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CHAPTER FIVE – “The Kid from Redvers”



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85               MR. DREAM WEAVER, EH?

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On Travis Patron’s personal web site, he lists a number of self-help and business books, including Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer.

At a time when he was asked about Hitler’s writing Patron stated:

“I think if people approach it with an open mind, and that kind of awareness, then it’s fine. I don’t think it’s a wise choice to censor intellectual discussion, even if it’s a very controversial book.”

“We do not believe that any particular race of people is superior or inferior to any other,” Patron said in a video posted to the Canadian Nationalist Party site. However, Patron had also tweeted: “Only the inferior clamour for equality.” That tweet now appears to have been deleted. But, in an earlier Canadian Nationalist Party video, he also said ‘Canada is letting in lots of “pretty weak” people’.

The Canadian Nationalist Party called for an end to the “psychotic ideology of mass immigration,” according to a video the party posted on Facebook. The party continuously expresses the concern that those of European ethnicity are becoming a minority in their own country.

All Patron’s ideas of ‘weak people, undesirable people, superior people and playing upon the fears of people’ to generate his Canadian Nationalist Party state reek of the thinking of Adolf Hitler and the poison that has seeped in worldwide through ingesting such Nazi demon thought.

Travis says his party represents ‘the revival of the Canadian identity and a return to its true ethnic heritage’. If the ‘true ethnic heritage’ that Patron alludes to is that of his Ayran thought patterns now displayed than it must have been something he was fed upon in his own household. Did he start sucking up his Nazi heritage with the milk from his mothers’ breasts? Or did other members in his family or community indoctrinate him into such ‘true ethnic heritage thoughts’?

I believe the only reasonable alternative to a ‘singular community family Nazi flavored pool’ for the Kid from Redvers to have paddled in is one largely of his own creation through his ‘electronic educational process. But it has to have been one stimulated onward by adults surrounding him whether they did it directly or just through his attentively listening to ‘casual conversations’ as he moved about acquiring his ‘humble Redvers upbringing’.

The fact is that across Canada the Nazi sentiments were replete from the rise of the spectrum on the world stage. Then many of the good old ‘home grown potato fields’ in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba were being harvested by people believing just as we evidence Travis Patron thinking now. Nazism was blowing in the Prairie winds then with white supremacism trying to raise its twisted features and distorted head to position of leadership. Such forces are resurrecting themselves strongly in Canada once again.

The impact of Nazi ideology spreading through the farm, the land and promoting the embrace of pagan nature worship has been documented.

What are we presently witnessing? Are we seeing a “repeating historical pattern of evil or simply continuance of what Hitler died to establish”? Our modern ‘mother earth, save the planet, Green Peace, Al Gore the global warming whore movement is too reflective of the Nazi ideology propounded through Hitler’s environmentalist orientations not to see its roots of continuance. And, you can’t keep one eye closed to the tentacle that has twisted its way upward through the resurgence of native pagan spiritual practices because you fear not being politically correct. 

William Kay in a new book, The Green Swastika, focused upon “the early years of the German environmentalist movement and the ecological views and efforts of leading Nazis. The book chronicles the early years of the German environmentalist movement alongside the parallel narrative of the German aristocracy’s struggle to retain power. 

The writings of top Nazi’s like Himmler read like “a Greenpeace tract” delineating the overlap of fascism and nature. Although the Third Reich remained an “ostensibly” Christian county, William explains that Nazi elites were anti-Christian and sought to replace it with a paganistic “religion of nature”.

Taste this Levant Nazi Greenies excerpt >

From the Canadian Nationalist Party web site, it is clear that the thinking of Travis Patron is more than just ‘similar to Himmler’:

“This is what it means to be Canadian.

Fellow Canadians, we have before us today, an opportunity to revive something great from the past but also take traditionalist spirit into a bold and daringly new direction. This opportunity is granted to us by the very void which our current political climate makes available to us. They are presenting us an opportunity which we cannot afford not to take.

Being Canadian is something one must be born with. The question must be posed – is it in you to be Canadian? The sacrifice we make for the greater good of our people is the essence of what it means to be Canadian.

It is not the common man who could have broken the Canadian soil and turned that into daily bread. That is something which is uniquely part of the Canadian national identity.

As Canadians, we have not only a respect, but a God-loving fear of the natural world. The natural world fills us with awe and a sense of wonder. We understand that there is still so much yet to be explored – and that is a feeling we attribute to our surroundings but to our own identity as well. There is still so much to be explored, and so much to be uncovered as to who we are and how far we are capable of going.

We respect the natural world because we understand that Mother Nature favors no one. We are all subject to the harshest laws she affords us. For this, there can be no cheating the laws of the natural world. We honor this most brutish and never-ending struggle against Mother Nature.

Woe be to those who do not honor the authority of Mother Nature and natural law.

We are one people bound by blood, bound by soil, and united under the pursuit to conquer the natural world.

This is what it means to be Canadian.”

It is the mixed farming-ranching nature area of Redvers that Travis Patron was seeded, watered and grew to his Nazi heritage displayed today. The God of all Creation which is in heaven makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. (Matthew 5:45)

It is man that tills, seeds, plants, waters, tends and harvests what he plants. He consumes of his harvest and carries onward with what he believes is his best seed. All seed contaminated by Nazi evil must be totally eradicated to ensure there is no more continuance of such crops. You might not like the task, in fact you may despise or even fear the job required to eliminate such evil, but you are commanded to hate such evil.

(Psalms 97:10-11)  Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints; he delivers them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.

