Travis Patron. >      

Humorous and nothing to be personally concerned about, eh? Not unless the ‘media induced insanity’ and Nazi idealology already has you chasing the same thoughts around in your mind following Travis Patron.


A Prime Example of Thought Stumbling Patterns

A prime example of Patron’s inability to explain anything in simple terms is evidenced with the Free Bird interview by Alex Van Hamme. To truly catch just how bad his speech-thought pattern wobbles are you cannot simply listen as your mind may simply flit along with his to see where and what type of worm is being dropped next.

Thus, having found a ‘hard copy’ of the ‘Fried Bird’ interview on his web site I am presenting part intact for you. Even the format manner of this transcribed posting shows up the Patron ‘mental condition’.

In later writings you will see that Patron gathers to himself and employs ‘media interviewers such as Alex Van Hamme and Jean Francois Gariepy’ as they splash in models of the same Bird Bath as him. All three display the same wormy thought patterns and confused social-moral understanding

So here is the audio of the Van Hamme Free Bird Interview >  and a partial print out of the same follows. You can access the full article print out from the web page, but listening to the disjointed interview for 39 minutes should make the following extract enough support for what has been spoken. So, listen, read and heed in your looking for ‘accurate, non-biased information explained in easily understood simple terminology’.

On October 28, 2018 Travis Patron put forth his opinions about Maxime Bernier when he expressed to Alex Van Hamme Why Nationalism (not Libertarianism) is the Future of the Right. From the interview we hear his theories and thoughts. He states Maxime: ‘has a lax attitude, questions what his true motivations are and if he ultimately feels beholden to himself or the people.”

 The Extractions

“He decided to splinter off and form his own party (the PPC), and in doing so he accumulated a great deal of ire from not only his former Tory colleagues, but likewise from the rest of Canada.

Patron insinuates Bernier is running in 2019 as “a Spoiler candidate to sink the Tories and get Trudeau re-elected.”

“It is reasonable to conclude that his objectives are not for mere personal benefit; since that has clearly been jeopardized immensely now, and likely for several years to come. “Mad Max” stands to lose out tremendously (both personally and with regard to his overall “Legacy”), so I doubt that this move was anything but him fighting for what he believes in.…..I think this whole exercise that he has chosen to undertake is futile.

Maxime calls himself a “smart populist”, someone voicing growing concerns for diminished free markets, individual liberties and a return to individual responsibility.

Now, I must say that I am not entirely surprised. The “free markets and individual responsibility” sales pitch is what has (thus far) worked well for Maxime and gotten him to the top. But in this specific case, it makes for good Rhetoric, albeit comprising little substance. Bernier will appeal to Classical Liberals, Libertarian-lites and (most importantly) Civic nationalists with aforementioned sales pitch; primarily because it reinforces a core presupposition that all those groups share when it comes to making sense of culture, politics, etc. Specifically, it is the presupposition that abstract values, ideals, philosophies, etc can capture the world and make sense of it (and its sundry workings). Simply: “Reason” (Whatever that comprises for each of those aforementioned groups) can both describe the world and likewise prescribe to us how we ought to run it, how it ought to function, etc.

But this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Hume himself noted long ago that “Reason is a Slave to the Passions”, and many others after him noted (time and again) Reason’s woeful inadequacies when it comes to telling us how we ought to live, what the “good life is”, etc. In fact, in many cases we see Reason rule in favour of positions that are totally out of sync with what our basic Intuitions, notions, etc tell us to be the case. Take for instance when Maxime tells us that “this surge is about people wanting to take back free markets and individual liberties”. Is that really the case? From a purely materialistic point of view, this seems quite obvious. Why else would the grassroots risk so much and stoke the contempt, ire, disdain, etc of the media, the bureaucracy, etc? What is to be gained by them going for “fringe” candidates, parties, etc time and again? Is this not just them trying to reassert themselves (a la taking back their individual liberties and whatnot)? At first glance, that appears to be what is going on here… but when we zoom in closer, all those illusions disappear quite rapidly. In particular, if we look at the platforms, policies, etc of those aforementioned “fringe” parties, we see the same pattern play out over and over again: Most (if not all) of them are unapologetically Nationalistic. Whether it be with regard to Border security, the economy, social issues, cultural mores, etc. Time and again, whether it be the AfD in Germany, the Centre-Right Coalition in Italy or the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands; the same message is sent by the voters in each case “We want our country back”. Individual liberties, etc are often of secondary concern at most:

