DAY 71




At every opportunity Jihad Justin frequented mosques from coast to coast and availed himself of ‘group prayer’. We see this taking place on Aug 11, 2015 where it is prayer time again with Justin Trudeau in our Saskatchewan of today.

It states that “After arriving in Regina yesterday, he attended prayers at a Regina mosque. The event was closed to the media.”

As you will see when we look at his ‘after the election activities’ there appeared many of his events that were underway with Muslims that were ‘closed to the media’.


Turkey Trudeau was not visibly wearing his feathers on his August 11, 2015 trip but he was the first leader to visit Saskatchewan in the electoral run-up. But he certainly was not in unfamiliar territory as his long time Liberal boot licking Ralph Goodale was there to orchestrate for him. Their relationship extended back to the days when Goodale was kissing his daddy Pierre’s posterior in person and in proxy with Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.

As well, he was being powered along by Della Anaquod, a force to be recognized in the ‘First Nations’ movements in Canada. I do not know if Della is another one of Trudeau’s toking potheads, but Saskatchewan is certainly going for the gold in trying to institute the Liberal Pot Sale Olympics.

Perhaps the ‘wonder weed’ is just a part of the First Nations traditional smoke ceremonies and being First in the Nation, it is they that deserve ‘first rights to sell the crap’. I wonder about this?

I also wonder why it is the boys that always seem to be the ones prancing around in what looks like ‘made in China’ traditional head ornamentation?


But, there is nothing to wonder about in this fact about Trudeau: “After arriving in Regina yesterday, he attended prayers at a Regina mosque. The event was closed to the media.”

Trudeau made certain he got to an available mosque for his prayers. There are fair odds that the event had to be closed to the media because they were going to be praying for the extermination of the Jews as they were in other mosques in Canada. Was Trudeau joining in such prayer, or was he also leading in such prayer? It is a fair question as he has proven himself a leader and champion of Islamic affairs in Canada and worldwide.

In essence Trudeau has proven himself a traitor to our Nation. He is every bit as traitorous in his dealings with First Nations when it concerns the ultimate advance of sharia. I believe some are waking up to this fact. Perhaps it is the woman looking to her right and wondering when her promised “looks like ‘made in China’ traditional head ornamentation would be arriving”?

Then again, it may be that Chief-Chief Bobby Camero does not believe she can be fully trusted with ‘tale feathers’.

There has been a lot of political-economic corruption in Saskatchewan surrounding matters Muslim. And, there has been great manipulation in advancing the Canadian Islamic agenda through taking advantage of First Nations issues and grievances within the province. Hopefully, in the near future the indigenous population of Canada shall truly set aside their inter-tribal differences and help run Trudeau into the jail cell where he belongs.

Now, there was the time shortly past when Justin Trudeau came under fire from Jewish and some Muslim community groups for his keynote speech at a Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference. The conference attracted great controversy by including sponsors directly linked to the terrorist group Hamas. The reasons for Jewish concern were obvious. And, Muslims of many sectarian bents did not want attention about their affection for the terrorist Hamas spotlighted. It made their activities more precarious.

In rebuttal largely to Jewish criticism Trudeau simply stated he respected their right to ‘express their opinions’ and carried on with his policy of supporting and embracing Islam in every manner he could.

After election he particularly showed his disdain for public concern about his ties to Islamic terrorist groups by making certain his government representation was highly visible at another the Revive the Islamic Spirit conference in 2016. He sent a contingent of Immigration Minister John McCallum, Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Alghabra and the four MPs Yasmin Ratansi, Ahmed Hussen, Salma Zahid and Iqra Khalid. This group were some of the most publicly known amid his Muslim advance troops.

Then, in January 2016 > Prime Minister Jihad Justin Trudeau visited the reopening of the Ontario mosque that had been set ablaze.   According to police, vandals intentionally set the Peterborough mosque ablaze on Nov. 15, 2015, one day after deadly terrorist attacks killed more than 100 people in Paris.