It does not matter what your spiritual upbringing may be. Is Nazi ideology not purely evil and deserving of your hatred and efforts to eradicate it? Be warned, if you do not rise to the task the evil fungus that comprises it shall overgrow your family and the life of this Nation.



Is white supremacism truly on the rise in North America and is Canada of particular concern if it is?

Could the claims of such rise be less of a perceived threat than that stated by the ‘alarm raising horn blowers’ hitting the media with too great a frequency for our personal comfort?

Am I just another one of your ‘alarm raising horn blowers’?

Is it possible that the ‘social unrest’s’ evidenced through such claims, which I know quite true, is a deliberately manipulated policy of individuals and groups, be they secular of governmental design or pushed on by spiritually driven religious bodies?

The questions are all relevant, in particular if you are one who has found yourself on the ground, be it due to white, brown, red, black or any other color of supremacist ideology.

Try these two examples of ‘supremacism’ to stimulate your thought:

> Bombs –

“Court documents just unsealed from the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev revealed that Tsarnaev allegedly told a college classmate that his brother Tamerlan “had committed jihad” through his involvement in a previous triple murder.

The case involved the murders of Raphael Teken, 37, Erik Weissman, 31, and Tamerlan’s friend Brendan Mess, 25 on Sept. 11, 2011. According to federal prosecutors, the three “were bound, their throats were cut, and at least one of them had marijuana sprinkled over his body.”

> Brooms –

 “Four Maryland 15-year-olds are out on bail but face life in prison after being charged as adults with first-degree rape in a locker room attack.

WTOP-FM reports the four teens were released on Monday. A fifth teen is facing lesser second-degree rape charges as a juvenile.

Prosecutors say the Damascus High School students assaulted four 14-year-olds before junior varsity football practice one day in October.

They say the teens restrained the victims, pulled down their pants and raped or attempted to rape them with a broom stick.

Defence attorney Daniel Wright called it “a hazing incident that went to an extreme.”

Quite the ‘schools of thought’ being displayed, eh?

We shall wade around at times in such very divergent hazy ‘supremacist gene pools’, but we shall always draw you back to that particular color display of the Kid from Redvers.


Now, this should give you something to think about Canada. A dystopia is a society characterized by human misery as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding slowly encase it. And a dystopia unchecked eventually becomes the social life choking normality for whatever host nation it first enters. Slow at first, but events often materialize that cause dystopia literally to explode into full bloom of its decline seemingly overnight. At what stage is Canada in becoming the Islamic Dystopia that the Trudeau Globalists desire it should be?

We are going to start with this story published on November 16, 2016 of how a once proud British Dominion became a Cultural Marxist and kebab-infested dystopia.  >   20:50    The Destruction of Canadian National Identity

The person presenting this film is beyond doubt a white supremacist. At one point he presents his view that “Vancouver and Toronto bear greater resemblance to China and Bangladesh than the Canada of 1957. Non-white mass immigration has not strengthened the nation…it has eroded our social capitol as well as our national identity.”

The man sounds like he has been corresponding with Travis Patron in most of what he presents, but he does not stumble around in his thoughts. Perhaps this is simply due to the fact he follows a carefully crafted script. While he never gives great detail as to the actual statistical or media supported evidence of the dystopia that mass immigration is foisting upon Canada, he does provide a logical explanation as to cause, the pathway it followed.

The ultimate cause of the decline in Canadian nationalism that he perceives as being the greatest threat to our social health he lays clearly on the doormat of the Trudeau family. He is correct with regard to his assessment of the dismantling of our British Heritage in Parliamentary Governance by Pierre Elliot Trudeau to reflect his personal Marxist-communist ideals. The multi-multiculturalism that is abhorred by both this author and Travis Patron is exactly that established through Pierre Elliot Trudeau and now carried forward by his idiot Bhangra dancing son Justin.

What Canadians should have strongly in common with our two basically ‘white-bread only boys’ is an absolute abhorrence for the ‘Trudeau style multi-multiculturalism’ that has been created. That is all. For certain we can not have affinity in any fashion for their white supremacist solutions.

It was not that difficult for Pierre Elliot Trudeau to achieve his desires. On October 8,1971 he foisted the idea on the Canadian parliament that there was no true Canadian culture, stating “although there are two official languages, there is no official culture, nor does any ethnic group take precedence over any other. No citizen, nor group of citizens is other than Canadian, and all should be treated fairly.” But he did not include in this statement his views of a multi-multiculturalism that would produce the ‘Islamic dystopia’ we see underway today. He simply carried on ensuring that Canada would evolve to fit into his globalist world view.

His next major Parliamentary step was to abolish ethnic immigration quotas through the Immigration Law of 1976. And in 1982 he ensured his Baby Justin could carry on in his footsteps through legislation surrounding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Through legislative means, legal empowerment and implementation were given to the Canadian judiciary in such format as to ensconce, protect and ensure that the ‘destructive multi-multiculturalism of the Trudeau legacy’ could move forward unhampered.  The control of who and how they could enter Canada was no longer truly in the hands of Parliament. And it was thus with arrogant stupidity that Baby Justin Trudeau could state to the world: “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. We are the first post-nationalist state.”

It is the ongoing establishment of the Trudeau Post-nationalist State that our author and Travis Patron are vehemently opposing. They appear hand-in-hand in castigating the decline of the Canadian British-European cultural base through trade and joint militarism with the USA throughout the mid-sixties. They are in agreement of rejecting imposed changes made upon the Nation through cultural dismantling following the Second World War. Such things as the change of the Canadian flag, National anthem and name of our National founding holiday have been highlighted as complaints.