Yes, still there are Civic undertones present. In the Anglosphere in particular (The UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada more specifically), time and again recourse is made to emphasize that specific Abstract Values (such as freedom of speech, personal responsibility, etc) are the core objectives, pursuits, etc. Time and again we hear politicians from those areas of the world do so; emphasizing to the media, the public at large, etc that the overlap with Nationalism and Nationalist policies that occur in their respective platforms is coincidental. We are told that those pesky Nationalists pursue ethno-centrism, concern for their posterity and lineage, etc whilst our more “Enlightened” right wing pursue core foundational values of “The West” such as the dignity of the individual, free expression, etc. Civic Nationalism, Libertarianism and various other Anglospheric inventions comprise Maxime’s “smart populism”.

This is but a contemporary rendition of “Patriotism knows no colour”, “All Patriots bleed red”, “True Patriotism knows no prejudice”, etc. Except in Maxime’s case (and to be fair, likewise for Libertarians in Canada and elsewhere), simply substitute the words “Patriot” and “Patriotism” with “Libertarian” and “Liberty”. This is really just another case of history not quite repeating, but rather “Rhyming”. We see once more this attempt to try and use “Reason”, Abstract Values, etc to try and replace Lived reality, experience, etc; and this has (to a certain extent) happened before. The Civic nationalists tried this project and had some limited successes in the USA. That nation is the current beacon of for said ideology, which postulates an assimilation of peoples into a common identity (regardless of place of origin), provided that said peoples learn to “think” a certain way and adopt certain values over other ones. But the American project (for all intents and pruposes) has failed. Identity politics is once more on the rise and (as things stand), it will be the deathblow for said nation. In a certain sense, the USA is no longer what it once was, nor can it go back to said state. It is simply too late into the game at this moment in time. The WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) founding peoples are rapidly declining and at most they have about 1-2 decades or so till the their nation splinters at the seams due to rapid Demographic shifts. Societies that Heterogenize too rapidly (and too much) inevitably collapse into sundry Homogenous societies once the strain (social, cultural, political, etc) of ‘diverse’ peoples living in close proximity to one another… becomes too much to bear. The USA is now nearing that path’s endgame; such are the rotten fruits of Civic Nationalism:

“When the rubber meets the road; Abstract Values, “Reason”, etc is subsumed by lived realities, experiences, etc. The fact of the matter is that lineage, tribe, kin, community, family, nation, etc are deeply ingrained in us. Even if one is not a Materialist, this fact is so obvious that it’s akin to someone telling you “the Sun will rise tomorrow”. To think that we can (or should) outgrow such basic, core drives and behaviours because of some peculiar set of “Enlightenment” Philosophies that are currently popular, is sheer nonsense and hubris on our part.” 

Travis Patron, ‘your hubris’ is obviously the cause of your mental implosions. Your excessive pride or over-confidence in what you believe are your ‘superior intellectual capabilities’ is the self-destructive emotional scouring evidenced in your mentally hammering your self to a state of ‘lost memory capacity’.

And you readers need decide to what degree the mind of the man and his mouth are truly in sync? Each time we hear from Patron there seems to be an increasing haze of ‘confusion’ and ‘contradictory statement’ of what we were supposed to assume prior were facts.

In an open letter to Belgium Club subsequent to the Winnipeg event Travis Patron stated:

“After watching the media reports of CBC, CTV and City news making an absolute mockery of what exactly our group represents, we decided to upload our raw video copy of the events that occurred at your venue. You can watch the video here: CNP Meeting at Belgian Club – July 28th, 2018”.

Try it and see if you can?

And- oh, oh no! –  “CNP Meeting at Belgian… is no longer available due to a copyright claim by AuntieThis.”  Has poor Travis simply now become further victim of “increasingly one-sided media”?

Are media moguls and internet plundering thieves trying to make our ‘self-proclaimed brainwave of the computerized digital world look ‘incompetent’ or has he evolved to just exactly that?

I have never heard Travis publicly correcting his dissemination of false information whether such was inadvertent or not. With all the ‘symptoms of internal mental disease’ that have been surfacing I seriously doubt he remembers a lot of statements he made that he contradicts but a short time later. The ruddy issue of the Belgian Club firing, his original Winnipeg Rally Response to it and his Open Letter subsequent make the case for ‘synaptic memory dysfunctionalism’ appear even stronger.

Continuing on with his Open Letter we read:

“I believe it would be in the best interest of your organization to distance yourself from these protesters and the misguided opinions they have of the Canadian Nationalist Party.

