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From her drunken debacle of staggering on-stage and screaming “Omar Khadr…you have more fucking class than the entire Cabinet…” to her present ‘well past mid-life going to the chapel marriage crisis’…MAY POLE MADNESS continues to pour forth green mold from this Unhappy Hoofers’ Cavernous Mouth. But she is not Federal Public Enemy #1. That billing has been permanently allotted to THE KING OF CRUD………JUSTIN ‘BABY-T’ TRUDEAU.

Our MAY OLDIE MOLDY is simply TURNING GREEN WITH POLITICAL ENVY at the rapid PEOPLE’S PARTY ADVANCE under MAXIME BERNIER. That is the cause of the desperate look in her eyes!



Canada – Federal Public Enemy #1

1Jesus said “the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

This thief inherited the sexual perversions of his father and the mental illness of his mother. Like a dumb steer Canada is being further branded by a mentally and spiritually sick man.

2Baby Trudeau loves his own sickening sperm groveling its way to maturity, but he will readily abort yours to promote himself.

Read SON OF A FUDDLE-DUDDLE     Posted on July 27, 2015 and get a grip on reality of what this ‘fool on the Hill’ truly grew up in.

3Your King for a Day is leading you deeper into perilous times.  “Know this also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13) On October 19, 2015 Canada you demanded a perverted leader over yourself for Justin Trudeau sleeps in the same bed of spiritual sickness and lies as Obama and crew. Such men are defiant toward the righteousness of God. Through their embracing of the homosexual agenda they make a mockery of God ordained marriage.

Your world shall further disintegrate about you and this is to be expected with the blatant disregard for the leadership of God in your lives. Last June ‘Black Barack Obama’ sent his warmest greetings to the Tel Aviv mayor at commencement of their month long gay pride puss outpouring. The shameless Mayor pride-fully boasts that Tel Aviv is the gayest, homosexual embracing friendly city in the world with one of the top ten beaches for perverts at hand as well. Justin Trudeau embraces these homosexual hounds and their Queer Coalition to a degree that surpasses even that of his father. Justin Trudeau is simply abomination in the eyes of God.

4Trudeau is One Sick Puppet by Inheritance and The Fuddle-Duddled Kid posted on October 3, 2015  might now awaken you to what is truly transpiring with our ‘Mr. Show and Tell’ in the nation and out.

Canadians are largely puppets that cannot afford to continue following a pack of Liberal Style Goofs that judge by outward appearances. One by one your strings to security are being cut by the leadership of the ‘fool on the Hill’ as he weaves them into your spiritual hangman’s noose. Get rid of this fool or brand yourself the same.




Note: This is an extended writing that fully exposes the Islamic Canadian Cash Grab Procedure employed and implemented by the TRUDEAU LIBERALS. The case of Bashar Makhtal is utilized to exemplify.

Like greedy piglets Trudeau Liberals plunder and loot the Canadian coffers to the benefit of Islam. They should all face a jury and accompany him to jail for his policies surrounding MORE CANADIAN CASH FOR MUSLIMS and HIS DEALINGS SURROUNDING IRAN AND ISRAEL.

In turn, all of his policies are bound together with his IMMIGRATION DUPLICITOUS actions which are serving to cripple the nation.

Islam is Satan’s Toilet and Trudeau is making Canada his masters favorite Septic Tank.



These major ‘elements’ are found at play in the lives of all Muslims involved in bilking the Canadian taxpayers into funding their sharia.

They are dedicated sectarian Islamists prepared to sacrifice their lives to sharia.

They disguise, establish and follow pretexts for travel allowing advancement of their international sharia pursuits.

They have some degree of ‘established support network’ within both their domestic and foreign operational fields.

They have ability to manipulate both Media and NGO’s through Muslims and dhimmi embedded in their organizational structures.

There are dhimmi and kafir lawyers present bent upon personal self-aggrandizement and financial gain through the claims in their client’s behalf.

There are always fraudulent claims of Government actions or inactions detrimental to the Civil Rights and Human Rights of the Muslim individuals or groups involved.

There is legal pursuit of Government for cash compensation for purported damage done to the Muslims through the Government handling of the political, religious and humanitarian factors in their cases.

The courts enactments and judicial decision-making are most often the product of very human compromise, negotiation, horse-trading and personal emotional bias.

The cash paid by Government is arranged in secretive deals and authorized in manners by individuals in capacities beyond their legislative enactments.

The employment of these major ‘elements at play’ in securing Canadian tax dollars for funding sharia are climaxing under the designed policies of the Trudeau Liberals.

Some example cases of concern surround such individuals as Omar Khadr, Adil Charkaoui, Abousfian Abdelrazik, Maher Arar, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati, Muayyed Nureddin, Muhammed Harkat, Bernamar Benatta,

Others are being used to highlight matters in this four-part series titled ‘The Money Bags’.



Everyone recognizes Omar Khadr as the Trudeau poster boy for his Muslim Cash Benefits Program.

There was and remains to date a fight over the apology and payment of 10.5 million dollars made by Trudeau to the controversial terrorist.

> Here’s why Omar Khadr is getting $10M from the Canadian…     >   COMMENTARY: Omar Khadr should be charged with treason, not given…

At one-point Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer denounced the government for making a millionaire out of what he called “a convicted terrorist.”

“Justin Trudeau should never have agreed to a secret deal that gave a convicted terrorist millions of dollars. Seeking money from the Canadian taxpayer is just a sign of continuing contempt for the country that Khadr has fought against,” Mr. Scheer said this week.

If he believes what he has spoken then he must stand up now and hold Justin Trudeau fully accountable for his continuing contempt for our country through his seeking money for Islamic terrorists. Given his recent comment that Trudeau ‘has the political depth of a finger bowl’ he may possibly rise to the foray.

The odious terrorist who assembled and planted the same kind of IEDs that killed 97 Canadians should not have been given $10 million by anyone. Khadr should be returned to jail, all assets frozen and charged with treason, an offense for which there is no statute of limitations.

I too must remind Canada’s attorney general that Canada’s criminal code says anyone who “assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are” is guilty of high treason, which carries a life sentence.

Khadr was in such circumstance of assisting Canada’s enemies and Trudeau along with many others aides ‘enemies at war with Canada’. This matter is no where near closure for the matter of charges of treason continues to face one and all.



He Should Have Remained In Somalia

And this is Bashir Ahmed Makhtal returned to Toronto April 21,2018 and looking for his Trudeau Halloween Treat of Cash to enact a Muslim jihadi’s delight.

We will be using this man as an in-depth example in Money Bags Two. But we are going to employ him now to elucidate how false claims of torture are used to manipulate for a Muslim cash grab.

As I documented in writings about Adil Charkaoui and Omar Khadr, playing the Torture Card is a ‘bottom of the deck’ Muslim deceit. Too often it is in large part a lie or exaggeration magnified to horrify and garner support for personal agendas.

So, take a good look above at Bullshit Bashir on April 21, 2018 after all his years of claimed medical deprivations and torture.


It is claimed that while in prison Makhtal faced torture from interrogators seeking a confession of his terrorist involvements. But there has been no viable evidence presented of his being tortured by Kenya, or signs of any other terrorism suspects being tortured that were sent to Somalia/Ethiopia along with him in 2006/2007.

What we have are unfounded claims by the same basic group of “family, friends and close supporters” that welcomed him to Toronto Pearson airport.

For example: “Makhtal’s relatives say that his oldest brother, Hassan Ahmed Makhtal, was also imprisoned and tortured in Ethiopia. His family says the elder Makhtal died in 2009 as a result of his injuries sustained in an Ethiopian jail.”

In 2009 his trial was quickly condemned by Amnesty International as a travesty of justice as shown in these excerpted statements.

“Makhtal was denied a fair trial and subjected to torture by his interrogators. He was quickly convicted and sentenced to life in prison.”

“Amnesty International campaigned for his release and expressed grave concerns of possible torture, unfair trial proceedings, incommunicado detention, coerced confessions and other forms of ill-treatment.”

“Throughout his eleven years of imprisonment, Amnesty International repeatedly expressed grave concerns about harsh and inhumane prison conditions as well as the risk of torture or other ill-treatment in Ethiopian prison. We highlighted that the trial and appeal in his case did not meet international fair trial standards. When it became clear that a fair trial would not be held, called for him to be released and allowed to return to Canada.”

 “Amnesty International said Makhtal reported multiple cases of torture and ill-treatment during his imprisonment, including a lack of prompt care for his medical needs.”

It is stated Bashir claimed being denied medical care for a number of significant health issues mitigated by his torture during detention.

“Bashir Makhtal has reported numerous episodes of torture or ill-treatment during the months that he was held in incommunicado detention.

Mr. Makhtal reported to a relative that he faced a number of painful, even debilitating medical problems, including a blood clot in his left leg, loss of the use of his right shoulder for more than two and a half years and severe pain and restricted movement in his left hip, right shoulder, back and neck. He was denied access to timely medical treatment for many of these injuries.”


Torture and Persecution of the Makhtal Clan

The savagery and barbaric activities in the regions of Africa of concern to us was real during the days under discussion and even more so today. It was claimed that the Ethiopian Government Forces were massacring, displacing and starving the civilian population to death with absolute impunity.   (ref: OHRC/AR/07) You will gain full exposure to this in Money Bags Two.

There is no doubt that some members of the Makhtal clan probably underwent some very ‘hair raising and toenail pulling experiences’. But this does not mean you can allow yourself to become disoriented to reality by the ‘smoke and mirrors’ employed by the Somali Muslim Bashir and his supporters.

Facing capitol punishment on July 27, 2009 for his conviction on terrorism this supposed ‘prominent Canadian businessman and former Toronto information technologist’ Bashir was only given life by ‘an Ethiopian kangaroo court’.

His trial was marred by many problems and irregularities from the purported recognizable international standards at the time. But on the basis of very limited information being available about his case the Ogaden Human Rights Committee (OHRC) was quick to pronounce that “his trial was a travesty of justice and considers all members of his family – who are in detention- prisoners of conscience and victims of Ethiopian government’s personal vendetta.

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee believes that Ethiopian government is bent on destroying Garad Makhtal Dahir’s family because of late Makhtal’s role in founding Ogaden Liberation Front. Since his arrest the Ethiopian government has hunted down all members of his family without an apparent reason. Bashir Ahmed Makhtal’s family members and relatives were subjected to extensive torture. The remaining members of his family went into hiding for fear of their lives.

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee urges the Canadian Government to seek the immediate and unconditional release of its citizen as well as his family members on humanitarian grounds.” (SomaliTalk.com July 28, Nov14,2009) 

In hunting “down all members of his family without an apparent reason” we find from time of his arrest in December 2006 until 2008 there were some distant clan members rounded up such as relatives Dakhare Hassan Ahmed, Abdullahi Dahir Adan and Mulki Salah. But among the closer known blood relatives were a cousin, two nephews, a brother and an older sister.

Of the elite Makhtal group it is Mulki Salah that has emerged as the major mouthpiece and the sister Rukiya Ahmed Makhtal as the somewhat Somali poster girl of choice. The two women ultimately ended up in the same Kenyan refugee camp with Mulki married to Rukiya’s son. On July 1, 2016 Debra Black aggrandized them as being at the head of the clan are two iron-willed matriarchs — Mulki Salah and Rukiya Makhtal.’ With our Boy Bullshit Bashir calling the shots I think the title might be a feminist overstatement on the part of Black.

Whatever, the Black report states these “two iron-willed matriarchs” only suffered because “The government accused them of aiding and abetting the Ogaden National Liberation Front — an independence movement Makhtal’s grandfather started — and conspiring with Makhtal.”

Arrested in 2007 was the brother Mohamed Hassan Ahmed Makhtal and the nephews Abdi Mohamed and Abdirahim Mukhtar. The three were all released on bail after extended periods of internment.

The brother died in 2009 being claimed the victim of Ethiopian government’s institutionalized torture. According to ex-jail mates and relatives’ accounts they have undergone severe physical and psychological torture. Hassan, who was in a poor state of health, was denied adequate medical treatment while he was in detention.

The Ogaden Human Rights Commission claims he died from wounds sustained during his detention, though the cause of his death could not be independently verified.

According to several family members, two of Hassan Makhtal’s children – a 27-year-old son and a 25-year-old daughter – were beaten to death in military prisons less than a month after their arrest in 2008.

After 22 months of detention without official charges or trial he was released on bail and was not allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment.”

It is self-evident the ‘apparent reason’ he was not allowed to travel abroad was that it was ‘quite apparent’ he he would never return to face his accusers.

Further, the Black report of July 2016 claims that “One of his sons died alongside him; another is in prison in Addis Ababa and a third is a refugee in Calgary.”

As to the cousin Suldan Fowsi Mohamed Ali, supposedly a prominent community elder and a claimed peace activist, he was sentenced to 22 years.

But it is older sister Rukiya Ahmed Makhtal as shown in this Garissa, Kenya photo published in the Globe and Mail on November 19,2009 that normally elicits some emotionally charged support in the Makhtal clan behalf. It did so in 2009 when she was 53 at the time and is used to do so still today.

Her report in 2009 is introduced quite dramatically:

“During the first month of her imprisonment in Ethiopia, Rukiya Ahmed Makhtal was blindfolded and beaten. “You are Makhtal’s family,” she recalled her persecutor saying. “If you are Makhtal’s family, that means you are one of the problems.

Her Seizure

According to nephew Abdi Mohamed Ahmed she was seized“After an April, 2007, ONLF attack on a Chinese oil field at Abole in eastern Ethiopia that left 70 Chinese and Ethiopian workers dead, Ethiopia drastically stepped up a brutal counterinsurgency campaign in the region.” He “remembers the night in late 2007 the Ethiopian National Defense Forces came for his family, circling his house before dragging out his entire family, beating them and hauling them off to different jails.