However, what I found ironic was the record surrounding Lester B. Pearson’s change of the Red Ensign flag for that of the Maple Leaf rendition we now have. Pearson first presented the fact of his proposed change in the city of Winnipeg through the Canadian Legion and the press of the day said he was a ‘damn idiot’ for making such proposal.

Was Patron also a ‘damn idiot’ for making his Rally Proposal in the same city through the same ‘venue’? We know that the ‘damn idiot’ Pearson was able to force his ‘flag measure through the Parliament of his day’ due to political circumstance. But what about our political circumstance now? The Canadian public in general would be a bunch of ‘damn idiots’ if they were to follow the ideologies expressed by Patron’s perceptions of ‘ethnic nationalism’, but ‘ethnic white supremacism’ is on the rise as evidenced in this authors video and the actions of Patron being observed.

  One point where the supremacist views of our two ‘white-breads’ fully merges is in their ‘ethnic cultural heritage’ lauding of French and British European immigrant bases.  But, in this we find there is a clear exclusion of the indigenous population by both men in their views of our ‘historical nationalistic heritage’.

It is fact that at the time of the Quebec-French identity establishment in Canada, which they laud as being ‘a truly great ethnic nationalism’, there was already a national identity that we now term First Nations. Our two white supremacists deny it through ignoring it, while the ‘Trudeau style globalists’ have made concerted efforts to erase evidence of this fact through the changes they made in National Symbols.

The original Canadian Red Ensign flag had a cluster of maple leaves on it that were specifically symbolic of the indigenous population. This reference was gone with the new Maple Leaf flag which we now fly. All levels of ‘government followed the stimulus’ to change their old symbolic flags and emblems for the new ‘multi-cultural image of the Trudeau legacy’ proclaiming that ‘Diversity is our Strength’. This is exemplified in the old banner of the City of Toronto and one of the images it became.

Note:  The old City of Toronto banner shown above placed belief in being ‘industrial, intelligent and in the display of integrity’. A far cry from believing in the mess called ‘diversity’ being deployed about the Nation today. But, of more importance take note that being ‘industrial’ is symbolized as a recognizable quality of an inclusive ‘First Nations’ personage. From the dawn of time it was bred into First Nations cultural heritage to be extremely ‘industrial’. If it had not been there would not have been any here to teach the ‘Jock and Pierre come laters’ the abilities they needed to survive.

Think about Patron’s posting: “It is not the common man who could have broken the Canadian soil and turned that into daily bread. That is something which is uniquely part of the Canadian national identity.” We know he is alluding to the French-British Europeans as being above the common place man and the ones that were capable of breaking up the soil of Canada and harvesting the produce. It is this ability and action that fully qualifies them with their ethnicity as the ‘unique national identity’ we are to aspire to restoring.

Patron is correct that it was not the ‘common man amid the first immigrants’ that migrated to Canada that were capable of plowing and harvesting the bread of life as the ‘new found land’ necessitated. But he is blatantly erroneous in implying that the man common to the land called Canada at the time of immigrant ‘common man arrival’ was not already ‘turning his sweat into daily bread’ and that such common man was anyone of European stock.

Man had long been commanded prior to European arrival in North America that he was to earn his living by the sweat of his brow.

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it was thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.(Genesis 3:19)  

From sea to shining sea at the time of Patron’s ‘super stock of immigrant arrivals’, the indigenous man common to the land was planting and harvesting ‘the bread of life’ in many variant formats. If one needs to acknowledge anyone as necessary to our National Identity it certainly remains First Nations people. They are he ones that make up the first component of what is ‘uniquely part of the Canadian national identity’.

But, through the ‘diversity and multi-cultural policies’ the First Nations people were being deliberately wiped out from what their cultural heritage truly entailed. They were being systematically ushered onward to being exemplified as a mob of drunken, welfare loving indigents with no desire to work or with any genuine desires for self-advancement. Such an image is crap along with the Patron view of ‘national identity’.

Have the ‘policies’ that besieged the First Nations been the singular product of ‘white supremacism, globalists, Marxists, fascists, neo-Nazis, full bore Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan?

They have in essence been a hybrid of them all to one degree or another, dependent upon the amount of evil that was occupying the men in their rise to grasping power of the ‘governing structures’ at any particular time. This has not changed. White Supremacism is on the rise and Travis Patron appears to exemplify that through his careful avoidance of including First Nations as necessary and foremost to a return to our true ‘ethnic cultural heritage’.



Pierre Elliot Trudeau said “the Liberals were spineless idiots” before he brazenly joined their ranks to establish his Marxist ‘globalist agenda’ through unlimited multi-cultural immigration.

Watch this National Citizens Alliance video and consider if there truly is the Establishment of a Globalist Agenda? This Video’ was published November 5,2017.   >  4:46

There is undoubtedly a globalist agenda underway and white supremacism is on the rise. But how do you personally fight against what is truly a hydra of Global Affairs Canada creation? You first have to understand what the exact programs are that are underway with the data proving that you can and must stand against the United Nations policies that are controlling our nation. 

Steven J. Garvey, founder of the National Citizens Alliance just posted this video to prepare our Nation for his declared Oppose the United Nations Day Rally on December 8, 2018 in Edmonton. >

Observe and listen carefully.

Again, we see a man that states many things that sound similar to the claims made by Travis Patron, but the great difference is that Patron normally only alludes or generalizes. This man gives documented facts. He is not simply some alarmist but deserves your time listening. He is very much ‘up to date’ and not simply an electronically educated university theorist or bitcoin speculator. Listen and consider the mans thinking patterns.

