Chapter Seven – The CNP Nazi Youth Indoctrination Agenda



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                           Military Service and the Right to Vote  –   Bad Boy Travis Military                     

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204                     Abortion – Birth Control and Patron ‘Family Planning’    

205                     Patrons’ Demographic Birth Control Pill

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                               Paranoid Disorder – Psychosis –  Bizarre Delusions

215                        The Man of Bizarre Delusions     



 Chapter SevenTHE CNP NAZI YOUTH INDOCTRINATION AGENDA                                                           

UPDATES – Belgian Club – Winnipeg Manitoba

If you recall on November 26, 2018, I dispatched a request for information from the Belgian Club in Winnipeg. On December 16,2018 I repeated the request as shown in the letter following.

December 16,2018

Email:     Events: Bernice Deneweth

Greetings Info and Bernice,

November 26, 2018, I sent the attached request for information to you. I believe the time period between November 26, 2018 and December 16, 2018 should have been sufficient for some format of response. You have had 20 days comprised of 15 weekly working days (120 hours, assuming 8-hour workday) and five possible overtime working days including 3 Saturdays and 2 Sundays.

As such I now repeat request for your response on or before January 1, 2019.

Lack of response in such a topical matter as the one I am involved with in this research documentation can be for many reasons, one of which may be concealment due to fear of negative exposure and consequence.

At the moment I have no reason to conjecture that this is the case with you.

But the investigative time-frame allowable given perceptible publication dates will require I do so should no format of response be forthcoming by January 1,2019. If you, for whatever reason, place yourself in the light of such dubious positioning, I must then move forward as though you are truly adversarial through ‘concealment due to fear of negative exposure and consequence’.

I state this all without prejudice, and it is your decision determining the relationship we move forward with at this time. I thus, must recommend your response as requested so I am not forced to alter my investigative tact.

Thank you for your time and attention.

I remain,

Kenneth A. Gran – Phinehas


On this date of January 11, 2019, we have surpassed the requested information date by ten days. As such I now consider elements within the Belgian Club Winnipeg adversarial and complicit in some manner of secreting white-supremacist neo-Nazi connections within its organizational structure.

In all likelihood this book will be completed precedent to my face-to-face encounter with the individuals concerned in Winnipeg. But such persons will be brought to full accounting in a highly public manner by July 15,2019 or earlier. I have already determined the method of doing so. >

Thus, any further update surrounding such matters will only come to you through standard media reports as I will not be ‘reporting – presenting’ anything further as has been done in this book.

When I close the final Chapter all jury verdicts called for will have been delivered.



In 2018 Eurocanadian youth were told that personal improvement was the most important thing they needed to work on so they would be prepared to take action when called to by their white-supremacist leadership. Preparing the youth was the reason that Travis Patron was first introduced through the Council of European Canadians (CEC) youth platform of Ocean Drive. With the disastrous results he attained in 2018 Patron is definitely more anxious that Nazi youth come to full attention in 2019. God willing, they shall not give him the Sieg Heil -“We will win”- but turn upon him in full disgust and revolt for not being their promised Santa Nazi.

If Hitler liked this then why wouldn’t you?

This is what his desirable youth are being required to do physically.

“As a whole, we need to start being more physically fit and aesthetically appealing. The reality is that people are attracted to movements and ideas with attractive people because it gives the impression that your movement is strong. Related to health we need to start eating healthy and stopping bad habits like consuming drugs or porn, smoking or drinking heavily. One needs not give up hobbies like television or video games, but exercise and other self-improvement activities need to be encouraged.” 

A hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure and the potential Nazi youth troops today find endless hours of pleasure in television and video games. Curbing this to a degree will in no manner exercise the girls to line up today like they did in the Hitler lineup imprints that Patron has in his mind.

Patron and his media associates try to give the impression they are personally strong, but their upbringing and strength displayed is only that associated with ‘the endless hours’ they have spent raising themselves within the media and computer technologies that continue destroying them. They have been raised on limitless access to pornography and not just magazines from a rack. It has been no problem for them to access whatever feeds the sexual fantasies in their minds nor to hide their proclivities to whatever stimulates them onward. They have no need to hide anything under mattress or closet clothing from a mother, father, sibling or wife’s eyes. With it all in their ‘controlled electronic world’ they just secrete it and code it in such fashion it is only accessible to themselves and their inner circle of distrustful friends.

This gives them a false impression of safety and leads to the belief that they can attract followers to Nazi ideology through outward appearances that conceal the inner rot within.

But then comes along a buddy like Jean Francois Gariepy that lifts the lid off their own festering pot and we have trouble in their delusional white supremacist paradise.


This is what his desirable youth are being required to do mentally.  

“People also need to start reading more, it helps with self-discipline and helps one understand deeper concepts and arguments. One doesn’t need to start reading The History of the Peloponnesian War right away, but we should be working up to more informative texts. That said, if one must start with Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, there is no problem with that, but again they should also be reading philosophy, politics and history as well.” 