If I may do so, I would also like to (respectfully) ask you to consider reinstating the former employees that you had step down from their positions because of our booking. The encounters our group had with your staff were nothing but positive and, as a fellow business owner, I understand the value of good employees. It is more important to defend the interests of your employees that it is to maintain a politically-correct image with our increasingly one-sided media.”

So, we now have two employees ‘stepped down’ from their positions and not the one stated in the Winnipeg Rally Response.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ‘mockery’ that was made by the ‘one sided media’. Let us find out what people were thinking of the Rally.

Speakers Corner

What does the Legion think? We know what the Belgian Club thinks? The following was posted on July 30 just two days subsequent to the event and updated on August 16,2018. Some seventeen days after the event. The Belgian Club had time to make certain it was standing firm in what it had decided. >

These are information’s they posted, some of which fill in blanks for us in the ‘raw video footage’ of Patron and give us new information about the ‘follow up’ by the Belgian Club and Legion that had yet to take place. 

  1. The Belgian Club says it asked a member of its board to resign after a gathering of nationalists drew protesters on Saturday.
  2. A board member of the Belgian Club of Winnipeg resigned after the club was the site of a planned nationalist rally on Saturday.
  3. In a statement posted on its website, the club apologized for hosting the event, organized by the Canadian Nationalist Party, and said it doesn’t reflect its values.

“In early July a junior member of our staff took a booking from an outside organization without fully realizing who or what the Canadian Nationalist Party represents. We realized too late that this group did not represent the views of this club,” the statement says.

“Regrettably, during the ensuing protest [Saturday], one of our board members expressed her personal views that do not represent the history, heritage or values of the Belgium Club,” the statement went on to say, and the club asked the member to resign, which she did.”

We now know that the person who resigned is the woman named Purple Fatso.

  1. “Brielle Beardy-Linklater, one of the protesters at the event on Saturday, said the club member told the protesters to leave because it was a private event and called police.”

We now know that the woman I designated #1 Mouth is named Brielle Beardy-Linklater.

  1. “Omar Kinnarath, an organizer with the group Fascist Free Treaty 1, said he was disappointed that the club, which is also home to a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and a venue for Folklorama, would host such an event, noting that Canadians fought and died to expel Nazis from Belgium in the Second World War.

“It’s very disappointing for the people that built that legion and the people that have served to go all the way there and some lose their lives just to have it here, less than 100 years later, trying to start movements of white nationalism.”

We now know that:

  1. #2 Mouth is named Omar Kinnarath, an organizer with the group Fascist Free Treat 1. This would be why we heard it spoken by Patron’s people that they had run into this guy before and were certain he would not leave.
  2. The Belgian Club and the Legion are purported ‘separate legal entities’ occupying the same building, that the Belgian Club is not just a ‘business functional operation’ under the auspices of the Legion itself.
  3. “The club says it is reviewing its booking policies in light of the incident. The Belgium Club is filled with members whose fathers and grandfathers fought and died in both the First and Second World Wars fighting against fascism and the Nazis to defend democracy and human rights both abroad and here in our own country,” the club’s statement says.”

We now know that the Belgian Club is filled with Legion members who should have easily recognized the fascist policies of Travis Patron if he had not entered surreptitiously through the ignorance of a Belgian Club staff person or their direct advice on how to gain access to the venue because they were a part of his ‘ideological support troops.

It is nice to garner all this additional information for it creates greater ability to analyze the two videos we started in with. But the additional information leaves us with still unanswered questions such as who is the second person that Patron referred to as being ’stepped down’? It certainly appears justifiable from all we know now that Purple Fatso was ‘asked to step down’. It does not appear now that she was stooged by Patron for it is confirmed she expressed many of his same beliefs.

So, who was the second person? The verbal references, the language employed by Patron to the pair of stepped downs can lead to the impression that this second individual is also female. But this is simply conjecture unless directly shown it was a female and could not have been our Rear Entrance Eddy, or perhaps even our boy Blue Polo.

However, it is unquestionable that in his Open Letter Patron is appealing for two persons and not one. Patron states: “If I may do so, I would also like to (respectfully) ask you to consider reinstating the former employees that you had step down from their positions because of our booking.”

You simply cannot jump to ‘unproveable beyond a reasonable doubt’ conclusions in matters that greatly affect another person’s life or the life of your society as a whole.