And, with Garvey we see another attempt to create a ‘political movement’, but one that is very specific with respect to what they will implement. Knowing what you do in matters Patron and what you have heard in this video by Garvey decide who you would vote for if only these two men were on a ballot.

As a Canadian citizen you have some very important decisions surrounding the emergent ‘Global Citizens, the irregular migrants’ trudging about the Canadian landscape. Why? Because what is about to be thrust upon you through the UN Globalists as spoken by Harvey is echoed in this Rebel Video with the noted Immigration Lawyer Guidy Mamann. >

As Guidy states respecting Canada’s general social well being surrounding the ‘UN Global Compact on Migration’ – “The timing of this Compact couldn’t be worse.”

The same concerns about this troublesome UN Compact are being expressed throughout sectors of the European Union and its elected representatives. As Janice Atkinson, European Union Parliament Member says “under the Compact there will be no such thing as an illegal migrant, there will only be migrants and irregular migrants.”

Then all migrants no matter how they enter a country, no matter their character or life circumstance will have to be treated the same and given all the benefits of a citizen of the nation they enter. Listen to the Rebel’s Jack Buckby in timely conversation with Janice Atkinson on the problematic aspects of Migration >

The timing of all the globalist attempts to advance their designs and conflicting reports surrounding globalists could not appear to be coming at a worse time in the destabilized Europe we see flooding the TV channels. The European, African and Middle Eastern scene appears too often to be one of complete disorder and confusion. This status is a standard dictionary definition of chaos. Amid this chaos we will now watch the World leadership bow down to do homage to the globalist George Bush Senior who died last night.

Definitions and timing are very important matters in the affairs of human beings. And the timing of the rise of white supremacism in Canada could not be worse either if you are one thinking that defining Ayran fundamentalists is somehow made easy through outward tattooed Nazi skinhead appearances. Reality is that the most dedicated Nazi white supremacists try to avoid such distinguishing trademarks.



The Nationalist Socialist leader in the United States is not another visible tattooed looking Nazi tool.  > 5:25   The Man Behind The NSM, The Largest Neo-Nazi Group In America

The National Socialist Movement is being led by Jeff Schoep. Listen to his approach being touted and think about the hybrid of Patron’s approaches and his attempts to disguise his designs through something as simple as requiring ‘business dress casual’ at his posted Canadian Nationalist Party ‘rally events’.  Patron and Schoep have a great deal in common in their desires for ‘outward appearance’.

In April of 2016 the movement under Schoep formed an alliance with the Ku Klux Klan and his sentiments were crystal clear. “National Socialists, and Klan, and white nationalists stand together here in unity, in solidarity. No longer will the struggle be divided.”

In November 2016 Schoep officially dropped the swastika emblem. The reason was simply the definition by it and timing of neo-Nazi advance. “And, if that symbol is what’s holding us back, then we had to get rid of it.”  The rebranding was only to make the movement more palatable.

As well there was a dropping of racial epithets, cursing, hateful chanting and a determined effort to project an image that they were advancing for love: “we’re involved in this for love of our people, love for our country, love for our folk” and the “forces of degeneracy are trying to drown out the message of white patriotism”.

In the light of Schoep we have Patron speaking about ‘the need to recreate ourselves’. “Our identity, as Canadians, must be thoughtfully presented in a manner resembling a work of art. Our identity is a performance.

In a genuine and tasteful display, we must win the hearts and minds of the Canadian people.

Being Canadian is something one must be born with. The question must be posed – is it in you to be Canadian? The sacrifice we make for the greater good of our people is the essence of what it means to be Canadian.

What we are building, as a movement and as a people, is a performance of Canadian traditionalism. It requires that we shed the layers which no longer serve us, and trim the excess of that which does not empower us.

We are no different than the canvas which lies before the painter and his eager brush – the sculptor and his slab of marble. We are the artists which give life to this form of art.

Being Canadian means looking across from you, at your fellow countrymen and lending them a hand in their time of need. Whether it is someone who has fallen on hard times, or simply an occasion where we need to lend a listening ear, our comradery compels us to raise up our fellow man.

Our countrymen are our kin. Their success is our success and their pain is our pain.”

Travis you cannot ‘win the heart and minds of the Canadian people’ when they read the opinions expressed on your party’s Facebook page:

”Liberals and commies all they care about is making Whites a minority so their group can jockey for power and take over what White people built because their people failed to do the same. It’s based on envy and hatred. Europeans built big ships, traveled across the ocean using the stars to guide them and what we saw, we claimed it and built it from nothing. There was no infrastructure to steal. Europeans created a nation that others wish their people could have made.

Now millions of non-Whites want to come live here and enjoy the “stolen land” in what evil colonialism built. Funny, huh. So, it was wrong for Whites to settle the land but now when they come to live on this supposed Indian stolen land it’s morally justified? So then tell the Chinese in America to go back to China, the Africans to go back to Africa and the mestizos to go back to Mexico if its land stolen from native Indians. You didn’t spring from the grass in North America and neither did the Indians. So, tell the African Arabs to go back to Arabian Peninsula or Turks to get out of Asia minor. Or Spaniards to go back to Spain.

