Basic Bernier

I am a Foundational Member of the PPC and we constantly hear dialogue about we are the only Party, truly the “real people” prepared to debate, talk about and discuss the issues that Canada needs to face up to at this time in our History.

PPC Burnaby-South: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is a devout Christian, ardent abortion foe and former talk show host on 700 Club – Bernier, she wrote, “bravely declared the death of political correctness. He opened the door for conversations, healthy debate and holding fast to what is really Canadian … FREEDOM !”

Freedom of speech, not freedom of gossip is what the PPC supposedly stands for when it comes to established policy of Maxime Bernier. Basic Bernier leaves people alone to gossip to their dirty little hearts content. Max is not ignorant in any manner of the nature of man be it in or outside his own Party.

In the midst of being the fastest growing political party in our history Max must get out the “Party Dust Busters” and clean up now as he goes forward into the PMO position.

He cannot tolerate any of the imagery like that of Snot Bubbles Scheer and his Glam Star – Principal Secretary Kenzie Potter to develop the film in the dark rooms of back door, back stabbing, nail biting politics that tries to encompass every party. 

Max must be fully capable of shining the spotlight of ‘clean up your act Jack’ upon himself and his followers, to publicly discipline one and all to gain the full respect of the People of Canada.

My province of Saskatchewan is going to prove a good test case for our publicly dauntless Maxime. I have little doubts that he will ultimately pass the test, but it is testing the Party leader and Party Members must face from Rock to Rock.

The Peoples Party of Canada must and will be a fully willing Party doing their house keeping at all levels, remembering that House Cleaning is not a task that gets done once and you never have to repeat it again.

Learn this lesson now Candidates, EDA’s, volunteers, string pulling puppeteers and everyone truly desiring a corruption free secure Nation of Canada.

One man that unequivocally knows this is Trevor Wowk the PPC candidate for Regina-Lewvan. He has been battling for a corruption free riding and EDA since he first was called to Battle for Peoples’ rights to Righteous Representation in Government. Thank God that this Potato Stuffed Perogy has been achieving great success.

 This half Irish – half Ukrainian simply cannot lie!


Everyone I encounter is expressing concern about having a clean government – one truly serving the needs of the People.

You can’t fool kids and dogs and even my new friend Chunk was expressing his concern about nobody cleaning up the crap in his local riding.

I gave him my assurance that characters like Nigel Sharp, Gary Vidal, Wojciech Dolata, Tyler Oliver and Mathew Marshall and  would not be getting away with crapping on any more PPC lawns, streets, alleys, internet sites, surplus toilets or old ladies bed rooms from this day forward.

Chunk gave me a great big kiss of loving gratitude which was the best gift a man can receive. Dog Gone It… sure felt good!

PPC – you will get your Daily Countdown toward sundown.


PPC – Tune in tomorrow as another day clicks off the clock to Demise of Trudeau and Scheer – “The Demented Twins of Perverts and Sins” and let us see if there are any wrinkles in the knees of your pants.


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