From the timing of news reports, government dispatches and Amnesty International inputs I would peg her seizure as during October 2007. As to length of detention I assume 18 months* to be correct as the reports of January 2009 would indicate such given 2009 reports would place her in Kenya.     *The claimed length of time is also given as 14 months dependent upon ‘reporter’.

After spending *14 months in various Ethiopian prisons where she says she was bound, blindfolded and badly beaten, thrown in isolation, raped and told she would be executed, Ms. Makhtal was at last transferred to a crowded low-security prison where family scrounged for 1,000 birr (roughly $80) and paid the guards to look the other way while she walked through the prison gates and, like so many of her kin, away from Ethiopia for good.”

So, “as one of the problems”, after two days of desert trudging she reached safety of Hagadera, a notoriously squalid and overcrowded UN refugee camp at Dadaab in Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

After all she has supposedly endured for 14 to 18 months she is able to simply bribe the guards and do a grueling desert walk to safety. Perhaps her reported torments and tortures are a bit overstated?  

Members of the Bashir clan, from left, Zaynab Bashir, Suwdi Ahmed, Mulki Salah and Rukiya Makhtal, state they are so grateful to finally taste freedom after years of living in refugee camps in Kenya.

Meanwhile, our iron-willed matriarch, the Mouth Mulki Salah is not to be outdone by her mother-in-law. We commence through her 2016 Canada Day interview in Toronto with the Black immigration reporter.

“On this Canada Day, they are thankful for their new home and the freedom and safety it provides. “I have no words to thank Canada (for) what they did for me and my family and hope they will continue helping those who are in need wherever they are, including our loved one, Bashir,” said Mulki.

The fact is this Mulki had never even met Bashir and yet displays a zealous loyalty to him. 

“Even now they remain tentative, nervous — not quite sure they are safe here. And they’re concerned about the status of Bashir Makhtal. Even though Mulki Salah has never met her husband’s uncle, she wants desperately for him to come back to Canada and serve the remainder of his sentence in a Canadian jail. So, do the others.

The thing we want to see most is we want to see Bashir alive here,” said Mulki. “We understand the pain he’s going through because we went through it … All the years he was in prison, we were either in prison or in a refugee camp.”

This exacting loyalty of the Clan is the same loyalty that Bashir, Rukiya and the rest had for the grandfather they had never met. As Somali Muslims they are loyal to the Islam and beliefs he fostered in this group.

Rukiya claims she was subjected to all her miseries simply because she was the granddaughter of a man she did not even know.  Bashir Makhtal and his sister, Rukiya, are the grandchildren of a founding member of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, a separatist movement in the ethnic Somali region of eastern Ethiopia.

“He was my grandfather,” Ms. Makhtal says. “We didn’t even know him.”

Trying to claim innocence of terrorist Islam intents because they supposedly never personally met granddaddy as Bashir and Rukiya have tried to do is pure Islamic deception.

On the Road with Mouthy

“In an interview with the Star, Mulki, who was taken to a military prison, said she was strung up by her feet and her face was dipped into a container of an unknown substance that left temporary scars. At one point, the 49-year-old said, her captors tried to strangle her with a wire; on another occasion, she said, she was sexually assaulted and stabbed with a bayonet.

All around her, others were also suffering. She said her captors would undress the prisoners and beat them with sticks and guns while they were naked. She was held in jail for four months and 12 days. Near the end of her imprisonment, she said, guards left her for dead in the bushes after she passed out while being tortured. She managed to escape with the help of a shepherd.

Said Mulki: “Every night they used to take me at 1 a.m. and at around 4 a.m. Every time they used anything you can imagine to torture — the back of the gun. I have been electrocuted on my stomach.”

Try to outdo this Mouthy Tale you iron willed mothers-in-law. Be careful how you address the woman married to your son, she may respond like following.  

‘Twice a night for 4 months and 12 days does not compare timewise with your 18 months mumsy, but I can endure far more than you. You were strung up by your hands and feet, but I was strung up by just my feet. You were raped, but I was sexually assaulted and stabbed with a bayonet. You were told you would be executed but I was left for dead in the bushes. You were able to bribe and walk your way out of your prison, but I had to be rescued from the bushes by a shepherd, after I had been left for dead. And you never had your face dipped in skin irritating mystery guck did you. Yep, mother dearest, I’m so tough they couldn’t even strangle me with a wire. Go stick your finger in a light socket mommy dearest.’

Pretty heartless conversation I drafted, eh folks? But folks, many years past, in my own personal background I have taught people as young as nine years old how to effectively garrote a two-hundred-pound adult. I don’t believe it would be too hard for a sex crazed, bayonet stabbing African Arsehole to strangle one skinny wench possibly hanging by her feet with her hands probably tied behind her back.

Like I said, I know undoubtedly ‘that some members of the Makhtal clan probably underwent some very ‘hair raising and toenail pulling experiences’. But this does not mean you can allow yourself to become disoriented to reality by the ‘smoke and mirrors’ employed by the Somali Muslim Bashir and his supporters.

When the Going is Tough – The Tough Get Going

Mulki and Rukiya escaped individually.  But as they headed for the safety of a refugee camp, children and relatives were sent for to join up with them. “With the help of Somali communities along the way, each ended up at the UN refugee camp, Dadaab, in Kenya. Others followed them to the camp one by one. But Mulki’s husband escaped and sought refugee status in the United States, where he now lives.”

The Black report of 2016 shows the Clan transiting through the UN refugee camp at Dadaab, in Kenya where “They didn’t feel safe and worried that Ethiopian spies had infiltrated the camp and were sending back information about their whereabouts.” A nephew disappeared in December 2010 and through some process of manipulation the UN had the entire clan transferred to Kakuma refugee camp in 2011. It appears there were 13 or 14 persons together at such time.

As to their time in Kakuma it is daughter Zaynab Bashir that tearfully tells Black “life was even worse. Zaynab said the family feared that for a little bit of money other refugees might kill them.

Ethiopia knew where we were,” she said. “Our life became even more dangerous. We had been settled in a place where there is a metal gate and they put security at the door and no one can go out or come in without reporting to the security guard. We were pretty much in what was like prison.”

How much of this was paranoia, truth or emotional manipulation by a group of Muslims determined to keep Bashir the center of focus?

I do not think this is a lie: “They used to tie our eyes, torturing and beating. They used to tie our hands and legs together and they hang us up from the ceiling. And everybody was alone.”

But, I do believe there have been distortions and exaggerations of acts and facts designed to manipulate long sought-after results of Somali Islamic extremists such as the Ogaden National Liberation Front. And I do believe the Makhtal Clan is steeped in the ONLF like a simmering bitter black tea.


Status of the Ogaden National Liberation Front

From the 2009 November report:  “They are not targeting ONLF. Our army is very strong now,” said Abdirahman Mahdi, a central committee member of the separatist group, who spoke during a recent interview in Toronto. “What they do is they target the weak spot, the civilians, the women and children.”

The actual physical fighters of the ONLF clearly spoke where the Ethiopians were actively pursuing their allies such as those evidenced by the events of the Makhtal Clan.  

Abdirahman Mahdi is the current Foreign Affairs Secretary and one of the six founders of the modern Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) which was enacted on August 15, 1984. As a senior leader of Ethiopia’s Somali rebel group discusses a growing alliance of groups seeking self-determination in the video > Abdirahman Mahdi of ONLF: ‘Ethiopia is boiling’ | War & Conflict…

In this May 7,2016 interview it is quite clear that the majority of the Somalis of the Ogden Region back the ONLF and the organization has grown stronger through their worldwide propaganda push. This interview was transpiring at the same time as the Makhtal clan was harvesting the crop of their push to further entrench Canada in their most basic Islamic push for independence of Ogden.

The Makhtal Clan big breakout was in fact coincidental with the push by the Trudeau government to facilitate all matters Islamic. The Makhtal clan has proven themselves liars as shown in the media reports surrounding themselves.

 Shedding Light Upon the Black Girls of July 1,2016

 “Until now, they have not spoken to Western media about what they say transpired behind bars as Ethiopian officials tried to get them to divulge information about Makhtal. They and others were held captive, tortured and sexually assaulted, the women said.”

But reports were in the Western media in 2007…2008….2009 with mention of the clan and their happenings. For example, a 2008 Human Rights Watch report accuses Ethiopian soldiers of burning down entire villages, mass detentions and even demonstration killings, “with Ethiopian soldiers singling out relatives of suspected ONLF members,” and of conducting widespread “military attacks on civilians and villages that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

They were the relatives of the suspected ONLF members.

As well in a 2009 report it is stated: “Ms. Makhtal, who is asking for resettlement in Canada as a refugee and whose case is being followed by Amnesty International, is now among 16 people sleeping in the sand under scant shelter, all of whom say they are related to Bashir Makhtal and the victims of persecution in Ethiopia.” This was while Rukiya was lodged at Dadaab, in Kenya while gathering her children to her.

They clearly had spoken to Western Media prior to 2016, so why lie about it?

The fact is the Clan spoke to everyone they could during this period, playing their ‘the relatives of Bashir card’ to its full advantage. And it was an easy card to play as Trudeau continued to stack the deck in their favor and the Conservatives carried on efforts to assist persons trapped in refugee camps.

Amnesty International Canada asked Ottawa to bring the family here several years ago, after learning of the struggles they faced in the camps. But it wasn’t until the new Liberal government took power that inroads were made in the refugee system, Alex Neve, secretary general of the human rights organization, told the Star. They arrived in late May.

Eleven of Makhtal’s relatives have now settled in Kitchener-Waterloo as government-assisted refugees. Three more are still to arrive.

‘Obviously, Canada continues to face difficulties in ensuring the safety of Mr. Makhtal himself,’ Mr. Neve said. ‘At least we do have the opportunity to try and ensure safety for these other family members.”

Now I am going to give you an excerpt from the Amnesty International letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on February 4, 2015. It surrounds the torture of Bashir. I am going to interject some (Take note: comments in brackets for your consideration.)

“During a visit with a family member in early January, 2015, Mr. Makhtal did provide information about torture and ill-treatment he says that he has experienced.  He made it clear to his relative that he was providing this information now because of the hopelessness and frustration he feels about his situation, with no prospects for his release or for any of the serious human rights violations he has experienced to be remedied.

(Note: the truth is his prospects had never been better. The Liberals were on the rise and Somali Muslims were exerting their push through them. As well, the Conservative government is documented as far back as 2009 with over 900 pages of efforts made on his behalf and as stated later: “Prime Minister, we realize that Canadian officials, including Minister Baird, have been active on Bashir Makhtal’s file for a number of years.” No, prospects were never better and the icing on the cake is that the events were in process to have the entire clamorous clan precede him to Canada.)

The information he has provided lays out allegations of torture or ill-treatment in both Kenya and Ethiopia. 

These allegations include:

  • Being beaten head to toe with a stick so severely that the pain would often cause him to fall down.
  • Often beaten with gun butts to cause greater pain.
  • Forced to lean against a wall with his hands tied behind his back and beaten on his exposed side whenever he fell to the ground.
  • Beatings to his testicles on some occasions.
  • Frequently lost consciousness, with difficulties seeing for several days after regaining consciousness.
  • Faced repeated demands to confess to being a member of the Ogaden National Liberation Front during beatings. 
  • Forced in a video recording, with a gun pointed to his head, to confess to involvement in smuggling weapons.
  • Held in an underground cell for several months.

Mr. Makhtal has told his relative that he faces a number of painful, even debilitating medical problems at this time.  He has already had surgery for a blood clot in his left leg.  He was not able to use his right shoulder for more than 2 ½ years.  He presently has severe pain and/or restricted movement in his left hip, right shoulder, back and neck.  He has not received attention for those problems.

(Note: What was claimed transpired and its testified results is not reflected in the physical condition of the man that presented himself at Toronto Pearson Airport. Further, with the claims of being denied medical treatment it leads one to wonder who performed the surgery on his blood clotted left leg. Perhaps it was simply a slip of the blade by the same Ethiopian whacko that bayoneted ‘his loved one Mulki’ as he scampered from camp to camp ‘hunting down all members of his family without an apparent reason’.

Am I too sarcastic for you? You will understand fully why I do not give sympathy or great credence to anything involving this Bashir Makhtal as the Money Bags Series emerges. As far as I am concerned, to whatever degree he was or was not tortured, is the degree to which he was justifiably deserving. No, I have no sympathy for this duplicitous bastard what so ever.)

Prime Minister, we realize that Canadian officials, including Minister Baird, have been active on Bashir Makhtal’s file for a number of years.  We are also aware that Canadian officials recently negotiated a possible prisoner transfer agreement with Ethiopian authorities, which might have resulted in Mr. Makhtal being transferred to serve his sentence in a Canadian prison.  We have been told that Mr. Makhtal declined that option because it would have necessitated accepting the validity of the charges and the sentence he has received and would have made it impossible for him to apply for any sort of parole release for at least another five years.  His hope and his demand continue to be that he be unconditionally released. 

We look to you Prime Minister to take up the recommendations for action we have outlined earlier in this letter.  Justice requires nothing less.

Sincerely, Alex Neve – Secretary General

(Note and retain these facts: a. The activity of Canadian officials.   b. The refusal of sentence transfer to Canada.  c. The reasons given for transfer refusal.  d. His continued demand to be unconditionally released.

By February 4, 2015 Bashir Makhtal was already anticipating his ‘cash grab’. What I shall show you from simple public Government, NGO and media records surrounding the above points will prove why I state this fact.)

