The Final Frontier gives a clear definition of the persons comprising the People’s Party of Canada. It is in the caption that will have its highlighting completed while I am in the Battleford making investigation of the man Jason MacInnis.

The caption reads: ‘Liberals without the lies’‘Conservatives without the corruption’

Some ten months have passed since I was last in Battleford….

 September 27, 2018 was the official fall start of my “Trudeau Must Go Now” street campaign. I needed to test my winter gear, locations to best gain public awareness and to evaluate what ‘educational materials’ to hand out.

Along with this I was going to solicit funds for the necessary legal fees to see Trudeau, his mob of ‘henchpersons’ and the sources of Islam prosecuted in the Courts of our Nation.                

The bitter cold wind and sun sporadically breaking through the overcast sky found me positioning myself at Walmart.


The Walmart Test   Walmart North Battleford                     601 Carlton Trail North Battleford   Saskatchewan
S9A 4A9    Telephone: 306-445-8105

I stood to the right of the Grocery – Clothing entry. I was blocking no one with the “Trudeau Must Go Now” sign hanging around my neck.

All persons passing gave nods of agreement, smiled or made thumbs up hand gestures. Two First Nations parties spoke with me while there. One man going in and a man and his wife coming out.

The man and woman said “we don’t come to town often because of the immigrants.” Their frustration was voiced stating “immigrants have taken over the jobs”, giving example of “immigrants control the taxis”. This is a common complaint of not just First Nations people.

But, the First Nations largely see Trudeau and his treatment of them as being prime cause of their problems.

Now, a Muslim delivery man did not like what he seen taking place or the First Nations man that entered alone gave my hand-out about Trudeau and Islam to one of the “Immigrant Staff” which are over running the North Battleford Walmart. The plethora of Muslims employed by Walmart is also a common irritant expressed by many Canadians.

So, it was 17 minutes after taking up position that our lad Brad the assistant Manager waded in, grinning at the sign but vocalizing what he had to. I believe it may have been Tanya the Store Manager lurking in the doorway background.

I was told that he could not allow anyone to display such signs or hand out leaflets anywhere on Walmart property.

I smiled and replied, “No problem. That is what I had to find out.”

It was good to get out of the biting wind and warm up with the vehicle heater as I headed for my next ‘testing station’.


Well, Here I am back in Battleford and….

No one started a First Nations Political Party as I recommended last year. But Maxime Bernier has inaugurated the People’s Party of Canada to end the lies and corruption in Canadian Politics. His is the best avenue for bringing justice in First Nations issues.

There is a full slate of candidates for our 14 ridings and Jason MacInnis has secured the PPC nomination for the Battlefords-Lloydminster riding. I will be around here for a few days to make certain Jason MacInnis, your next MP is a most familiar face to you. We are also here to do a little shopping at Walmart before heading North.



The Battlefords-Lloydminster Riding and Jason MacInnis

Jason states the Core Values of the PPC which are Respect, Freedom, Responsibility and Fairness. He has been a resident of the Battlefords since 2011. He has many years as a Tax Consultant and Sole proprietor. He is a founding member of the PPC and loud proponent of lower taxes, fair policy and personal responsibility.

Jason states the party platform which consists of:
-Reducing the personal Tax rates of Canadians.
-Eliminating the Carbon Tax.
-Abolishing the Capital Gains tax.
-Shrinking Government.
-Reducing taxes for farmers and small business owners
-Bringing Canadian immigration under control prioritizing economic immigrants, and closing down irregular crossing points into Canada.
-Re evaluation of the equalization program.
-Completion of pipelines in order to get Canada’s resources moving.
-Elimination of inter-provincial trading barriers.
-Respecting legal firearms owners and cracking down on criminals.
-Improving Healthcare by incentivizing provinces to reduce wait times.
-Focusing on Canadians rather than Foreign Aid.
-No Corporate welfare.

Recently interviewed:

“I am currently doing quite a bit of campaigning on the back-end, doing a lot of smaller towns right now—Lloydminster and North Battleford will be on the list fairly shortly,” said MacInnis.

I’m thinking in the next month or so, it’s going to start ramping up pretty hardcore.”

MacInnis works as a tax consultant for a major company in North Battleford and is the owner of MacInnis Process Serving, delivering legal documents to law firms.


 It is time to get on the ramp with Jason and His Team

(306) 480-5214 – Deadline Legal Delivery Services

Email: j.macinnis@fbc.ca


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