We thus turn toward the second source of media coverage complained about by Travis. We shall now garner more ‘data input’ to augment the overall case in our docket. You are the ‘jury’ in this entire presentation so pay close attention and rerun the tape fifty times if it helps you come to a solid conclusion in any aspect of what was really underway in the life of the Kid from Redvers on July 28,2018. The CTV-Belgian video > ttps:// 

What appears to be obvious:

  1. Because of the camera angles and face frontal shots of Patron there definitely was film provided by the protesters from their camera footage. Omar Kinnarath has stated that it is just standard practice they always film at protests and counter-protests they are involved in such as the ones surrounding the Pride Parade on June 3,2017. > 1 arrested in lead-up to Trans March in Winnipeg | CBC News


On this date Kinnarath’s ‘Fascist Free Treaty 1’ group were at the Trans Gender march to counter protest a small group of people who were standing against the Federal Motion 103 that was promoting legislation to make it illegal to speak against Islam in any fashion. Kinnarath claimed to do so was Islamophobic and practicing religious discrimination.

There was a verbal and physical clash between the opposing groups and a transgender filming the police dealing with the turmoil was arrested for doing so. Filming such exchange on a phone is standard practice at protest events, Kinnarath said.

“[The activist] was not doing anything illegal,” Kinnarath said. “[They were] just doing what we are supposed to do, anytime that there’s a protest or a counter-protest, is film, not only the other side but also the police, because of, you know, situations like this.”

So, the filming is standard practice, but to what degree is it also standard practice to supply the media with footage? What is the ‘working relationship’ that exists between the mainstream media and protest groups such as that of Fascist Free Treaty 1? To what degree might the Patron claim of media bias be true? And, if true why does such bias exist at all? Most of us have already entrenched opinions that we believe answers these questions do we not?

But, adding to this matter of media-bias raised by Patron you need also ask yourself why Travis did not try to get the ‘reports correct” immediately with the media in a more direct manner? In this report we find out that Patron had earlier in the month done an interview with CTV news but now surrounding our Belgian Bash and the Canadian Nationalist Party we hear “its leader tells CTV he wasn’t available for an interview”.

Why not Travis?

  1. The film also gives us some frontal shots of Patron with additional views of his body language that we prior only had from the back. I doubt this made you ‘clap your hands together palms up’, but it is something you should have registered.
  2. And, our Purple Fatso is now officially Crowned Queen of Step Down “because her personal views do not represent the history, heritage or values of the Belgian Club”. She remains unnamed, but marked as this through being the Belgian Club Board Member that called the police. As well, her statements as recorded show her to be the person in question. > Belgian Club board member resigns following dispute between anti…Belgian club board member resigns after Canadian Nationalist…

She is the volunteer board member asked to step down after allegedly spouted anti-immigrant rhetoric at protesters during the Canadian Nationalist Party meeting.

“Fascist Free Treaty 1 organizer Omar Kinnarath says when they arrived, they were met by the Belgian Club treasurer and a few members of the party.  A few words were exchanged and some debate happened but there was no violence,” Kinnarath said. “The treasurer of the club, who seemed like she was part of the meeting as well, called the police and expressed some of her anti-immigrant thoughts and theories about white replacement to us.” 

“A woman, who was identified as the treasurer for the Belgian Club, was captured on video, later posted online, explaining she doesn’t follow nationalism. But she goes on to add that you can’t get a job if you are not a visible minority.

“I recently lost my job after 15 years, and any job that you apply for, guess what, guess what, you have to be a visible minority or this or this or this,” the woman said.”

For certain Purple Fatso is our girl and sharing the views of Travis Patron.

Why did the media not simply ascertain and put a name to this person?

Neither did the Belgium Club indict her by name, but their statements left no doubt Purple Fatso was the woman they were alluding to.

The club’s statement said during Saturday’s protest one of its board members expressed her personal views “that do not represent the history, heritage or values of the Belgium Club,” and she was asked to resign. They said “In fact, the Belgium Club is filled with members whose fathers and grandfathers fought and died in both the First and Second World Wars fighting against fascism and the Nazis to defend democracy and human rights both abroad and here in our own country,” the statement said. In this statement they give clear indication of belief she was espousing fascist-Nazi idealology?

With such beliefs and the local Royal Canadian Legion branch in the same building as the Club how did she attain the Board Member Status as Treasurer to begin with? She had to have fitted in under one of the Belgian Club’s four different classes of membership qualification to have gained such a spot. She also would have needed to be known to the Board when given the responsibility of looking after the ‘money bags.’

