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227                       Reality of the Nazi Threat in the United Kingdom  

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The common links of the followers of Islam and the followers of the Nazi ideology of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler have been well documented. The chains that bind them together are nothing more or less than the links of Satanic evil and human depravities.

The fabric of Islam and Nazi Ideologies are tightly interwoven as shown in The Art of Extremism >

We hear the claim that it is Nazi ideology that is responsible for radical Islam, that it is Islamofascism that is the great threat and the fire igniting radical Islam. There is careful avoidance of the fact that Islam itself with its seventy sects is the threat worldwide.

Dawah (dawa) in Islam is the Koranic directive for all Muslims to convey through their practices the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. One must remember that the Muslims of every sect were already Islamic when they first encountered Nazism. What occasioned is that they recognized in the Nazi doctrines those characteristics that they knew already indwelled themselves through practice of Islam.  

In the inbreeding of Islam and Nazi populous Syria admired and immersed itself in Nazi ideology, Iraq involved itself to the highest levels of government, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood directly collaborated with Hitler, the nation once named Persia declared Hitler a messianic figure and re-titled themselves ‘Land of the Aryans’ re-birthing as Iran and the Nazis were welcomed and strongly established amid the Palestinian Arabs. What is common to all the sects is the shared enemy of Israel, the shared values of the Qu’ran and a great admiration of Hitler’s tactics of warfare.

The Nazi collaborator Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem before and during World War II, played a “central role in fomenting the Final Solution”. The man was a relative of Yasser Arafat and an ally of Hassan al-Banna, the originator of Hamas’ parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

He was to become the chief Muslim Nazi propagandist and fled to Adolph and the boys in Germany after fomenting riots against the Jews and British in the Palestinian territories. From 1941 to 1945 the Grand Mufti was a moving force behind Palestinian Jew hatred amid the Arab nations. A hatred that the Arab and Muslim led nations continue to foster today and will never desist in.

The Grand Mufti – chief propagandist –. The Truth About the Grand Mufti, Hitler and the Holocaust -…

Haj Amin al-Husseini has been one of the most impacting anti-Semites of the 20th century.

And this is the dawah of his Palestinian Arabs and the same belief indwells all sects and Muslim adherents to Islam today.

“Jordanian Friday Sermon by Imam Ahmad Al-Rawashdeh: Allah Gathered the Jews in Palestine So That It Would Be Possible to Annihilate Them; Benjamin Franklin Called to Banish the Jews from America,” MEMRI, December 13, 2017:

Imam Ahmad Al-Rawashdeh delivered a Friday sermon at the Old Tila’ Al-Ali Mosque in Amman, Jordan, in which he said that “as long as they are dispersed, it is impossible to annihilate the Jews,” but that Allah “informed us that He would gather the Jews in one place, so that they could be dealt a mortal blow” and that He would “gather them [in Palestine] so that they can meet their end… because they constitute an epidemic.” In his sermon, Imam Al-Rawashdeh repeated the Franklin prophecy myth, saying that in 1779, U.S. President [sic] Benjamin Franklin had called to banish the Jews from America and to include this in the U.S. constitution. It should be noted that the Franklin prophecy myth is, in fact, a piece of antisemitic Nazi propaganda published in 1935 in the Nazi “Handbook on the Jewish Question.” Imam Al-Rawashdeh further cited Hitler as saying: “One cannot find a single act of immorality or crime against society in which the Jews are not involved.” The sermon was posted on the Internet on December 13, 2017.”

It is from the Qu’ran that the man speaks forth, it is not the words of Hitler from Mein Kampf.

And this is Ayman Al-Zawahiri – The present Al Qaeda leader in March 2018 made his statements that “we must attack America everywhere through dawah and jihad. > Ayman al Zawahiri – – Biography

He is considered to be an Islamofascist and is touted as ‘the greatest threat to the West, to human freedom in general and to human civilization’. This is in part truth given the readiness to deploy the maximum forces of violence to advance the cause of Islam in any arena and at whatever opportunity presents itself. But this is camouflage by labeling him a Islamofascist as somehow his Nazi ideals are the leading factor in what he represents. All hard-core Muslims have an admiration for Hitler’s tactics and openly promote them because they augment directives already encompassed through the Qu’ran and hadith. All followers of Islam are under the same directives and manifest the degree of dawah and jihad as espoused by their particular sect. It is Islam itself that remains the greatest threat alluded to.

This man is of an upper-class Egyptian family and we know that Egypt became one of greatest employers of Nazi scientists fleeing from justice at the end of WWII. So, we also know that Egypt was further embedded with ‘admiration for Nazi ideology’ and the technology that advanced the Holocaust.

And what is the Egyptian claim they are doing now? They are purportedly actively helping Israel protect its borders from the threat of ISIS terrorists – and thus in effect our claimed Islamofascist crew is embedded somewhere in Israel’s Egyptian border security system. So, we have a band of foxes helping to secure the hen-house, eh? But this is not a manifestation of Nazi tactics, just simply that of another format of Islamic jihad.



There should be no problem for Patron accepting Muslims that endorse and admire his Nazi roots. As the Dutch Muslim youth stated in the film: “I am satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews. As far as I am concerned Hitler should have killed all Jews”.

What difference does it make whether it is the Dutch Muslim Youth or Patron’s Desirable Youth expressing the sentiment? It is the sentiment itself that is problematic, not the multitude of sources it is emitting from in disguised formats today.

The sentiment itself is pure evil, and to deny such in any manner makes you one who plainly condones the Holocaust and butchery being perpetuated through Islam. 

Let us come more up to date and look at the status of just the nation of Croatia and Islam in 2018. The Rebel Croatia Series: >

Now we return to Croatia and the Muslims serving Hitler there during World War Two. During this time Haj Amin al-Husseini raised up an entire panzer division of Muslims to serve the Nazis. They fought in the Balkans under largely Croatian officers but with the rank and file being comprised of Muslims, some of which were recruited from other areas of the world.  Hitler and the Mufti >

With such historical evidence why doesn’t Travis Patron look to the forces of Islam to advance his Nazi designs here in Canada? 

Instead his 21-Point Program is replete with measures adverse to Muslims. He wants their public officials prohibited from holding dual citizenship, advocates for quick deportation of illegal immigrants and withdrawal from the United Nations Global Compact for Migration. He wants to ban the burqa, impose special measures on residential property Muslim immigrants may acquire and replace the official Multiculturalism Act of 1988 which lends itself to Islamic interests. And he wants to require potential new citizens to pass an examination demonstrating their understanding of Canadian history, language, and government before any official acceptance into the Nation.

Patron flatly states that > Sharia Law Has No Place In Canada and I agree with him 100% in this.

Patron has learned the lesson of Nazi history given through Uncle Adolph and the Grand Mufti. He knows that the Mufti only wanted to serve through Hitler to advance the cause of Islam and not that of Hitler’s Third Reich. Patron knows that no Muslim will submit himself to the leadership of a weaker force, only that of a stronger one as long as it advances their sharia.  

