The Man Better Named Chief Death Wish

It seems like there has always been controversy surrounding the name of Chief Roger Redman.

Taxpayer Group Tags Saskatchewan Chief’s Salary For ‘Waste’

Canadian Taxpayers Federation releases ‘Teddy Awards’   The Canadian Press · Posted: Mar 06, 2013

“A Saskatchewan First Nations chief who earns more than the prime minister has won the dubious distinction of an award given annually for wasteful use of taxpayer dollars.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has named Standing Buffalo First Nation Chief Roger Redman as the recipient of the 15th annual national Teddy award.

Redman, whose reserve is home to 443 people, took home more after-tax income last year than Stephen Harper, who earned more than $317,000 in 2011, the federation told a news conference Wednesday.

As well, each of Redman’s councillors earns more than the premier of Saskatchewan.

The Teddy awards are intended to shine a spotlight on corruption and waste in government at every level, said Gregory Thomas, the federation’s national director.

“It’s enough to bring you to tears sometimes, these greedy scheming politicians,” Thomas said.

“Once a year we can all have a laugh about it, and more importantly, about them.”

The Standing Buffalo First Nation is struggling to maintain social services for its members due to a lack of money, putting Redman’s salary squarely in the spotlight.

When band members gathered in January to impeach the chief, he padlocked the band office and community centre and confiscated the band’s chequebook.

Redman and band elders are currently embroiled in a legal battle over elections that have been called for March 16.

A senate of elders was forced to hold nominations for the election last month out in the cold because the locks had been changed on the band’s community centre. That centre and the band’s offices remained shuttered on Wednesday.

Redman, who has maintained that the elections are illegal, could not be reached for comment. A call to his lawyer was not immediately returned.”

March 18,2013 there was continuing controversy about a power dispute surrounding Chief Roger Redman: Two Chiefs dispute over power on Standing Buffalo First Nation

August 5, 2013 controversy still surrounded Chief Roger Redman: Chief re-elected at Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation |…

Then, November 21, 2014 from Windspeaker we read: 

“Heading into the next federal election, the government will have some cash to throw around, to salt the clouds, so to speak, grease some palms. All those dollars that haven’t gone to educate First Nations kids, keep them protected and from harm, all those dollars that didn’t fix the crumbling infrastructure on reserve, kept people in moldy, tumble-down homes, didn’t provide potable water, it’s there now to sprinkle over the electorate like fairy dust, pushing the gaps between First World Canada and Third World Indigenous Nations further and further apart for years to come.”

You know the problem with this statement? It correctly stated matters surrounding First Nations precedent to the Federal Election entry at that time. And the statements have even greater evidence of truth at the entry to the 2019 election announced by the liar Trudeau.

Corruption has no singular cultural base, it is common to the basest men of all cultures. And one of the most controversial palms still being greased today is that of Chief Robert Redman.

Redman is a stooge for politicians in both Ottawa and Saskatchewan. These thieving men have gutted programs and funds designated for Aboriginal family needs to try to put their books in order, to hide the facts of their gross mismanagement. The fact that they have used designated Aboriginal funds to pay down Canada’s debt is like the cut of a cat of nine tails on the bare backs of the Indigenous people.

Idiots from all Federal parties have squandered the financial heritage and rights promised First Nations. But this current government under Trudeau has ruthlessly sacrificed the lives of future generations of First Nations people through his policies embracing and enshrining Islam and seeking to install his sharia in Canada.

He has reallocated funds designated for First Nations infrastructure projects to other programs that finance his influx of Muslim immigrants and protect returning jihadi warriors to our country. With impunity he tosses 10 million dollars to war criminals like Omar Khadr or another 60 million to ensue that his Islamic faithful have the best facilities to reside in at the Center serving their favorite illegal entry point in Quebec. As well, in one three-month period at this border immigrant clearing center it was no problem to pay an extra 17,000 dollars to ensure that halal food was available to his friends at time of their illegal entry.

And, ‘good golly miss molly’ we have another Muslim Somali taking the lead Immigration office position for our Country. Trudeau has nothing but the best for these Islamic dogs with their policies of genocidal beliefs that are directed toward all persons that are not followers of Islam. And yet we cannot demand that he provide clean water and decent educational facilities to our First Nations brothers because of the corrupt and perverted leaders we continue to elect.

In all this, one can find a measure of forgiveness for the corruption of the leadership, such as the corruption evidenced in the life of Rodger Redman. It is not for his corruption that he is best renamed Chief Death Wish, it is because of his embrace of the ideology as stated in this report: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/sask-muslim-first-nations-london-1.4772019  that “Sask. Ahmadiyya Muslims, Indigenous chiefs find common ground in London: Chiefs, elders and youth leaders set to meet with Ahmadiyya Muslims at global event. CBC News · Posted: Aug 02, 2018

Chief Roger Redman says there’s more that unifies his community and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community than one might think.

Chief of the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation near Fort Qu’Appelle, Redman said he started speaking with the local Ahmadiyya Muslim community about a year ago. The Muslims started visiting the First Nation, organizing food runs and working on the school.

Now, Redman has travelled to London along with a coalition of First Nations chiefs, elders and young people from across Canada to share their story with Ahmadiyya Muslims from around the world

“They’re a peaceful people,” Redman told CBC Radio’s Saskatoon Morning. “And Indigenous people, we’re a peaceful people too.”

Redman is scheduled to speak at the Jalsa Salana, an annual convention that brings together Ahmadiyya Muslims from around the world.

“Working together, and having those discussions with the Muslim community, we’re finding a lot of similarities,” he said. “When we talk about our culture or some of our general views, principles, when we talk about our traditional governance.”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Rashid Ahmed says his community has made communicating with First Nations people a priority.

“Most of the members in our community are immigrants and refugees, so it’s important to build bridges,” said Ahmed.

40,000 people are expected to attend the London gathering.”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Imam Zeeshan Goraya and Chief Roger Redman are bought and paid for by a carefully devised Trudeau plan to enact a great deception of “common ground’. I have documented this all for legal prosecution of Trudeau for his treason to the Nation through promoting genocide upon one and all, and especially for fueling the genocide of the First Nations people.

There is absolutely no common ground between First Nations and any sect of Islam as First Nations does not promote nor condone genocide in any form and that is exactly what is at the heart of Islam. I will show you absolute proof through their published writings. You shall know the truth that shall set you free from the blindness and bondage that encompasses the Man Better Named Chief Death Wish.




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