But who’s the one group who conquered North America and owned it in every way possible? Europeans. Our Ancestors toiled the fields, mines, harvested resources, invented technology, invented every resource we use today, worked the factories and built the infrastructure. They did it. Land doesn’t build itself, there is no magical dirt. Europeans were toiling the fields long before the first African slave was brought to our shores. There was no USA before Europeans, let alone the concept of legally protected land. There wasn’t even a light bulb before us white folks. Anti-Whites don’t know or care about truth and facts, all they want is to steal what Europeans built. They’re petty tyrants who want what they could not build themselves and they use Marxist lies to try to guilt White people into giving away their resources. We’re not apologizing for being better at exploration and conquest, we’re not apologizing for our Ancestors who were stronger and more intelligent. We’re not giving away our countries because your feelings are hurt. The only reason why so many non-Whites are able to immigrate to this country and any White country today is through the generosity of Europeans. North America remained 90% White until the immigration act of 1965 opened the floodgates. Previous laws restricted immigration from Asia and Africa and had a preference to Northern and Western Europeans for good reason. Nothing to be ashamed of !!! and we have everything to fight for and protect. If you don’t have the right to the lands your ancestors fought and died for then you have NO RIGHTS AT ALL! Trudeau Must Go!”

I expect there are a lot of words our two white supremacists wished would just evaporate. For example, Schoep would certainly like forgotten his hollering “we are the vanguard of the white race, the shock troops for the white race…don’t think for one minute that you can stop us. Not here. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.”

And Patron certainly would like The Premature Natzi Ejaculators Series – Travis Three  Posted on October 20, 2018 to disappear completely. The memories are too poignant of our first meeting at the Victoria Club in Regina Saskatchewan on Friday November 17 and Sabbath November 18, 2017 in frigid, rigid snow dump Regina. He certainly does not want his organizational meeting with the Ku Klux Klan present resurfacing repeatedly when he is trying to ‘rebrand’ himself, to make the Canadian Nationalist Party more palatable in ‘business dress casual’.

But when was the real debutant coming out party for our two ‘non-tattooed closet skin-heads’? We know Jeff Schoep came out of the closet a full-blown neo-Nazi at age of 19 when Patron was age 10 or 11. Jeff Schoep took over the white supremacist movement in 1994, renaming it the National Socialist Movement. Was Patron already feeding on the Schoep ideology at such an early age? There is strong possibility he was, but for certain the men were of equal mindset by the time I first encountered Patron in Regina. Patron and Eric St. Cyr did not want me raising the name of the Ku Klux Klan in any manner during their meeting. They were definitely in process of trying to ‘rebrand themselves’.

Part of such divorcement is in putting themselves forward as the victims of Marxists such as Antifa. This is somehow supposed to make them look as ‘good guys. After all, if you are against the ‘commies’ you must somehow be on the side of a genuine righteous national idealism. This works to some degree with the politically brain dead and both Schoep and Patron feel they are making major political advance in transiting North America to their Nazi based state.

Schoep states “we are right on the edge of breaking into the mainstream now.’ And, Patron truly believed in his Winnipeg election challenge to Omar Kinnarath, that he would win over Kinnarath because “there is nothing that we’re saying, that the majority of the people of this nation, of this city would disagree with…”

Are you in agreement with such sentiments as Patron and Schoep have expressed? To what degree do you think white supremacism is on the rise? Where are you going to walk in this ever-shifting political landscape in which we dwell?

Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee. Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.(Proverbs 4:25-27)



Jeff Schoep stated that being Pro-white “is all of a sudden being lumped into this category of hate, evil, racism, white power. And really that is about the farthest thing you can get from the truth.”

Jeff is certainly confused when it comes to matters of defining truth and one’s distance from indwelling truth. Posturing around upholding ‘solid values’ is the common ground for all ‘political social deviants with their own agenda’.

The Soldiers of Odin have declared their commitment to preserving Canadian values according to Ben Makuch of VICE news. >  21:46   The Soldiers of Odin: Inside Canada’s Extremist Vigilante Group  

This video news presenter became involved in the legal battle over whether he could be forced to reveal his news sources. We will be going partly into this issue of what truly is lawful when it comes to matters of National security. In doing such consider the following from the forgoing video.

  1. The white supremacist Nazi links of the Soldiers of Odin are obvious and one does not have to continue beating the dead horse issue of the Finn Mika Ranta that they all came riding in on in one form or another. You hear the variant people associated with Dave Tregget in Quebec to Glen Smith in British Columbia espousing many of the same views as do Schoep and Patron. But none of these characters has a problem with hiding their own personal identity.
  2. Only ‘Scott’, Antifa and Atalante are personages hiding their identities. No one in the film except Scott ‘the ten-year white supremacist leader’ could be a claimed face hidden source for Ben Makuch.

Because Scott hides his face while speaking does not validate his truthfulness. What it tries to convey however is that he is somehow in danger from the Soldiers of Odin for ‘speaking the truth’. Is this man even known to them?

Consider the fact that the root of what is being protested against is anti-Islamic pure and simple. It is not anti-Sikh or anti-Hindu as Makuch tries to blanket the entire issue with at the end of his video.

The child whose face is masked states “They have to go in the river.” Who? “The Islamists.” This youth is obviously not a protected source of Makuch due to his importance in revealing information pertinent to the investigation of leadership in the Soldiers of Odin. Children have required identification protection demanded by the Law. It was simply a clip employed by Makuch to display his perception of indoctrination into ‘Islamaphobia’.

The root cause of everyone being on the scene, no matter their personal agendas, is the presence of Islam in Canada. You never once get Makuch to either state or imply this. In fact, he appears to be promoting a pro-Islamic propaganda agenda throughout.

  1. Odinism may rightfully be claimed to be a base for anti-refugee vigilantes, but they have a focused point of entry in this video for their agenda and that is Islam. The Soldiers of Odin are providing security for anti-radical Islam protesters, protection from Antifa opposed to the radical-Islam protesters and protection from potential violent refugees. The Odinists express their personal concerns surrounding Muslim barbarianism, radical Islam and potential sharia law in Canada.