Patron knows there are no Muslim bodies in Canada he can turn toward to serve his interests. The Kid from Redvers fully understands that Muslims consider him and his leadership to be of a far weaker status in Canada than their own. No Muslim would consider functioning through Patron and his ilk and thus weaken themselves in their advance of sharia.

Patron recognizes Islam as a far superior force in Canada than his own. So, we hear him cry out the truth about Islam comprising a totalitarian regime with barbaric cultural practices. He states that there must be an absolute closure on any ‘door that allows sharia law into Canada’. When you state this, you are effectively saying that no follower of Islam can be permitted into Canada as all sects of Islam follow the dictates of sharia law espoused in their Qu’ran and hadith. 

This is the reason that Travis Patron does not look toward the forces of Islam to advance his Nazi designs here in Canada.

This is the reason that Travis Patron and all Nazi white supremacists look to forces outside themselves to deal with Islam. They know quite clearly that it is only the common enemy of the Jew that buys them time before Islam turns itself fully upon themselves.

Nazi white supremacism essentially needs the society they try to thwart to now protect them from the enemy that Uncle Adolph embraced.  

Rest assured that Travis Patron does suffer a great deal of insomnia in his world of bizarre and non-bizarre delusions.

Terror Continues to Raise Its Ugly Head   

Read this two-minute summation of some of the major incidents of terrorism in the world presented by the Clarion Project. >Terror 2018 >

Ask yourself this: why is there no mention of the terrorism incidences so prevalent in North America during 2018? There is but passing mention of growing support in US inner cities for al-Qaeda amid Afro-Americans and Lone Wolf Attacks in Canada.

This is effectively downplaying what the world’s preeminent terror groups were up to this past year in North America. Go on-line and see for yourself the outrage that is being expressed daily over the prevalence of the terrorism related incidences occasioning and the support being given to the ‘special interest groups’ that are fomenting these outrages. The support given to the actors of outrage during 2018 in Canada and hustled outward from our Nation was expedited by the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau.

Stick your head in the sand should you desire, but you cannot hide from the sodomizing of our nation by a multiplicity of special interest groups within it.

SPECIAL Interest Groups?

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.  (James 3:16)

There is envy between the multi-cultural associations and groups regarding the deployment of funds to particular parties the government wants to support for its own designs.

Politically naive people are confused in many instances as to why the taxpayer cash is deployed in the manner it is. People who are astute politically know exactly why the funds are being deployed and why they are being channeled to the parties in the manner they flow. When individuals release such information to the general public the state of envy between groups increases and political strife and confusion is often seen to swell. Therein every evil work continues to abound, as it is an evil work to begin with that furthers the designs of special interest groups that are a detriment to society as a whole.

When the favoring of special interest groups has the added flavor of religious persuasions added to the political pot the result can be a societal gastronomic nightmare for a nation as culturally diverse as Canada. An astute politician with genuine concern for our national development knows this and will not pander to special interest groups to gain favor at the polls.

That is why “When asked what he would do to earn the votes of diverse Canadians, Maxime Bernier said he’d do nothing.”     

“I won’t do anything for the Muslim community, I won’t do anything for the Christian community, I won’t do anything for the Jewish community,” Bernier said.

“For me, you are a Canadian and I’m working for all Canadians.

“I don’t try to pander to every special ethnicity or special interest group.”

We know such a stance surrounding ethnicity and special interest groups is not that of our modern governmental structuring. In fact, it has become almost the polar opposite to the positions being taken by all major Canadian political parties. This is just a fact of our system, but a fact that must be changed to bring about a governing circumstance that is fair and just for all Canadians.

And, into this Canadian cauldron of ethnicity, special interest groups, diverse and hybrid cultural groups, religious institutional conglomerates and political pandering we have added an overflowing bucket of sexuality to further poison the mush. And such a mush is choking off the ability for free speech that will require the Heimlich Maneuver as civil rights activist and lawyer John Carpay discerned in November of 2018. Carpay was trying to exemplify the danger that indwelt all forms of totalitarianism and came under immediate attack of ‘the perverted pride flag advocates’.  >  John Carpay –

This is his great offender: “How do we defeat today’s totalitarianism? You’ve got to think about the common characteristics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hammer and sickle for communism, or whether it’s the swastika for Nazi Germany or whether it’s a rainbow flag, the underlying thing is a hostility to individual freedoms,” Carpay said.”

All three are symbols of totalitarian ideology, but this does not equate any of the three as being in any format equal to each other in enactment of achieving their ideology or agreement with one another’s ideology. You have to be more than two screws loose in the realm of cognitive ability to equate his statement as alluding the LGBQT are Nazi, communist or anything else. And, if you believe gay rights activists do not have a hostility to individual freedoms, then try protesting one of their parades or handing out information adverse to their beliefs. You will end up in jail or court for doing so.

Carpay should never have apologized for a pack of perverts squealing in the manner they did. But I understand why he did. In the political climate of the time it was simpler to apologize for their misunderstanding as being caused by his statement and just carry on dealing with totalitarianism threats against the Nation. Essentially Carpay let one and all believe they had victory in the skirmish and moved on in his determination to win the war for free speech.

And Carpay was certainly doing that once again from his office as President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms as reported January 15,2019 in which a Church has been forced to sue the city of New West Minister >     

The ability to know when and how to just drop the extraneous and side-tracking matters and to simply carry on with the major objectives and goals is an attribute that money cannot buy.

This is the same position and ability that Maxime Bernier may have to manifest at times to effectively deal with the matters of special interest groups and solve the problems they present. He must allow such people to assume whatever they desire from statements and events and carry on determined to win the battle he is involved with as quickly as he can. 

Now, at the same time Carpay was pursuing justice for Canada we find the Liberal immigration mess was making the job facing Bernier even more ludicrous. Following is the type of immigrant bull shit mess that Bernier is expected to clean up and bring sanity back into the Nation.

In November 2012 Prosper Niyonzima, from Burundi was placed in immigration detention where he waited to be deported having been convicted in Canada of a string of crimes, including break and enter, theft and drug trafficking.

In November of 2018 he claims the detention caused him to have a mental breakdown, that the detention violated his Charter Rights, that the detention made him catatonic and he is now suing Ottawa for 65 million dollars.  Burundi Bozo Bad-boy >

This action of Niyonzima is continuance of the trail of Omar Khadr crap that Trudeau set loose in pandering to his Islamic special interest groups.

And, this is the verbal pathway that Bernier must walk while trying to avoid the ‘foot and mouth disease’ that congests the path of political pandering. He is literally maneuvering through a political mine field and is carefully looking where to place each footstep.

To do so I believe Mad Max will often just let people exercise their free speech, whether in agreement or not, unless it violates the Constitutional Laws of Canada and in the process is creating Chaos for the Nation.

Thus, you will see his personal positions and policies are more exemplified through the people he endorses as candidates and not through misinterpreted statements or attacks leveled by special interest groups of any kind.

And these special interest groups may be comprised of individuals or organizations from within or outside the Nation – it will not alter the manner in which Mad Max shall deal with them.

But just how far will Max allow ‘free expression’ before he takes legal action to stamp out criminal behavior occasioned by it? Will he take such action now or await his office following the coming election?

