The fashionable sin now mincing its perversion to the forefront of the LGBT movement in America is the most confused, lost and disoriented of beings amid the mob of weirdos, creeps, queers, faggots, lesbians, cross dressers and other sexual perverts. And we are now expected to pander fully to the whims and wishes of the Transgender/Transsexual Perverts as if they were some special class of being within our midst. Aiding the LGBT agenda is a sympathetic media, medical profession, and Government that has the ‘Queer Coalition’ rotting the structures of our workplaces, our schools, and our language. It is easy to see similarities of approach in the Islamic jihad waged worldwide and the brazen transgender jihad now facing society. The situation is enough to make a sane person step aside and puke.

Montreal was taking Pride in Perversion for a week with a parade on August 18,2019   https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-pride-lgbtq-parade-festival-1.5251533

All federal party leaders were present except for Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer and People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier. Scheer abstained because he is a liar and posturing religious hypocrite. Bernier abstained because he is leading a Party that will not fund such lunacy from the Public purse. Nor will he fund any special interest group that serves to divide society.

Quebec Premier François Legault has to deal with such groups but Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante loves every moment of the foment.


What is in a Name?

Call them Two Spirit People or whatever you desire. No matter the race they are all doing a ‘stick it up the dirt shoot hoop’ dance of some type best left fully undescribed. There is nothing ‘gay’ about the sexual perversions these critters try to label as normalcy.

There are a number of referencing terms and subclasses designated by this whack of weirdos, their supporters and those simply trying to figure the sickening mess out. So we are going to refer to any sub-humanoid that does not know whether it was born male or female, or considers itself as having been designated the wrong sex at birth, or having malformed sexual genitalia be it singular or plural, or at any stage of physical cross-over between male to female or vice-versa as being SHIMS.

Shim in the traditional normal definition is “a thin slip or tapered wedge of metal, wood, etc. for driving into crevices, as between machine parts to compensate for wear, or beneath bedplates, large stones, etc. to level them.”  The word is of clouded unknown origin having become as abnormal perverted slang in translation to encompass the mush of modern sexually deviant ‘truffle butter brained persons it is now used to describe. The sewage of these baser minds is reflected in the Urban Dictionary: shim  from which I compile the following.  Shim is a mixture of the words him and she used to describe someone who has characteristics of both a male and female person, an individual whose gender is unconfirmed and unclear to everyone else.  Some of the most common terms employed entailing SHIMS are ‘a he-she, she-male, transvestite, cross dressers and butch lesbian bitch’.

So, SHIMS will be the umbrella term for a battery of perverted sexual expressions in the flesh. As a SHIM it is claimed any person, regardless of age, may declare their own gender, state that they do not feel or identify with the sexual designation assigned at birth and thus have the right to demand that the rest of society accommodates them in accordance with all of their wishes.

Now, of the range of SHIMS it is those that have lived from birth as either sex and profess they must become the opposite that are truly the most forlorn and mentally ill of the lot. Suddenly they express possession of a desire to “identify” as the opposite sex, both sexes simultaneously, or none at all. Such a desire was once labeled for the psychosis that it is, but the LGBT has gotten the illness rewritten to designate a claimed natural, healthy, and normal state of being. Moreover, they preach that to suppress the Transgender/Transsexual Perverted desires, or to make any attempt to correct them, is unhealthy, cruel, discriminatory and a reflection of your personal ignorance. The truth is simply that the SHIMS in whatever state of transition are people that have completely surrendered to the spiritual-mental demons chasing them and have given themselves over to genetic mutation in one form or another.

 Trudeau Style Liberalism is a full-blown mental illness that he loves discussing in Gay Bars. Try this recent You Tube report and join me in the demand that TRUDEAU MUST GO NOW!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6ZBcK8q66Q   Trudeau and the Gay Bar

You cannot lower the bar of moral sanity lower than Satan’s Sperm called BABY-T.




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