But, ‘Scott’ says “Think about it. No matter if you have a whole bunch of non-white members in your group, if you’re still spreading anti-one group sentiment that’s still racism.” And, definitively the man is totally wrong.

The white-supremacist and easily conceivable racist Dave Tregget espoused it correctly when he stated that they were not racists when it comes to dealing with Muslims as Muslims are not a “race”, they are a “totalitarian religious based culture’. Anti-one group sentiment with respect to Islam is not racism and given the documented evidence is simply a policy of political-social common sense.

So, why do we have ‘Scott hidden face’ alluding that what is taking place is racism? For one thing, it fits with the kaffir agenda of Islamic support-allegiance.

Scott, you should not be so quick to express your opinion, or you Makuch to imply somehow his opinion is correct, as we have seen displayed. Scott, if you do not have a hidden agenda, if you are speaking or presenting the truth then why do you have to hide your face? We have a Legal witness protection plan and that certainly is not what has been underway with the ‘Scott and Ben Brigade’.

Makuch, why is there no information given as to who, how or why Scott was ‘available’ to you at all? Your investigative methods and purposes for presenting at all are ‘highly questionable’ Too Much Makuch.

As a Vice Media reporter, you challenged an Ontario ruling that ordered you to hand your background materials for stories about the terrorist Farah Mohamed Shirdon over to the RCMP. On November 30,2018 it was reported that “in the unanimous decision released Friday, the top court upheld a lower court’s ruling regarding the work of reporter Ben Makuch” that he had to reveal sources –

This case highlights the fact that all your ‘investigative purposes are questionable’ when you fight so hard to conceal information from the lawful investigative authorities in our nation. Perhaps we need stronger legislation to protect society from journalists like you, that place the interests of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ahead of the nation of Canada.

“The Supreme Court said Friday it’s important for media to gather news without government interference, but society’s interest in investigating and prosecuting crimes can outweigh that right.”

Makuch, you created the view that your case was a pitting of journalist interests in protecting their sources against the state’s duty to investigate crimes. You held yourself up to be championing the cause of ‘freedom of the press as being a basic tenet of democracy.’

VICE Media stated “While we’ve lost this battle, nothing can shake our belief that a free press is instrumental to a truthful understanding of the world in which we live.” To this I must respond, NO, a truthful press with no duplicity and hidden agendas is necessary to the freedom of the democracy that we espouse to in Canada. The responsibility of truthfulness of the media looks to be the issue that may just be raising its hydra head now that we have this ruling. But as stated in the news report “It’s not clear what happens next with the investigation.”

So, Makuch what will we see unfold in your noble scenario of ‘hero to zero or zero to hero’?

The Supreme Court Justice quite flatly stated that handing over your “records would not reveal the identity of a confidential source”, so why the big hissy-fit Makuch? Are there matters surrounding your ‘personal views, your personal agenda’ that will now see the light of day legally? After all, your identity is in no manner conceivable as a ‘confidential source’ before or after this forced release is it?

No, Makuch ‘me thinks you protest too much’ and thus deserve the Media Crown Title of Too Much Makuch.

Your pandering to Aurangzeb Qureshi, of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council pretty much places you in the kafir camp of self-effacing embrace of Islam and its beliefs. You greeted ‘buddy Zeb’ with familiarity and jumped right into promoting the doctrine of Islamophobia which is advancing the Islamic agenda in this nation.

The simple matter of your handling of the anti-Islam posters that were put forth is sufficient to exemplify where your personal prejudice lays. There are only three posters shown and one needs to freeze-frame and read them to see the reality of what has been claimed by Aurangzeb Qureshi as “full on hatred’. You never once question him as to the veracity of what has been spoken that has triggered such vehement statements toward Islam.

One may not like some of the language deployed but these are poster facts.

In poster #1 we read: “The prophet Muhammad was a sick blood thirsty child molester. The prophet Muhammad should have received the death penalty for encouraging his fellow Muslims to sexually molest and brutally rape children and babies.” It is documented fact that the prophet Muhammad is 100% guilty of the charges leveled against him. Why did you not bring even a whisper of accountability by ‘Zeb’ for such historical present day practiced Islamic religious facts? 

In poster #2 we read: ‘I hate gays’ and the statement of ‘is this advocating peace, love and freedom in your eyes’. We are given a claimed quote from the Qur’an with the explanation that it is a reference to the active and passive partners in gay sexual intercourse. “Kill the one that is doing it, and also kill the one it is being done to”. This sentiment is actually from the hadith but such ‘full on hatred’ is expressed in numerous references in both the hadith and Qur’an. Again, why did you not bring even a whisper of accountability by ‘Zeb’ for such historical present day practiced Islamic religious facts? 

In poster # 3 we read “You can keep your barbaric ways, right where they belong, in your 7th century homelands.” We are given quite a ‘fuck your’ listing of what Zeb purports are “vile falsehoods”. We read Fuck Your beheadings, sharia, genital mutilations, taqiyya, Muhammad and Qur’an”. There are no falsehoods stated here as they are the present-day practices of the 7th century mentality of the Muslim. Do you not think such practices are barbaric? Do you not think such practices should be expulsed from Canada? Again, why did you not bring even a whisper of accountability by ‘Zeb’ for such historical present day practiced Islamic religious facts? 