What is missing in this story about our Purple Fatso? What is being left out and why?  In a statement by Omar Kinnarath we read of his concerns surrounding the Club.

“Kinnarath said it doesn’t do enough to address the internal issues that would have allowed the Canadian Nationalist Party a platform at the club in the first place.

We wish that they take further steps in educating their members, their staff and their board about the important of multiculturalism and how multiculturalism is Canadian identity,” he said.”

There are signs that indicate the fullness of the truth about the management structure of the Club and its Board is yet to be found out.


  1. SIGNS – The Belgian Veterans Association, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 107- St Boniface, MB Canada is well signed with five visible in the video footage.

There is the front upper top saying Le Club Belce – Fonde AD 1905.  Below it the dominant sign projects outward from the wall of the building saying simply Belgian Club. This name would appear to indicate it is a club oriented toward or run by a specific linguistic group. It got me to thinking it must be for Western European people originating on the North Sea and comprising the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders and the French-speaking region of Wallonia. But a hunt for the Belgian Club web Page > clarified most matters about them. The Club does have an honorable history and heritage from all records I located. But what do we truly know about its inner functioning at present? We know that we have ‘junior members’ making ‘booking decisions’ that ‘senior members’ do not appear to supervise or scrutinize properly.

Trying to find who to truly point the finger of ultimate accountability at in this Belgian Club issue is not as simplistic as it may appear at first hearing or reading of the affair. And, digging into the ‘news’ does not always entail you are going to quickly find gold in such mine shafts you enter that may or may not be blackened through ‘reporter incompetence, sheer stupidity, pressures of production deadlines or their personal political-spiritual designs. You must know about ‘the who’ of the particular media structure that is feeding you, so you end up in what seems like endless hours of research with whatever media chipping tools and abilities you may have.

With my limited tools and ability, a search of the National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada (NCVA) showed me nothing about the Belgian Club Association. “The NCVA is an umbrella organization of more than 60 distinct veterans’ associations formed to ensure a strong and independent voice on issues which are of significant interest to the veterans’ community at large.

NCVA has a diverse membership consisting of a range of member organizations that reflect the width and breadth of the veteran constituency. In addition to NCVA’s ongoing and continuing efforts to ensure that the traditional veterans’ community receives the most effective services and entitlements possible, in recent years, NCVA has been a leading voice and advocate in the cause of the modern-day veteran in furtherance of the enactment of an updated New Veterans Charter.”

It seemed odd to me that there is no record of the Belgian Club with the NCVA given the third sign planted over the front entry doors clearly reads Royal Canadian Legion – Belgian Branch 107. And, in this sign the name of the Royal Canadian Legion is dominant.

To the right of the entry doors up high is an old sign with Royal Canadian Legion faded out and Belgian Veterans Association Branch 107 visible beneath.

Below it is the large new sign again stating Royal Canadian Legion – Belgian Veterans Association – Branch 107. In this sign Branch 107 is dominant, and in one video Omar Kinnarath is interviewed in front of this sign.  

If there is more signage on the left and backside of the building I do not know. As well, at this point in time is unknown how many BVA’s are there? Are there more BVA branches in other locations or is this a one location only organizational facility?

Could this BVA Branch somehow have been ‘white nationalist invaded’? And, has Travis Patron once again jeopardized the fascist-Nazi movement in Canada due to his inept handling of events as he did when I invaded his movement meeting in Regina?

A Necessary Information Request

There are just too many ‘signs’ indicating a foul Nazi smell emanating from St. Boniface, Manitoba and our Winnipeg region has a historical involvement with matters Nazi.

So, I fired off an e-mail as dated below to the general information contact at the Belgian Club and to the person shown as in charge of Club Events requesting specific information. Information resulting from this letter or opposition to it, will be factored into the particular Chapter of the Book being completed at the time it is received.

 Phinehas:  Kenneth A. Gran –     November 26, 2018

Belgian Club                                                                                                                 407 Provencher Blvd. Winnipeg Manitoba, R2H 0G9
Phone: 204 237-4263
Email:     Events: Bernice Deneweth 

Greetings Info and Bernice,

I am a Canadian author currently working on a book with a generalized theme surrounding fascist-Nazi presence in Canada today. It is my intent to have the compilation completed for publication in early 2018.

You can source other publications of mine through such marketing sources as Amazon or the web

Your organization has become a part of my necessary research given occurrences surrounding Travis Patron from Redvers, Saskatchewan.