At his Peterborough propaganda/photo-op >Trudeau also lead in a moment of silence for the Burkina Faso victims in West Africa. The man is incessant in trying to associate Muslims as being the victims of terrorism. He is relentless in his efforts to fund terrorism through multi-million-dollar hand outs to them. He is also quick to glorify Islamists as emissaries of peace at every opportunity possible.  It makes you wonder who he will have banging on our parliament doors next with an assault rifle in hand? > Who Can It Be Now? who is trying for more attention pretending to be Canadian men Trudeau has looking for Work?



But They Are Dangerous and it is younger females that are paying the brunt for Trudeau’s policies in many areas of Canada. This is but one of the cases of Muslim masculinity exposing the perversion that drives it through the Qu’ran in Edmonton.  Read it >

And now ask yourself why you are footing the economic bills for Soleimen Hajj Soleimen to sexually assault girls and spawn his own tax gobbling brood at the same time?

May God damn your blackened soul eternally for what you are doing Justin Trudeau.

There has been a relentless tide of Islamic insurgents entering Canada in a multitude of ways under the Trudeau Liberal policies. They also pose variant degrees and varieties of threats.

There all manners of claims that such persons are refugees and immigrants necessary to the economic growth of Canada. It is claimed that they have skills that are DESPERATELY needed in Educational and Medical fields.


CBC News has learned that after passing their initial evaluating exam, the couple repeatedly failed their crucial medical qualifying exams. Rosemarie Cambridge failed four times in six years. Her husband, Sean Cambridge, failed five times in the same period.

The qualifying exam evaluates a physician’s clinical skills and medical knowledge, according to health officials.

This pair headed off to British Columbia after their fiascos had surfaced in Saskatchewan. But, despite the failures, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, which regulates the province’s doctors, repeatedly granted the couple extensions. This came to an end however when Dr. Sean Liam Oscar Christopher Cambridge was cited for “unprofessional conduct” due to a “misrepresentation on his application for registration” in B.C. in 2011, for failing to disclose that he practiced medicine in Saskatchewan and that his licence had been terminated there.”

Read the CBC report:

Patients like long-haul truck driver and instructor Ray White were shocked.  A patient of both Dr. Sean Cambridge and Dr. Rosemarie Cambridge, he only found out that his doctors had lost their licences to practice in B.C. after his prescription for heart medication couldn’t be renewed. Not a great time for disclosure.

The Cambridge duo were among the top-billing doctors in the province for four years, under provisional licenses to practise family medicine in Chilliwack, because it was an under-serviced area.

Despite having a provisional licence Cambridge billed the taxpayers over $600,000 for each of the four full years he practised. It placed him in the top five to seven per cent of all doctors, including specialists, in the province between 2012 and 2016.

It was more than double the amount charged by an average family physician in Chilliwack and more than twice the national average. And Rosemarie Cambridge came close to matching her thieving mate.

Even if qualified they could not have provided even close to adequate medical care for the people whose lives were placed in medical jeopardy by them.

And, know what? This pair are but a visible tip of the iceberg among the unqualified medical billing thieves to have entered our Nation under the Government from sea to shining sea.

I personally have been a victim of policies that allow the licensing of persons that are not qualified to Canadian standards to practice medicine here. One of the greatest offenders in this arena has been my home province of Saskatchewan.

You are better with no diagnosis and treatment whatsoever than an unqualified and useless one.

And, you are better with no Federal government whatsoever than the fraudulent practices of Trudeau that for certain are delivering you into the hands of Muslims and Islam for your ‘treatment’.

There is an epidemic from coast to coast of people expressing worry and concerns about what is happening to our medical system and our Nation in general under the Islamic pandering Liberals. The complaints and concerns have entered the state of hysteria and > overkill for men seriously at work.

 But Trudeau continues in glorifying Islam, in touting its leaders as special religious figures.

His doing so provided our nation with a very ignoble first for the House of Parliament in October of 2016.

You have seen Huzoor Anwarrameeting Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Parliament Hill on Oct 17, 2016. He gave a very high-profile welcome to parliament to this > Caliph Huzoor Anwarra of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at.

In case it slipped past you when Trudeau was speaking, this high-profile Islamic dog was an associate of Jihad Justin from several years past. Trudeau simply drug him out at this point in time to further enhance an image of the ‘benign and beneficial nature of Islam for one and all’.

