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Omar Subedar was born and raised in greater Toronto, Canada. In 1990, he was inspired by a very close friend to memorize the entire Qur’ān and enrolled in the renowned ‘Institute of Islamic Education’, located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, U.K. Upon committing the entire Qur’ān to memory in 1993, he furthered his Islamic education by taking the institutes’ Master of Arts program on Islamic Sciences.

He graduated from the program in 2001 and was granted a scholarly license from the institute and conferred the title of Scholar of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Literature. Upon his return to Canada, Subedar taught at the ‘Sharia Program’ for 3 years.

This wife-beating exponent currently lives with his family in Brampton, Ontario and is a very busy MUSLIM MORON. He is occupied as:

1) Imam of Jame Makki Masjid Brampton.

2) A member of the Canadian Council of Imams and theological contributor to The Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians’.

3) COO (secretary general) of ‘The Halal Monitoring Authority’

4) Imam-Teacher at, giving guided tours to Meca and Medina to perform Umrah* as a Group with the Imam and visit historical sites. * Umrah: The Lesser Islamic Pilgrimage

 5) Director and instructor at the private Islamic ‘Mathābah Institute’, enabling adult Muslims to learn Islamic traditions of the one true path.

6) CEO of Bukhari Publications.

7) Functions as the khaṭīb* at the Islamic Society of Peel. *Person that gives the sermon at Friday and Eid prayers.

And this Toronto area raised boy Omar Subedar, of Jame Makki Masjid, Brampton HAS PROVEN TO BE FULL OF DEADLY ISLAMIC MARRIAGE ADVICE. In 2010 Imam Omar Subedar wrote an article titled Maintaining a Marriage,” in which he explained the Islamic three-point perspective on marital relationship on the one true path. In it he gives instructions on wife beating because Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her.” 

In this matter of ‘wife discipline and beatings’, the complexity of the issue is enmeshed in the matter of dominant authority of the Muslim male, for in his absence a father, brother or any male kin can discipline his wife for him. And a hot button topic it proved to be for Subedar with the reactions he elicited, even though the bulk of what he was stating is absolute Islamic doctrinal truth of the one true path.

Omar stated: “If for some reason the wife becomes stubborn, arrogant or disobedient even after the husband is doing his part then Allah has introduced a three-point dispute resolution plan.

Of those wives from whom you fear arrogance then:

Advise them: Sitting down and having a discussion to try and understand what the problem is provides many fruitful results. Many a times the husband unknowingly does something that irritates the wife due to which she resorts to such behavior. Therefore, it is imperative that both parties sit down with a cool mind and collectively diagnose the problem and there after work out a solution.

If, however it turns out that there really is no problem and the wife is acting as such out of arrogance or stubbornness then the husband should counsel her to fear Allah and to try and live as a happy couple. If there is something that is bothering her, she should feel free to express it.

Forsake them in bed: If the problem persists after exercising the first measure then the husband should refrain from having sexual relations with her.

Strike them: If the problem still does not get resolved then as a final resort Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her, however this does not imply that Allah is promoting domestic violence.

It is at the OUCH STAGE’ of strike them that most Muslims do a song and dance to try to explain away what their garbage can words mean on the one true path. It is no different in the case of the Islamic Marriage Jig done by Omar Subedar. I am simply shining a spotlight to display the actuality of what men like him truly believe and practice. HE BELIEVES IT IS ALLAH SANCTIONED FOR HIM TO DISCIPLINE HIS WIFE THROUGH SEXUAL DEPRIVATION AND BEATING’. CASE CLOSED.

But men of the Omar Subedar mentality take it even further in believing they are actually honoring the woman through beating her on the one true path. The old Imams state that if she does not jump to it when you call her to sex, then you are to beat her with a short rod. But do it on the body and not the face. This is NOT the one true path required by our Canadian standards, eh?

After his three point fiasco Omar jumped to the chance of doing a little damage control through the > Call to Action to Eradicate Domestic Violence held at the Noor Cultural October 31,2011.    He endorsed this through using his status with both the Mathābah Foundation and the Canadian Council of Imams  from what I researched. 

But Omar, you Mad Muslim Moron, what makes you think no one can read the Qur’an and hadith for themselves in this age of computer technology?  How could you possibly endorse the formatted lies that stated this: “There is no room within these teachings (are these not supposed to be Qur’an and hadith based Omar?) for any person, by virtue of gender or position within the family, to seize control over the life and bodily security of anotherDomestic violence and in the extreme, practices such as killing to “restore family honor” violate clear and non-negotiable Islamic principles, and so we categorically condemn all forms of domestic violence.”

 Omar, we know that gender and position within the Muslim family as clearly shown in your ‘unholy books’ dictates the absolute control over all devout members of the ummah following the one true path. Domestic violence such as wife beating and honor killing are fully sanctioned by your Allah and a demand of the Qu’ran and hadith.  

Omar, feel free to lie as desired exercising your damage control, after all we know Allah fully sanctions all deceptions of the kafir to advance sharia. So you can profess anything you want to and immediately try to explain any problematic issue for Islam in such manner as to try to show it being the one true path.  

So, big beater, explain away your signature on the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration, your ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the funding a few of the understandably emotionally distraught jihadi terrorists, eh? After all, you consider > it is just a normal emotional reaction for people to turn to jihad because of what they see being done to Muslims, eh?   > 4:05   Nice try big fella, but anyone capable of reading knows the Qur’an and hadith command all Muslims jihad to fulfill the one true path you just love to validate.

 And, please Omar, some further ‘one true path clarification’ for me. You say that > it’s okay to donate parts of your body when you die.  And through the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration you say We believe in the preservation of all the necessities of life.One has to agree that healthy organs are a genuine necessity of life. But, Omar, how does one preserve and donate such necessities of life when they are blown all over the horizon by one of your ‘emotionally distraught jihad terrorists’. If you can tell me how to gather up the pieces correctly I will do so after the next Boston style marathon run with perhaps an even ‘bigger blast off’ and donate them in accordance with your instructions. Or, perhaps I can do something with the squashed ones after the nextIslamic vehicle run into a holiday crowd. Or maybe the ones still of use after one of your Muslim gang rape deaths may be available to preserve and donate as the Islamic necessities of life.

It might do a little damage control for you to explain how all such events keeps one walking correctly on the one truth path, eh?

Preservation? Donation? Preserve your perceived necessities of the one truth path and donate them to the garbage can of Satan from whence they came, eh? And, before you put the lid on your garbage can of Islamic theology make certain your Wife Beating Moronic Beliefs are on the top of the stinking heap.

Omar, you certainly do make a lot of money at your events on the ‘one true path’ as you guide your devotees through the Mathābah Institute’. Big guy, you have all the appearance of being a Muslim style version of a money gouging Christian TV evangelist.

 Whatever, I think I might have found a video of your troops trying to make it to one of your events in Brampton during winter. An interesting sound track to it. Sort of sums up >  all that happens to people when they are on your one true path.  Do you recognize any of the roads or are you too busy stacking the cash for Muslim Brotherhood adventures?

As with most educated Muslims, this man is an example of intelligence with no true wisdom. The man is guilty of complicity in all forms related to sedition and treason, and fully deserving of the scorn I have deployed toward him in stating Truth.

I pray his next biggest event is a Court Room of Canada and at the very least onward to a permanent cell of solitary confinement outside our Nation.

Omar’s Antics are nothing more than standard format of jihad being practiced to bring about the full Islamic Invasion and Conquest within our land. It is a Format of Evil that we must destroy.

 It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


 Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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