 Sucker Shots for Islam By Human Rights Groups

The climate of creeping submission to Islam through ‘claimed Human Rights’ groups such as Amnesty International leads to their pathway of oppression and ultimate possession of Canada by sharia. Of those that were most vocal in 2015 only one was not fully Islamic agenda dominated. > Canadian human rights organizations urgently call for Bill C-51…

From Amnesty International campaigner Gloria Nafziger:

“After such a prolonged ordeal marked by grave injustices and concern of torture and medical problems, to see Bashir back on Canadian soil and reunited with his loved ones was a beautiful sight,” said Amnesty International campaigner Gloria Nafziger,

Beautiful for who Gloria? All the claims of torture and medical mistreatment simply do not fit the pictures of your smiling lying Islamist Bullshit Bashir at his Toronto Pearson photo-op.

Neither do the claims of the other cash grabbing jihadi fit the truth of the events surrounding them. So, we find many Muslims are lined up and waiting entry to the batters’ box for their whack at the cash. We will exemplify a couple for you.

But first, before you stop paying your taxes, in the case of Bashir it will be shown in Money Bags Two, the Bashir Crew have buggered up in their methodology. I do not believe they can ever achieve a cash grab through any format of ‘legal’ judicial decision.

But, perhaps a nation-wide tax revolt may be necessary to end the lunacy of the Islamic cash give away policies, eh?


We are going to utilize two examples from the multitude of cases where Muslims are currently trying to gain monetary compensation from the taxes of Canadians. They state that Canada owes them monetary compensation due to the ‘injustices they have suffered’ because Canada does not protect them, their religious beliefs and supposed ‘human rights’ when they fall short of law enforcement in their jihadi activities be such within or outside the nation.

In these examples we shall point to some of the ‘major elements found at play in the lives of all Muslims involved in bilking the Canadian taxpayers into funding their sharia’.

How Now Brown Cow?

We give you the case of the Jamaican Alvin Brown and his lawyer Jared Will pictured to the left. > Federal Court hearing landmark challenge on indefinite immigration detention  May 15,2017 Read the article in total, I will extract poignant bits from it and  make comments surrounding them for I am well aware most people are simply too time hassled or lazy to analyze anything in depth.

Brown came to Canada as a child with his family and lived here for more than three decades, pursuing an anti-social deviant lifestyle during this time for which he was removed last fall because of his series of criminal convictions. The most unique facet to the Alvin Brown case is that he does not appear to be tied into Islamic terrorism, while his circumstance aptly demonstrates the cash grab mentality that permeates the Government and Legal entities of this Nation.

What we have here at its basics are:

(1) More attempts to castrate the Security Certificate process that hinders rabid Islamists; for the Security Certificate is the base ground upon which authority for unlimited detention ultimately rests. There are many items in our Code that legislate extending detentions, but anything that impacts ‘extended detentions’ ultimately has affects upon the Security Certificate and this needs to be factored in at all levels of Legal Considerations for it affects the National security for all valid Canadian citizens.

There are some 450 to 500 people in detention in Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act at any given time.

As to the lawyer Jared Will “he argues the practice violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom protections against indefinite and arbitrary detention, as well as cruel and unusual treatment.”

He is going to have to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt and he is going to have to prove how a convicted serial recidivist criminal Alvin Brown deserves monetary compensation for instituting the actions that placed himself in the context of “indefinite and arbitrary detention” to begin with.

 May 16,2016 – Rest assured that Jared the Jester has a confidant in Nisha Toomey of the advocacy group ‘End Immigration Detention Network’ (EIDN)

Nisha Toomey points to the European Union and the United States for what he claims as more preferable standards than ours. “In the EU, detention is capped at six months with the possibility of extending to 18 months in certain cases. In the U.S., the period of presumptive release is six months, subject to exceptions, such as for dangerous individuals.”

“While the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia do not have prescribed maximum lengths for immigration detention, as stated by Ministry of Public Safety spokesperson Scott Bardsley.” 

The last thing that Canada wants to emulate are standards of the European Union. Look at the absolute mess and social chaos that exists through their immigration and detention policies.  

Now, the ensuring of proper medical care for detainees is both problematic and a priority with the Canadian Border Service Agency, but they undergo constant criticism for their efforts.

Toomey claims it to be a matter of life and death that the Immigration Detention system be eradicated or overhauled beyond recognition of sound internment practices.

The End Immigration Detention Network said across Canada 15 people have died in immigration detention while in CBSA custody since 2000. Two men held by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) died in two separate incidents in Ontario this spring, while a 24-year-old man detainee died at the Edmonton Remand Centre on Saturday. But, we are not told what the causes of the deaths were. They could have been deaths due to knifings over drug deals gone wrong or some format of ethnic cultural hatred.

“Anthony Navaneelan, the staff lawyer at the Refugee Law Office at Legal Aid Ontario, and Dr. Michaela Beder, a psychiatrist at St. Michael’s Hospital, urged the CBSA last week to stop putting detainees with serious physical and mental health problems in prisons, which they say is not appropriate for treatment.”

But the fact is that detainees are first and foremost prisoners until the conditions necessary to void their detainment are satisfied. A second fact is that only the jails have the full medical facilities that prisoners by all definitions require. Even the EIDN rep “Navaneelan said he has represented detainees with serious health problems who have been moved from immigration holding centres, where there is limited medical care, to provincial jails, where there are full medical facilities.”

All detainees are assessed by medical professionals as soon as possible after they are admitted to an Immigration Holding Centre (IHC) in Toronto.  CBSA spokesman for the Greater Toronto Area, Travis O’Brien, confirmed the agency places immigration detainees with serious health problems in jails to enable them to receive proper medical care. “If a detainee’s condition is not able to be adequately handled in the lower risk environment of a CBSA IHC, a detainee may be transferred to a provincial jail with dedicated on-site medical and mental health support. In addition, detainees held within correctional facilities have access to that facility’s health care services, including mental health support.”

So, what is the Navaneelan big whine about seeing detainee prisoners receiving the best physical and mental medical care the CBSA can provide? This service provision is good enough for the general population of Canadian Inmates. So why is it not good enough for the Navaneelan mob?

“He said detainees, when moved to jails, end up being treated as criminals.”

No, they end up being treated as the prisoners they are in need of the best medical services they can get. Among these services are many ones they would not provide for themselves if they were not in the detainee-prisoner position.

The only realistic problem that exists is the communication process of detainees in dealing with their representatives. CBSA rep O’Brien confirmed detainees are not given much notice and no written reasons for their transfer. “When feasible, i.e. during regular business hours, the detainee will be verbally informed immediately prior to transfer. The detainee is not provided with written reasons for transfer,” he said.

I am not certain if it would even be legal for non-medical personnel involved in these transfers to fully inform the individual of the medical reason for their transfer. Dependent upon degree of medical seriousness it could place the detainee-prisoner under undue duress and is best left to the medical intake professionals at the receiving jail.

But, given the volume of business and logistics involved in the transfer process an inmate-detainee and their representatives can be temporarily out of locational contact. This time lag is not some mysterious attempt to deny the incarcerated individual rights in any manner, and certainly not to place them incommunicado.

“Detained individuals can speak to a CBSA officer about any aspect of their detention. The officer is available by phone for any facility and also conducts regular site visits.”

O’Brien said individuals may raise concerns with the Immigration and Refugee Board when it reviews their detention and with officials from the Canadian Red Cross and the UNHCR.”

In July 12,2016 a group of immigration detainees went on a hunger strike at two Ontario prisons and demanded to meet Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

The detainees are calling for an end to indefinite detentions in maximum security prisons and are protesting prison conditions that include lockdowns and solitary confinement.

Goodale never gave in to the demanded meeting. But as part of his ‘investigation’ he met with the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

He said under a federal-provincial agreement that the ministry has with the CBSA, detainees may be held at provincial correctional centres while they are waiting examination, inquiry or removal under federal immigration legislation.

The End Immigration Detention Network advocacy group states that if the country of origin refuses to issue travel documents for detainees ordered deported it places such persons in a legal limbo that perpetuates immigration detention.  “Sharmeen Khan, a member of End Immigration Detention Network, said Minister Goodale must meet with the detainees, and commit to upholding international norms and basic human rights by ending immigration detention.”

Who is this person to think that the EIDN can command or demand a Canadian Cabinet Minister do anything? This organization is full of people with Pakistani and Somali pipe dreams and cultural objectives that serve the cause of Islam.

The fact is CBSA is required to consider all reasonable alternatives before detaining someone. “Under Canadian law, detention is only allowed when: identity is not certain, there is a flight risk or a danger for the public.

The CBSA has said it transfers detainees to jails when they are considered high risk. That includes detainees who have criminal backgrounds, outstanding charges, a history of violence, are an escape risk, or pose a danger to themselves or others.”

Alvin Brown has a criminal background, a history of violence and poses a danger to others. He is a convicted criminal and need remain behind bars no matter how long it may take in dealing with a Jamaican government that is stalling from assuming responsibility for what they have exported.

 (2) The standardized whines about how someone has been the victim of their social upbringing which is the cause of their deviant behavior; is touted to draw emotional response that affects public opinion.

“Will said Brown had also been battling addiction and mental health issues.” He certainly lost the battle with his addictions, but as to his mental health issues as a cause of behavior or reason for claimed mishandling by his Canadian keepers – stick it where the sun does not shine. The man Brown would have offed himself long ago if there was any serious intent of doing so. He does have personality disorders but the greatest of the lot is the fact he is a ‘con man’ that will never leave his chosen lifestyle.

The so called medical professionals dealing with him are to large degree the victims of their own definitional game playing. They cannot admit misdiagnosis at any point without jeopardizing their own chosen careers. The length of detention has nothing to do with the choice to pursue their careers by either the Pros or Cons.

But Jared Will and his ilk play to the emotional crowd and the Pros to elevate the indefinite detention to being the greatest boogie man in the basket of creating potential mental and health issues for detainees.

“We talk to people in this situation and the first thing they tell you is that the hardest part is that they don’t know how long they’re going to be there — day after day after day without knowing,” said Will.

 (3) The claims that the host society has failed and is failing the complainant/complainants; are shallow and manipulative.

“Brown had first languished behind bars because of a series of delays by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Jamaican authorities in processing his deportation.” Not quite the case. Brown had first languished behind bars for his criminal activities a long-time precedent to becoming an indefinite detainee. No action or lack of action on the part of Canada created this animal and the indefinite detention lies squarely with the Jamaican non-compliance with issuing necessary transfer permissibility documents.

Brown was given access to the same rights and provisions as any other Canadian and he chose to shit on them. Because he is a black immigrant does not make him some special class of person, one that should be handled differently. As to his rights, the only right he has is to remain in immigration detention until Jamaica issues his papers of return.

It is time to end this special status issue surrounding immigrants and boot the lawbreakers rapidly out in the direction they entered from. The alternative is to whine along with Kimora Adetunji about the circus of the CBSA and indefinite detention. This immigrant is married to a man who is a current detainee being held in Toronto. “Her husband is now in detention after coming to Canada without authorization and has been held for the past nine months.”

The simple fact is he came to Canada without authorization, he was breaking the law at his time of entry and his nature has been established. 

He is inadmissible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and his criminal nature, just like that of Alvin Brown poses a danger to the law and order and good public governance.

The detention practices of Canada have come under fire by the United Nations Human Rights Committee comprised of persons representing the worst of offenders. It is not a human right that persons are knowingly able to violate the laws of our land.

Like all detainees, Adetunji’s husband undergoes a review by the Immigration and Refugee Board every month as final analysis takes place.

“Every 30 days, it’s the same answer,” she said. “It’s almost as if it’s a circus, that we’re going there just so that they can say they offered him the opportunity to have a detention review.”

And Adetunji says that unless the practice ends, her life and that of her husband remain in limbo.

My recommendation is that Adetunji does not counsel Canadians to accept or practice violation of Immigration laws as does her soul mate. I believe the best course for her is to follow her lawbreaking husband back to Jamaica where they can limbo together in marital bliss. The activity might help her drop some needless weight.

Chubby Checker ~ Limbo Rock (1962)

 “Last August, amid mounting pressure to respond to concerns about the practice, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced $138 million would go toward improving Canada’s immigration detention centres, which have been criticized for being understaffed and subjecting detainees to significant periods under lockdown saying detention should be a last resort. 

Will said that was “certainly not a welcome response.”

“When you have the problem of people being detained for too long and under arbitrary and cruel conditions, to spend more money so that you expand your capacity to detain people isn’t exactly a solution to the problem,” he said.

And, I say ‘surely you are becoming the Court Jester Jared’.  What solution to the problem of necessary detention of criminals is there in paying them a per diem for the necessary detention that was created through their own activities?

(4) We have the presence of lawyers and/or judiciary with inordinate concern surrounding their own ‘career pathways’ or personal social bias rather than the administration of justice to maximum benefit of our Nation.

“A challenge to Canada’s immigration laws gets underway in Federal Court in Toronto today, with lawyers for a man held for years before his deportation to Jamaica arguing that indefinite immigration detention violated his constitutional rights and those of hundreds of others.

Alvin Brown, 40, spent five years in maximum-security provincial jails before he was deported last fall.

His lawyers, including Jared Will, launched the landmark constitutional challenge two years ago, calling on the government to justify the practice of indefinite immigration detention.

Monday’s case is believed to be the first-ever charter challenge to the practice, according to Will.”


Our Court Jester Jared has a fervor for establishing his name as the #1 Indefinite Immigration Detention Dragon Slayer in Canada.

Last month, the Ontario Superior Court freed one of Will’s clients who was one of Canada’s longest-serving detainees.

Kashif Ali, a West African man who had no documentation and had amassed a string of convictions dating back to the 1990s, found himself in legal limbo in detention for some seven years. 