There is, I believe a test fast approaching that is burning on the horizon like a prairie wildfire.

It is a matter of totalitarianism as raised by Carpay but spoken to more explicitly here.

The gravity of the existential threat we face from Islamic Jihad is truly of epic proportions. It is essentially a battle pitting free-civilized man against a totalitarian barbarian. What is at stake is the struggle for our very soul – namely who we are and what we represent. The lives that were sacrificed for individual rights and freedoms that we’ve come to cherish are being chiseled away from right under our noses by the stealth jihadists. And many of us are in denial and totally clueless. 

The left’s appeasement and pandering to evil is nothing new. What makes their Utopian delusions so infuriating and unpardonable is that it is not only they who will have to pay the consequences, and deservedly, so, they are thwarting and undermining our best efforts at resistance and are thus dragging us down in the process as well.”    By Peter Lancz the head of the Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign Against Racism.

This is a battlefield that Mad Max ultimately cannot avoid, but on the way to it are some skirmishes that he cannot afford to lose if he is going to make it to the front lines effectively and spare Canada from ensuing Chaos.

I believe Mad Max is going to have to take care of some trash littering his pathway to the office of Prime Minister of Canada.



Max Bernier insists our Canadian values are “Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equality before the law, equality between men and women.” “Everyone has the same right to say what they want — even Muslim clerics who say inflammatory things about non-believers, Bernier suggests. “But we have legislation, we have the Criminal Code. So, if they are doing that … if they are saying something that is hate speech, and it is proven in front of a tribunal, they will be held responsible for that.”

Allowing the free expression of views, does not mean that you condone such views or the practice of whatever the views are endorsing. When views being expressed are explicitly damaging to a society, they cannot be permitted continued expression under a pretense of normalcy of such views to the group or individual giving rise to the expression.

Now, these are two skirmishes that are facing Maxime Bernier surrounding free expression of views.

One, is the matter of Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party with its call to circumvent the laws of Canada and thwart legally designated policing authority at every level and with every means at its memberships command. “The CNP says it will change the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to remove ‘its stance of multiculturalism’ and set up a national self-defence citizen militia and calling for the ‘mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel’.

Will Mad Max call for an in-depth investigation and prosecution of Travis Patron for his statements and actions now?

The second matter relates to comments that were made by Rob Kerr at the yellow vest protest in Calgary December of 2018. >

Rob Kerr states: “Look at France today. After four weeks of burning the cities, the French government cut the carbon tax. So, what do we want? 90 years or four weeks until something changes?” wrote Rob Kerr on the group’s page. “If you want to crush a government, you have to play their game … You want to see them jump? Then burn down City Hall.”

Kerr is advocating arson and violent protests as evidenced in the French yellow vest riots to achieve what he perceives as a quick desirable path to a political goal.

We also know that the Dutch journalist, lawyer and politician Rasmus Paludan addressed the December 8,2018 rally on Parliament Hill exercising the right to free speech and assembly we cherish.  >

He spoke to the reality of free speech and blasphemy laws within Denmark that were ultimately repealed following the incidence of burning a Qu’ran. He spoke to the reality of the difference between true Canadian values and those of the backward ideologies of Islam and their fomenting of violence. He stated that Canada needed to stand strong in defending its values and protecting of free speech or we would follow the path of Europe in general. He no where advocated for employing violence in any manner to achieve a political goal.

Thus, the advocating of violence by Rob Kerr must be seen in contrast to this. As well, you must put an end to the political pandering by Trudeau that has given birth to the idea that only the followers of Islam have a right to freedom of speech in Canada. Free speech for Muslims Only >

So, what is the step needed to be taken to rectify this mess? Should we burn piles of the Qu’ran from coast to coast to draw attention to this circumstance? Should we burn down city hall in civil rebellion and violence as advocated by Robb Kerr? Or, perhaps we should do both?

This is the skirmish that Maxime Bernier now faces on his way to Rideau Hall.

To win it he needs only to take Rob Kerr to full accounting under the laws of Canada through the position he currently occupies in Ottawa. He can set aside all the matters surrounding Islam and Trudeau’s political pandering to be dealt with at a time appropriate. He cannot allow Kerr to advocate in such a seditious manner as the man has done and expect to lead this nation as he has expressed the desire to do.

He needs to assign someone within the Peoples Party of Canada to prepare the brief necessary to present the matter before the House, check it over carefully and bring it before the House of Commons at the first ten-day opportunity for doing so presents itself.

Now, do you see the minefield a bit more clearly that Maxime Bernier must walk through daily in his desire to check our slide further into the Chaos of France? To better grasp the matter of ‘freedom of expression’ as held by Maxime Bernier view this CBC Vassy Kapelos interview >   Published on January 10,2019 some standard CBC attempts to promote a trans-agenda and hatchet Bernier are quite apparent. It is also quite obvious that Maxime Bernier will not be chopped up by Ezra Levant’s ‘Media Party’ crew.

Political events in Canada are putting massive amounts of pressure on all facets of society and  some of the media elements appear to be disintegrating the fastest due to the constantly changing scene.


“Unfortunately, good journalists are forced to function like soldiers behind enemy lines of intellectual freedom, while ultimately having to stay within the outer limits, the boundaries of the Barons that direct the cash to pay for their personal social perversions and daily needs. They ultimately become as squirrely as the rest of the crew trying to store up enough nuts to make it through to death. You cannot discount such a factor in assessing the reliability of their reports.”

Has Ezra Levant joined the squirrely crew scampering between the trees of business pressures for too long?

 If you look at the Rebel Annual Report 2018 you will see that the Rebel achievements have been stupendous since the time Levant brought this valuable media source on-line. >

However, the report also makes one aware that Levant has been and still remains under a great deal of business pressures. Yet Levant continues optimistic for Rebel advance in 2019. But for some strange reason Ezra apparently Doesn’t Believe Nazism Is Real Today or relevant to the current political circumstances. Perhaps business pressures accounts for such a mistake in judgment or he has somehow fell victim to Media Party Madness. >

In the video Ezra clearly states: “It is easy to fight fake Nazis today who were a real threat seventy-five years ago, rather than fight the real threat today. It’s easy to be a brave person tackling a problem that isn’t real anymore.”

“There is no Nazi terrorist group, there is no Nazi menace in the United Kingdom…”

Ezra, you called the events political shenanigans, claimed that the only crime committed was the group glorified Hitler and the Third Reich and that we can’t make opinions tantamount to crimes.

You mocked the case and stated downloading of bomb making instructions did not indicate the “club” was going to make a soda can bomb. Yes, you titled them a club, and Ezra you are irresponsible in stating such if by club people assume a meaning like that of social or sports club. And, Levant you know this is what people assumed as meaning unless you are truly delusional.

I know you and many Rebel reporters are tired of being called Nazi but it appears that you are almost verging on naziphobia and in a state of denial of the reality of Nazism in our world today. Did the problems you went through at the time of the Charlottesville fiasco and matters with Faith Goldy tip you into some irrational fear of the reality Neo-Nazis and White Nationalism? Are you in some form of denial? How could you possibly claim “There is no Nazi terrorist group, there is no Nazi menace in the United Kingdom…”

Well Ezra what about this? Where were you when all that follows was taking place?