I do not justify the Soldiers of Odin in any manner, but your silent justification of Islam is like a roaring lion Too Much Makuch. Remember Zeb’s glue analogy regarding Odinism and buzzwords like sharia being nonsensical and the cause of unjustifiable fears? Your Zeb says “Odinism serves as a glue…attracts extremism, extremists who might commit a crime in their name.” These words are best applied to Islam itself and the Muslims it pulls into our nation. Try one example following of a Somali Muslim Bad Boy and then you two ‘buds’ go push your opportunistic propaganda Islamic crap elsewhere, eh? Toss the Ben and Zeb show in the garbage can where it belongs. There will be no sharia law in Canada no matter the means such people as yourselves attempt its entry, nor the stupidity of Courts that may inadvertently facilitate it. Now how about this Somali Snake >

Too Much Makuch, I must assume you know the boys on the polar opposite of the ‘journalistic fence’ from you, but then again you are pretty hedonistically media bound, so for your benefit we have:

As to an idea of ‘tacit racism’ and the cast of characters milling about our ‘media-freedom’ issue:

Makuch, Joly, Michael Moldaver, Claude Carignan, Ralph Goodale, Martin O’Hanlon, Alexandre Boulerice…one and all, it is time to desist in your media games or political posturing. It is your personal decision time of what is right for the Nation and what is righteous with God.

There is nothing simply understood or implied without first being clearly stated by God. You had better get your definitions correctly aligned with His thinking.

Decide if you will stand for His righteousness or the political correctness and Islamification of Canada that political correctness represents. You must do the same independent ‘reader’ as such judgment capability surrounds the case at hand with the Kid from Redvers.

  1. Who are the genuine bigots in this Media Affair?

In this ‘media-secrecy’ matter Ryan Scrivens, of Simon Fraser University claims the Soldiers of Odin are “bigots because they claim Muslims should not be in our country”. How does this claim for exclusion define them as bigots? A bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. The Soldiers of Odin are far beyond any simple definition of bigotry. And, the fact they appear to find no Middle Eastern culture as acceptable does not qualify them as ‘bigots’ as much as it does brand them as liars given all evidence at hand.

I am no white supremacist nor a fascist neo-Nazi in any format. I am a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a Christian. I am in no manner a bigot and intolerant of those who simply hold other opinions. But, I also ‘claim Muslims should not be in our country’. It is all well documented on my web page and my words have been ‘carefully chosen’ to elucidate why and how Canada should become a Muslim Free Zone. Neither my face nor agenda is hidden in any manner.

Why the great need for secrecy in our Democratic Society?

Reader, you must clearly discern from all evidence at hand who the genuine bigots are in this entire Too Much Makuch affair. Are any of the characters involved to any great degree different than the Sons of Odin who they claim themselves as more noble than?  

What about our Ryan Scrivens? He states regarding the Soldiers of Odin “that community groups should stand their grounds and work against these particular groups.” Ask Ryan, who should be working against the Islamic hate groups and Islamic Associations openly supporting ISIS, returning jihadi warriors and structural sharia in Canada? What ‘community groups’ would you recommend Ryan, to such a task from your Simon Fraser Citadel of ‘radicalized ideologies’?

Is Ryan Scrivens a simple bigot or perhaps just a good old-fashioned hypocrite playing the tune for whomever pays the bills?

Just an endless stream of questions, eh?

Well, there is no questioning the fact that white supremacism is on the rise in Canada.


White supremacists certainly are part of the growing threat Canada faces from right-wing extremism. >  3:24  Right-wing extremism on the rise in Canada

This video is in greatest part an Islamic propaganda launch of ‘we are under attack and we need your support because we are all the same’. However, the rise of such extremism is real so listen carefully to the confession-testimony of Justin Bourque, the man that gunned down three New Brunswick police officers in 2014. “I know that you think that’s really sick. Its sad they have wife and kids, but every soldier has a wife and kids. And, it’s all about whose side you chose and they chose the wrong one.”

The announcer then goes on to state that “he had previously posted anti-government messages on social media.” The entire video reeks of the stench of Patron propaganda style presentation adventures during the same period of time. And, referring to our New Brunswick Bonehead in particular, remember what was published about Patron and think about what the two men have in common.

To refresh a bit, Travis Patron has an established pattern of backtracking on his statements, claims and policies. Remember the following words from this article as you move onward in exploration of the man’s motives and mind.

“The CNP, which says it holds “a center-right position on the conventional political spectrum,” says it wants to run candidates in the 2019 federal election. Its platform would change the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to remove “its stance of multiculturalism,” and set up a national self-defence citizen militia.

Another of its 21 platform points calls for the “mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel and subsequent support for this program.” It has just under 200 members, Patron said.”

I guess Justin Bourque, like Patron, would advise police officers to mutiny and make certain they are not caught in the wrong position, “for it’s all about whose side you chose and they chose the wrong one.”

Where do they differ? I do not believe that Justin Bourke would prove himself a liar as does Patron. I seriously doubt that Bourke would deny being a white supremacist.

“That’s not who we are” Patron said of white supremacists in an Aug. 16 CNP video, before going on to say: “We oppose globalism, we oppose homosexuality, we oppose transgenderism and we oppose the Islamification of our country.”

I think what Travis opposes the most is telling the simple Truth about his ideal ‘nationalism’.



What is so great about Nationalism? 6:06  Why Nationalism? Should Canada’s 150th Celebration Be Reconsidered | ALifeLearned

The lady puts forth some food for thought at a fairly rapid speaking pace. She gives a good bid for “globalism” as opposed to “nationalism”. Becca seems far more coherent in her view presentation than our Travis, which is markedly evidenced in his ‘Poutine Gariepy’ Interview coming to you later in these writings.