In his ruling, Justice Ian Nordheimer’s called Ali’s ordeal “unacceptable,” rejecting the notion that his convictions were grounds for ongoing detention.

If Brown’s detention/s resulted from his serial convictions that were justifiable rulings and his ultimate sentence was to be detention until deportation, then I would say making a statement ‘rejecting the notion that his convictions were grounds for ongoing detention’ demands for true full justice that Ian Nordheimer’s Noodle be examined.

As well, calling Ali’s ordeal “unacceptable” is unacceptable. His actions and reactions were the precipitators of events that essentially foisted him upon his own petard.

and (5) There always arises the claim that the purported victim is due verbal, physical redress and monetary compensation;

But by September 7, 2016 we are informed  Jamaican Alvin Brown finally deported but damages urged for his 5-year immigration detention    Sept 7 2016

“Alvin Brown, a mentally-ill Jamaican man, was finally deported Wednesday but is seeking $1,500 a day for every day of his five years in Canadian immigration detention.”

The media and/or Jared Will are continuously trying to mask the fact that the necessity of the detention of Alvin Brown and his deportation was/are simply because of his criminal activities in Canada. The ploy of mental illness being anyway a cause for, or a reason for detention for the deportation that occurred is in no manner acceptable. And it is despicable to try to employ it as some format of ‘emotional leverage’ to claim this criminal has any right to monetary compensation for how he was and is being handled by the Government of Canada. 

“A mentally ill man finally deported to Jamaica on Wednesday deserves compensation because his five years in immigration detention was inhumane, illegal and violated his rights, his lawyer told an Ontario court.

In seeking compensation for Alvin Brown, lawyer Jared Will accused Canada Border Services Agency of negligence in removing his client from Canada.  

The upshot, Will said, was that the deportation took “exponentially longer” than should have been the case. 

“It should have taken no more than a year for the CBSA to have deported Mr. Brown,” Will told Superior Court Justice Alfred O’Marra.   Where does this bozo get the audacity to define length of time necessary to ensure threats to Canadian National Security are handled appropriately? The ‘exponentially longer deportation’ took exactly the path events necessitated it follow. And the only thing that is ‘rising or expanding at a steady and usually rapid rate’ is the attempts of cash grab lawyers like Will to burrow deeply into the public coffers.

“It was cruel and unusual to detain Mr. Brown, who had mental health issues, for nearly five years.”     No, it was not cruel.  Detention was necessary due to the actions of the Jamaican authorities, the cause of the delay. Detention was necessary because Brown was a convicted criminal. Brown was being deported because he was a criminal, not because he had ‘mental health issues’.

Brown, 40, a father of six who suffers from schizophrenia, came to Canada as a child more than three decade ago. His purported illness certainly did not slow him down in spewing his sperm to further disadvantage of Canada.

The government stripped him of his permanent residency after a series of convictions, most of them drug and weapons related. He was released from criminal custody in early 2011 but border agents detained him months later for violating release conditions.

However, Jamaica refused to issue travel documents and Brown remained in maximum-security detention branded a flight risk and a danger to the public. And, for certain he was both, but Will claims he should not have been ‘treated like a criminal’.

“After completing his sentence, he continued to be treated like a criminal,” Will told the court. “Mr. Brown’s charter rights were violated. He is entitled to a remedy.” 

Brown is seeking damages of $1,500 for each day of his incarceration. He is a recidivist criminal that deserves nothing but a parachute dump back into Jamaica. He is not cooperating with Border Services and no false information was ever given to the Jamaican Consulate so they could keep Brown in Canada. Why would they act in such a stupid manner as to keep a stench present they were wanting to be rid of? There was no undue delay in deporting Brown. It was just events dictating passage of time.

“Brown, who began to believe he would never be released, was finally put on a plane Wednesday morning bound for Montego Bay, Will said.”

But, the legal stupidities continue onward through men like Justice O’Marra and Jared Will who certainly appear to have vested interest in the How Now Brown Cash Cow. Hearings are now underway to get at some cash and legal prominence. As to these two:  “I’m glad not to see Mr. Brown here,” O’Marra remarked on entering the courtroom.”Mr. Brown is probably enjoying his view of the southern Appalachian Mountains,” Will replied.

The current hearing was made possible by an Ontario Appeal Court ruling last year that provincial courts have jurisdiction to hear detention cases arising out of immigration law.

In an effort to force changes, Will has also filed an application in Federal Court that seeks to argue a decision to keep him behind bars in January 2015 was unconstitutional.

The group, End Immigration Detention Network, is also seeking to intervene in the judicial review.

All the bozos are trying to change the immigration detention format for reasons of their own design. The only positive thing is that Jamaica’s blockage of travel transfer documents ended for whatever reason and Bandido Brown is out of the country.

When Ontario’s top court ruled in 2015 that provincial courts have jurisdiction to hear immigration detention matters it was to large degree simply a matter of passing onward a ‘political hot egg’ for handling. Ask yourself why the Federal Court judges who normally deal with immigration matters wanted to be out of the limelight?

As to CBSA and detainees? We have hundreds in detention in Canada waiting to get their turn in the batter’s box.

But we will briefly example our next bird that has the bat firmly in his beak.

Hassan Diab, our man with the beak was extradited to France in 2014, where he spent three years in prison on terrorism charges that were later dropped. Do not assume this droppage was proof he is not a terrorist. For years French authorities have been linking him to a 1980 bombing targeting a Paris synagogue and the French government is still pushing to put him on trial.

Canada can’t abide ‘parallel societies’ or any elements of Islam with its terrorist exponents within our borders. Read the links, but do not get sidetracked by the complexity and multiplicity of emotional bunny trails that prod you. This Ottawa university professor fits the profile of a terrorist like many others embedded in the Canadian educational system.

I am going to leave you with some links and a few pointers subsequent for consideration and a reminder that it is the case of Bashir Ahmed Makhtal that is ultimately being focused upon.


From an internal memo obtained by CBC News it is stated a senior Canadian Department of Justice lawyer made behind the scenes efforts to ensure the extradition of Hassan Diab, at a time when it appeared the French extradition case was falling apart.

“The confidential memo suggests that Diab would never have been extradited if not for the efforts of a specialized division of Canada’s Department of Justice known as the International Assistance Group.”

The claimed villain in this effort is Claude LeFrançois, a senior counsel with the IAG, that not only wrote the memo, but also obtained a series of court delays that gave France the time it needed to find the evidence that was ultimately dropped.

LeFrançois started a secret process in the fall of 2009 when Diab’s defence team undermined key evidence in the French case connecting Diab to the bombing that killed four and injured dozens. Try gathering evidence out of this mess.

The key evidence concerned was writings believed connecting to the bomber and finger prints on items at the scene of carnage. France was leaning heavily on analysis by two handwriting experts who claimed there was a link between Diab’s writing and that of the Paris bomber.

But in October 2009, Diab’s legal team produced contrary reports from four international handwriting experts questioning both the methods and conclusions of the French experts. But LeFrançois had also asked for fingerprints felt to be those of the main bombing suspects to be sent to the RCMP for analysis. The fingerprint analysis did not match with prints of Diab.

All of this evidence presented is in no manner conclusive that Diab was not integral in developing the plot and in fact he could have masterminded the affair. The leaders in such matters never sacrifice themselves and it is just too convenient that he has an alibi that places him no where Paris on the fate filled day. Conflicting reports state that “he was in Munich at the University the day the bomb went off”. And, “Diab was born in Lebanon, and at the time of the Paris bombing, he was actually studying in Beirut.” 

 A seemingly convenient alibi and automatic assumption for ‘oh, he couldn’t have done it’. But, he certainly could have implemented it all.

When the French court ordered the case against Diab dropped due to lack of evidence showing hands-on participation by the Dubious Diab, the prosecution was quick to protest.

France appealed Diab’s release and prosecutors are determined to try him for the 1980 attack, even if they have to do it in absentia. It would seem there must be evidence linking Diab to the ‘hands-on crew’ for them to take such a tack.

July 8,2018 we are supposed to know if France will be granted the right of Diab extradition once again to face charges raised against him.

If Diab is innocent I suggest he and Bullshit Bayne take the initiative and he travels to France to boldly face his accusers. This is too simple a solution to ending the legal haggles over ‘court appearance’ and patterns of ‘media manipulation’ evidenced in this case.

But, the truly innocent ultimately have nothing to fear for democratic laws are made for the lawless and not for needless punishment of the innocent. I do not believe Diab is innocent and that ultimately, I shall be justified completely in this statement.


Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will closely monitor an internal Department of Justice review of Hassan Diab’s extradition on terrorism charges to ensure the Canadian university professor “gets the answers he deserves,” a government official with direct knowledge of the file told CBC News.

“It is pretty clear that what happened to Hassan Diab never should have happened in the first place,” the official said.

“We are going to be watching very closely and asking tough questions.”   

Why are these sources from within Government never named? Are they dhimmi whistle blowers with agenda of their own? And, it will only be clear why Diab was in the lenses to begin with, after France tries the man in absentia if necessary.

As to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland stating the Diab case is important to look into. Why? Why does she exhibit such personal concern? It appears her anti-Semitic and Muslim leanings are exhibiting themselves in her too obvious concern for the anti-Semite Diab.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War.

Ms. Freeland, who has paid tribute to her maternal grandparents in articles and books, helped edit a scholarly article in the Journal of Ukrainian Studies in 1996 that revealed her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi propagandist for Krakow News.”

Then again, it may simply be lust to become Diab’s second wife at the root of Frightful Freeland’s frenzy of Islamic bent overtures. According to official Government sources: “(Freeland) is personally very seized with ensuring that Mr. Diab receives the answers that she feels he deserves from the government about their role in his ordeal,” the government official said.

The extent of Freeland’s efforts to monitor the review may inadvertently expose internal dynamics of the Trudeau government in their effort to facilitate Islamic fundamentalists. For example, “Diab’s wife Rania Tfaily and his lawyer Donald Bayne have consistently credited Freeland with trying to secure Diab’s release and return to Canada. Freeland has personally raised Diab’s case with French officials on several occasions since 2016, when she was serving as International Trade minister.”

How can Diab and crew possible say ‘Canada was somehow involved in prolonging his ordeal before the French courts’ when they have consistently credited Canadian officials with trying to secure his release?

They now want a public inquiry and not an internal review by the Justice Department.

“If it’s limited to an internal review they are asking the wrong people. This has to be a broad-based inquiry,” says Bayne. “Canada failed him.”

And once again we hear the “Canada failed him” utterance as Bayne now slithers toward the money bags along with Jared Will et al.  “His lawyer, Donald Bayne, perhaps best known for defending Senator Mike Duffy, worked on Diab’s case pro bono for nine years. Bayne estimates he has given Diab nearly $1 million worth in legal services for free.” And Bullshit Bayne believes his long-term investment will now payout.

The thrust for cash is always justified as due because ‘it’s time to change the law to prevent this from happening to innocent Canadians again.’ This is all part of the legal smoke screen surrounding people neither innocent or deserving of the title of being Canadian.

Canada to reconsider Extradition Act in wake of Diab case

“Upon his return to Canada, Hassan Diab could not have been clearer; he doesn’t want “a penny” of compensation, “not even to buy a cup of coffee.”

Instead, the former university professor said, “my main mission for the time being is to help get rid of the existing — I call it lousy — extradition law.”

This claim to now be championing a just cause is typical and stating he doesn’t want a penny of compensation rings of Adil Charkaoui who only wanted to clear his name, but headed for the money bags like a rat after cheese.

Hassan Diab, Canadian university professor once charged with terrorism in France, is back in Canada

Calls for a public inquiry, compensation and an apology ring forth from Amnesty International, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

Given the revelations that Canadian government lawyers may be directly implicated in the shortcomings, failures and possible wrongdoing that led to his extradition, they are screaming about a miscarriage of justice that can only be stemmed by a hemorrhage of taxpayer’s cash.

But of dire necessity there appears in these Matters Muslim the call to change extradition procedures and thus effectively secure the safety of jihadi remaining in Canada unimpeded. International terrorism, perpetrated specifically by groups based in the Middle East, was birthed for long term deployments by dedicated Islamists such as Diab.

 Extradition could happen to anyone, says professor fighting for…

A professor who is fighting to change what he calls Canada’s flawed extradition law says any Canadian could fall victim to it.

“It could be someone who goes on vacation to a tropical destination or it could be a businessperson who operates in various other countries in the world,” said Robert Currie, a professor of law at Dalhousie University.

“It could literally be anyone. It doesn’t have to be Hassan Diab, who was living abroad in 1980,” Currie said.

Not so Robert Currie. Not everyone is named after the grandson of the prophet Muhammad and espouses the hard-core beliefs of the Qu’ran that promote jihad and advance of sharia. Mr. Currie, you have to qualify yourself in one form or another to even be considered a candidate for extradition. 

Whatever, read on me hearties before they extradite you to a remote cabin off the backroads of Northern Saskatchewan:   http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/extradition-arrest-canada-diab-1.4683289

 Read more about Hassan Diab’s ordeal and the toll it took on his body, mind and family

You certainly need to read this polished propaganda ploy in behalf of the sympathy bid for poor Harassed Hassan. The write-up by David Cochrane and Lisa Laventure published May 1, 2018 is a prime example of agenda laden, nauseating descriptive narrative with a dash of false news and side-show drama tossed in to distort good judgement in full measure. They certainly made good use of photographs to color the mind. Try this wee verbal taste of their fare.

“He had been promised the opportunity to say goodbye to his family. To tell Rania that he loved her. To wish his daughter a happy birthday. To assure them that he would see them both soon. None of that happened.

“What more can you lose? If you lose these things, there’s nothing left in life.”

Golly gosh my dynamic duo. Tell that to the Muslim suicide bombers and see if it slows them down in their ‘la bomba pursuits’. It would not have stopped them in 1980 and it certainly has not stopped them since.