As such, I am requesting names and details of events surrounding the persons described below and the roles they played in the confrontation that took place between the Canadian Nationalist Party on August 28,2018 and the group of protesters that were ultimately ejected from your Belgian Club.

In my inquiries for identification information I will be referencing:

  1. Patron’s video : > CNP Meeting at Belgian Club – July 28th, 2018  > 21:47 >  as ‘raw footage’; his video > Winnipeg Nationalist Rally Response  as ‘the response’ and his open letter to the Belgian Club as ‘the letter’.
  2. The designation of CBC will be for reference to their report CBC >
  3. The designation of CTV will be for reference to their report CTV * Must wait through ad precedent and turn on sound. >

The designation of City News will be for reference to their report City News >

  1. You may find additional reference to such reports I believe you should be aware of such as > Belgian Club board member resigns following dispute between anti… > Belgian club board member resigns after Canadian Nationalist…

Take note: I have applied ‘nicknames’ to a number of the individuals within the videos for referencing purposes as they are not otherwise identifiable at this time of writing. 

Whomever is assigned to this matter should direct response to my e-mail address, and/or if they have a skype address, we may also confer ‘face to face’ via – kagran1234.

Thank you.


These are my questions:

  1. Purple Fatso – What is the name of your volunteer Board Member that was serving as Treasurer and stepped down when requested to? What was her ’membership status’ and for how long did she have any membership status with the Belgian club? Who in particular recommended or voted for her filling the Treasurer’s position? And finally, what time is recorded in the Belgian Club records that the request for City Police assistance was made by your Board Member Treasurer?
  2. Rear Entrance Eddy – What is the full name of the man identified through his brief appearances in raw footage video as ‘Clifton’? He is seen in CTV sitting talking on his cell at the right rear of the room at the time of the protesters first entry. You will see him again in CityNews exit your building behind a small woman. He then precedes directly to speak to Brielle-Beardy Linklater. Is he either a Belgian Club employee or Legion employee? If not, is he a member of either ‘organizational structure’ just referred to? What are his known personal relationships with any individuals inquired about in this letter that would have directly affected the flow of events as we have been shown and expected to believe from raw footage?
  3. The Small Woman – What is the name of the small woman that exits your building in front of Clifton? (CityNews) In the letter to you Patron stated there were two ‘employees’ stepped down, is this woman the second person Patron alluded to? If not, what is the name of the second employee referred to and what relationships did either potential person, now asked about, have with other members of your staff that may have been problematic to good business practices, in particular as relate to the traditions and cultural heritage of the Belgian Club?
  4. JF – There is repeated reference in the Patron ‘raw footage’ to the initials JF. To whom or what do these initials refer to as they are accepted as ‘commonly understood’ by the raw footage video participants?
  5. Blue Polo – What do you know about this unnamed man with the black beard attired in the blue polo shirt that is seen near the commencement of CTV and also in raw footage? At 0:24 CTV he is confronted by Omar Kinnarath off screen stating ‘all the city knows now you are fucking a Nazi meeting here, right?’. You see and hear little from Blue Polo during the production that follows. But he is seated (CTV) with Patron at time of protesters entry with Clifton to the rear of them.
  6. Black Back – This man appears to be a Nazi oriented invitee first recognized by the protesters (CTV/raw footage) and present for nearly the entire filming, while largely keeping his back to the camera in raw footage. However, in CTV the protester’s footage gives us exposure of Black Back without his jacket on. His face is shown at the start of the video along with Blue Polo and Patron sitting at a table, with Clifton to their rear.

The mans face is clearly visible and you can freeze frame him for easy identification. You can see his jacket at bottom right and in subsequent scenes that he has headed for it after confrontation with Omar Kinnarath. Following this he is seen clothed with his Black Back jacket on.

We find out Black Back’s first name is Tommy in raw footage where Omar Kinnarath confronts him saying “Fuck you Tommy. Where’s Arland? Is he coming? We’re gonna’ wait till the son-of-a-bitch gets here. We’ve seen those fucking posters man.” Black Back-Tommy responds with “I’m not talking to you. I’m not talking to you……. whatever man, I’m not going to answer you.”

What do you know of this individual? What is his last name and his contact details available to you?  In particular, does he have membership or relationship to any members or employees of your Belgian Club or membership of the Royal Canadian Legion?

  1. Shirt Out – This person is CTV visible when the protesters have entered to commence their action. Clifton is at the right rear of the room and Shirt Out moves toward the protesters.

