DAY 38


The writing is on the wall Canada. 

The time and need for political moral change in our Nation has never been greater.

Listen to this Wonder tune and stop wondering how you should vote!

Stevie Wonder Superstition

You cannot entertain superstitions of any kind and not suffer from the results of the October 21.2019 Ballot count.

Superstitions such as a vote for Max will ‘split the Conservative vote’ and end up favoring the Liberals is hogwash. Reality is that a vote for Scheer favors the Liberals and the Scheer antics and policies are but a reflection of Justin the Jihadi Jerk Off.

PPC Candidates – Here are two things that are neither secrets nor superstitions.

The necessary legislation is intact to start dealing with Foreign Invasion of every kind and to start the Redesign of the Senate that is essential to successful future governance of a truly united Nation and partnership withFirst Nations.

Prepare yourself now, in full faith, believing in the God of all creation and the four principles espoused by our Party as envisioned by Max.

Hit the ground running fully prepared to take action when you hit Ottawa.

Victory awaits those who stand for Honor and only speak Truth.



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