As to Hassan Diab missing the birth of his son Jad, his daughter Jena’s birthdays and his father going to his death while he was incarcerated? Who gives a damn what this sharia laden bozo missed? It is stated he hasn’t been able to work since his arrest in 2008 and I pray he never gets to work in Canada again.




In 2017 Omar Khadr, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Muayyed Nureddin all received millions in monetary compensation and apologies from Canadian officials over their claimed unlawful arrests, imprisonments and torture.

The money should never have been paid, nor the apologies given. Such also was the ineptitude in the government dealings with Adil Charkaoui. But it is in the case of his terrorist buddy Sifian Abdelrazik that I believe we may be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t think the Muslims are going to get a slice of the of the 27 Million-dollar Abdelrazik Dollar Mania pie that was being baked up in the legal system.

In this link >  http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/abdelrazik-settlement-talks-1.4621700  we are told a planned mediation session to come up with an out-of-court settlement for Abdelrazik was abruptly called off by the federal government one day before it could start. The two sides had formally agreed to take the mediation route in September 2017 and settlement discussions with Abdelrazik had progressed to a full-fledged mediation conference.

The Abdelrazik lawsuit, which personally cites former Conservative foreign affairs minister Lawrence Cannon, will now hear opening arguments in Federal Court on Sept. 14,2018.

Why the sudden change? Basically, it was Jihad Justin’s attempt to try to institute some damage control as the obvious fate of the Ontario Liberals under Lesbian Line Dancer Wynne stated loudly the Canadian desire to be shed of him. The Canadian public is finally tired of his kowtowing to terrorists and they will make him feel their fury for the damages he has done to the nation.

The collective pay-out of $31.25 million through ‘agreed to Ottawa settled lawsuits’ involving Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin did not jibe with Canadians surrounding the reality of these men and events entailed.

“An Angus Reid poll, conducted in the aftermath of the Khadr settlement, found an overwhelming majority of Canadians opposed the Khadr deal and thought it would have been better for the federal government to fight it out in court.

A former CSIS analyst who worked counter-terrorism cases at CSIS and Public Safety said previous lawsuit settlements in cases where links to terror groups were alleged went over like a “lead balloon” with the public.”

So, thank God that Trudeau’s lead balloon is now going to fall squarely upon his traitorous Liberal facade.




With all the ‘political depth of a fingerbowl’ Trudeau continues to loot and plunder the public coffers in behalf of Islamic terrorists and a ‘global government’.

The Canadian way of life is being threatened. To determine with finality which way the 2019 election goes there must be a strong change of mindset, otherwise the nation will slide onward in a rapid progression towards an oppressive global government.

Under the guise of foreign aid, the Liberal Government continues to demonstrate that the needs of all other countries precede those of Canada. Under pretense of humanitarian altruism millions are sent to rebuild foreign infrastructures, but the funds end up supporting terrorists.

At the same time our military is left in a position of supply attrition and our veterans being told they are “asking too much” while trying to meet their basic needs.

As to the average Canadian family, Trudeau’s intention never has been to help the people he was elected to serve. This is what he is doing to families. > http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/vulnerable-record-checks-act-improperly-applied-1.4651608   He prefers to parade the world showing off his socks and taking selfies as Canadian children are going to bed molested and hungry at night.

More families are being forced to food banks and homeless shelters as the Trudeau government implements programs to “re-integrate” ISIS members and protect their rights in Canada. He will not stop until we stop him completely.

All this is a sign we no longer control what happens in Ottawa under Trudeau.

A vote of no-confidence in Trudeau and his removal from leadership is not sufficient. He needs to be made an example for the world of what Canada truly represents and what Canadian justice is supposed to mean.

The problem that we now face is one of getting him into the safety of a jail cell before some brain damaged left wing, right wing or brain dead central extremist eradicates the man. He would then become a martyr figure and that would be an indignity that Canada should not have to encompass in any manner.






In the case of Bashir Makhtal, you will see present the major ‘elements’ at play as in the lives of other ‘Get Your Cash-In Canada’ for international jihadi characters.

Read his ‘Home on the Range’ propaganda push to get a start. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/bashir-makhtal-ethiopia-prison-canada-home-1.4630222



His Home Is at Best Somalia and Not Canada

And this is the Bashir Ahmed Makhtal returned to Toronto April 21,2018 and looking for his Trudeau Treat of Cash to enact a Muslim jihadi’s delights. He had been under Ethiopian detention for some eleven years.

The man originally fled Africa for Canada as a refugee in 1991 and became a Canadian citizen three years later.   

In 2002 he returned to the region he fled from to open ‘business’. He moved back to the Horn of Africa to conduct a clothing business, which operated from Dubai, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti.

Bashir Makhtal claims that he was in Somalia simply doing clothing business in 2006 when the Ethiopian military invaded Somalia to oust the Islamic Court Union. He fled to the Kenyan border for safety and was captured there by Kenyan authorities on December 30, 2006.

He was questioned in Nairobi and then extradited without any formal extradition proceedings.

He was accused of being a ringleader of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and ultimately charged with and convicted of multiple counts of terrorism in Ethiopia during July of 2009.

We must now give some Background on His Running to Canadian Safety in 1991.


A Family of Dedicated Muslims

Bashir Ahmed Makhtal is a Somali Muslim, but his family is originally from the Ogaden region of Ethiopia,  so technically he was and is an Ethiopian.

The Ogaden region of Ethiopia is/was comprised of an ethnic enclave of Somalians that were negatively embroiled in the political affairs of Ethiopia. The life of Makhtal is interwoven with the Islamic separatist movement that evolved in Ogaden and you can read about its messy growth through this link > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogaden_National_Liberation_Front

Ethiopian authorities believed Makhtal was flying under the ONLF flag above. They believed him an active member of this Islamic independence movement and in 2007 he was arrested by the Ethiopians and placed in detention. We shall provide a synopsis of why and how this took place.

In July 1977, the Ogaden War broke out after the government of President of Somalia Siad Barre sought to incorporate the predominantly Somali-inhabited Ogaden region into a Pan-Somali Greater Somalia.

It is known that long precedent to the 2007 Arrest and Detention his grandfather was a founder of a separatist movement, the Ogaden National Liberation Front made up of ethnic Somalis within Ethiopia who wanted independence from Ethiopia.

It is also known members of the Makhtal family clan fled to Somalia proper in 1972 to avoid persecution of the ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian ‘social realities’ following help explain the why.



Addis Ababa has been the capital of Ethiopia since 1886.

Ethiopia has always been ‘turbulent’ and the early 20th century in Ethiopia was marked by the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I, who came to power after Iyasu V was deposed. In 1935, Haile Selassie’s troops fought and lost the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, after which point Italy annexed Ethiopia to Italian East Africa.  Haile Selassie subsequently appealed to the League of Nations, delivering an address that made him a worldwide figure and 1935’s Time magazine Man of the Year.  Following the entry of Italy into World War II, British Empire forces, together with patriot Ethiopian fighters, liberated Ethiopia in the course of the East African Campaign in 1941.

Haile Selassie’s reign came to an end in 1974, when a Soviet-backed Marxist-Leninist military junta, called the Derg led by Mengistu Haile Mariam, deposed him, and established a one-party communist state, which was called the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

In July 1977, the Ogaden War broke out after the government of President of Somalia Siad Barre sought to incorporate the predominantly Somali-inhabited Ogaden region into a Pan-Somali Greater Somalia. By September 1977, the Somali army controlled 90% of the Ogaden, but was later forced to withdraw after Ethiopia’s Derg received assistance from the USSRCubaSouth YemenEast Germany and North Korea, including around 15,000 Cuban combat troops.

In 1989, the Tigrayan Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) merged with other ethnically based opposition movements to form the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and eventually managed to overthrow Mengistu’s dictatorial regime in 1991. A transitional government, composed of an 87-member Council of Representatives and guided by a national charter that functioned as a transitional constitution, was then set up. The first free and democratic election took place later in 1995, when Ethiopia’s longest-serving Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was elected to office. As with other nations in the Horn region, Ethiopia maintained its historically close relations with countries in the Middle East during this period of change. Zenawi died in 2012, but his Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) party remains the ruling political coalition in Ethiopia.

This is the generalized Ethiopian world that our infamous ‘used clothing merchant’ was dressed in while conducting ‘his business’.



Some notable factors surrounding the used clothing business generated here are intertwined with matters surrounding Eritrean freedom of religion and human rights.

The Eritrean government is against what it deems as “reformed” or “radical” versions of its established religions. And by its 2017 religious freedom report, the U.S. State Department named Eritrea a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) with respect to both religious freedom and human rights.

Religion in Eritrea

From the time of Makhtal’s return to business in 2002 there is evidenced advance of Islam in Eritrea.

Since May 2002, the government of Eritrea has officially recognized the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Oriental Orthodox), Sunni Islam, the Eritrean Catholic Church , and the Evangelical Lutheran church. All other faiths and denominations are required to undergo a registration process. Among other things, the government’s registration system requires religious groups to submit personal information on their membership to be allowed to worship.

In 2011 the US Department of State estimated the religious groups influence as: Christianity 50% and Islam as 48%, with others comprising 2%.  The 2% contains other religions, including traditional faiths and animism.

What is notable in this is the gain of Islam from 36% in 2010 and the decline of Christianity from 63%. 

Human Rights

Eritrea is a one-party state in which national legislative elections have been repeatedly postponed. According to Human Rights Watch, the government’s human rights record is considered among the worst in the world. Most Western countries have accused the Eritrean authorities of arbitrary arrest and detentions, and of detaining an unknown number of people without charge for their political activism. However, the Eritrean government has continually dismissed the accusations as politically motivated.

Since Eritrea’s conflict with Ethiopia in 1998–2001, the nation’s human rights record has been criticized at the United Nations. Human rights violations are allegedly often committed by the government or on behalf of the government. Freedom of speechpressassembly, and association are limited. Those who practice “unregistered” religions, try to flee the nation, or escape military duty are arrested and put into prison. During the Eritrean independence struggle and 1998 Eritrean-Ethiopian War, many atrocities were also committed by the Ethiopian authorities against unarmed Eritrean civilians.

In June 2016, a 500-page United Nations Human Rights Council report accused Eritrea’s government of extrajudicial executions, torture, indefinitely prolonged national service and forced labour, and indicated that sexual harassment, rape and sexual servitude by state officials are also widespread. Thus it was asserted that EU funding for development would not continue as at present without change in Eritrea. The Eritrean Foreign Ministry responded by describing the Commission’s report as “wild allegations” which were “totally unfounded and devoid of all merit”. Several countries also disputed the report’s language and accuracy, including the US and China.

After Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia all Eritreans between 18 and 40 years were required to complete a mandatory national service, which includes military service. Eritrea’s national service requires long, indefinite conscription, which some Eritreans leave the country in order to avoid.

In 2006 Eritrean government officials and NGO representatives participated in many public meetings and dialogues defining human rights and communal rights. In 2007, the Eritrean government banned female genital mutilation. In Regional Assemblies and religious circles, Eritreans themselves speak out continuously against the use of female circumcision. They cite health concerns and individual freedom as being of primary concern when they say this. Furthermore, they implore rural peoples to cast away this ancient cultural practice. In 2009, a movement called Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea formed to create dialogue between the government and political opposition. The group consists of ordinary citizens and some people close to the government.

Bashir Makhtal in Eritrea

The Ethiopian court said it found Makhtal guilty of being a member of the ONLF militants and working with the Eritrean government to organize the financing, recruiting and training tasks for the ONLF. According to the Canadian media Globe and Mail, Makhtal’s family said he made “an extended business trip” to several countries, including Dubai and Eritrea. However, there were no strictly Somali businesses in Eritrea and an ‘official’ Somali community did not exist in the Eritrean state, except for some Somalis of the Ogaden sub-clan training for the ONLF rebel group.

There was however a very strong Somali influence in Eritrea, and this was not the first time Eritrea was accused of supporting militants fighting against Ethiopia and other neighbors. The Bush administration, the Obama administration, the African Union (AU) as well as the United Nations (UN) have accused Eritrea of financing, arming and training anti-government militants in the horn of Africa.

It was the business of the ONLF that Bashir Makhtal was about in the Horn of Africa that he had originally fled from.

Canada Between 1991 and His 2002 Returning to His African Home Base

He studied computers at the DeVry Institute of Technology, a private trade school, and completed a Bachelors degree in Texas. He then managed to work for the Bank of Montreal and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.


‘The Rags Man’ 2001 – 2006

In 2001 Makhtal Returned to ‘A No Canadian Go Zone’ to establish ‘business’.  He could have remained in the Canadian finance industry but instead chose to return to the ‘war zone’ area he had once fled from.

The civil wars, ethnic tribal fights and Islamic incursions had for a long time been underway in the United Arab Emirates and areas of Africa where Makhtal chose to do business.  He moved back to the Horn of Africa to open his clothing business, operating from Dubai, Eritrea, Kenya and Somalia.

Bashir Ahmed Makhtal would describe himself as a simple used clothing dealer centered in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife Aziza Osman and making frequent business trips into Somalia. He traveled under the pretext of selling clothes to support himself and family. He exhibited no fear in returning to this turbulent arena and making it the focal point for his ‘business interests’.

Bashir was simply exhibiting the characteristics of a dedicated sectarian Islamist prepared to sacrifice his life for sharia. They disguise, establish and follow pretexts for travel allowing advancement of their international sharia pursuits. And it appears Bashir was good at his business for it was only his flight from the war assistance given by Ethiopia to Somalia that accidentally trapped him while going about his ‘business’.

