All of the major political parties in Canada support abortion on demand. This Canadian baby will die whether the government is Conservative, NDP or Liberal.


 The Canadian Nationalist Party has many reasonable alternatives, if you are a white supremacist and steeped in the tea of the Canadian KKK.



I thank God for the strong First Nations Families that I encounter daily in Saskatchewan. Like this couple in the picture they are repulsed at the horror of butchering their own flesh and blood.

God used a First Nation family of six from La Loche a couple of days ago to lift my spirit high and show me His presence through them. You know who you are my friends. You should be safely back home with your memories of St. Anne Retreat and the day you had at the Edmonton Mall.

Dad should be back on the road making certain your Northern Neighbours can keep their vehicles humming and homes warm in the chill of this summer or bitter cold of our winter.

I have never encountered a family as respectful and loving of one another as you. I will never forget you, my four year old friend, when your father reached across to cut some pancakes for you. You raised that beautiful face to him and with pure love flowing said…..Thank You Daddy…

Those are the same words of love our Heavenly Father desires be spoken to Him.

God Bless You my Brother and Sister for sharing the blessedness of the family you have born and raise. My God tells me that “you shall know them by the fruit they bear…” and the fruit that has born on the tree of your marriage union clearly showed me who you are. You are a display of God for the world to see.

All the love of Christ fills my heart for you.

With His Love – Phinehas


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