And, for the first time in Canadian history there was a leading of Muslim prayers in the House of Parliament and nothing but the scheduled glamorizing of the events. There was not even a whisper heard of the uproar caused on September 14, 2016 when the radical Shiekh Jamoc Hareed offered up prayer at the Alberta Legislature. This serves to show the extent of the Liberal-Muslim propaganda machine and their embedding in the structure of Federal government.


 I guess Jihad Justin truly believes we cannot identify what he has embedded in Ottawa. With no ‘core Canadian identity’ for us to adhere to what should we try to identify with? He certainly is intent upon getting us to identify as being one with Muslims.

Perhaps the > Quebec City mosque shooting the evening of January 29, 2017 got the Canadian spotlight focused sufficiently on the terrorism supposedly facing persecuted Muslims.  The issue was played out in parliament where > Jihad Justin stated: ‘Make no mistake – this was a terrorist attack. “It was an attack on our most intrinsic and cherished values as Canadians – values of openness, diversity, and freedom of religion.”

Once again Trudeau was equating Canadian values to Islamic ones that are totally unsupportable through examination of the reality of its writings and practitioners. Both Islam and Scumbag Trudeau are rotting to perdition through their core values.

Naturally there was a quick justifiable condemnation when the > Quebec police stated there were six dead and eight injured in the mosque attack.  But again, we hear an absolute associative lie once more spoken for acceptance of Islam. “In times like this, we need to reflect on our shared Canadian values of diversity, respect and religious tolerance. We urge a continued dialogue among all Canadians to reassert these values that underpin our nation.” – Muslim Association of Canada

Justin Trudeau had earlier called the shooting “a terrorist attack on Muslims.” This shooting came over the weekend that Trudeau said Canada would welcome refugees, after U.S. President Donald Trump halted the U.S. refugee program and temporarily barred citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States on national security grounds.

But, in the midst of all this rhetoric one person in Winnipeg was soon to affix the correct label to Trudeau. >   Trudeau gets called a scumbag at a Winnipeg news conference.  “Shame on you and your globalist counterparts,” the man said as security kept a close eye on him.   “You’re scumbags. You are an absolute scumbag.”

The man was 100% correct for “the wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” (Psalm 12:8) And, with Jihad Justin in the business of continuously exalting the vilest of men through Islam, it is no surprise that the wickedest of his gender equalities surround him in Government as part of the support mechanism for funding of terrorism.

Look at the man’s antics with Aga Khan, or should we say ‘look at the con’s antics’? The corruptness of their association goes all the way back to his father when he was Prime Minister. And now, we have Baby T preparing to give a hero’s welcome to a person that should not even be allowed into Canada.>

In my archival material you will find I have documented at length the reason this Aga Khan is a deception and a danger to the stability of Canada. And why all vestiges of his presence must be removed.

This Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, is the 49th hereditary leader of Nizari Ismailism, a branch of Shia Islam, is coming to Canada to celebrate 60 years, his diamond jubilee as Imam.

He was named an honorary Canadian in 2010 which is not a joke but remains a National disgrace. He was the key figure in the ethics scandal involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, after Trudeau stayed at the Aga Khan’s home on Bell Island in the Bahamas over the 2016 Christmas holidays. The stench from this has not yet cleared the air, but Trudeau could care less. He is preparing Rideau Hall to honour the skunk because of his Islamic faith and the financial perks that surround the Aga Khan.

For example, the old dog will host around 20,000 people from across the province at B.C. Place over Saturday and Sunday while in Vancouver. Were you one the kaffir blind-sided into volunteering or believing that this trip truly benefits our society? The lid will be back on the can by the time this is posted, and I think events since the trip have shown Trudeau failing politically. But, he will still not have stopped trying to espouse Islam.

Just what will we be expected to do next if we involve ourselves further in such Trudeau’s antics? Will we be expected to learn his silly dance routines? With his proven track record of being a sharia sinkhole we certainly cannot afford to be singing any more of > the Justin Trudeau Song led by The Canadian Beaver Band


Trudeau gained a long stream of followers not just in Canada but around the world due to outward appearances, posturing and antics. But, who needs his deceptions that are intermixed with his dance routines? Do we need anymore Indian patronage appointments like our current minister of defence due to the   > 1:16 Justin Trudeau Bhangra?