The 2006 Capture

When Ethiopia militarily intervened in Somalia in 2006 to help the Transitional government against radical Islamist insurgents, all Canadians in the country were advised to flee the impending war. Bashir had the additional stimulus of his ONLF activities spurring him onward. Makhtal flew to neighbouring Kenya but was arrested during the flight and during three weeks of detention in Nairobi was granted access to attorney Haron Ndubi and managed to get messages to his relatives. He then was allegedly illegally renditioned to the Ethiopian-backed government in Somalia, and from there directly to Ethiopia.

When the Ethiopians were finally able to go after him in 2006 they also sought out his extended Somali family, forcing some 12 relatives to flee to a refugee camp in Kenya. 



Kenya was not the best place for anyone to be heading for at this time due to the corruption and rising levels of crime in the country. By November 2008 the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) reported that it appeared to be the official policy of the political leadership and police to sanction forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings

This did not however stop the United Nations from pouring great sums into refugee camps within Kenya. To some degree the UN personnel were as corrupt as the country they were facilitating.

A further factor at odds with the Makhtal Muslim Mob was that the majority of Kenya’s inhabitants were followers of Christianity (83%) and the Muslims comprised about 11%. There is one Jewish synagogue in the country located at Nairobi and Kenya has the highest number of Quakers in the world, with around 133,000 members. In addition, there is a large Hindu population in Kenya (around 300,000), who have played a key role in the local economy; they are mostly of Indian origin.

Of the total Muslim population, 60% lives in Kenya’s Coastal Region, and comprises 50% of the total population there. The Western areas of the Coast Region are mostly Christian. But, the upper part of Kenya’s Eastern Region is home to 10% of the country’s Muslims, where they constitute the majority religious group.

The turbulence of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Kenya were all a part of the life of the Muslims of the general areas where Islam was attempting to instill its iron grip and Bashir Makhtal was a part of such grasping for dominance.

In December, 2006 Bashir Makhtal was on a business trip in Somalia when he was ultimately intercepted and arrested by Kenyan border forces at a time Ethiopian troops were invading Somalia.

Now, by 2007 Ethiopia had a large military presence in Somalia, after providing the muscle that enabled a weak secular government to defeat Islamist forces formerly in control of much of the country. Any defeat of Islamic forces was a blow for the Makhtal Ogaden clan. He was just another part of the Islamic forces that were being targeted for tribal, ethnic, political and financial reasons.


On the path to cash you find there are always fraudulent claims of Government actions or inactions detrimental to the purported Civil Rights and Human Rights of the Muslim individuals or groups involved.

This is followed by legal pursuit of Government by lawyers for cash compensation due to purported damage done to the Muslims through the Government handling of the political, religious and humanitarian factors in their cases.

The claim that the Government has failed the individual due to not trying to help them is a primary reason given for their right to monetary compensation. The Makhtal mob has effectively shot themselves in the foot and punched themselves in their collective head in attempting to make such claim. From now to the end of this article take note of the timing and multiplicity of efforts that were made in behalf of Makhtal. Starting from 2006 until April 21,2018 there is no justifiable basis whatsoever to any claim that Canada was not working in his behalf.

Events until ultimately sent to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January of 2007.

As posted on January 22, 2007

CBC Africa correspondent David McGuffin reported from Nairobi that Makhtal was picked up by Kenyan authorities on Dec. 30,2006 as he applied to enter Kenya from Somalia. There was many fleeing to Kenya at the time but He was he was more high profile and known to the local authorities. He was held at the border for three days, then moved to a police station in Nairobi where about three weeks transpired in determining the best way to deal with him.

The article shows that because he was travelling on a Canadian passport the decision to deport him to Somalia rather than Canada amounts to what is called rendition. But, like all Muslim jihadi he had some degree of ‘established support network’ within both their domestic and foreign operational fields. Thus, his relatives who feared he may be executed for ties to Somalia’s short-lived Islamist regime went into action in Canada.

Cousin Said Maktal was already on the scene trying to create a sense of urgency. “Anything could happen, any minute, any second, “a cousin living in Hamilton, Ont., Said Maktal, told the Toronto Star. “You’re dealing with a Third World country which does not obey international law. They don’t care.” 

Canada was trying to assist prior to his movement to Somalia and handing over to the Ethiopian authorities.  Makhtal got access to a lawyer on Jan. 10, during his second week in Kenyan custody and Canadian consular access before a Canadian High Commission official able to meet him in the week of Jan. 15.

Kenya simply took the simplest way out for their own selves and before months end sent Makhtal and a batch of ‘confederates’ off to the Somali capital of Mogadishu. It is reported by a Somali journalist that the group were seen being taken away in an Ethiopian military truck after arriving by plane. Their exact whereabouts were unknown.

Kenya did not tell Canadian officials that Makhtal was being deported to Somalia and Canada had no resident diplomatic mission in Somalia at the time. But an access to information request by The Canadian Press in 2009 found hundreds of pages of records revealing the Canadian government’s frustrated efforts to assist him.

Take note: “A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said in Ottawa on Monday that Canada “strongly objects” to Kenya’s decision, partly because the department has labelled Somalia too dangerous for travel and has advised all Canadians to leave.

But it was not too dangerous for his ‘business travels’ about Africa until the anti-Islam forces that directly opposed the Makhtal clan in the Ogaden area militarily intervened.

Precedent to the time he was he sent to Addis Ababa in 2007 as evidenced by the January 22, 2007 posted article there was great efforts made by the Canadian government in his behalf. This effort did not cease before or after he was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for his involvement in the Ogaden National Liberation Front independence movement.

It was posted by CBC News on Aug 03, 2009 that  Ethiopia sentences a Canadian to life.

“The Ethiopian High Court in Addis Ababa sentenced a Canadian citizen to life imprisonment Monday for being a member of an Ethiopian rebel group and engaging in terrorist activities.

In a statement, the court said it gave the maximum penalty to Bashir Ahmed Makhtal, a former Toronto resident, to deter other members of the Ogaden National Liberation Front.

Last week, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon asked that Makhtal not face the death penalty.

A Canadian diplomat who attended the court session declined to comment.”

Canada has not designated the ONLF of Bashir as a terrorist organization which is a mute point. In addition to helping the ONLF, the Ethiopian court charged Makhtal of collaborating with the Somali terrorist group al Shabab. The United States has labeled al Shabab as a terrorist organization, due to its links with al Qaida as well as its international dimensions. Many Somalis in the Diaspora, including in Australia, United States, Canada and Europe, are said to finance the group while many also joining the jihad against the Somalia government. Recently, some Somalis from Australia were denied entry while an American Somali have committed suicide attacks in Somalia. Some of the Somali ONLF and al Shabab supporters have organizing fund raising events in the Diaspora, including in Europe and Dubai. To the full extent Makhtal was involved in fund raising and al Shabab operations requires further investigation.


It is Said Maktal that led the campaign to have his cousin freed from prison in Ethiopia in 2009. 

Again, you see the Canadian government presence at work and six years later efforts are still being made for his case as cousin Said Maktal continues in his efforts to further stimulate the government onward to even greater efforts. As posted October 19-2015 the  man urges Ottawa to do more to get cousin out of Ethiopian jail.

At this time Said Maktal was a government funded student at Cape Breton University in Sydney and knew full well how to manipulate the educational and media surrounding ‘Muslim immigrant matters’. 

“The cousin of a man imprisoned in Ethiopia is growing frustrated with delays in bringing him back to Canada.” We certainly cannot allow our Muslim immigrants to become frustrated in how we serve their interests, eh? Trying to create a false cloud of ‘injustice’ on the part of government is standard ploy of Islamists and it works with a Canadian public already frustrated by their own misconstrued ideas of justice and Islam.

The illusion that Canada was in some manner delaying the return of Bashir because of intent or inaction is absolute fallacy. But, such ideas are stimulated to pressure government to serve the Muslim interests.

“Said Maktal says the Canadian government has taken little interest in the case. They’re not putting pressure on this case,” said Maktal. “This is what I think personally, if they really wanted to bring this citizen, Bashir Makhtal, back to Canada, they can do that.”

Maktal says there’s been a distinct change in the foreign affairs department’s handling of the case, since the resignation of minister John Baird last spring. Baird took a personal interest in the case, speaking on the telephone with Said Maktal about it several times, and visiting Bashir Makhtal in prison during a visit to Ethiopia in 2010.”

And yet the Muslim liar Said Maktal says “the federal government has taken little interest in his cousin’s case.”

Amnesty International is quick to agree with claims that the Federal government has not been effective in getting involved. But, it is Bashir Makhtal’s lawyer, Lorne Waldeman, who is the most liberal of liars. ‘There’s been absolutely no commitment or interest on the part of government officials in the case at all,” he said.

However, an official with Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada says the government is taking an active interest in the case.

“Former Minister Baird, Minister Yelich and Minister Paradis have raised Mr. Makhtal’s case and concern for his wellbeing with Ethiopian officials, and the Government of Canada will continue to do so,” said spokesperson Amy Mills in an email.

She says Canadian officials have been providing consular assistance to Makhtal since becoming aware of his situation and continue to provide consular assistance to him and his family.”


The Clannish interests continued to apply their pressures and the Federal government continued to support them and never ceased in attempts to ‘get Bashir back’. There were some tactical delays because of political maneuvering entailed in Liberal and Conservative power struggles, but that is all. The fact is that Bashir ultimately punched himself in the head through personally refusing an earlier return to Canada than ‘the great welcome home of April 28, 2018’.

Bashir’s cousin, ​Said Maktal was now living in Hamilton and relentlessly focused on the spotlight of public scrutiny to apply pressure for Bashir. He did so through circulating petitions, establishing letter writing campaigns and organizing public events to speak in Bashir’s behalf. And he worked closely with Amnesty International in all matters.

The Clan had used the ploys of his need for better medical care and seeking justice through being able to appeal his conviction to seek a prison transfer to Canada for Bashir. Public Safety Canada, the federal government department which oversees international prison transfers, was working with them in this matter. However, Bashir thwarted the plans to complete the approval of his transfer to a prison in Canada to serve out the rest of his sentence.

Makhtal Forgoes an Early Prison Transfer to Canada

“Gloria Nafziger stated that at one point the Ethiopian and Canadian officials had agreed on a prisoner transfer, but Makhtal refused.” He was essentially trapped between a ‘rock and a hard place’. His multiple claims of torture and medical abuse were given as requiring the action in his behalf, but accepting the transfer so hard worked for required him admitting his guilt to the charges of terrorism and justice to his sentencing. He simply could not afford such public exposure in the ongoing battles of the ONLF and al Shabab.

Further, with the sentence admitted as just it would have required at least another five years behind Canadian bars before he could apply for any sort of parole. The overall picture was one in which he would suffer public exposure of his true persona and eradicate any possible chance of grabbing the Trudeau cash bags he knew were available as other jihadi activists assured him they were.

So once again he jumped for his dangling rope of deception screaming of his innocence and stating that as an innocent man he refused to be returned to Canada to be placed behind bars once again.

The Liberal and NDP parties have always tried to employ ‘racial prejudice’ as a political weapon against the Conservatives and anyone else they judge as their opponents, claiming opposition parties embraced a deliberate policy of not intervening to aid non-white Canadians imprisoned in foreign countries. They also try such tactics in dealing with issues surrounding our Indigenous First Nations Brothers. This tactic had clearly backfired in the case of Makhtal in 2009 and the transfer situation only made the case against him worse. In February 2009 the Conservative party was actively seeking Makhtal’s release and Canadian officials were already granted access to Makhtal when the Government was disparaged by ‘racial prejudice’ insinuations.

At the very onset Deepak ObhraiParliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Parliament of Canada, had traveled to Ethiopia to inquire about Makhtal’s situation.  He was assured in March 2008 that Maktal was alive and well. And, in December 2009, with the Ethiopian Supreme Court’s rejection of the appeal of Bashir, the Clan in Canada continued their tactics for direct intervene in the case. How can the Clan possibly claim now that Canada was not seeking his ‘release’ in some format since day one of being informed of his arrest?

In 2017 Canadian officials negotiated the possible prisoner transfer agreement with Ethiopian authorities, which would have resulted in Bashir being transferred to serve his sentence in a Canadian prison. Given his claims of torture, poor medical treatment and ongoing medical problems you would assume that Makhtal would have jumped at the chance to repatriate through a Canadian penal system. But, Makhtal refused the option and like Adil Charkaoui demanded he be unconditionally released. He did not want any potential restrictions upon himself when the opportunity presented itself to get his Trudeau sharia funding package.

Like Adil Charkaoui he also claimed that he had no interest in monetary compensation for his loss of freedom. And, like Charkaoui he was also lying as the ‘money bags’ that would enable his personal advance of sharia were clearly in his sights for some time.

Our Bullshit Bashir just wants to cash in his ‘torture and ordeal chips’ as quickly as possible with an unrestricted ability to spend them. Once more we hear a noble reason given for a Muslim’s decision to now go for the cash. He states his primary objective is justice and the improvement of Canadian government by making Ottawa learn from his ordeal as stated on May 22, 2018. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/i-expected-to-die-in-there-canadian-jailed-in-ethiopia-for-11-years-wants-ottawa-to-learn-from-his-ordeal-1.4672479

“At a press conference to be held later today, he will call on the Canadian government to learn from the mistakes made in trying to help him, and the additional suffering it caused. He will urge the government to carry out an independent review of those efforts.

Someone has to take the responsibility of what happened to me,” he told Anna Maria Tremonti Tuesday on The Current in his first interview since he was released suddenly in April and returned to Toronto.”