Highest in rank of mandatory reading with Patron remains Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler amid the books written by Hitler and Hitler’s speeches. These are followed up with the writings of the Nazi Doctor of Death Josef Mengele, the 39 books and writings of Heinrich Himmler, the collection of English translations of Nazi propaganda material by Joseph Goebbels, Inside the Third Reich from amid the 20,000 pages of Albert Speer and whatever else to be found amid Hitler’s Inner Circle: The 10 Most Powerful Men in Nazi Germany          >

From this you might want to flit next into Patron’s preferred electronic library of insanity to check up on the Jewish competition you will sometime face in tax debates through reading the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx. If all this doesn’t get you over whatever nervousness you might have in entering approaching political and philosophical discussions you can always run back to the library of Santa Nazi. Here you can once more electronically squat in the poisonous crap with Travis Patron and buddies and gorge yourself to full status of their moral discontent and political ineptitudes.

Who knows? Perhaps if you grunt out long enough, they will pin the JF Gariepy Class One Iron Crotch Medal upon your trembling chest and you too can assault the next mentally deficient person to ‘their hearts’ content.


This is what his desirable youth are being required to do politically.

“Finally, self-improvement continues on the political level as well. Be firm, be intelligent, be confident but be polite. Practice debates with friends or co-workers. I recommend philosophy debates if you’re nervous about political discussions among friends or in the workplace. We will fail if we are too nervous to enter discussions or can be too easily tripped up on policy questions. If you do not understand tax policy it is time to learn. Start attending any and all political meetings possible, but support your own parties before going on the offensive at, say, a Liberal rally. It is more important to show positive support to your own than to sow dissent in a rival. The road to improvement is long, aggravating and rewarding. Get moving.”

And, as we see in the photo, we have another group of skin-head boys that got moving and are now fully prepared to ‘intelligently, confidently and politely’ debate policy issues at their simplest level.


But, how can Patron motivate his desirable youth to get moving to the degree they will pick up weapons as did the Aryan youth of his idolized past?

Patron challenges them to take the same path as himself. He challenges their manhood and sense of self-respect if they do not stand up for their European cultural heritage in the face of threatening immigrants. He threatens their rejection even by himself if they cannot come to be the desirable youth they are to be.

“One of the biggest drivers for me was seeing how European Canadians have lost their sense of identity. Every other ethnic group promotes their interests and protects their traditions. European Canadians have been intimidated into thinking if they do the same, it is somehow immoral. Our culture, our laws, and our way of life have changed to appease newcomers and they have no intention of returning the favor. 

No one respects a people who do not promote their interests – nor should they. I cannot respect the man who blows both hot and cold with the same breath.”

But it is the mouth of Travis Patron that blows hot and cold the strongest.


Travis tries to portray himself as some sort of Santa Nazi with a bag full of ideological tools to bring happiness to his desirable youth. All they need do is follow him and walk in the shadow he casts.

But Travis Patron is a semi-dysfunctional amoral basket case who cannot even face himself or respect himself. And, as delusional as he is, there is a conflict within himself raging between sporadic momentary recognition’s that he is the man who blows both hot and cold with the same breath.

Patron certainly is no symbol of bravery or manhood for youth of any persuasion to emulate or follow. Travis Patron remains to date a piece of gutless Nazi scum through his actions and words. He has come to the point where he does not want to lead anyone into the face of serious opposition and he wants them to hide out in ‘leaderless packs’ and fight for his Aryan ideals.

Let us fight leaderless was issued December 2, 2018: “The Canadian Nationalist Party is calling for an action of leaderless resistance in opposition to the current Liberal Government over their support for the United Nations Migration Compact. The actions and representation from the Liberal Party have demonstrated that their government is failing to operate with integrity and good faith.

Since the 42nd Federal Election, Canadians have watched as Justin Trudeau has systemically eroded their charter rights of free expression and public assembly, the sovereignty of their country, their firearms rights, and vocally supported terrorism within our jurisdiction.

The conduct of this government is in violation of the Magna Carta of our British Crown. We have the right to lawfully rebel when we are being governed unfairly and unjustly.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is calling for an act of leaderless resistance until Justin Trudeau is brought to justice. We are imploring supporters of our movement to remain active within patriot groups in their community and exercise non-compliance with all levels of municipal, provincial, and federal government.”

Stuff it where the sun never shines Travis. All thinking educated Canadians know this government is in violation of the Magna Carta and should be held legally accountable for it. How does this in any manner justify what you are and the Nazi ideology you are attempting to foster for rule within the Nation?

It seems quite clear that you intend your desirable youth to remain leaderless for quite some period of time since leadership will only be restored when Justin Trudeau is brought to justice. It certainly will not be you that will be leading him to his due justice, eh?

You cannot hide out anywhere in the ‘electronic bunker’ you have created in your own mind Travis Patron. A call for leaderless resistance? You simply are too gutless and spiritually warped to openly lead a charge for justice at the front lines. Your staged Winnipeg production proved that.

And your non-presence at the December 8,2016 protest on Capital Hill further served to show you up for what you are. You simply feared facing the chant of the crowd calling out “Nazi scum must go” and fleeing in the face of it like the skin-headed long-legged cowardly dork you are.

You always flee when someone else has complete control of the cameras and you have no control of the call for action of life driven scripts.

You are too adept at calling others to take actions and make sacrifices in manners you are incapable of and have not done yourself. On November 18, 2018 you called your white supremacist lot, such as they are, to don the fighting spirit. > The Fighting Spirit 

“What I can say with certainty about the character of the CNP: it is not enough to simply believe, one must also fight for what they believe.”