But our Bodacious Becca claims that nationalistic pride “has actually become counterproductive to advancements in human society, as it works against our sense of global community.” A major beef is her view of the global marketing sources that promote themselves worldwide, selling their products and are supported in such by the no-no governments, of which Canada is held up as a great offender.

She and Travis have obviously spent some ‘nocturnal dream weaver noodle time somewhere together in their la-la land projections of reality’, but they mentally have fallen out on opposite sides of the bed to a large degree.

August 16,2017 Patron stated: “We oppose globalism, we oppose homosexuality, we oppose transgenderism and we oppose the Islamification of our country.” This opposition is not so true if you consider the Travis Patron Global Currency salvation plan called ‘Bitcoin’ simply as a ‘globalist business endeavor’. However, as seen in Chapter Ten – The Bitcoin Con – the venture shows a maleficent intent upon the part of Patron to ultimately raise up his ‘nationalistic governing units’

And, we already know that ‘nationalistic pride’ is what Travis claims himself to be founded upon and espousing. And such Nationalism is the root of terrible genocides, wars and mass deaths according to Becca. So, which one of these New Age electronic intelligence sources do you think might be most correct?

Let us have a bit more from our lady.

 “Larger powers have chosen to bring together different ethno-cultural groups sometimes leading to terrible genocides, wars and mass death, as these groups then fought for independence. So, in this way it is clear that nationalism has grown out of and continues to thrive on concepts of conflict. It’s a way of grouping people together that tends to support the division of the human race into competing States and is based upon people defining themselves specifically by who they aren’t.”

This does not sound good for our boy Patron. Go back to the Winnipeg videos and count the number of times Patron defined himself and his associates in such manner, by who they aren’t. Perhaps all Travis needs is a bit of Becca’s encouragement to genuinely see the error of his ways?

“We need encouragement to see ourselves on a broader, more global scale; Not just as Canadians but as human beings! Reflect further on the ever-growing international community we live within. Try to be open to the interdependency that globalization is creating, and less focused on identifying yourself on your place of origin.” I guess Travis simply cannot be seeing himself as a human being?

Oh well, Babbling Becca asks us to share our comments so here goes. Thank God all I have to do is stop buying international products, waving made in Taiwan Canada flags and hinder the international polluters. I only need to simply meditate on the ever-growing international community. Well, at least she doesn’t appear to be telling me to kill myself to save the planet?

But it might be an easier solution for me to kill myself than to continue trying to find a way to get Patron to part with his Nazi nationalism or Becca to close her wide-open embrace of the ‘ever growing international community of jihadi Islamists’ we Canadians are being forced to live within. Here is a taste of reality for you Becca > Canadian jihadis to attack US –

Neither one of these Electronic Media Zombies have truly learned much about life. So, how can one expect them to have any comprehension surrounding eternal moral values? Snuggle up somewhere together in the night you two and carry on expounding from your perches in fantasy land. >



Canada Day? Labor Day? Elections Day? Family Day? What is there to get excited about during any of Canada’s annual constitutional celebration days? Listen to this > 10:34  Canada’s new right-wing Populist Party explained

It is truly exciting if you know as does Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party that you can beat Justin Trudeau in the coming 2019 Canadian election.

But nothing is exciting electorally for Travis Patron, our fascist neo-Nazi leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party. Like the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2018, coming off their best regular season in a decade and then unraveling in their own stadium, so is the Kid from Redvers unraveling in his own electronic world.

His personal Bitcoin Burger will only continue to burn, blacken and become an ever increasing mouth full of ‘Bitter Coins’ rattling around somewhere in his own hyperspace of crypto-crap currency.>

Dream on Kid from Redvers. Dream on in whatever fantasy land you desire to occupy whether it be crypto-crap or self-conceived political illusions of grandeur.

But you should try to awake Patron. You cannot survive politically keeping the company of men that regard Hitler, who was responsible for the murder of six million Jews, and state the belief of “I think he had a pretty good platform that he ran on and got elected.”

This is not the world that Hitler invaded is it? I am not entirely sure that it is not even worse. Perhaps our corruption is even greater. You would never see election in a corruption free Country Travis Patron, so I guess there does remain just a slim outside chance that you personally might slither through the cracks somehow even today.

However, I think your best opportunity for establishing an electoral voter base, if you have even achieved Party Status by this time of writing, does lay with the dead and not the living. No free breathing Canadian would support your neo-Nazi fascism. This thought should stop you dead in your tracks but I know it can’t fully crush the Aryan dreams of dominance dancing with the other sugar plums of fantasy in your head. Why? According to Elections Canada, about 207,000 voter information cards were sent out in the last election to people that were already dead. And another 57,500 went to people that were not even citizens. >

When learning this news did your palms up hand clapping crescendo Mein Herr Patron? Did you start rapidly blinking and lip chewing in overdrive? Or did you just end up staring fixedly to the bottom left and mentally preparing another YouTube delusion destined for the same graveyard of deepening despair as you?

Jesus Christ did and still does raise the dead but you will never raise any crew to elect your Canadian Nationalist Party in Canada.

Travis, do you remember me prodding you to make contact with Maxime Bernier? Your contact was another bit of foolishness on your part. We are going into this in the following Chapter and delineate why not just you, but all other parties than Bernier’s can only increase the Canadian Political Chaos which you are reflective of.

Sequester yourself one and all.


The Kid from Redvers’ -Chapter Six: CHAOS – to be posted December 25,2018.








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