Do we want to dance >  with the prince of prance at more Toronto Pride Parades? The documentation of the sickness and problems within the queers grouped together is mountainous.

They can find no genuine satisfaction in what they are and they are too pride filled to humble themselves before God and too arrogant to admit their wrongdoings. These people have simply given themselves and their progeny up to perversion and death while opposing all who would stand against them.

The Muslims and Islam are evil. But those who engage in strange, unnatural, and disordered behavior as see publicly in Pride Events are a disgrace to themselves and are a danger to the rest of society. They want attention to legitimize their perversions and they certainly have gotten the support of Trudeau in doing so.

But, as one astute person has stated “Justin Trudeau is charming and says the right things but let’s break down some of his political beliefs.” > 2:41  Yes, Justin Trudeau Can Dance – But What Are His Politics?

Kind of an interesting preview questioning of what we have been living through.  “Is the new guy going to deliver’? 

Try this on for your answer >


As I see it, Trudeau has been in the process of delivering Canada into the hands of Islam in every manner he can. He certainly is Canada’s #1 Strung Out Muslim Stooge.



 Remove The Twit and Prosecute Him for Treason




“Whoever causes one of these little children who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”   Mark 9:42


Muhammad was clearly a pedophile and used the Islamic teachings to justify his actions and condone the same for his followers. Highly problematic is that the Qur’an commands the Muslims they are to emulate the practices of the Prophet. Thus, we have a clear-cut case of sanctioning and promoting pedophilia if one truly is a follower of Islam. Such endorsement is also the reason that Sharia law does not set a minimum age for marriage. Promoting and approving marriages and sexual copulation with pre-pubescent little girls that haven’t even started menstruating is an evil that simply cannot be tolerated.

“In July, a Muslim scholar, Sheik Saleh Ibn Fawzan Al-Fawzan issued a fatwa defending Muslim child marriage. He gave an interpretation of Sharia law reinforcing that there was no minimum age for marriage and that girls can be married even if they are in the cradle. The only question was whether the child was literally physically capable of bearing the weight of her new husband.”   Pedophile Rights in Canada, By Rev. David Kalamen, Director of OBFF, Pastor of Kelowna Christian Fellowship in BC.

Islam sanctions all this. Thus, Islam and its proponents can no longer be sanctioned in Canada. Charges MUST be placed before the RCMP Major Crimes Unit for investigation and prosecution under the appropriate sectors of Canadian Jurisprudence.  Legal action MUST be pursued in Canada against the practices of Islam to eradicate its evil practices.

Children are the most vulnerable to unfettered evil and the least capable of defending themselves against Pedophilia and other forms of rampant child abuse.

When the Take Action Against Pedophilia Now petition comes online – SIGN IT! When signature goals are reached it will be presented to Government, Law Enforcement Agencies and Major Media sources.

It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?



The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a  bill of rights entrenched in the Constitution of Canada  and it forms the first part of the Constitution Act, 1982. The Charter guarantees certain political rights to Canadian citizens and the protection of the  civil rights of everyone in Canada from the policies and actions of all areas and levels of government. It is designed to unify Canadians around a set of principles that embody those rights. The Charter was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II of Canada on April 17, 1982 along with the rest of the Act.

The Charter was preceded by the Canadian Bill of Rights, which was enacted in 1960. However, this Canadian Bill of Rights is only a federal statute, rather than a constitutional document. As a federal statute, it can be amended through the ordinary legislative process of a simple majority of Parliament and has no direct application to provincial laws.

Many of the rights and freedoms that are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the rights to freedom of speechhabeas corpus and the presumption of innocence, have their roots in a set of Canadian laws and legal precedents sometimes known as the Implied Bill of Rights. Many of these same rights were also included in the Canadian Bill of Rights successfully introduced by then prime minister John Diefenbaker of Saskatchewan.

Criticism of the Canadian Bill of Rights (CBR) has mostly centered on its limited effect. The CBR did not contain all of the rights that are now included in The Charter, omitting, for instance, the right to vote and freedom of movement within Canada. Because it is an ordinary statute, the authority of the Bill of Rights is limited to matters set out in Section 91 of the Constitution Act, 1867 as being under the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada. However, the 1960 Act does enumerate some rights, property rights for example, which are not protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For this and other reasons, the 1960 Act is still regularly referenced in court decisions today.

