DAY 52



 > 8:58 The radical Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan does a lot of his damage for Islam  from “Toon Town” as many Prairie Dogs like to call it. 

Originating from Afghanistan, he disseminates his contempt for Democracy from the Islamic Center of Saskatoon and in the schools of the area.  He flatly states that Democracy in no terms is compatible with Islam.

He believes Democracy to be evil, a source of trouble for Islam and when democratic actions are defined as shirk they are punishable by death under sharia.

He is an associated member of the radical group Hizb Ut-Tahrir’ and that alone should earn him deportation, rather than the consulting functionshe claims to have enacted with our government in Afghanistan.

To criticize Islam in any manner is a major issue for him and at every opportunity he foments protests against it. Be it movies or cartoons, be it winter or summer, it makes no difference for > 17:05 Mustafa Mustann will ensure the Saskatoon Muslim Community will be out to protest over matters he sees of concern to Islam. 

This video is a long diatribe giving a lot of standardized Islamic dogma about insulting of his beliefs, stating everyone else is protected from being Insulted except for Muslims. This is absolute fabricationsince there is nothing in our Democratic System of belief practices that states anyone group deserves more or less protection. But, why should Mustann be permitted to protest about anything with regard to Democracy when he is on record stating: Democracy IN NO TERMS is compatible with Islam.” For once he spoke some truth. And, the fact remains that Islam never can be compatible with Democracy, for it is an evil antithesis of true Democratic freedom.

Do not lose sight of the forest of Islam through the deliberate confusion and unrest that is fomented in trying to plant their sharia trees as do men like Mustann. They love the media pandering to allowing them to express their ‘views’. But, to “go back to the basis, to find the cause of the violencewith Mustann is simple, the ‘root cause is to insult Islam’. This is True, but cartoon depictions do not create violence, it is only Islamic Religious belief which is at the heart of the issue that causes the violence. Case closed.

This man incites people to unrest, HATRED and ultimately violence. He should be imprisoned without trial and sent immediately back to Afghanistan, post haste with no allowance ever to return to the evils of our Democratic System.  

When enacted, if he should attempt re-entry in any format, with his feet first touching upon Canadian soil he should be legally executed at first sight! Dead dogs don’t bark and they don’t bite.


It is a righteous action with God that this take place.



Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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