You asked them to sacrifice themselves for the Nation if they truly believed in your European based Nationalist socialism. But you will not do so yourself through such a simple action as being on Parliament Hill on December 8, 2018. What I can say with certainty is that you are a hypocrite, a coward and remain to date a piece of gutless Nazi scum.

You want to raise up a Nation capable of true military defence and honorable interactions and you cannot even raise yourself to such a stance Travis Patron.


Mandatory Service

Hitler’s proclamation of Universal military service in March of 1935 was simply a step forward in his walk already underway for worldwide domination by Nazi ideology through military means. The claim was made that “Germany sees herself forced to take such measures for her own protection.”

Hitler had decreed once again that conscription to compulsory military service for all able-bodied men reaching age 19 was enacted. He had done so earlier than this and was simply using the statement to disguise and counter the reality of his never altered military intentions. He was simply continuing to build his war machine.  

Conscription is the forced enlistment of citizens in military training in preparation to fight for their country in time of need. In the countries that have employed it that no longer do it was a mandatory period of six months duration subsequent to reaching age 18 years.

The term most familiar to Canadians relating to it is the draft which was the process of conscription employed in the United States. People who were fleeing the process to try and hide out in Canada during its period of employment we called draft dodgers. We harbored them at the time and still do now through the impact of their beliefs embedded in our nation.

But compulsory military service called ‘the draft’ in the U.S. no longer exists. There has been no draft as such since President Richard Nixon signed an order making all military service a voluntary process. His actions were a result of a cross section of American people as young as 16 years of age becoming active in politics and rioting in the streets to end the practice. The polarity, carnage and bloodshed during the period has all been recorded along with the vows made by many participants that they will never allow the practice nor the ideology promoting it to mature ever again.

It was unlikely that such negative maturation should ever take place unless the conditions like those surrounding WWII were to resurface. They have begun to resurface and the matter of employing the draft is being discussed as the issue raises its head once again.  Read this July 2018 article the > 10 Meaningful Pros and Cons of Mandatory Military Service |…

It is brief, and concludes with this statement:

Mandatory military service has its advantages and has proven itself valuable in protecting the sovereignty of the state as well as in expanding its territories – take for example the Qin Empire that conquered a large area of what is now China, as well as the case of France during the French Revolution that was able to defend itself from the attacks of European monarchies in the late 16th century. However, its ramifications on the young people enlisted, the quality of military service, the labor market, the future generations and the like should be carefully considered”. 

You should give careful consideration to the final line given our current political circumstance and position taken on the World stage.

Military service and the right to vote?

In the United States they now have a three-tiered choice for individuals when they enlist in the military. There is no longer a draft, but within 30 days of turning 18 every male must register at a local post office under the Selective Service Program. That is not a form of enlisting. It is only a registration process letting the government know you are of age and have registered in case war dictates that draft measures must be taken.

“The United States military has been all-volunteer since 1973. But the government maintains the ability to reinstate the draft in case of a national emergency. Almost all men age 18-25 who are U.S. citizens or are immigrants living in the U.S. are required to be registered with Selective Service. U.S. law calls for citizens to register within 30 days of turning 18 and immigrants to register within 30 days of arriving in the U.S.

Men in the U.S. on student, visitor, or diplomatic visas and women are not required to register. For other exemptions and for transgender people, see the Who Must Register chart.”

In Canada we have seen many concerns being raised surrounding data collection procedures, purposes for census compilations and individual voting rights being tied to cooperation with government agencies that one may be in conflict with. But we do not hear protests erupting that the government is trying to institute compulsory military service through draft like measures.

Canada’s military is currently all-volunteer but the Government does have the legislated ability to enforce a draft during war time. But even during WWI and WWII the Canadian citizens were highly opposed to conscription. But Canadians are opposed to many things now which are having little effect upon the government implementing the policies that the citizens do not want. As well the Liberal government is enacting definition changes altering traditional views of most of our major cultural components that may be inclusive of how one is legally able to describe an act of warfare and the consequences for not abiding by it.

Realistically speaking one could find the government making statement of invoking the War Measures Act to quell those in opposition to enforcement of the UN Compact on Migration it has signed on to. Further, in times of declared war the government has legislated ability to enforce compulsory contributions to be able to carry out its actions of warfare. Thus, all personal property and assets come up for grabs by Government to ensure it can prosper migrants in the manners it desires.

None of this is to be considered desirable and none of it speaks to the implementation of a ‘draft’, but the current government is also legislating changes to all who may qualify to be members of the Canadian military and national policing services such as the RCMP. The upshot is that if successful in implementation you will no longer be required to be a Canadian citizen to be a member of either body. In fact, the migrant or illegal border crosser will be as acceptable to serve as any one else as will the returning jihadi warrior to our shores.

Again, none of this is to be considered desirable. And neither is the fact that the Canadian military and RCMP are legally bound at present to enforce the decisions and policies that are being implemented by the current government. Many of the policies are emerging through back door legislative amendments to Bills that are being pulled out from their various closeting amid the confusion and political Chaos underway.

Bad Boy Travis and the Military?