Canadian courts enactments and judicial decision-making are most often the product of very human compromise, negotiation, horse-trading and personal emotional bias. This is very observable in matters surrounding feminist agendas and claimed Muslim victims of ‘human rights abuses’. No such process will be allowed to happen in the Bashir Makhtal fiasco’.  There is no way Trudeau will be permitted to give this Somali Muslim terrorist a bag full of Canadian Taxpayer Cash so he can further the sharia activities bent upon destroying our Nation.

All the phoney ‘sympathy-bid imagery’ spoken to Tremonti by Bashir does not fizz me one bit. “I tried to resist when the Kenyans forced me to board the plane,” “I lay down on the runway, crying and saying; ‘I’m not Somali, I’m not Ethiopian, I’m not going anywhere.'” But, he was clearly wrong and can now start crying because his duplicity toward our Nation will not be allowed.  He and his Clan will all be going places in the future that does not include any more Government taxpayer provisions and bank accounts. They and their dhimmi support structures are in for a greater surprise than the one Bashir claims he got on April 18, when a commander in the Ethiopian prison leaned in to Makhtal and whispered in his ear: “You are released.”

When contacted in Ottawa the Ethiopian embassy stated they “would like to underscore that Bashir Makhtal was arrested on terrorism charges and found guilty by the Federal High Court of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for his unwarranted involvement in organizing terrorist activities inside Ethiopia.” His organizing of terrorist activities takes place every place his toes touch down as he is a Muslim bred to the doctrines of sharia encased in Islam and passed on through his Clan.

Makhtal claims “he is grateful for the Canadian officials, human rights workers, and journalists who fought for his freedom. But he wants the Canadian government to “look back on what happened, and the shortcomings of the government’s side.” “Somehow the government has to learn that lesson,” he said. “This should not happen again.”

Rest assured Bashir that ‘the patterns of Islamic duplicity you perpetuate will very soon never happen again within Canada’. And soon the fools who fight for the freedom of guilty men like you will wear the shame they truly deserve.

Torture and Medical Mistreatment Claims Are Lie Embedded

“Throughout his eleven years of imprisonment, Amnesty International repeatedly expressed grave concerns about harsh and inhumane prison conditions as well as the risk of torture or other ill-treatment in Ethiopian prison. We highlighted that his trial and appeal in his case did not meet international fair trial standards. When it became clear that a fair trial would not be held, we called for him to be released and allowed to return to Canada.

“Bashir Makhtal has reported numerous episodes of torture or ill-treatment during the months that he was held in incommunicado detention.

Mr. Makhtal reported to a relative that he faced a number of painful, even debilitating medical problems, including a blood clot in his left leg, loss of the use of his right shoulder for more than two and a half years and severe pain and restricted movement in his left hip, right shoulder, back and neck. He was denied access to timely medical treatment for many of these injuries.”

“While in prison, it is believed that Makhtal has faced torture from interrogators seeking a confession of involvement with terrorism. But there has been no proven evidence of him being tortured and other terrorism suspects imprisoned by Kenya and sent to Ethiopia showed no sign of being tortured. In June 2007 he was quite able to have a letter delivered to his family so he certainly was not incommunicado.”

The visible outward appearance and actions of the man on his Toronto return cast even graver doubts on the picture painted by Bashir and Amnesty International. The reality of Amnesty International and its ilk was clearly exemplified by the actions of the singularly greatest bastion of democracy on the face of this earth when the United States withdrew from The United Nations Human Right Council. As was stated:  

  •    “We take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights,” Haley said.
  • “For too long the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias,” said Haley. “The world’s most inhumane regimes continue to escape scrutiny.”
  • Haley also condemned the Geneva-based council’s “unrelenting bias” against Israel. Pompeo said that “the council’s continued and well-documented bias against Israel is unconscionable.”
  • Pompeo added: “Since its creation, the council has adopted more resolutions condemning Israel than against the rest of the world combined.”
  • Pompeo said the council once had a “noble vision,” but added: “Today we need to be honest … The Human Rights Council is a poor defender of human rights.”
  • Haley left the door open for the US to eventually return to the council, saying: “We will continue to lead on human rights outside the misnamed Human Rights Council. Should it become reformed we would be happy to rejoin.”


                                                                                                                                            Groups backing men like Bashir have the ability to manipulate both Media and NGO’s in general assaults and through Muslims and dhimmi embedded in their organizational structures. Such was the case with Gloria Nafziger, a rights campaigner with Amnesty International. On the one hand by campaigning through Amnesty International they called the charges against him “blatantly unfair” and constantly stated he was denied due process throughout his imprisonment. State something often enough and it becomes a familiar resonance that people assume is true. As well she painted the typical sympathy bid picture when stating “the ordeal has taken a tremendous and incalculable toll on the family”. “Bashir and his family have been through far too much to put into words. It is so good to know that the process of healing can now finally begin.”

But, Gregarious Gloria really buggered up the Clans path to Cash through being able to claim Canada had ‘failed Bashir through not assisting or trying to help his return’. According to Nafziger, the Canadian government was working for years to negotiate Makhtal’s release.

“There were constant efforts being made,” said Nafziger. “They would raise it in diplomatic meetings with the Ethiopian government constantly … There’s been, in the last few years, a really high-profile attention being paid.”

All self-serving double-talking and lies shall be ended as the case is finally closed.



The major factors behind the release and return of Bashir to Canada as a free man on April 21, 2018 simplistically stated are:

1) The cumulative effect over the years of the political pressure applied by the Government of Canada. This culminated to a great degree with the rise of the Trudeau government and their blatant institution of supporting all matters that advanced Islam.

Along with the Trudeau ascendency there was also a change of government in Addis Ababa that contributed to Makhtal’s release.

“Canadian officials had been working for years to secure his release, but Gloria Nafziger, a campaigner with Amnesty, said the changing political situation in Ethiopia has led to the release of thousands of political prisoners in recent months.

“It’s an optimistic time in Ethiopia for people who have been detained for political reasons,” said Nafziger, adding that the changing tides in Ethiopian politics and the country’s new prime minister were likely major reasons for Makhtal’s release.”

Makhtal’s wife, Aziza Osman, was quick to utilize the propaganda leverage of the shifting Ethiopian political winds. She told Al Jazeera that Ethiopian authorities could be persuaded to include Bashir among those freed. “If the government of Justin Trudeau is willing to get Bashir home, there will never be a better time than now,” she said. And Jihad Justin was in total agreement with her as on April 18, 2018, Makhtal was released from prison, and our fund-raising fomenter of terrorism returned to Canada April 21, 2018.

Now, the lawyer Waldman’s statement that “they finally just decided it was a big irritant to Canadian-Ethiopian relations and it was time to let him go” is poppycock.

The cash paid by Government in handling Islamic matters is arranged in secretive deals and authorized in manners by individuals in capacities beyond their legislative enactments. The record of Trudeau tossing cash bags to benefit Islamists is already well known and ultimately the arrangements with the Ethiopian government will see full exposure. 

As stated by Said Maktal, who resolutely led the campaign for his cousin’s release: “We are very grateful for the assistance and support we have received from Canadian officials, particularly over the past two years from Parliamentary Secretary Omar Alghabra.”

The cumulative effect of all the years of pressure by the family found full thrust through the multitude of Muslims embedded in Trudeaus’ echelons.

In June of 2017, Trudeau legislation was passed reversing 2014 Citizenship Act reforms which had allowed dual nationals convicted of terrorism and other offences to be stripped of Canadian citizenship. Canada no longer had protection from these vermin. And Trudeau quickly followed this in July of 2017 in handing the terrorist killer Omar Khadr 10.5 million dollars and an apology for claimed roles by Canadian officials in the USA-Khadr Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, internment that lasted for 10 years from 2002.

Trudeau also saw that Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati, Muayyed Nureddin received compensation and apologies for what he claims as wrong actions by Canadian officials in their arrests and detentions between 2001 and 2004. His actions here are clearly as wrong as those he employed with Khadr in his efforts to support Islam.


But, the Clan has also found support amid sexually deviant politicians outside the Liberal party. Paul W. Dewar is a faggot Canadian educator and politician from Ottawa, Ontario. He was the New Democratic Party Member of Parliament for the riding of Ottawa Centre. 

Born in 1963, the son of Marion Dewar is now diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  Dewar served as MP for Ottawa Centre from 2006 to 2015. He was ultimately defeated from office by none other than our Liberal Climate Barbie, our Madcap Catherine McKenna.

But, Dewar’s dhimmi efforts for Bashir over the years were a welcomed inclusion with the Clan and Dewar personally expressed his “Thanks to all that helped.” at the welcome back time in 2018.

2) The cumulative effect of all these years of pressure by Human Rights Groups such as those associated under the United Nations and Amnesty International.

“Amnesty International Welcomes Canadian Citizen Bashir Makhtal’s Release from Ethiopian Prison and Return to Canada as written by  Amnesty International Canada

“Once charges were laid against Makhtal we pressed for him to be provided with a fair trial and an opportunity to mount an effective defence, such as by having full access to allegations, evidence and witnesses against him,” Alex Neve, secretary-general of Amnesty International in Canada, told Al Jazeera.”


“Bashir’s long-overdue release is a triumph of human rights following an 11-year saga of grave injustice,” said Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada. “On behalf of the thousands of Amnesty International supporters who have campaigned for justice on his behalf, we wish Bashir a warm welcome home to Canada. Our thoughts are with him and his family as they reunite after such a long and indescribably difficult ordeal.”

Alex Neve – Amnesty International and team.

Amnesty International campaigned for his release and expressed grave concerns of possible torture, unfair trial proceedings, incommunicado detention, coerced confessions and other forms of ill-treatment. This all sounds so noble, but a climate of creeping submission to the designs of Amnesty International leads to a pathway of oppression and ultimate possession of Canada by sharia.

That is why on March 30,2015 Canadian human rights organizations urgently called for Bill C-51 the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015 to be withdrawn. Canadian human rights organizations urgently call for Bill C-51…   Look at the seven organizations panicked to action. Only one is not fully Muslim dominated and Trudeau is in bed with these boys and girls.

Hypocrisy thy name is Trudeau on every page we look. Trudeau claims to be a bastion of human rights is a the most blatant of lies even in the example of Seven human rights violators buying Canadian military goods.

It is time to be completely rid of Trudeau and it is time for you to contact Amnesty International Canada and inform them you are joining a campaign to see their complete removal from our Nation in every manner their currently manifest themselves.  Do so through:

Beth Berton-Hunter; Media Officer, Amnesty International; 416-363-9933 ext 332; bberton-hunter@amnesty.ca

Jacob Kuehn; Media Officer, Amnesty International; +1 613 744 7667, extension 236; jkuehn@amnesty.ca


3) The cumulative effect of all these years of pressure by the lawyers:

“In August 2009, a lawyer for a Canadian man sentenced to life in prison in Ethiopia said he is pushing forward with a lawsuit aimed at forcing Canada to halt development aid to Ethiopia unless Makhtal is released.”

Always around men like Bashir there are dhimmi and kafir lawyers present bent upon personal self-aggrandizement and financial gain through the claims in their client’s behalf. Such is Lorne Waldman, the prominent immigration lawyer in Toronto who helped in the effort to have Makhtal freed. 

“I think from the beginning I was convinced that Bashir was innocent. Based upon the evidence that I saw, there was no evidence to suggest that he was in any way involved in any illegal activities,” Waldman told CBC News. Wonder Boy Waldman’s stating there is ‘no evidence to suggest guilt’ simply verges on the precipice of an outright lie.

Bashir Is Simply One Guilty Terrorist Bastard

Bashir is a family clan member of a founder of the Ogaden National Liberation Front and guilty of the Ethiopian charges of financing and recruiting for the ONLF. Because he holds a Canadian Passport is meaningless to claims of innocence. Ethiopia also points out another case of the Western-based Somali suicide bomber Shirwa Ahmed.  This man lived in Minnesota before going back to Somalia and taking part in bombings in Hargeisa and Bosaso.  Similarly, we see Australia charged several Somalis with terrorism offences due to their activities in Africa and Aussie shores.

Canada remains simply one of the best base points for the Somali terrorist groups to work from and they know it.

Many parties involved in Ethiopian matters say the true terrorists targeting Africans are not being condemned by the West. There are claimed killing of hundreds of civilians by Ethiopian forces, but the biggest single recorded act of killing was by the ONLF. They terminated 74 Ethiopians and Chinese workers in the Abole oil field raid of April 2007. This is a part of the ‘nature of the business that Bashir was clothing himself in’ moving about Africa.

Upon Bashir’s return to Toronto the lawyer Waldman said “Makhtal will take a few days to settle in with his family before making a public statement.

And the formal ‘first big statement’ is spoken to by Tremonti: “At a press conference to be held later today, he will call on the Canadian government to learn from the mistakes made in trying to help him, and the additional suffering it caused. He will urge the government to carry out an independent review of those efforts. He vehemently states “someone has to take the responsibility of what happened to me.”

And this is the first of the PUBLIC STATEMENTS which is designed to ultimately access the cash he is looking for. In this statement you will see that the circumstances recorded did not leave Bashir with the ability of claiming Canada violated his human rights through failing to help him. So, what is the attempt to get money going to be primarily based on? He is claiming that the Canadian government made mistakes in trying to help him that robbed his family of his life and increased the duration of his suffering and torment.

Do not accept this Bullshit by Bashir and prepare yourself to further pay for more under educated Islamic vermin to enter Canada and fill the support structures erected by the Trudeau Government. We are adding to the Somali madness sinking the Canadian ship with the additional flavor of the ‘Riotous Rohingya’ coming our way courtesy of Trudeau.

From Global Affairs Canada: “Canada remains deeply concerned by the plight of the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities in Myanmar. The extrajudicial killings and other gross violations of human rights, including sexual violence, are part of a widespread attack against the Rohingya. These are crimes against humanity.”