He is mainly ‘facial blanked’ but visible and identifiable by his shirt out clothing and voice at different times in raw footage. For example, he is the individual in confrontation with Brielle-Beardy Linklater over ‘white privileges’ he enjoys, to which he replies ‘my privilege is to work’. He is seen to be ‘debating the protesters’ and considers the persons Omar Kinnarath identifies as ‘Nazi white supremacists’ as “being better men than you”.

He is also the same person in raw footage that makes a comment at video ending saying “Oh, I was worried about it was gonna show up late…. apparently, it didn’t.” Upon which Patron looks toward your Board Member Treasurer stating “You showed up at just the right time.”

Please provide all sources of identification information you may have surrounding this individual in light of the research I now have underway and the questions poised as relevant with respect to the other individuals now under investigation.   

  1. Masked Marauder – This man never removes his mask and is the one who confronts your Board Member Treasurer in raw footage with “You have, you have white nationalists…you think…my grandpa fought Nazis and now you’re bringing these people in and you’re saying I’m disrespecting.”

He also addresses Patron in raw footage, pointing his finger toward the venue entry mockingly stating “They locked us in here now with you guys. Were all gonna’…real friendly with each other, but…”.

Following eviction by the City Police he is seen again in City News still masked and engrossed in his cellular activities.

Again, please provide all sources of identification information you may have surrounding this individual in light of the research I now have underway and the questions poised as relevant with respect to the other individuals now under investigation. 

  1. Masked Momma – The fat masked woman in black visible amid the protesters and prominently shown to be phone filming in raw footage. She is the one who hastily complies with the demand for head covering removal as given by your Board Member Treasurer. She then remains unmasked and is seen again in CityNews.

Would you please provide any identification particulars you may have surrounding this individual in light of the research I now have underway? 

  1. Lady Blue Jacket– Visible in raw footage and CityNews she is the face uncovered woman that appears less emotionally charged and companion to the Bearded Leaner. She poses the pertinent question to Patron of ‘What does the provincial government slashing health care have to do with immigrants and how is it going to solve problems here in Manitoba?’ He cannot provide her an answer but seems to elude through confused Federal-Provincial jurisdiction statements.

Would you please provide any identification particulars you may have surrounding this individual in light of the research I now have underway? 

  1. Bearded Leaner– This is the man with ball cap, beard, black t shirt and shorts visible from near the start of raw footage and again in CityNews in company with Lady Blue Jacket.

He nearly always appears to be disinterested, in fact even bored, with the confrontation and tumult between Patron and the protesters erupting but a few feet from him.

We see him exiting the main venue early in the company of Lady Blue Jacket and they appear to stop at the red-carpet entry door in conversation with your Board Member Treasurer. They are never seen in raw footage again and this is precedent to the Mask Marauder statement of being ‘locked in’ and the eviction scene by the City Police.

Would you please provide any identification particulars you may have surrounding this individual in light of the research I now have underway? 

Would you also please provide reasonable explanation as to why the Masked Marauder was apparently locked within the venue for eviction and the Bearded Leaner and Lady Blue Jacket were not?  They are seen outside in CityNews and it appears they must have been waiting there or not sent back into the meeting area for formal eviction with the Masked Marauder.


  1. “The club says it is reviewing its booking policies in light of the incident.” And, Omar Kinnarath commented on his desires for your organization stating “We wish that they take further steps in educating their members, their staff and their board about the important of multiculturalism and how multiculturalism is Canadian identity,” he said.”

In the three months subsequent to the date of incident what have been the results of your review of the booking policies that were claimed to have ‘triggered the incident’?

  1. Also, I would request you forward me the security camera footage from the time of all the Travis Patron party members arrival until their final time of departure on the same day of August 28,2018.

Thank you for your time and attention to the matters placed before you in this communication.

Best Regards,

Phinehas – Kenneth A. Gran


5. Personally, the additional information I regarded best from the protester’s footage was the exposure of Black Back without his jacket on. His face is clearly shown at the start of the video along with Blue Polo and Patron sitting at a table. You can see his jacket at bottom right and in subsequent scenes that he has headed for it after confrontation with Omar Kinnarath. Soon after he is seen clothed with his Black Back on.

The mans face is clearly identifiable and you can freeze frame him for easy identification. And, if you remember the sound sequencing in Patron’s raw footage, his heading for his coat in the manner he did looks like he desired to get out of the premises right from the start. But he remained.