Our Kid from Redvers is for compulsory military service and ties it to such basic things as the right to vote. He holds it to be a main key to righting the imbalance in immigration matters that are destroying the Eurocanadian color that he states Canada is to project.

April 2018 with the Donald Doucette interview we were told: “Points 17 and 18 of your platform advocate military service and a large increase in military funding. Why is it important in today’s geopolitical climate for Canada to have a strong military and why should the Canadian taxpayer be willing to support this?

Travis Patron: If we had young adults serving in the military, not only would it dampen their enthusiasm for anarchism and communism, but it would instill a sense of character and belonging in their self-image. Most young people do not know what to do when they finish high school. A short stint in the military would sharpen their mind and body and prepare them for whatever lies ahead – be it starting a business or family.”

Anyone that desires to put dampers on anarchy and communism through disciplining lazy and confused youth can’t be all bad, eh?

But back in mid 2017 interview the starting of a business or a family was not the stated intention of Patron for a compulsory military service. Far from it.

The CNP, which says it holds a center-right position on the conventional political spectrum, says it wants to run candidates in the 2019 federal election. Its platform would change the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to remove its stance of multiculturalism, and set up a national self-defence citizen militia.”

And how would this compulsory self-defence citizen militia carry out its military obligations if his desirable youth were to come to embody it? Well as pointed out about his CNP policy platform points during interview: “Another of its 21 platform points calls for the mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel and their subsequent support for this program.”

So, Patron simply wants to change the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, enact conscription and embody a citizen self-defence citizen militia that will enact his Nazi based ideology and goals. He wants to ‘sharpen the minds and bodies’ to such purposes through his compulsory military service. And to do so his policy platform states he will Increase military funding to 3% GDP and require 1+ years of military or civil service in order to democratically vote.

If it were possible for him to do his style of ‘the draft’, you would see a standard result as with all styles of draft programs as opposed to volunteer military service programs. There would be an increase in numbers in the military body being drafted into. And with more drafted soldiers present than with a membership by volunteers only the overall force is guaranteed to undergo greatly lowered moral standards and values. When you have the standards of Hitler’s Nazi youth as your model is there any further lower you can go than what Patron espouses as the ideal military service for our Nation?

We know Hitler was delusional, deranged and insane on 11 December 1941 during a Reichstag speech in Berlin when he declared war on the USA.

Is the state of Patron’s mind any more stable in his declared war on the political and moral values that his actions and statements have evidenced?

Again, your decision, eh?



Ultimately Adolph Hitler only considered people genuinely worthy of life that were of his own cherished Aryan breeding stock.

Ultimately Jack ‘Dr. Death’ Kevorkian did not care who he killed as long as he could experiment with the best way to kill them. >  Dr Death’ Jack Kevorkian, advocate of assisted suicide, dies in…  > biography –

Hitler’s Nazi doctors liked to carry on gruesome experimenting on human beings as well. But how could a Jew who survived the holocaust become the champion for murdering the unborn? Such was the case of our Dr. Henry Morgentaler. >

We cannot allow people of the mindset of design such as Hitler, Kevorkian, Morgentaler and Travis Patron to make any further inroads in our society if we are to abort the evil that enters with them. They must be blocked off 100% in all their efforts to do so.

As to Travis Patron surrounding abortion, his concern is monetary and not with any regard to the sanctity of life. Under Point 12 of his program he would only – ‘End taxpayer funded abortions.’ –He has no stated intents of terminating the practice other than through encouraging his desired youth to breed more profusely at tax payers’ expense.


Abortion – Birth Control and Patron ‘Family Planning’

May 29, 2013: Dr. Henry Morgentaler died at home, reportedly due to heart problems. May he reside eternally in the flames of Hell due to the problem of evil that plagued him from time of his birth. Was this sub-human primarily driven by a desire for vengeance upon all humanity due to the inhumanity his family underwent due to his simply being a Jew? He was relentless in his quest to see an ocean of death swamp families worldwide through his abortion agenda.

“In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s abortion law (section 251 of the Criminal Code), ruling that it conflicted with rights guaranteed in the Charter. The Justices found that the law violated Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it infringed upon a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person.” The decision came approximately 20 years after Dr. Morgentaler first performed an abortion. The federal government introduced a resolution to Parliament containing the broad outline of a new gestation-based abortion law. The resolution was defeated, along with five amendments. Abortion is now like any other medical procedure, governed by the Canada Health Act.”

No, it is not like any other procedure governed by the Canada Health Act. What other procedure is employed to take the lives of the pre-born? Abortion is now performed in many different manners, but is all of the same evil procedure and intent of termination of life.

Patrons’ Demographic Birth Control Pill

Donald Doucette: Currently your party is the only party that has advocated for a massive reduction in immigration (20 000 annually), you have also shown to be the only party willing to consider a pause or zero immigration, temporary or otherwise. Why is Canada in need of such a reduction or even a pause, and why should the average Canadian support such a policy?

Travis Patron: Our immigration system is currently being used to change the demographic character of Canada. It is also making us poor. We’re quite literally working and paying for our own displacement.

It is very important for a country to maintain its demographics. If you change the demographic character of a country, the culture and laws will change with it. Demographics precede culture and civics because the former is made by nature while the later is made by man.