Reality of the Nazi Threat in the United Kingdom

The ‘National Action’ Club

We are going to commence with this report surrounding Ezra’s innocent glorifiers of Hitler. This essentially is what Ezra was mocking with his wee extracts presented in his video. > The new parents and the UK’s neo-Nazi terror threat –  (November 12,2018 -By Daniel De Simone, BBC News)

Members of this far-right group were proscribed under anti-terror laws after they celebrated the murder of Labor MP Jo Cox. One of those members is Adam Thomas, dressed in one of his ‘Club Uniforms’ and the picture was taken in his residence, and found in his personal files. They were stored in a memory card hidden beneath a floorboard under the dining table of his flat.

The report is the story of National Action and the threat posed by its members. Read it closely for the ‘opinions of the club members’ that Ezra apparently does not construe as ‘hate speech or a hate crime’. I will be taking some extracts from it to deal with as we move along.

Further, the threats evidenced through such groups as National Action since picture time have not diminished but spiraled as they morph into hybrids under new pseudonyms for their activities.  > The U.K.’s Growing Far-Right Terror Threat

As you move forward remember this – We are not in a competition as to who sees the greatest threat to the world, whether that threat is from Islamists, far-Right, far-Left or somewhere in between terrorist attacks. What difference does the source of threat make with the knife slashing at your throat or bomb ringing in your ears?

Do not become involved in nonsensical debates when a time for action is necessary. All such threats are to be taken seriously to the degree of your perception and eliminated accordingly. Use whatever resources you may have to combat the extremism that screams loudly – “The more people I kill, the more attention my cause will gain.”

Flatly put, we are all targets for people or groups that harbor such aims and express such opinions.


Some Club Member Opinions

From this ‘Club Yearbook’ photo:

Adam Thomas – Our man under the Club hoodie expressed the opinion that mass extermination of people in government through large scale action was necessary to achieve their goals. “Bump them off, but there’s 600 MPs unless you take them all down in one go they will just replace each other.”

Thomas was convicted of possessing a bomb-making manual which perceptibly would assist him to ‘take them all down in one go’.

Claudia Patatas – This marketing professional wrote messages exclaiming: “All Jews must be put to death” and “bring back those concentration camps.”

Daniel Bogunovic – This warehouse worker and beekeeper liked to post his stinging opinions throughout Liverpool under the National Action offshoot of the BNP. He was highly active in the Stickers Program declaring Liverpool a ‘Nazi controlled zone’. > Liverpool Echo Bogunovic was active in parts of Wales, Liverpool and Newcastle expressing his opinion for the ‘expulsion of minorities and the need of a white revolution to carry out arson and vandalism in Welsh cities to get their name in the headlines and expose their call’.  Bogunovic was simply a worker bee buzzing around collecting political pollen for National Action with no concern for who might get hurt.

Darren Fletcher –aggrandized the actions of Thomas Mair, the killer of Jo Cox, and expressed his opinion that more such killers were necessary.  “Why aren’t there more Mairs out there? We need a good few hundred of them to sort out these anti-white MPs.”

Nathan Pryke – liked to express his opinion with Mark Barrett at the soldiers Army property with evening weapons practice firing arrows at a burning cross in the back garden.

Joel Wilmore – had served in the Territorial Army before entering a sensitive job as an information security expert. His job involved acting as an “ethical hacker” in order to test the strength of organisational IT systems. His IT skills made him an integral part of National Action through invasive anti-government research, propaganda deployments and party tactics development. Wilmore possessed terrorist document information such as preparing ‘Homemade Molotov Cocktails’. It was through such information that Wilmore liked to express his opinions.

Among the Others

Mikko Vehvilainen – This senior National Action member was considered to be potentially the most dangerous opinion maker for two reasons. One – His military time and training in the navy in Finland and service in the British Army as a lance corporal from 2012. Two – His adherence to Christian Identity the white supremacist Christian group from which he justified his obsession and expression of opinions about the collapse of civilisation and necessary racial war.

Vehvilainen has been a key part of National Action’s strategy of attempting to grow its membership within the armed forces, declaring “be prepared to fight and die for your race in a possible last stand for our survival. Every part of me wants war. There is no other way. I have vowed to fight the Jew forever in any way possible.”

In Vehvilainen’s home and his military accommodation at Sennybridge Camp were found Nazi paraphernalia, weapons and messages he had been exchanging with fellow far right sympathizers through encrypted apps.

One message by the Afghanistan veteran displayed the true extent of his hatred for other races stating black people were not worthy of life: “I could shoot their children and feel nothing. I didn’t kill any Muslims up close, but when I was involved in killing them it didn’t bother me one bit. Maybe some of my shots killed them. I hope so.”

He documented in notes for National Action leadership the ‘later stages for their terrorism, civil disorder and the destruction of infrastructure and power grids’.

Vehvilainen was jailed for eight years for being a member of National Action after the prosecution at his trial successfully argued he had been trying to recruit fellow soldiers into the group.

The jails in the United Kingdom are a hotbed for his recruitment to the Nazi cause just as they are for the Islamists. This is not my opinion, it is documented fact.

Matthew Hankinson – Politicians and other public servants were a particular focus of his hatred as “traitors” who he ensured would end up “hanging from lampposts”. “We must be ruthless – and if innocent people are cut down in the process, then so be it” is his expression of opinion.

Zack Davies – Expressed his opinion of skin color in 2015 through using a hammer and machete to attack a Sikh dentist in a Tesco store in Mold, North Wales.

Ben Raymond – Along with his co-founder of National Action in 2013, Raymond declared that the group was to be “unashamedly racist and overtly neo-Nazi”.

Raymond wrote long hate filled diatribes stating that “all Jewish and non-white people would have to go. It is with glee that we will enact the final solution across Europe.”

The man is openly genocidal, seeking a ‘nationwide fascist army’ for its described ‘racial religion inspired by Nazi fanaticism and also included actions of sexual violence’. He did work in behalf of new group names and action proposals after the National Action ban.

Alex Davies – The group co-founder had no aversion to murder as a means of party advance. Through on-line radio he called for far-right activists to “engage in a campaign of direct action against the Labor MP who succeeded the murdered Jo Cox as the MP”. Davies lionized the Nazi era and glorified its worst war criminals, fomented hatred of non-white and Jewish people and venerated white Aryans.


Christopher Lythgoe – After the ban of National Front Lythgoe expressed the opinion of the bulk of the ‘organization’: “Long term we’ll keep moving forward just as we have been.”

In a message sent to regional leaders the fact was made clear that National Action as a movement was going partly underground. – “Make sure you maintain contact with ALL your members. Reassure them that they will be personally ok as long as they don’t promote National Action from Friday on. Make sure that they understand that the SUBSTANCE of National Action is the people, our talents, the bonds between us, our ideas, and our sustained force of will. All of that will continue into the future. We’re just shedding one skin for another. All genuinely revolutionary movements in the past have needed to exist partly underground. These are exciting times.”