But, the relative ineffectiveness of the Canadian Bill of Rights motivated many to try to improve rights protections in Canada. The movement for human rights and freedoms that emerged after World War II also wanted to entrench the principles enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The British Parliament formally enacted The Charter as a part of the Canada Act 1982 at the request of the Parliament of Canada as the result of the efforts of the government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

One of the most notable effects of the adoption of The Charter was to greatly expand the scope of judicial review, because The Charter is more explicit with respect to the guarantee of rights and the role of judges in enforcing them than was the Canadian Bill of Rights. The courts, when confronted with violations of The Charter rights, have struck down unconstitutional federal and provincial statutes and regulations or parts of statutes and regulations, as they did when Canadian case law was primarily concerned with resolving issues of federalism. The Charter, however, granted new powers to the courts to enforce remedies that are more creative and to exclude more evidence in trials. These powers are greater than what was typical under the common law and under a system of government that, influenced by Canada’s parent country the United Kingdom, was based upon Parliamentary supremacy. As a result, The Charter has attracted both broad support from a majority of the Canadian electorate and criticisms by opponents of increased judicial power. The Charter only applies to government laws and actions (including the laws and actions of federal, provincial, and municipal governments and public-school boards), and sometimes to the common law, but not to private activity.

Note: It is the scope of judicial powers and the utilization of them by incumbents due to their personal bias that has to great degree placed the Canadian democratic process and social norms under such great duress.

Under the Charter, people physically present in Canada have numerous civil and political rights. Most of the rights can be exercised by any legal person (The Charter does not define a corporation as a “legal person”), but a few of the rights belong exclusively to natural persons, or as stated in sections 3 and 6 only to citizens of Canada. The rights are enforceable by the courts through section 24 of the Charter, which allows courts discretion to award remedies to those whose rights have been denied. This section also allows courts to exclude evidence in trials if the evidence was acquired in a way that conflicts with The Charter and might damage the reputation of the justice systemSection 32 confirms that The Charter is binding on the federal government, the territories under its authority, and the provincial governments. But, the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter have some Exceptions.

The Exceptions Are Extremely Important for they preclude all the freedoms and form the very basis of The Charter. The very first section, known as limitations clause, allows governments to justify certain infringements of Charter rights. Every case in which a court discovers a violation of The Charter would therefore require a section 1 analysis to determine if the law can still be upheld. Infringements are upheld if the purpose for the government action is to achieve what would be recognized as an urgent or important objective in a free society, and if the infringement can be “demonstrably justified.” Section 1 has thus been used to uphold laws against objectionable conduct such as hate speech (e.g., in R. v. Keegstra) and obscenity (e.g., in R. v. Butler). Section 1 also confirms that the rights listed in The Charter are guaranteed. *The wording all seems a bit contradicting.

In addition, some of these rights are also subjected to the notwithstanding clause of section 33. The notwithstanding clause authorizes governments to temporarily override the rights and freedoms in sections 2 and 7–15 for up to five years, subject to renewal. The Canadian federal government has never invoked it, and some have speculated that its use would be politically costly. In the past, the notwithstanding clause was invoked routinely by the province of Quebec , which did not support the enactment of the Charter but is subject to it nonetheless.

The provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta have also invoked the notwithstanding clause, to end a strike and to protect an exclusively heterosexual definition of marriage, respectively. Note that Alberta’s use of the notwithstanding clause is of no force or effect, since the definition of marriage is a federal and not provincial jurisdiction. The territory of Yukon also passed legislation once that invoked the notwithstanding clause, but the legislation was never proclaimed in force.

The basic Canadian rights and freedoms have been coming under serious political assault by special interest groups.

Trudeau’s Moron Motion 103 established by Iqra Khalid and the rest of his Rabid Islamic Crew continues to employ tactics ensuring that unnecessary Blood Shall Flow In Canada as posted on February 11, 2018   Battles will be socially brutal to completely eradicated them from the Canadian public landscape.

 It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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