DAY 49




It would help for you to have some knowledge of very basic Arabic words referring to their spiritual states of being, as this Muslim Miscreant adeptly shifts back and forth between Arabic and English.

From his time of entrance this man has been spreading Somali Islamic Poison in Canada. As far back as October of 2009 he was being reported in the press for his preaching hatred rather than harmony”:

A Toronto-area imam is under fire for using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to ‘destroy’ the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to ‘damn’ the ‘infidels.

The address, given last Friday by Imam Saed Rageah at North York’s Abu Huraira Centre, and then posted on YouTube, is an attack on those who have been calling for a ban on the niqab and burka, both of which cover the faces of women.  “Allah protect us from the fitna [sedition] of these people; Allah protect us from the evil agenda of these people; Allah destroy them from within themselves, and do not allow them to raise their heads in destroying Islam.” As well, this Imam asked Allah to ‘damn’ Christians and Jews.

Tarek Fatah, a Canadian Muslim author and commentator, said that this type of language could be interpreted as a call to violence.”

While it is difficult to understand what he’s preaching at times, it is clearly understood that for people who insult or attack Islam, such as he states is being done that a Muslim reaction to it can or could also be to the point as far askill that person’, if he doesn’t repent what he is saying.”


The Abu Huraira Centre where the call to violence was given attracts about 800 to 1,000 people to a typical Friday service.

But the video he posted reaches a far wider audience as >  calls out to all Muslims in Canada.

 Sheikh Said Rageah is married and has four daughters and two sons. He was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia and in the late 80s snaked his way to North America where he gained his education.  He holds a B.A in Islamic studies as well as a Masters in Sharia from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia.

 He has spewed out his disguised venom through spiritual headship as a 1) Imam at Masjid Aya – Maryland 2) Muslim Chaplain of University of Calgary and Southern Alberta institute of Technology (SAIT) 3) Counselor at University of Calgary   4) Founder of Masjid Huda – Montreal and 5) is currently serving as an Imam at Abu Huraira Islamic Center in North York from where he launched his go to the point AS FAR ASKILL THAT PERSON. 

Intent upon raising up the next generation of jihadi he has turned to youth as Founder of Orphans Matter, MSL of Calgary, The Muslim Youth magazine, Leadership Camps for Muslim Youth, Youth Hot Line, MBA (Muslim Basketball Association) and the Muslim Student Loan Foundation.

 This speaks to raising children from a few months out of the womb in a manner that glorifies Allah> 39:07  But, evidence shows this glorification pathway ultimately takes them to the jihadi existence and suicide bombing mentality that results through absolute submission to the sharia of Allah. And where we have seen the greatest deployment of children suicide bombers emerge is his beloved Somalia.

He is adept in manipulating media for both propaganda and educational purposes.  He is the Founder of Oasis magazine and Director of Ummah Times magazine,

He is determined to make Canada one ummah through using seminars and conferences and is Co-founder and chairman of Journey of Faith Annual Conference (Eastern Canada) and Co-Founder of Power of One Annual Conference (Western Canada).  Psalm 35:20 describes such gatheringsFor they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.

 Here is his opening address to one suchpeace conferencein 2009, while looking to increase Muslim unity. > 5:14 

But there continues to be cracks in the unity and his Is It Worth It address   > 3:25 serves you another plate of Islamic Propaganda.

He attempts to educates to Islam through all media means and is Founder of The Aqsa Association and Founder of ‘IQ’ (Quranic institute) with branches now in the USA and Canada.

He is able to easily institute matters for jihad goals as he teaches and travels internationally for the for Al-Maghrib Institute. > AlMaghrib Institute – Official Site

Rageah says > 29:17    Do business with other Muslims first, for your community to become one unit.   And, as one unit you take over business, media and politics. And, that is what Islam is doing through many doorways in Canada.

Rageah has made himself to be an effective sword of sharia and will swing it at anyone who opposes his ways. Spiritually, what the man preaches disgusts me, but he can be personable and extremely adept at >  employing sarcasm, humor and joking in  a manner that can draw others in.

He is very good at leading people down the garden path of Islam toward what appears to look like a very logically planted rose garden. Be careful for > a person becomes a Muslim simply by reciting the Shahada with a sincere heart in Arabic.  

You only need to utter the Shahada (Shahadah) once in the presence of a Muslim to be considered a Muslim. You have then entered a garden of thorns and briers that will cut the flesh from your bones if you try to depart.  Islam is no Garden of Eden.

To improve marital relationship in accordance to the Islamic Law (Sharia) Rageah recorded his ‘love and marriage’ set>42:14 Advice for Brothers & Sisters part 1 is to Women  in which he states “your husband is a like a Fat ugly baby….

 >36:02 Advice for Brothers & Sisters part 2 is to Men  in which he states If a man looks at your wife or sister knock him out. It is at this point in his presentation that he is expounding on the position a man must take within his marriage if he is to manifest honor as Allah requires it of him.

 He states that men, to their shame, have lost their understanding of the necessity of protective jealousy and cannot please Allah unless they employ it. Said states protective jealousy (ghirah) should be encouraged among young men and husbands as an illustration of their manhood.

Muslims claim the stressing of protective jealousy is simply great concern to protect the female from any possible thing that might harm her. Preventing harm from evil persons, evil words or even evil looks. Thus, the male must have ghirah.