Bob Rae, the special envoy created to make certain we have a Rohingya crisis says we must increase our spending to ensure that we do. The bozo states Canada Must Welcome Rohingya Refugees Fleeing Persecution: Bob…  You can read more about the stupidity of the Trudeau Tribe and the Rohingya with the account surrounding our Queen of Ugly. Freeland expected to travel to Bangladesh, visit Rohingya refugee…

On May 23, 2018 Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced their monetary plans for the Rohingya. Federal government’s $300M pledge for Rohingya crisis well short…

Rae wanted a 150 million a year allotment and the girls only gave him 100 million to blow on another Muslim escapade that can only increase Islamic problems in our nation. Do not let any of the Liberal political posturing fool you. They have already planned to spend far in excess of the amount requested by Rae and are already in implementation stage of some such processes through their Somali Minister of Immigration.

Until we put an end to them there will be no end to the money these Liberal morons scatter around any problems they perceive affecting Islam.

Just how insane has it become surrounding the Canadian government, money, Muslims, queers and equality issues? What transpired through CSIS should clue you in for Five CSIS employees are accusing the spy agency of Islamophobia,…  Five intelligence officers and analysts with Canada’s spy service have launched a $35-million lawsuit against their employer, claiming the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is a toxic workplace with managers who openly espouse Islamophobic, racist and homophobic views and discriminate against Muslim, Black and gay employees.

The allegations contained in a 54-page statement of claim — filed in Federal Court and obtained by the Toronto Star — provide detailed accusations from inside one of the country’s most secretive organizations.

One of the complainants, a Toronto intelligence officer with more than a decade of service and identified in the claim by the pseudonym “Alex,” is gay and has a Muslim partner.

With such qualifications for certain “Alex” will be considered worthy of double compensation by the Trudeau Troop of Spiritual Trash Addicts.


As I have stated the employment of the major ‘elements at play’ in securing Canadian tax dollars for funding sharia are climaxing under the designed policies of the Trudeau Liberals.

Every Tom, Dick or Hair Salon owner of immigrant background is well aware of the potential Liberal Cash lottery if they can qualify in suing the Government through the channels I have pointed out.

Olajide Ogunye thinks his days of clipping hairs is coming to an end, that he has found his winning lottery ticket for clipping the Canadian taxpayer big time. As stated on June 13, 2018 he is suing the CBSA for $10 million after being locked up for eight months before his identity was confirmed. 

All the typical Muslim antics and some ‘word for word claims’ as made by Bashir and others are found in the article. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/canadian-citizen-sues-border-services-agency-after-being-detained-eight-months-1.4703064


All I can say to the man O.O. is this: “Oh no O.O.! Don’t hold your breath. What you are attempting is never going to happen. Immigrants of no religious persuasion will any longer be permitted to foist their crap on our landscaped lawn called Canada.

O.O. you are truly barking up the wrong tree and just too late to lap from the Government Gravy Train driven by Trudeau. His train is simply now running off the tracks.

And, to you followers of Islam in general I say take special note of the sign that I have now posted as a national declaration over all of Canada.

To one and all hear this: “You can’t hate a dog for barking, but you can’t let him shit on your lawn.”

Bashir, Alex, O.O. and the rest of you vermin waiting to get into the Batters Box: “This is our lawn planted with the fertilizer of true democratic freedoms and God-fearing Canadians will no longer put up with the stench of your crap.

Canada will be a MUSLIM FREE ZONE and we shall present you with more why this is so in Money Bags Series – 3 to follow.




THE CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL                                                                     

THE CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACT also created the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to judge the cases arising through the CHRC. The CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL (CHRT) is a special administrative tribunal directly funded by the Parliament of Canada and is independent of the CHRC which refers cases to it for “adjudication” under the Act. Adjudication simply defined is a formal and often assumed legally binding judgment about a disputed matter. But these judgments still potentially have further redress before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Before a case can be brought to The Tribunal it must go through several stages of investigation and remediation by The Commission. After this process is completed, if the parties are not satisfied, the case will go to The Tribunal.      A Guide To Understanding The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

The Tribunal holds hearings to investigate complaints of discriminatory practices and may order a respondent to a complaint to cease a practice as well as levy fines. Decisions of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal are reviewable by the Federal Court of Canada. Tribunal decisions upon review can then be further appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal through the Supreme Court of Canada. The Federal Court of Canada can also issue and enforce decisions made by The Tribunal if violations continue and imprison an offender for contempt of court if a decision continues to be disregarded. This has happened in the cases of John Ross Taylor in 1981 and Tomasz Winnicki in 2006.

If a complainant can show a valid case of discrimination the defendant can rebuke it by showing that their practice was for a justified reason. The process is generally known as the “Meiorin test” which is similar to the Oakes test justification in a Charter challenge. While these “tests” appear to make it necessary for The Tribunal to have proven its decisions correct beyond a reasonable doubt, such are not always the facts. The personal bias of those appointed Chair of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and its members cannot be overlooked in where judgments have evolved to. Neither can the personal bias of the persons given authority to act through the Tribunals and Commissions of the Provinces and Territories.

Provinces and Territories Human Rights Legislation

The provinces and territories all have human rights legislation and human rights commissions, except for British Columbia, which has a tribunal but no longer had a commission. The commission is however in stage process of being reinstated by the recently elected leftist government.

As a rule, the legislation forbids discrimination, in the absence of a lawful reason, on the basis of race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religion, creed, political opinion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, and conviction for which a pardon has been granted (hereinafter referenced as “common grounds”). As a rule, the legislation forbids discrimination in at least five contexts: accommodation, employment, the purchase of property, membership in unions and associations, and publications. The context of publications is where our issue of hate speech arises and the Provincial and Territorial Human Rights acts usually have provisions similar to the following.

Prince Edward Island‘s Human Rights Act, section 12:

(1) No person shall publish, display or broadcast, or permit to be published, displayed or broadcast on lands or premises, or in a newspaper or through a radio or television broadcasting station or by means of any other medium, any notice, sign, symbol, implement or other representation indicating discrimination or an intention to discriminate against any person or class of persons.

(2) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to interfere with the free expression of opinion upon any subject in speech or in writing.

A person who believes that his rights under a provincial or territorial human rights act have been violated may seek redress through a Human Rights Commission. As a rule, the commission receives a complaint and, if it appears to be within the commission’s jurisdiction, the commission investigates the matter. The commission may try to bring the complainant and the respondent to a settlement, or it may turn the issue over to an adjudicator. In practice, many complaints are successfully resolved through mediation.


Differences between the provinces and territories appear in the authority granted to an adjudicator and in the amounts prescribed for compensation and penalties. All adjudicators have the authority to order a respondent to cease any contravention of the human rights legislation, and not to engage in any contravention from the date of the order. All adjudicators have the authority to order that the respondent compensate the complainant for any loss occasioned by the respondent’s contravention.

In addition, some adjudicators have the authority to order that the respondent pay “emotional damages” to the complainant or pay a penalty for willful or reckless misconduct.  Thus, dependent upon the province or territory, you may find yourself in conflict with a political appointee able to come at you to enforce their own bias. Thus, consider the following Acts.

Nunavut‘s Human Rights Act 2003 allows its adjudicator to order inter alia compensation “for injury to dignity, feelings or self-respect” and “for any malice or recklessness”, and to order an apology.

The Northwest Territories‘ Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the common grounds and on “social condition”. The section regarding publication (s.13) explicitly forbids any means of expression that “is likely to expose any individual or class of individuals to hatred or contempt”. The adjudicator may order inter alia a respondent “to pay to a complainant an amount that the adjudicator considers appropriate to compensate that complainant for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect”. If the adjudicator finds that the respondent “acted wilfully or maliciously”, or that the respondent repeatedly contravened the Act, the adjudicator may order the respondent to pay an amount not exceeding $10,000 as exemplary or punitive damages”.

The Yukon Human Rights Act prohibits treating any individual or group unfavourably on account of the common grounds and “source of income”. The Act does not have any specific provision that forbids discriminatory publications, displays, or broadcasts.

British Columbia is unique in no longer having a human rights commission. Complaints can be filed directly with the province’s human rights tribunal. Under British Columbia‘s Human Rights Code, an adjudicator must order a violator to cease contravening the Code, and may order inter alia that the violator pay to the complainant an amount that the adjudicator considers appropriate “for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect or to any of them”.

Alberta‘s Human Rights Act forbids discrimination upon the common grounds except for political opinion, but also on account of “source of income”. The Act forbids a publication or display that “is likely to expose a person or a class of persons to hatred or contempt”. An adjudicator has no authority to order that a respondent pay to the complainant “emotional damages” or pay a penalty. The authority responsible for the Act is the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission (AHRCC).

Saskatchewan had the first legislation in North America (1947) to prohibit victimisation on account of race, religion, colour, sex, nationality, ancestry, and place of origin. It has been the model for many of the Human Rights Activists, but it will be shown when dealing fully with Hate/Bias crime, defamation, defamatory libel and coercion etc. that both the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission are the tools of special interest groups. This shall be done in a subsequent posting.

Manitoba‘s Human Rights Code allows an adjudicator to order inter alia that a respondent pay damages for injury to dignity, feelings or self-respect in an amount that the adjudicator considers “just and appropriate”, and to pay a penalty or exemplary damages (up to $2000 in the case of an individual respondent; up to $10,000 in any other case) if malice or recklessness is involved. Manitoba’s Code is unique in having an “analogous grounds” provision. Complaints can be based not only on the listed grounds (such as sex, age, national origin, etc.), but also on grounds analogous to the listed ones. For example, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission currently accepts complaints based on gender identity.

The Ontario Human Rights Code forbids discrimination upon various grounds which depend upon the circumstances. An adjudicator may order inter alia a respondent: to pay monetary compensation to the complainant “including compensation for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect”; to make restitution to the complainant “including restitution for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect”; and to do anything that will rectify the respondent’s violation of the Code. The majority of cases concerning violations of the Code are heard by the quasi-judicial Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms  Section 10 prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, sex, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age except as provided by law. Section 80 provides:  Where the parties will not agree to negotiation of a settlement or to arbitration of the dispute or where the proposal of the commission has not been implemented to its satisfaction within the allotted time, the commission may apply to a tribunal to obtain, where consistent with the public interest, any appropriate measure against the person at fault or to demand, in favour of the victim, any measure of redress it considers appropriate at that time.

Prince Edward Island‘s Human Rights Act has no provision for a payment of “emotional damages” to the complainant. But, the adjudicator may inter alia impose a fine on an individual of not less than $100 and not exceeding $500, and on any other entity of not less than $200 and not exceeding $2,000.

New Brunswick‘s Human Rights Act forbids discrimination upon various grounds which depend upon the circumstances. An adjudicator (Board of Inquiry) may order a respondent “inter alia” to compensate a complainant “for any consequent emotional suffering, including that resulting from injury to dignity, feelings or self-respect, in such amount as the Board considers just and appropriate”.

Nova Scotia‘s Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination upon the common grounds and upon “an irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease”. An adjudicator “may order any party who has contravened this Act to do any act or thing that constitutes full compliance with the Act and to rectify any injury caused to any person or class of persons or to make compensation therefor and, where authorized by and to the extent permitted by the regulations, may make any order against that party, unless that party is the complainant, as to costs as it considers appropriate in the circumstances”.

Newfoundland and Labrador has no provision for “emotional damages” under its Human Rights Code. This probably is a good thing given the unrivaled sense of humor the Newfie has in Canada. The ‘hurt feelings crowd’ in Canada if infecting The Rock would soon place it into an economic despair unrivaled since the time the first immigrant landed on its shores.

The foregoing show quite a variance in what should be ‘one standard for all standard democratic citizens in a nation that is supposed to espouse the equality of all from sea to shiny sea. Si, Senor? Mais oui Madame?  Yo, Bro? Eh? Eh? Eh? Perhaps Your Commissions, Tribunals and Adjudicators are not quite functioning according to your sociological-political-legal theories? So toss the dice Canada and DETERMINE WHERE IT WILL BE least costly in all formats if you are charged under hate/bias crime, eh?

In 2006 Project Cleanfeed was launched by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to institute voluntary measures by Canadian Internet Service Providers to block web sites hosting child pornography. Anything fighting against such pornography should be commended. The list of blocked sites is compiled from reports by Internet users and investigated by the independent organization Cybertip.ca.  Every little bit helps, but voluntary measures just are not stemming the tide of either pornography of all sorts or hate/bias postings on the Internet.

Whatever, in October 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled that online publications cannot be found liable for linking to defamatory material as long as the linking itself is not defamatory. ‘To link or not to link’ truly is not he question of prime importance, rather it is the content of what has been linked to, what has actually been published and what should be eradicated from visible existence in accordance with the law. 

Thus, with what is bubbling up in our society as dealing with defamatory material I strongly suggest that all reconnect to such links and solidly familiarize yourself with the topic. I most strongly suggest this to Nathan Jesse, Leisure Services Management; Tom Ludwig, Mayor and Paul Ladouceur, Chief of Police; all of the City of Estevan Saskatchewan. All three have defamed me through actions and statements involving a dearth of common sense and moral judgment surrounding my positions taken as a Christian in their midst.

This now ends the Hate Crimes Series 1-17 and I believe has provided you with a minimum basic ‘legal knowledge’ required to enable your sound judgment in the arena of Canadian hate/bias crimes.

It may also help you contend with the antics of such political fools as Ralph Goodale.

Hopefully this will be the last time I remind you that it is Trudeau and Rabid Islamic Crew that is the most responsible for the Blood as it Shall Flow In Canada as posted on February 11, 2018   But, before the  dust of battle completely settles all the ‘public purse parasites’ shall be eradicated from the Canadian landscape.

 It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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