If you turn a blind eye to demographics then what are you truly standing for? Is society itself not a representation of the character of its people? Everything can be rebuilt and improved if the demographic integrity remains intact. Our enemies know this, and this is precisely why their chief aim is to fundamentally alter the demographics of Canada.

In 1971, 97% of Canada’s population was of European-descent. In 2018, this number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we demand this demographic change and the agenda put forth by Pierre Trudeau and accelerated by Justin Trudeau must be discontinued immediately.” 

Quite simply put: To have the European Nationalistic based society of Patron you must first give Canada the ‘morning after immigration abortion pill’ and ‘then sterilize its citizens’ from potential future damaging social encounters through immigration. And, if you carry forward in the light of his Nazi ideology, when necessary politically euthanize those sectors of society deemed non-compliant and unworthy of his desired Canadian lifestyle.

Patron Purposeful Family Planning

 “Donald DoucettePoint 16 of your 21-point platform states: “Newlywed couples will be eligible for a marriage loan, 20% of which is forgiven with each child.” This is clearly an attempt to raise the native Canadian birth rate. Why is this important for Canada and why do you support such a measure?”

The native Canadian birth rate that Patron wants to raise is certainly not that of Canada’s indigenous population. It is singularly the original European based immigrant populations that he continuously lauds as the true founders of Canada and source of genuine national identity.

“Travis Patron: I believe Canada is a country with some of the greatest untapped potential in the world, but in order to uncover that potential we need a strong national identity. We need something to work towards that is greater than our individual selves. A higher birthrate would represent the continuity of this national identity and an ideal that could be inherited by future generations. I can think of nothing more worthwhile to work towards.”

Point 16 policy as stated: “Newlywed couples will be eligible for a marriage loan, 20% of which is forgiven with each common child. Couples must have been married within the last 5 years and with both partners being born on the land.”

Both partners being born on the land entails within it that the partners will not be recent migrants and ensures to some degree the continuity of his strong national identity. It also ensures within it that Canadians ‘born on the land’ will not be able to compromise his program through marriage with immigrants or migrants as he discerns are flooding the land. Economic support under his government would automatically eliminate such partners or family groupings.

Inducement to growth of his ‘desired marriage partnerships’ is simply access to taxpayer cash to be employed by such couples for their ‘prosperous growth and development’ in manners that are not stipulated. Nor, is the cap on amounts available through such measures given us.

It is not known to me if the desirable partners get a one-time wad of cash or if they can return to the trough for increasing amounts with their proven ability to breed the white supremacist children Patron desires. For certainty, whatever the amount of ‘loan’, with each child birthed to fulfill his Ayran ideals they have 20% of the loan written off. Thus, it is that Patron believes he can multiply his demographic base by five per cent and work towards something that is greater than our individual selves.

The Roman Catholic Church threatens its adherents with all sorts of spiritual penalties if they prevent the growth of its membership by employing birth control measures or enacting abortion. They also hold to the view of the supremacy of their Mother Church and purity of membership through non-marriage to other faiths.

Patron is similar in many fashions in desiring to purify and maintain his following through economic measures designed to bring it about. The major difference from the Papacy with its whip to scourge sinners and the methods of Patron simply involves cash. Patron is quite prepared to pay to have people screw his way into eventual demographic majority, while the Vatican does everything it can to hang on to its own Vatican Bank and cash.

Ultimately Patron is screwed because of his own Ayran idealology and his designs will proceed nowhere. His is a morally twisted sick basis for sexually promulgation of the species that no amount of taxpayer cash can actualize or Canadian citizen will rest with.

And, as to the Vatican the amassing of its great wealth was based on a morally twisted sick basis for promulgation of the faith with a perverted lifestyle that built its wealth. And now we see the perverted lifestyle depleting its wealth through all the depraved sexual crimes it is answering for today.

At what Point in their Programs will people such as this recognize they cannot mock God in the fashions which they do and walk away with impunity?

The days of accounting and Chaos entailed have now come upon us.



Back when?

The Nazi T4 Program expression of a life unworthy of life is found back then in the 1920 scholarship of the German academics Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche. They published a rather mundane academic treatise exploring the area of medical ethics in terminating the lives of the sickly, mentally deficient and physically deformed members of society. Binding and Hoche were not conceivably Nazis or racists. They were just another couple of loony tune academics prepared to examine the possibility of anything that crossed their path. Their interest in the subject was merely academic with excuse they hoped in some manner to contribute to the advancement of medicine and the progress of humanity in general.

They never would have considered themselves as somehow being of a Nazi or racist mindset such as we have experienced since their time of presentation. But their idea that some people experience a sub-par life that is perhaps better eliminated was the germinating German seed laying the intellectual foundation for the later Nazi “T4 Programme”. From this we have had an onward pathway of killing that resulted in the Holocaust.