 Alex Deakin – was an organizational leader for the Midlands and used encrypted messaging as his main tool to continue structuring National Action through chat groups after the ban.

Two of his main designs were the larger Triple KKK Mafia, a reference to the Ku Klux Klan and Inner which contained a select band of seven from the larger chat group.

He wanted to radicalize the UK cities and ‘turn them into Northern Ireland style sectarian ghettos through fermenting race wars. Deakin wrote that Chinese and black people should be turned into ‘bio-fuel’ with which all Jewish people should be ‘burned’.

Messages numbering in the thousands, showed members using violent racist language, desiring a race war and fantasizing about the murder of those they hated.

Deakin was convicted of two counts of possessing instructional documents useful to someone preparing an act of white extremist terrorism, of possessing bomb-making manuals and distributing material like Ethnic Cleansing Operations to the National Action group.


Jack Coulson – A National Front member from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was arrested by counter terrorism police after posting images of a homemade pipe-bomb on Snapchat and making threats against Muslims.

Coulson despised non-white races, hated those that supported them and made his opinions publicly known. On the day in June 2016 that Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by the white supremacist Thomas Mair, Coulson took to social media stating: “There’s one less race traitor in Britain thanks to this man. He’s a hero, we need more people like him to butcher the race traitors.”          Coulson was convicted of making explosives.

Chad Wiliams-Allen – Is a welder worker bee associate of Daniel Bogunovic that was a member of National Action before its ban. He too was highly active in the Stickers Program declaring Liverpool a ‘Nazi controlled zone’. His was an echoing voice calling out the need of a white revolution to carry out arson and vandalism in the cities of the United Kingdom.

Mark Barrett – Private Mark Barrett was based at Dhekelia Garrison in Cyprus and expressed himself as being a committed Nazis, wrote racist messages for chat groups and did weapons practice with Nathan Pryke.

Such were some of the characters and the opinions expressed by them that Ezra stated should not be considered ‘tantamount to committing a crime’.

Planning a crime, abetting a crime and committing a crime are all based upon intent. The degree of punishment due each level of fulfillment of such expression of intended opinions rests upon the degree of intent. The expressions of opinion by members of National Action were tantamount to committing of the criminal actions that exposed them and led to their convictions.

Their neo-Nazi ideology and terrorist plans as a grouping still abide in the United Kingdom as do the actions of individuals that are inspired by such sub-species of human beings.


Lone Wolves

What is termed lone wolf attacks have been inspired through the methodology of both Islamic jihadi and neo-Nazi white supremacists. Of the following five terrorism examples cited, four of the proponents of the violence within the United Kingdom were directly impelled through their neo-Nazism white supremacist racial hatred. The fifth, David Osborne, was influenced by the same ideologies, but most strongly driven by his hatred of Islam which was perceptibly his most visible target.

Lone Wolves Roam UK Streets

 Pavlo Lapshyn is a fanatical neo-Nazi of Ukrainian extraction that perpetuated “Birmingham’s Summer of Terror” in 2013.

Just five days after entering Britain and taking up residence at a Birmingham flat Pavlo Lapshyn crept up behind the 82-year-old Muslim, Mohammed Saleem, and killed him by plunging a knife into his back three times. His explanation for doing so as given to police was simply that Saleem ‘was not white’ and that he ‘wanted to start a race war’.

An interesting point of view surrounding Lapshyn with his murder and mosque bombings is presented by Tony Gosling > State-sponsored terrorism: A medal at the British embassy … -… And, it is notable that Gosling states at this time most of the London media used the word ‘murderer’ rather than ‘terrorist’ to describe Lapshyn. This is somewhat similar to calling a terrorist cell group a simple club. Both descriptions are erroneous and misleading.


Thomas Mair is the neo-Nazi terrorist praised by National Action for murdering Labour lawmaker MP Jo Cox in 2016. > ‘Political Scrapbook’ found that National Action praised Jo Cox alleged murderer Thomas Mair on social media.

Mair brutally murdered her a week before Britain’s referendum on European Union membership. Ahead of his trial the Home Secretary Amber Rudd outlawed National Action after assessing its direct “concerns in terrorism”.

Rudd found the group distributing extremely violent imagery and language on social media and making propaganda attempts at recruiting young people to such violence. The Home Secretary stated the group “seeks to divide society by implicitly endorsing violence against ethnic minorities and perceived ‘race traitors.”

The result was that Membership or inviting support for National Action became a criminal offence that carries a sentence of up to 10 years.

In the case of Thomas Mair, a judge sentenced him to life, stating that Mair carried out the murder to advance a political cause “of violent white supremacism associated with Nazism.”

There was at this time ever increasing concerns over the terrorism taking place in Europe and the United Kingdom. March 9, 2017 > Far-Right and neo-Nazi terror arrests double – The Telegraph

“Terror arrests of suspected Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis more than doubled last year amid fears of a growing threat of political violence from far-Right groups, new Home Office figures show.

A total of 35 people were arrested on suspicion of “domestic” terrorism in 2016, which security sources said were dominated by threats from the far-Right.

The arrests followed only 15 for domestic terrorism the previous year and come after a warning from the Government’s terrorism watchdog that far-Right extremists now account for one-in-four of those reported to counter-radicalisation schemes.

Both the Government and the courts treat the threat with the seriousness it deserves. Extreme Right-wing ideology can be just as murderous as its Islamist equivalent. A sophisticated network is not a prerequisite for mass slaughter.”

All that is necessary for mass slaughter is dedicated intent to ultimately carry it out whether it be individually or as a group.


Darren Osborne had a dysfunctional background of alcoholism, drug abuse and violence that became coupled with prevalent attitudes of neo-Nazism white supremacist racial hatred and the fear of Islamic jihadi events that were the more obvious occurrences at the time.

“He consumed large amounts of on-line far right material, including that of English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, Britain First and others.”

From this his hatred became focused most strongly upon Islam as the most visible target which resulted in his ramming a vehicle into a group of worshipers outside Finsbury Park Mosque in London. > Who is Darren Osborne? Finsbury Park mosque attacker sentenced to…

His partner Sarah Andrews told the jury that Osborne had become “obsessed with Muslims” after watching the BBC drama about Islamic sex grooming gangs in London titled Three Girls.

During his trial, Osborne also admitted plotting to kill Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The dad-of-four from South Wales was found guilty of murder and attempted murder after driving a van into Islamic worshipers and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 43 years in June of 2018. It took less than an hour to convict Osborne.


Connor Ward is the Neo-Nazi terrorist caught with a list of Scottish mosques and bomb-making gear. A disciple of Adolf Hitler and member of ‘Combat 18’, he was captured with a stun gun, knuckle dusters, knives, metal bars and hundreds of ball bearings to be used in pipe bombs. >

Neo-Nazi terrorist caught with list of Scottish mosques and…   (March 14, 2018 by James Mulholland -)

Connor Ward was jailed for life Thursday April 12, 2018


Ethan Stables expressed a hatred of gay people, Muslims and Jews gained through his  brainwashing by Nazi propaganda on the Internet. Stables spent seven months researching weapons, including how to make explosives and firearms and posted a message on Facebook stating he was “going to war” and planned to “slaughter.”

