DAY 43


“I’ve Got A Question”

Yesterday I set up directly across from Snot Bubble Scheers office in Regina for six hours. Fully decked out with flags flying and waiting to deal with whatever came my way.


I know how you are feeling. But you were just too busy chasing cars to run down that fox that pulled another raid in the henhouse. Yep, dead chickens and scattered feathers now.

Yah, I’ll tell the voters they should get all their questions answered before they head for the polls. Yeh, I know they cannot afford to make a wrong decision on October 21.

I hope I am not too late with your message. I am one day behind the Countdown in posting it.

Anyways, let’s go for a walk and see if we can find a rabbit. Yeh, I remember that the last time we headed out we ran into that Conservative skunk. Didn’t smell any different than that time we drove onto that Liberal skunk dead in the middle of the road, eh?

Certainly, it was hard to get the smell of those skunks off us but it was worth the scrubbing we took eh? We sure woke up to watching out for skunks. What do you think?

WOOF….WOOF ….smells like a trace of skunk to me ! Oh, wow, yow …there goes a rabbit….see you later Phinehas…. 


The traditional political skunks have left us with a mess of First Nations issues that need honorable just settlement.

All Political Corruption must be ended in Ottawa, the Provinces and our Sovereign Territories with this election.

Better wake up and read this article posted September 6, 2019. –

It surrounds the fact “Ottawa must pay tens of thousands of dollars to every First Nations child who was placed in the on-reserve child welfare system, following a Friday ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that also provides compensation to some of their parents and grandparents. 

The tribunal ordered the federal government to pay $40,000 to each child — the maximum allowed under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The ruling covers all children in the care of the child welfare system at any point from Jan.1, 2006, to a date to be determined by the tribunal. 

The order stems from the landmark January 2016 tribunal ruling which said the government discriminated against First Nations children by under-funding on-reserve child welfare services. 

“Canada’s conduct was devoid of caution with little to no regard to the consequences,” said the order. 

“Canada was aware of the discrimination and of some of its serious consequences … Canada focused on financial considerations rather than on the best interests of First Nations children and respecting their human rights.”

Some estimates place the number of potentially affected children at about 50,000, with the largest proportion in the Prairies and British Columbia.”

You make the time, wake up and finish reading the article. If you think that men like Chief Perry Bellegarde are going to disappear or go ‘off track’ in achieving justice for First Nations give your head a shake.

Swelling such ranks are men and women of all ages such as 24-year-old First Nations Tyler R. when he stated to myself and Say Wowk“I’ve got a question?”

He put that question to the Scheer crew in Regina when the Final Frontier was set up at the riding office front door from 6:00 am to high noon. 

What has happened with the money promised First Nations Residential School Survivors that have died before their settlement was reached? Tyler grilled them on this and related First Nations questions for over twenty minutes.

They muttered, spluttered, tried standard brush offs and repeatedly could not answer his questions. He agreed to give them 15 working days before returning for their answers. They were obviously relieved at his departure.

They must remember he is coming back. Tyler and men like Perry will not allow any more Federal Foxes to ravage the First Nations ‘chicken coop’. Wake up Canada to this fact and see they receive the justice and respect they deserve for working toward a better Nation for one and all.

Their success will achieve a better Canada –   For All Our Children!



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