This is the reality of the Nazi T4 Program and what is unleashing itself upon us today:

The T4 program stemmed from the Nazi Party policy of “racial hygiene”, a belief that the German people needed to be cleansed of racial enemies, which included anyone confined to a mental health facility and people with simple physical disabilities. > Aktion T4 – Wikipedia

Inside the Aktion T4 program, was the Nazi euthanasia initiative that saw as many as 300,000 disabled people killed. Many historians refer to it as the rehearsal that helped the Nazis refine the methods they’d soon use to carry out the Holocaust >   Aktion T4, The Nazi Program That Slaughtered 300,000 Disabled…

The T4 Program, also called T4 Euthanasia Program was the Nazi German effort—framed as a euthanasia program—to kill incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. Adolf Hitler initiated the program in 1939, and, while it was officially discontinued in 1941, killings continued covertly until the military defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.> T4 Program | Definition and History |

During the Nazi’s T-4 programme, an estimated 250,000-350,000 Germans were put to death. It is not commonly known that the gas chamber technology used by the Nazi’s in the war years was developed when the large number of adult and child euthanasia cases required more efficient means than narcotics and starvation. Gas chambers were, in many cases, constructed on hospital grounds. The killing ended with the surrender in May, 1945 and the leading doctors were put on trial at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

> Euthanasia in Nazi Germany – The T4 Programme | The Life…


And now?

Our educational institutes and research facilities are replete with characters such as Biding and Hoche today.

The former head of the Bank of Canada and new Chairman of the Board of the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) David Dodge should be able to ensure they do not run out of funds for their assigned tasks.

Our academics have been exploring once again, under the guise of medical ethics and at the direction of the Federal government, the ‘procedures in terminating the lives of the sickly, mentally deficient and physically deformed members of society’.

This evil has re-emerged out of the pit of hell to roar like the Devil screaming for a new ocean of death to drown us all. And that roar has emitted clearly through the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA).  Council of Canadian Academies | CCA | Home

There had been a limited legalization of euthanasia in Canada, but just two years ago the CCA was directed by the Trudeau government to look into new ways to extend and expand the euthanasia programme in Canada.

They have been examining euthanasia for mature minors (child euthanasia), euthanasia for people who are incompetent but have made an advance request, and euthanasia for psychological suffering alone.

With the Liberal position on abortion and euthanasia for certainty you shall find sick and vulnerable infants and young children inserted somewhere on their examination list.

The CCA is soon to table its report with Trudeau and Trudeau will soon be taking action in a manner that his past displays have shown to have no moral grounding and are destructive to the Nation.

Simple moral decay is sending Canada into the pit of hell and heading down the same path that was once trod by the forerunners of the Nazi Holocaust. For such reason anything reeking of Nazi ideology in any manner must be quelled now as declaration of such intent underway is clear.  ->

There is a Euthanasian Prevention Coalition in Canada (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) that is actively fighting such measures. You can access their web page and seek how you might assist them in such fight.

But in the meantime, what is to be done about the Nazi skin head Kid from Redvers?  He wants to legalize carrying concealed firearms and is recommending rebellion through ‘leaderless resistance methodology. What do you do with a person that verges on a state of what might be classified as the criminally insane?

What is the mental capacity of a man that cannot recall the debacle he caused himself the first time he attempted to hold a rally at the University of Toronto?

January 7, 2019, he issued another request to book a room at the University of Toronto:

“In accordance with the Ontario Provincial Government’s recent mandate for free speech on post-secondary campuses, the Canadian Nationalist Party has requested a room booking with the University of Toronto in a bid to present its platform to the public for the upcoming 43rd Federal Election.

This recent booking request submitted to the University of Toronto is a perfect opportunity for the Ontario Government to demonstrate to the people of Ontario that they are serious about free speech on campuses, especially when it pertains to a political party competing in the upcoming 43rd Federal Election. Such a suppression of our ability to communicate our political platform to the people of Ontario limits their ability to make an informed decision come election time and ultimately diminishes the sanctity of our democracy.

The Canadian Nationalist Party will continue to campaign in our chosen districts and bring the narrative of nationalism to Canadian voters.

It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.”

Again, he states he will form a majority government, obviously remaining in a diagnosable delusional state from which there appears no escape.


You have to be insane to endorse the horror of the holocaust gas chambers killing indiscriminately all ages. You have to be insane to believe that you are righteous in terminating the life of the mentally and physically deficient.

We know Trudeau is clearly insane and prepared to impose his insanity in programs developed through the CAC – Canadian Council of Academics.

What about the Kid from Redvers? Is he as insane, deranged and as mentally disordered as Trudeau? Is he a new age spiritual surrogate of Baby Adolf desperately trying to get all his ducks in a row?

It appears he is some twisted rebirth of a now balding Baby Adolph in his own mind.


Patron Is Mentally Disordered

For certain Travis Patron fits the general definition of a person who is delusional.

A delusion is an unshakable belief in something untrue. Such irrational beliefs defy normal reasoning and will remain firmly fixed even in the light of overwhelming evidence contrary to them. Delusion is a false belief that has been surrendered to and accepted by the whole mind as being a truth.

A delusion is a more advanced state of mental disorder than what is defined as an illusion. An illusion is a false idea that has been impressed upon the mind through the senses by one’s imagination but it has not gotten sufficient control of the mind to absolutely overwhelm it. But illusions created through imagining all kinds of events and possible scenarios can influence one toward taking action that may have results greatly detrimental to the actor, but which he denies as being a result of his own wrong ideas. He then goes about looking for imaginative reasons for whatever may have occurred.

Travis Patron has gone from the world of illusion to almost full-fledged delusional occupancy of his thinking. The warfare in his own mind between illusion and delusion cannot be denied given his observable actions and states of being.