It was his intent to do so through a machete attack on a gay pride night to be held at a pub in his home town of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and he ended up being prosecuted for his designs.

“On 23 June, the defendant became aware that the New Empire public house was going to host an LGBT event, a pride night, and he was enraged by that,” prosecutor Sandiford told the court. “He began to take photographs, reconnaissance of that public house with a view to launching an attack later that evening.”

But Stables told members of a neo-Nazi group on Facebook about his plans. – “I am going to walk in with a fucking machete and slaughter every one of the gay bastards.”

A woman who saw his posts notified the police. > British police stop neo-Nazi who planned to ‘slaughter’ LGBT… 

As a result, the closeted bi-sexual white supremacists’ designs to carry out an attack at the pub’s gay pride night were thwarted and he was ultimately sentenced to an indefinite hospital order of confinement.

Meanwhile the British police and security forces were trying to heighten public awareness to the terrorist threats posed by the Nazi white supremacists in conjunction with the greater degree of threats being actualized by the followers of Islam.



Mark RowleyThis counter-terrorist police chief called out his warnings to one and all.

February 26,2018 > Top terrorism cop warns that UK faces twin peril from Islamic ……

August 2018 >  PressTV-‘Far-right terrorists pose threat in UK’

A British former police counter-terrorism chief has sounded the alarm in the UK about the growing threat posed by domestic right-wing terrorists.

“We have a domestic terrorist group, it’s right-wing, it’s neo-Nazi, it’s proudly white supremacist, portraying a violent and wicked ideology,” Mark Rowley, the former head of the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism unit told media on Saturday.

The counter-terrorism expert, who led the Met’s anti-terrorism unit between 2014 and 2018, said neo-Nazi organizations like National Action followed “a strategy for a terrorist group” with online materials advising on how to sow tension and discord in communities and evade police surveillance.

Rowley said the UK has not yet “woken up” to the threat set forth by such groups.” 

Perhaps its time for Rowley to wake up a seemingly snoozing Ezra, eh? 

April 4,2011 – MI5 files show the Nazis hatched plans for aFourth Reich” by planting sleeper cells in post-war Europe to destabilize governments. > MI5 files: Nazis planned ‘Fourth Reich’ in post-war Europe  The interrogation of a French collaborator Olivier Mordrelle revealed he had attended a conference near Munich in mid-April 1945, a few weeks before the end of the Second World War, presided over by an SS officer in full uniform in which the plans were discussed.

The agent, Olivier Mordrelle, was caught and interrogated in Italy three months later, and a report produced for MI5 that was marked “top secret,” describing his reliability as “good.”

The main purpose, he said, was “to make the Allies’ post-war task as hard as possible so that the Nazi party could, in time, reappear in a suitable disguise and build up a fourth Reich.”

And the man Otto Skorzeny was well suited for such a task.


Otto Skorzeny

“Terrorism, the Otto Skorzeny Syndrome, is flourishing in the modern world, a reminder that Hitler and Nazism are still taking their toll more than three decades after the Third Reich collapsed.” December 6, 2017 >  What We Got Wrong About Nazis And Terrorists | HuffPost

I also felt appalled as I read about this hidden history. Why isn’t the Nazi origin of modern-day terrorism discussed in the media? Why aren’t our leaders talking more about this?

Former Nazis not only trained Islamic extremists in terror tactics, they also encouraged a nationalistic, socialist and genocidal political agenda in them prevalent today.

While Nazis were training aspiring jihadists in the Middle East, their methods were also proliferating elsewhere around the world and continue to do so this very day.



The Ezra Levant National Action Club……IS STILL ALIVE

The National Action: Banned neo-Nazi terrorist group is still active.  

Members of the UK’s first ever banned neo-Nazi terrorist group are using a loophole in the law to continue operating despite being outlawed by the Government.


December 5,2018   British Neo-Nazis suggest Prince Harry should be shot – BBC News   – (Sandford/De Simone)

“Andrew Dymock, a university student from Bath and Oskar Koczorowski, a London teenager are among those involved with a UK version of a violent American neo-Nazi group linked to five murders, a BBC investigation has found. A BBC researcher has been able to obtain hundreds of messages sent by extremists over several months on an online gaming server.

The messages show neo-Nazis from Europe and the US – hiding behind pseudonyms – engaging in racism and misogyny, glorifying violence and cruelty, and discussing the production of propaganda.

It is understood that both Dymock and Koczorowski were previously involved with the neo-Nazi group System Resistance Network, which can be linked to acts of racist vandalism in as many as 10 UK cities.

The BBC has been told that Koczorowski was a pre-ban member of National Action, which became the first extreme-right organisation to be outlawed in the UK since the war when it was proscribed under terrorism legislation in December 2016.”

December 6, 2018 Luke Barnes gives us more on International linkages > Suspected neo-Nazis arrested in Britain on terror charges

Th Atomwaffen Division is an American neo-Nazi terrorist organization which believes that extreme violence is the only way to destroy the government and bring about the creation of a National Socialist state. This makes them automatic mind-melds with the System Resistance Network and National Action groups in their hands across the waters terrorism routines.

 And speaking of creating National Socialist States in the United Kingdom

The Ezra Levant National Action Club in Ireland has some black Nazi War Criminals well rooted. > Nazi War criminals in Ireland | History of Sorts    Posted on April 21, 2018 by Dirk de Klein 

And the Ezra Levant National Action Club in Wales has a role model Nazi-Obsessed Serial Killer named Peter Moore.

And the cop who nailed  him says “Killer Peter Moore must die in jail” >

“Peter Moore is one of the UK’s most dangerous men. Described in court as “the man in black—black thoughts and the blackest of deeds,” Moore had a penchant for Nazi regalia and was a dominant, violent homosexual who gained his sexual satisfaction from causing pain.

By day, he was a mild-mannered owner of four small-town cinemas. At night, Moore donned black leather and assaulted other men. When finally caught, he confessed to over 50 violent attacks over 20 years. None of these attacks was fatal. It was only in 1995 that Moore came to the attention of the law.

It was after the death of his mother that Moore killed four men in three months with a knife. The court was told how he butchered Henry Roberts, Edward Carthy, Keith Randles and Tony Davies to satisfy his perverted sexual urges.

He picked up some at gay meeting spots by chance and through a shared affinity for Nazi paraphernalia.    

When asked why he did it, Moore said: “For fun.” But, in court, he blamed the killings on Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th slasher movies.”

Moore received four life sentences and remains in prison while making appeals and challenges to be released to an adoring neo-Nazi public.


And our slightly more Modernized Wales has more of its own darkness still emerging.

December 12, 2017 our neo-Nazi poster boy’s propaganda posters have been plastered across a Cardiff suburb by a group thought to be linked to the banned terrorist organisation National Front.

By June 20, 2017 great concern was being raised in South Wales over the neo-Nazi activities. > REVEALED: South Wales becomes hotbed for Neo-Nazi … -…


On December 3, 2018 an undercover report on System Resistance Network (SRN) proved very revealing.

