DAY 55




The primary aim of Canada’s immigration policy should be to economically benefit Canadians and Canada as a whole. It should not be used to forcibly change the cultural character and social fabric of our country. And it should not put excessive financial burdens on the shoulders of Canadians in the pursuit of humanitarian goals.

Despite Canada already accepting more immigrants that almost any other country, both the Liberals and Conservatives support an unsustainable increase in the annual immigration intake, and are using mass immigration as a political tool to buy votes among immigrant communities.


Right now, only 26% of all the immigrants and refugees who come to Canada every year are directly chosen because they have the right qualifications and work experience to fulfill our economic needs. The rest are dependents (spouses and children), come through the family reunification program or as refugees, do not work, or do not have the skills that we need even if they find work.

Immigrants generally have lower wages than non-immigrants. They pay on average about half as much in income taxes as other Canadians but absorb nearly the same value of government services. A study puts the cost to taxpayers in 2014 at roughly $5,300 per immigrant living in Canada, for a total annual cost of somewhere between $27 billion and $35 billion.

Demographic studies have shown that newcomers are a bit younger on average than Canadians, but not enough to have a noticeable impact on the rate of aging. The Liberal government has made matters worse by increasing the number of parents and grand-parents accepted under the family reunification program.

Mass immigration also inflates housing prices. More than 41% of all immigrants to Canada settle in and around Toronto and Vancouver, which have some of the least affordable housing among big cities in the world.

Our immigration policy can benefit Canadians only if we welcome the right kind of immigrants. It should prioritize Canada’s economic interests and be calibrated in a way that does not jeopardize Canadian values and the maintenance of our national identity.

We need to substantially lower the total number of immigrants and refugees Canada accept every year, from 350,000 to between 100,000 and 150,000, depending on economic and other circumstances.

We need to reform the immigration point system and the related programs to accept a larger proportion of economic immigrants with the right skills.

We need to accept fewer resettled refugees and limit the number of immigrants accepted under the family reunification program, including abolishing the program for parents and grand-parents.

We need to limit the number of temporary foreign workers and make sure that they fulfill temporary positions and do not compete unfairly with Canadian workers.

We need to change the law to make birth tourism illegal.

We need to ensure that every candidate for immigration undergoes a face-to-face interview and answers a series of specific questions to assess the extent to which they align with Canadian values and societal norms. 

We need to increase resources for CSIS, the RCMP the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship services to do interviews and thorough background checks on all classes of immigrants.





Face the facts Conservatives, Scheer has always been a political opportunist, he has proven to be a man of calculating self-advancement within your party ranks; but now his calculations are so misaligned with true conservatism that all he does portrays a man in throes of political desperation.

It has been stated “the biggest political blunder of the year, the one with real staying power is the Conservative party’s decision to choose Andrew Scheer as its leader.

With each passing day, it’s becoming clearer that Canada’s Official Opposition is led by a man who might have what it takes to rock a high school model Parliament, but little else. In federal politics, Scheer is a catastrophe — a gift to Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada and the most hapless and inept major party leader since Stéphane Dion vanished from the scene.”

The man making the statement, Alan Freeman, is just another spiritual moral moron on the Canadian media stage, but these words are true.

Scheer is a disaster and at the first indicators of being blocked in his political desires he runs for solace, displaying standard hack packaging.

Like a baby slopping tears and blowing snot bubbles from his nose, such was his reaction to the demand for change by Maxime Bernier at full exodus from the Canadian Conservative Party.

Peter Principle Scheer certainly was jumping around making himself an easy man to mock.

And he is in worst state today than when I first posted these words months back.





There are no taboos around this topic with me. As such people may desire to call me a racist,  xenophobic or Islamophobic but I simply tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine and read my thousands of pages of documentation as to why Canada must return to what it once was – a totally Muslim Free Zone.

I don’t care one bit about people’s race or skin color. It is their spiritual-physical treatment of their fellow man that is of highest concern to me.  I have said many times that racists and bigots are not welcome in my world and I have laid my life on the line doing so in many nations of this earth.

You can be of any ethnic background or faith, and be a Canadian, if you share fundamental Canadian values, learn about our history and culture, and integrate in our society.

But such integration is an absolute fallacy and impossibility for followers of Islam. Read what I and many other reputable scholars have written and wake up to such a fact.

Thus I publicly state that for PPC members to fawn over such Muslim adherents as Salim Mansour makes them little better than Justin Trudeau when they do so. It also shows forth their ignorance of the Quran,surah, hadith and fatwas that govern all followers of Islam.

Wake up fellas. There is no such animal in existence as a Moderate Muslim that you try to visualize to avoid facing head on the reality of ‘Islamism’. Salim Mansour and his ilk are the greatest deception that the kafir can swallow.  >

Swallow your embarrassment  boys and shed yourself of this double-headed snake now.

“Have I now become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”



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