Regarding the intellectual political platform he bases himself upon Patron states “I guess you could say this was building in my mind for several years.”

Patron has made it clear that he had been occupied in his own mind, and it has been to such degree that we have seen him emerge to the white supremacist he is today. But Patron still tries to deny the reality of what he is in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In an August 16, 2017 CNP video Travis denied being a white supremacist vehemently stating – “That’s not who we are”!


But Patron is certifiably delusional through what he claims in 2018 about the 2019 election and the results that will be entailed. “It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.

Elect what candidates? He will form a majority government? This is coming from the mind of a man who was still trying to garner enough party support on January 1,2019 to be even able to register as a party and field candidates.”  On this date he announced regarding Federal Registration – “Perhaps most importantly, our party must attain federal registration status with Elections Canada. As of today, our party is compiling an application to registration which will be submitted within the first quarter of 2019.”

Delusion entails an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real and results from what is defined as a disordered state of mind. There is no way to connect any perception of reality on Patron’s part with his statement of forming a majority government and the mind that sees the reality of garnering enough memberships to even be able to register a party. This is a degree to which Patron exhibits the full delusion of a disorganized mind.

The two most common types of delusions are delusions of grandeur or delusions of being persecuted.

It is quite easy to build a case that Patron suffers delusions of grandeur in saying he will form a majority government for it also entails that he sees himself as the popular choice of the people as Prime Minister.

But when we add his symptoms of delusions of persecution to his delusions of grandeur, we start to be confronted with what is conceivable a much more serious form of psychological disorder.

Patron alludes to being persecuted for trying to restore and protect the true cultural heritage of Canada. He infers the actions of the press in printing distortions, false news and his lack of coverage by the press are such. He implied on October 19, 2018 that Elections Canada had mistakenly printed the name of his party on another party’s registration application to slow him down, that it was the cause of his registration being stalled.

Surrounding party registration, we see he is still trying to get the forms filled out to do so as stated January 1,2019.

At our very first meeting in Regina he and his Ku Klux Klan buddies spent a great deal of time expressing their ire with the media and in particular Ezra Levant’s Rebel and the CBC. At my meeting with Patron in Redvers he stated “many people are coming after me”. He sounded a bit paranoid to me with the concerns he raised, but I thought he probably had the right to express the concerns. It was at this time he was starting to get quite a number of people expressing their displeasure with him over his Toronto rally and the white supremacist violence that had just occurred in Charlottesville.

Delusions of grandeur combined with his allusions or delusions of persecution have fanned the flames of paranoia in the man’s mind. He simply was too damn paranoid to take an active part in the December 8, 2018 protest on Parliament Hill. Straight fear kept him from providing vocal opposition to the Liberal Government’s commitment to sign the UN Migration Compact that day due to Antifa and visible opposition to him that was present.

And he exhibited signs of paranoia in his calls for leaderless resistance from the Party ‘faithful’, calling upon them to hide out and circumvent legal government authorities in every manner possible. He claimed this as being their right given the government persecution of his Nationalist views.


What is Paranoia?

Paranoia involves intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy.”

This state of being has varied reasons for existence but the base cause of paranoia is the breakdown of the minds ability in reasoning and assigning true meanings for the events that are being experienced. The individual is often swamped with feelings of betrayal, anger and fear.

A variety of mental and emotional functions involving reasoning and assigned meanings become scrambled in the brain and the person can become extremely intense and irrational in their mistrusts or suspicions. They fear being deceived or taken advantage of, they become preoccupied with hidden motives, they become increasingly hyper-vigilant and unable to genuinely relax. The escalating mistrust of people and inability to judge circumstance makes them very defensive in response to imagined criticism and they can become extremely argumentative.

But it is the area of escalating lack of forgiveness that accompanies all this that they become a danger to themselves and society in general. When they tip fully into the dumping ground of their paranoid delusions, they have become what is recognizably a full-blown schizophrenic devoid of all genuine human emotions and unable to relate to them. Their only concern becomes themselves and bringing their state of paranoid reality into the physical existence of this world. They have in essence become an Adolph Hitler, a Joseph Stalin, a Fidel Castro, a Trudeau – or other such vermin capable of releasing the greatest of evils upon mankind with no ability whatsoever to comprehend the horror of their actions. 

How close is Travis Patron to doing a complete mind meld with this source of evil that is now raising itself so strongly from our recent past?

Patron Walks a Pathway of Delusional Disorder

Paranoia can occur in any form of mental disorders, but it is present in nearly every psychotic disorder. And this leads us more fully into Travis Patron and his ‘delusional disorder’.

Repressed, denied or projected feelings related to events and relationships in a person’s life lead to paranoia which isolates a person in their human contacts and increases their difficulty in attaining any help at all.

Delusional disorder was formerly termed paranoid disorder, and it is considered a very serious type of illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. With the sporadic psychotic displays by Patron just what particular type of delusional disorder does he exhibit at any point in time, as there are some basic general types of delusional disorders.

In general, a delusional disorder is considered a rare mental illness in which the patient presents delusions, but with no accompanying prominent hallucinations, thought disorders or mood disorders.