The SRN preaches zero tolerance to non-whites, Jewish and Muslim communities and says homosexuality is a disease. > System Resistance Network: Neo-Nazi group ‘should be illegal’ – “The group has been targeting Welsh communities to recruit members. SRN wants expulsion of minorities and a white revolution. The group is believed to have been inspired by the now-banned far right group National Action and has inspired its followers to carry out arson and vandalism in Welsh cities.  One of National Action’s founders, Swansea-based Alex Davies, gave his support for the group on Neo-Nazi radio station Radio Aryan ran by Sven Longshanks.”

But, as far back as November 2016 while attention was still strongly focused on Islamic extremists, the number of far-right sympathizers referred to the counter-terrorism program had exploded. “In some parts of the UK such as in Wales and Leicestershire, the number of far-right referrals now outnumber Muslims seen in danger of being radicalized. The figures were revealed in the Sunday Times yesterday November 21, 2016”  > Far-Right extremists now a majority of referrals to Anti-…

 And The Ezra Levant National Action Club in Scotland has also dawned a new age. > Who are the Scottish Dawn neo-Nazi group? – BBC News

The featured report >  The far right group Scottish Dawn is linked to National Action > Revealed: neo-Nazi terrorists are behind Scotland’s newest far…

But the arrest of the Scottish terrorist Peter Morgan shown in the photo was just blind luck. Officers were conducting inquiries into an unconnected incident when they had to force entry into Morgan’s flat. When they saw what was there, they called in the OCCTU. (Police Scotland’s Organised Crime & Counter Terrorism Unit and Explosive Ordnance Disposal).

Peter Morgan was found in possession of a # Nazi flag, Far-Right literature, Terrorist Training Manuals and bomb-making equipment and was jailed for 12 years. > Nazi Terrorist Peter Morgan Jailed in Scotland – Far Right Watch   Morgan stated that he would not disavow his political views, had applied to become a loyal white knight of the Ku Klux Klan and agreed with the amassed collection of neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic and racist materials found in his flat.

Throughout our reading we have repeatedly run into new names for established groups. And like the Islamist group name changers, the Nazi name changers are the shape shifting game changers in the terrorist threat of Europe.  Here is a partial list of the neo-Nazi organizations in the United Kingdom should you desire to start digging more deeply into them. >

British National Front   British People’s Party   Column 88    Combat 18   International Third Position   League of St. George    Northern League   November 9th Society (also known as the British First Party)  National Action (2014)   National Socialist Action Party   National Socialist Movement (1960s) National Socialist Movement   NF Flag Group   Racial Volunteer Force   White Nationalist Party

And here is your Wikipedia > List of terrorist incidents in Great Britain – Wikipedia

Employ it if you have the time and desire.

I now desire to return to expressing opinion tantamount to reasonable surrounding National Action and Ezra’s belief that “There is no Nazi terrorist group, there is no Nazi menace in the United Kingdom...”



On January 3, 2018 Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas were arrested for membership in National Action – a group that had been banned under terrorism legislation in December of 2016. The move, which made membership of National Action a criminal offence, was specifically linked to its glorification and promotion of terrorism and extreme violence. National Action was the first far-right group to be proscribed in the United Kingdom since World War Two.

Thomas and Patatas were clearly complicit in violation of the law when arrested.

Online, National Action had announced: “We are the white jihad” and “Our motto is ‘Long Live Death!‘ because only those who are willing to die for their beliefs are truly alive.”

The true threat National Action poses comes from the hatred it encourages toward the general public living outside its radicalized ranks.

From our documentation we know the group was promoting an inevitable race war and displayed neo-Nazi hatred for anyone non-white, Jewish and not of Aryan blood lines. Group adherents displayed themselves as hostile to all domestic institutions, the rule of law, the democratic process in general and specifically toward anyone who did not share their worldview.

When they initially came under investigation the threat posed by National Action started to change dramatically. And further events after it was banned showed “a really dangerous, well-structured organisation at the heart of a neo-Nazi ideology that seeks to divide communities, is preparing to instigate and wage a race war within the United Kingdom and has spent years acquiring skills, tactics, weapons, recruiting and training people to be able to do that.”

These people use the modern means of internet and multi-media communications to spread propaganda of Aryan supremacy, global Jewish conspiracies and spread of their cell groups.

The neo-Nazi terrorist threat in the United Kingdom and worldwide, while persistent, is not on the magnitude of Islamic terrorism. But the murder of Jo Cox, the killings by Peter Moore, the slaying and bombings by Pavlo Lapshyn and the Finsbury Park vehicle killings provide clear evidence of what radicalised individuals can do.

How much death would there have been if law enforcement had not been tipped off by informants surrounding the actions of Conor Ward and Ethan Stables that were underway?

Do not think you can prevent massive death through relying on luck or chance for the Anti-Terrorism boys to nab the neo-Nazi terrorists as was the case of Peter Morgan who is now behind bars for 12 years.

And what will fully transpire if Dymock and Koczorowski are not taken seriously and left to run amuck unchecked?

And what will happen Ezra Levant if your Rebel audience believes it is true when you state “There is no Nazi terrorist group, there is no Nazi menace in the United Kingdom…”

It certainly will make it easier for the menace that does exist to fully manifest itself.

Thus, I recommend you personally lodge in the United Kingdom for an extended period of time and investigate the reality which you have contradicted and then publish a corrected report.

It would save you both time and money to do so as you would not have to run between continents to chase the matters of Tommy Robinson that have helped place blinders upon you. You could simply rent a vacant flat and do so.

Oh, I know the excuses shall fly at such a thought. Excuses such as the apartment needed would not be available due to the high demand. And if one were available the cost is far too exorbitant for your meager Rebel budget.

But I know this Ezra. With the high demand and their expectation that they will not be needing their apartment for quite some time, I bet Thomas and Patatas would be more than willing to sub-let you theirs. After all they will need it at return from prison so they can carry on their ‘expression of opinions’. For certain it will be harder and more expensive for them to secure new accommodation at such time than to keep the present rental agreement in hand. And, doing this would also allow them far less disruption to expression of opinion flow, eh?

Given all this I believe an economic savings opportunity is presenting itself to you as you know how much time Tommy Robinson will be demanding in 2019.

Further, I believe you can increase this economic boon if you will consider offering to look after Baby Adolph during their absence. Someone will have to and I am certain the group faithful would be more than happy to generously subsidize the costs of doing such. It would leave them totally free to carry on with their expression of opinion without the additional eyeballs of British Child Protective Services following their tracks.

So, all this makes it seem like you have the benefit of one good economic deal through becoming the ‘sub-let tenant’ and occupying the Thomas-Patatas Club House. 

This should stimulate you to head for jolly old swinging London where they are advertising the available Flat >

The big bonus is that the Club House does come furnished, but in case you don’t recall – this is a bit of what you can expect:

“Their bedroom was strewn with weapons – machetes, crossbows, an axe under the bed, a Nazi-style dagger.

