DAY 27

DAY 27– September 25.2019 – ELECTION 8 BALL

More than one Two Many North Saskatchewan PPC have been found behind the Eight Ball of Blackened Bull Shit……you are all hooked boys and girls…. you do not have a play!

On the political pool table of our prairies you were already starting to be officially blocked off with my announcement to The Rebel media and 21 other sources on October 10, 2018 – “The attached is formal announcement that the Canadian Nationalist Party is a Neo-Natzi infested movement under the guidance of the Canadian KKK.” – Explanation was given through attachment  >

Travis One.docx

And it is this man , your chosen candidate for my ‘home’ riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River  – JEROME PERRAULT –  to whom you all have links that has trapped  you behind the eight ball that is now rolling back upon you now.

Preparing the Final Frontier to continue my quest to eradicate Trudeau and other bad breath bastards (bbb) from the scene I filled out the PPC Saskatchewan Request for Volunteers form when it came online in May.

Subsequent Will Smith, the EDA Provincial Coordinator made contact with a ‘happy to have you onboard’ blurb.

On May 28 – Matthew Walsh the temporary candidate for Regina-Qu’Appelle contacted me with an emotional appeal for ‘campaign help’.

On May 31 – Monique Quintal the EDA President and co-campaign manager for Mark Friesen the PPC candidate in the Saskatoon -Grasswood riding made contact. She desired to co-ordinate the use of my PPC promotional van with one of her uncle Mark’s events when I would be in the Province of Saskatchewan.

I will delineate the Southern PPC Will Smith Generated ‘shit fight’ that was underway amid the PPC Party Faithful at this juncture in time at a later posting. For it was amid the Northern Sector PPC that the ‘Will Smith-Mennie Menace Shenanigans Crap’ hit the fan and splattered one and all.

But Max Bernier was bragging this a.m. 9.26.19 that his EDA’s were all on the ground and organized to operate, that the other parties like the Greens and NDP did not have such support structures into place and could not even locate candidates. >

So, let us take a look at the reality of your EDA’s here in Saskatchewan Mad Max.

NO ! To hell with his rotted rat pack. 

Not today.

The rats are already scurrying around knowing what I am going to present about them. Let the unrighteous bastards fret another 24 hours. They deserve every minute of it!

In Christ I Remain – Phinehas