A person that does not display ghirah is called dayyuth, which is a person who has no sense of protection or honor regarding his wife or female members of his kindred. And a dayyuth will not enter Jannah (paradise) so necessity to act as the examples he gives have placed a tremendous spiritual pressure upon the Muslim male.

In the Islam of Rageah he teaches the wife must follow her husband’s naturally destined leadership and in cases she becomes disobedient and rebellious her husband is allowed in certain conditions, such as denying him sex, to use force against her.  He also noted that “depending on her conduct, the wife can be a source of honor or depravity for the whole family.”

It is this type of pressure that impels most of the irrational acts of honor killing by Muslims which the Western mind cannot grasp their reasoning for. And all of the reasoning that condones such form of murder is sanctioned in the doctrines of Islam.  A large part of the evil behind honor killing is that which Said Rageah describes as simply necessary ghirah.

And following are some transcribed excerpts that highlight his positioning surrounding KNOCK HIM OUT’.

You are not a man without ghirah: “Also, something that we are not doing is that we no longer have the ghirah [protective jealousy] that is needed. There is no ghirah [protective jealousy] in us, my brothers to faith. Nowadays there is no jealousy. Meaning, you don’t have that ghirah [protective jealousy], that manhood. Glorious is God, when a man looks at your wife or your sister, as the brother passes by, what should you as a brother do? Knocking him out. Right? But, no, he reacts by saying: O well, how are you?  She is my sister. He is Dayyuth. That is not acceptable. But you know, you should introduce your sister. No, no, no, no, no, no. Unacceptable, O my brothers to faith.

You can never permit the woman to be alone with another man: ‘But to us he said: It’s ok, she is working with the man in the room. Oh, come on, this is life brother Saeed. Why are you guys Wahabis? Come on. Don’t be too rigid. I trust my wife. If you tell me that I should feel jealous, that’s means that I don’t trust her.’

What would you do with such a brother, my brothers to faith?  You take him for a walk and you come back alone, because he does not deserve to live as a decent person. So, this is not the case for a believer o my brothers to faith.”

Infidelity demands the honorable male executes a death sentence according to Allah and his prophet: “I told you the story of the Quranic verse and the ruling of a man finding another man with his wife. What is the ruling initially? The ruling was: go and get four witnesses Sa’ad bin Muaz said to Sa’ad bin Ubaada.

Sa’ad bin Ubaada was the man who got married and the family delivered the wife on a horse, and as soon as she got off the horse, what did he do? He took his dagger and killed the horse. He said: No, no man will sit where my wife sat. That’s how great his jealousy was. No, no, no.. let him live, let the horse live.  But, No. In the path of Allah, the horse is a halal sacrifice on the spot. Meaning, just the thought that even five years later a man might sit in the same spot. He wouldn’t sleep with that thought and so he killed the horse.

And Allah said in the Quran: go and find four witnesses if you find a man with your wife. And Sa’ad bin Ubaada said… you want me to find a man with my wife and say: Hey guys, stay where you are and I’ll bring four witnesses God Willing, so don’t go anywhere. He said: O Messenger of Allah, by the time I bring my witnesses they were done. It’s over. The business is over. In that kind of business what do you expect?

Sa’ad bin Ubaada said: I swear by Allah, O Messenger of Allah, I swear by Allah I will kill them both with the back of my sword. Meaning, he didn’t come with the edge of his sword, but the back, so they’d die slowly. That’s how he wants to kill them. So, Muhammad’s companions said:  How could you say that, Messenger of Allah? The Messenger of Allah [Prophet Muhammad] said: Are you concerned about Sa’ad’s jealousy? I swear by Allah that I’m more jealous than Sa’ad and Allah is more jealous than I.”

The Muslim males honor demands absolute devotion and submission to him: “Al-Arari, a Bedouin, he was walking with his wife and his wife looked at another man, and he saw that, and he said: go back to your family. She said: What? It was just a look. And he said to her:  Listen to this. If a fly lands on my food when I’m eating, and I’m still need to eat that food, I would withdraw my hand from the food, because a fly landed on my food.

Meaning, that’s it. I don’t want to put myself to the point that I would eat something that a fly landed on it. When a fly lands on food I still want to eat that food. I still love you, but I cannot live with the thought that you looked at someone else. I cannot do this. Though I love you, I will go against my heart. He said: lions don’t drink what the dogs drank from. The lions don’t drink from the same spot the dogs drunk from. I can’t.”

And these directions are a small part of what is needed for the Muslim male to ensure his honor and entry to paradise. Through such guidance the rose garden transforms to one of thorns and briers that cuts the flesh from one and all devout followers of Islam.


The spiritually mad Somali Moron incites people to violence, hatred, genocide, sedition and treason from the Abu Huraira Centre in Toronto. The Centre should be immediately locked down. He should be imprisoned without trial and sent back to Somalia with the entirety of his brood of vipers, taking with him the exact declared amount of financial resources at his first entry to our nation. He entered with a desire for our destruction and that is really all that he is entitled to leave with.

If you are blessed with personally ushering the cretin onward and he puts up a fuss let him eat his own words: Knock Him Out and let him awaken outside the nation. THE ALTERNATE FOR THE MAN IS NOT IMPRISONMENT, BUT EXECUTION THROUGH HANGING BY THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA THROUGH OUR EXISTING CRIMINAL CODE.

Get Rid of this Moronic Muslim Now!

It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


More Islamic Insanity follows in Series-8

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