The additional ‘footage’ has provided a lot of usable ‘data’ but still has not answered the question of who really is the second person that Patron was appealing for?


Through Moving Outside

I knew for certain that the Kid from Redvers was not appealing for any of the protesters to be exonerated.

Travis had only complained about one additional media source and that was City News. So, I checked their report and lo and behold I got to see what happened with the protesters outside the building after their grand exit escort by the City Police. Look at this >

Interesting to say the least as we see all the protesters outside. CityNews must have been made aware some time prior that there was going to be a ‘police incident’ at the Belgian Club. Who do you think informed them to be there?

We see the Small Woman exit that we inquired about in our letter followed by Clifton. The small woman appears to just wants to get away from the scene as fast as she can. Why?

Clifton looks to be crossing over to speak with Brielle-Beardy Linklater and the video then ends with a statement by Omar Kinnarath claiming the policies of such groups as they faced marginalizes people and “puts those marginalized in deep danger”.

We are still left with the unanswered question of who is the second person that Patron appealed for reinstatement of to Belgian Club employment?

We shall at some point find out.

From the basis of the ‘Patron Biased Media Reports’ referenced I gained the association of Mouth #2 with his name Omar Kinnarath and the organization Fascist Free Treaty 1. Thus, I determined to research out who the man Mouth # 2 was and what the structural purposes of Fascist Free Treaty 1 actually were. 

“The Organization Man”



Omar Kinnarath – Fascist Free Treaty 1

From ‘baby face back to baby face’, his outward appearances transition but his dedicated little ‘Pack Rat Ideology’ remains the same.

This is what the gutsy little Omar Kinnarath actually represents. He is a Muslim organizational frontman designed to utilize the Canadian Indigenous issues to ultimately advance his sharia in our Nation. He plays upon being Muslim, an immigrant and claims to be a righteous social activist because of his personal background. He is the founder of Fascist Free Treaty 1, an organization designed specifically to achieve his purposes.

But in the matter at hand, what does this do to disparage the reality of his positioning in confronting Patron over his fascist views? Nothing. But you must be able to recognize what is his impetus for confrontation of Patron to be free in your personal choices for action. The man is correct about Patron, but will never admit his religious base drives his designs for pursuing the Kid from Redvers in the manner he does. In reality the pair have an ideological base that places them in the same Aryan flee infested camel stinking Islamic corral somewhere in the sandstorms of their own minds. This will be documented in the upcoming Chapter Seven – Patron Is Comfortable Sleeping With Islam.

Speaking of the Patron Event, Kinnarath said “We went to confront them and told them that ethno-nationalism and mono-cultural identity isn’t compatible with this community,” he continued. “Winnipeg is a multicultural city and we’re happy about that.” Of course, he is happy ‘about that’ because multiculturalism as he employs it becomes a jihadi weapon of Islamic advance.

Kinnarath is no different than any other Islamic fundamentalist activist in Canada. We have repeatedly documented this type of person, their purposes and methods of advancing sharia in our nation. You can access my web and you will be swamped with such information. Read until your eyes burn should you desire, but the fact remains that Omar Kinnarath is just another Islamic rat that should be quickly trapped and put out of the country.

Omar Kinnarath stated in the Belgian Club interview the necessity of early and effective means of dealing with white supremacists. “Whether it’s four or four hundred. When these movements appear you need to, you need to stomp them out when they’re a seed. Once it sprouts, then it’s gonna grow.”

I assume we can apply this to insurgents of any kind bent on societal controls detrimental to the general Canadian community milieu.  As such, rest assured Omar Kinnarath, neither you nor Travis Patron will be permitted to poison the Canadian cultural landscape in the manners you two are attempting to. Both of you are going to be torn up by the roots of your deceptions.

Your days to remain in Canada are numbered Omar. Ultimately you will be sent back along the direction you scurried in from. This is not a threat, it is a promise that ultimately genuine Canadian justice shall be served upon you. Your Islamic fundamentalist garbage will not be permitted to ‘marginalize my Nation’ in the eyes of a desirable free democratic world comprised of a multiplicity of independent nation states’. And such states are not that as envisioned by Travis Patron.

But readers, in spite of what I just stated we know it does not make him wrong about the fascist-Nazi white supremacist evidence surrounding Patron that he raised. His ‘evidence’ thus remains fully admissible in rendering your decisions whatever they may ultimately be.


Continued December 20,2018 – Chapter Five – “The Patron Nazi Ideological Face”










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