When a person evidences paranoia or delusions but no other symptoms such as hallucinations of hearing or seeing non-existent entities, they are in a functional state of delusional disorder.  They can normally work and function in everyday life, however, their lives may become limited in scope and increasingly isolated.

Delusional disorders have two general categories:

Bizarre delusions -are characterized by irrational or intense beliefs or suspicions which a person believes to be true. These delusions are predominately based on the person’s culture and life experiences. An example of a bizarre delusion would be the belief that an alien spirit disguised as the ghost of Adolph Hitler periodically enters your body and performs Nazi induced actions to disrupt people about you and then departs leaving you to suffer unjustifiable consequences. Such beliefs may seem outlandish and completely impossible but the presence of such bizarre delusions (BD) is considered a sufficient symptom for the diagnosis of schizophrenia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder.

Non-bizarre delusions – are characterized by irrational or intense beliefs or suspicions which a person wrongfully believes to be true but may also fit within the realm of what is possible. These are considered delusions that theoretically are possible, but still unlikely based on circumstances. An example of a non-bizarre delusion would be that an individual wrongfully believes their landlord has secretly video-taped them in their own bathroom. We know such incidents have occurred so it is within the realm of possibility. However, what continues to intensify the suspicions to an established false belief is that the man has awakened frequently during the night due to light flickering from under his bathroom door. The mouse droppings he periodically cleans up never registers the fact in his mind that it is a wee furry that has been triggering the motion sensor-controlled light. It has to somehow be the landlord at play.

In both cases symptoms must last for 1 month or longer in order for someone to be diagnosed with delusional disorder and thus Travis Patron qualifies for the designation of suffering from ‘delusional disorder’ as his symptoms are of much longer duration.

According to the American Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders there are two more classifications of delusions which are Mood-congruent Delusions and Mood-neutral Delusions. There is absolutely no need to delve into these with you in dealing with our matter of the mental status of Travis Patron.


A Man of Bizarre Delusions

Both bizarre delusions and non-bizarre delusions are of great concern when considering Travis Patron’s mental condition.

Karl Jaspers wrote a classical essay called “General Psychopathology” in 1910 that discussed delusions based on aspects of jealousy.  He had specific criteria that relate to defining bizarre delusions:

  1. Certainty or conviction of belief with the individuals 100% convinced their beliefs are real, despite significant logical evidence to the contrary.
  2. Incorrigibility or the inability to change their beliefs by the individual. These persons are genuinely 100% incapable of changing their beliefs. In spite of scientific evidence showing their way of thinking is flawed they are incapable of escaping their delusions and will usually try to present evidence that their thinking is correct
  3. The impossibility or implausibility of the content of the delusion held by the person as being in any manner true is considered a 100% certainty. Within these delusions some are so extreme that they travel into the category of bizarre delusions.

Jaspers believed that jealousy on the part of the delusional individual was a key trigger to them being found in such a status as one of the three categories implied.

It would seem the rapid and ongoing success of Max Bernier in the political field as contrasted with the Patron pitiful showings, has lodged Patron strongly into bizarre delusions with the jet fuel of jealousy being his chief propulsion. >

The Mentally Disordered Travis Patron in his state of paranoid-disorder fueled by jealousy is in need of serious help to protect him from his own psychotic behavior patterns. But, how do you help a person who is so far advanced in a delusional disorder that he runs from the very circumstances necessary to bring him to the freedom of spiritual help?

The classical treatments of delusional disorder paranoia are through medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. The processes of medication are more or less attempts to hide the patients mental state from themselves to prevent acts of desperation such as suicide. It is essentially a time gaining mechanism to allow for the application of cognitive behavior therapies. There are a variety of such therapies but all have within them the common element deemed necessary for successful treatment. That element is the gaining of the patients trust and building a relationship permitting the therapist and patient working together in order to accomplish the common goals of the patient’s freedom through ensuring life patterns of true mental health. 

How do we establish Patron in such a relationship so there is no necessity of medication to disguise his symptoms of delusional disorder? Medicating him will not remove the impact of his irrational fearful thoughts and anger. Medicating him certainly will only further disintegrate his social skills and increase the threat he poses to himself.

Jasper’s trigger of jealousy will not depart of its own accord. Nor will the Freudian defined causes of his feelings of inferiority and defensive compensatory behavior simply evaporate. There appears a cloud of symptoms causing delusional disorder swirling about him. Like tormenting bees of illicit drug abuse, bipolar disorders and psychotic depression they sting him and swell his mental discord to manifest the personality disorders he does today. Is there any way to turn on the fan that will blow this all away?

Thus far he has been too morally bereft to follow the pathway to freedom that Jesus Christ represents.

Travis Patron appears simply too far advanced on his pathway of delusional disorder and allow us but only one alternative at this time.

The man should be forcibly confined and medicated until an appropriate cognitive therapy approach may be designed that will reduce and ultimately remove the threat he now poses to society and himself.

If this is attempted progress will be assuredly slow. But this slow is preferable to the fast of his suicide or threatening violence of Chaos in the Nations streets.

How do you vote? Are you prepared to demand the man be locked up as described?  If so, also demand Trudeau occupies the same ward. 

Meanwhile we will make the next bed that Patron sleeps in available as fast as we can tuck in the sheets- Chapter Eight – “Patron is Comfortable Sleeping with Islam”

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