In the hallway were pendants bearing a black sun – a symbol associated with the SS and the occult – and the insignia of the Ku Klux Klan. Cushions emblazoned with swastikas decorated the lounge. In the kitchen, there was a swastika-shaped pastry cutter.

The fridge was adorned with a poster by the banned neo-Nazi group National Action, declaring ‘Britain is ours – the rest must go’.

A memory card hidden beneath a floorboard under the dining table contained several startling photographs of the couple.”

Ezra, that storage under the floorboard will probably serve as a good spot to secrete your undercover journalistic notes, eh?

I hope this all helps you out in some manner Ezra as you do serve as a necessary source in alternative media. But Ezra you are not the only source and for the general public image of yourself do not keep alluding to the belief that you are. Doing such makes one question if perhaps you and Patron while holding separate spoons are at times eating from the same bowl of rolled oats.

I know that this all has a sarcastic ring to it Ezra, but mocking sarcasm is as familiar a tool to you as it is to me, and you should be able to handle its swing in your direction. I guess that will be based upon the degree of business pressures you face now that you have announced the Wicked Witch-Bitch Rachael Notley has taken determined actions to kill the Rebel Commander in his designs. So, good luck as you duck trying to get all the Rebel Ducks in a Row in 2019.


We will now return to the lesser of the two evils which are necessarily focused upon and that man on this side of the water…. our very own white supremacist neo-Nazi Travis Patron….the man being cut off in every manner possible so his Nazi infection and potential damages cannot ensue.

So, taking liberty to pretend I now state that “On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I explained…. why Travis Patron was still in great need of mental help.

I hope you did not mind me pirating your lead in Ezra.

Patron is certifiably delusional through what he claimed in 2018 about the 2019 election and the results that would be entailed. “It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.

Elect what candidates? He will form a majority government? This is coming from the mind of a man who was still trying to garner enough party support on January 1,2019 to be even able to register as a party and field candidates.”  On this date he announced regarding Federal Registration – “Perhaps most importantly, our party must attain federal registration status with Elections Canada. As of today, our party is compiling an application to registration which will be submitted within the first quarter of 2019.”

Delusion entails an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real and results from what is defined as a disordered state of mind. There is no way to connect any perception of reality on Patron’s part with his statement of forming a majority government and the mind that sees the reality of garnering memberships to even be able to register a party. This is a degree to which Patron exhibits the full delusion of a disorganized mind.

The two most common types of delusions are delusions of grandeur or delusions of being persecuted.

It is quite easy to build a case that Patron suffers delusions of grandeur in saying he will form a majority government for it also entails that he sees himself as the popular choice of the people as Prime Minister.

But when we add his symptoms of delusions of persecution to his delusions of grandeur, we start to be confronted with what is conceivable a much more serious form of psychological disorder.

The scripture tells us that “One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sins: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.  (Deuteronomy 19:15)

In the matter of Patron’s insanity, the second witness establishing it has been Patron himself. His psychosis, dysfunctional personality or schizophrenia has caused him to utter the exact same delusion he held about he will be forming the next government.

 It is factual that Travis Patron is still displaying serious need of mental help at this current time.

January 7, 2019 he was seemingly lacking memory function and oblivious to the facts he faced in trying to arrange a rally room at the University of Toronto at the time of his Charlottesville fiasco. He once again requested the use of a room at the University on this date.

January 16,2019 the University reply was clear and unequivocal > “In exercising this sole and unfettered discretion, the University has considered relevant factors, including most significantly the need to maintain a safe environment for work and study on its campuses. It is the University’s opinion that the proposed use of University property by your external organization, in part to raise money, has the prospect of creating health and safety risks for attendees and for others using the campus at the time. The University is not willing to devote the resources or time required to plan for and mitigate any risks associated with your event. Therefore, the University has decided to decline your external organization’s request for use of its space.”

And to which we once again hear his delusional reply on his web page on the same date.

“The Canadian Nationalist Party will completely defund the University of Toronto after forming government and any other publicly funded campus that is against our charter rights of free expression.”

He cannot get a party registered but still is stating he will form the government.

What more needs to be said is for information necessary to Travis Patron or anyone that may have a genuine concern for him.

Travis Patron, I recommend you look at the following mental health facility in seeking assistance. > Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Official Site

The goal at CAMH is to provide hope and a path toward recovery from mental illness and substance use for anyone in need. Travis you will be able to access necessary programs in the following areas:  Aggression & Behavioral Issues – Anxiety & Depression – Concurrent Disorders – Mood & Personality Disorders – Schizophrenia & Psychosis – Trauma & Stress Disorders –

Travis, you can go onsite to commence your needed programs or activate the process through simply calling 416 535-8501.  With this one phone call you can access the centralized information and arrange your intake scheduling for the services necessary to hopefully alleviate your mental illness.

Now, there are Luxury Inpatient Treatment Facilities that have the look and feel of a vacation resort but with all the same benefits as a more traditional facility as normally actuated through CAMH. The long-term benefits of such inpatient care however include continual progress and a greater chance at permanent recovery. However, I do not recommend this avenue because it will eat into your finances secured through your bitcoin ventures, party membership fees, rally entrance fees and monies you garner through your highly demanded speaking engagements. This is something that could lead to unnecessary stress that would rather impede your progress than advance it through attendance at a Luxury Inpatient Treatment Facility. 

Now, the only further advice I will offer at this time surrounds the period where you may have commenced recovery. At such a time if you find yourself believing it is necessary you remain in the Toronto area to once again request a ‘rally room’ at the University of Toronto you must take action. If in such a state, then immediately get in contact with the House of Compassion of Toronto which provides a permanent supportive home to men and women with serious mental health issues. There each resident has their own room but shares the rest of the space in the house including washrooms and kitchen. The support provided includes medication, meals, informal counselling and advocacy in addition to social recreational opportunities. You should be able to gather in your ‘media buddies’ for a get together with no problem. The biggest advantages are you will  be in a permanent supportive home and that there is no cost to you.

The location is 169 Shaw Street Toronto, ON, M6J 2W6  416-532-0550     Area Served: Toronto

Ages served: 18 years and up – Languages served: English – Fees: None

This has been sincere advice Travis in spite of the fact I openly mock you. Mainly I mock you because you make a mockery of my Lord Jesus Christ through your espousal of white supremacist Nazi ideology and refusal to accept His Lordship.

So, this advice now given from the worlds level is the best I believe there is for you.

To me Travis, you are nuttier than a fruitcake and probably just too damn delusional to comprehend you are.

As to you interactive readers? Is there anyone out there that recognizes how mentally lost this man truly is? If so contact CAMH and commence the intake for him.

The jury for me has come fully back into Court and the judgement for me surrounding Travis Patron remains exactly the same as the day we first met. In my Regina meeting with Travis and the Ku Klux Klan that day he proved himself genuinely a white supremacist neo-Nazi skinhead.

You readers will soon be required to enter the Courtroom of your own mind and face handing the Judge of all Creation your verdict as what is to be done regarding Travis Patron.

Thus, we end Chapter Eight and continue onward with Chapter Nine – Travis Patron ‘A Queer Topic’




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