DAY 36

Sunday September 15.2019 – 36 DAYS AND WARMING UP

Greetings Canada – Here is your Sunday Morning Paper being delivered one day early.

Most of you know little about Mad Max and what has made him the man he is today. So, read this expose I wrote about him a long time back.

The big questions I had to ask myself about Mad Max stemmed from his statement: “I’m always honest.” 

I fully believe there is no duplicity within the man in what is taking place with him now and the events surrounding the Peoples Party of Canada. But some events of the past forced me to determine why I was comfortable in this position.

And subsequent events I am soon to make a report on make this a necessary read for you as Bernier is about to undergo a testing by fire surrounding his statement: “I’m always honest.” 


Why the Big Questions?

The big questions I had to ask myself about Mad Max stemmed from his statement: “I’m always honest.” 

I fully believe there is no duplicity within the man in what is taking place with him now and the events surrounding the Peoples Party of Canada. But some events of the past forced me to determine why I was comfortable in this position.

The Lords of Chaos have no where to travel in Bernier’s present to halt him in this advance underway so the attack dogs like Wendy Mesley, Hamish Marshall and Gerald Butts have no recourse except to dig up bones to gnaw on. But dry bones shatter, splinter and penetrate both throats and intestines and will destroy them gnawing both night and day.

As to The Cuckoo Birds flitting around the debris, their beaks are cancer laden, incapable of holding even the safest shard and their wings so weakened they cannot even get off the ground. It is best they simply hop off over the horizon now before the fur, fins and feathers of 2019 truly erupt.

I know every person comes to a juncture in their life where they must emerge knowingly being able to state – “I’m always honest” – (I too am always honest now trying to do what I believe is right for people, based on mistaken bones I buried with my past.) – Bernier has emerged today to such position that he no longer scampers on to the dark side of the moon.

Now, whether a Christian or not, anyone who genuinely does right by people advances the Kingdom of God. Thus, in natural process whether comprehended by themselves or not, the bones of the past are buried through their actions in such fashion that they cannot any longer prove a distraction upon the pathway they now walk. I have stated prior that Bernier is not a hypocrite that postures religiously. He is not an Andrew Scheer. Also, that I do not know if he even comprehends the fulfillment of scripture that he is, through simply refusing to let past events cloud the present needs and future requirements of Canada.

I do know this – “And Jesus said unto him, no man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.  (Luke 9:62)

Bernier is not looking back, nor will he be dragged into useless chewing of bones with those that attempt to do so in the past. Thus, he fulfills my primary requirement that he is fit for the kingdom of God. Whether he comprehends this in the same manner as myself is not an issue, the evidence of the refusals and emergence until today is the fact that first placed my mind at rest. Today in no manner is he lying when he states – “I’m always honest.”

Now, let me be the ‘bone digger’ and we shall look at some matters that came to the surface for me and try to place your mind at rest. Remember, like every other citizen I must also cast my vote.


First Nations Concerns are a political priority in this country to avoid Chaos.

No matter where searched I have been unable to find a photo of Bernier dressed in First Nations costumes. He quite obviously knows that the outer attire does not address the indigenous population true concerns or show genuine unity with them in any fashion.

Back on September 11, 2018 it was evident there is a big battle brewing over indigenous rights in this Nation. It was also evident that the Trudeau government will never solve it. >

Almost immediately, on September 12, 2018 the Ontario chiefs said they plan to stop Ottawa’s proposed Indigenous rights framework ‘at all costs’.  >

Looking for answers I started moving forward and given the mans performance records the Post Media report of November 28, 2018 provided me assurance that Bernier was determined to see First Nations receive justice and full positioning in the constitutional heritage of this country.

“Bernier said he will be rolling out policies for First Nations people in the coming weeks. He says First Nations have a special place in the Canadian constitution — a historical role — and wants to work with them to address challenges.

“We are giving billions of dollars to help other countries but at the same time, aren’t doing anything to help First Nations,” Bernier said. “I will have a concrete policy on that. We will need to do a big reform.”

I expect these reform policies will be on the table early in 2019 at which time La Ronge Chief Tammy Cook-Searson may be astute enough to get out of the bed she has crawled into with Trudeau. She should if seriously desiring ‘big reform’ to the benefit of her heritage and Canada in totality.




Maxime Bernier has been both a man of scandal and a man scandalized. There is no doubt that there have been women involved at every poignant juncture of his life. One might say there have been too many women in his life if he had not emerged a much wiser man from the events that stand him in front of us today.

Many sources have commented how upbeat and charming he is, going about shaking hands and posing for pictures. Quickly building relations with people seems to just come naturally to him and has earned him a title of The Dapper Politician.

Others label Max as that rogue MP for Beauce, Que, the historical headache of the Conservative Party, a narcissist, an egomaniac with an enlarged ‘Achilles Heel’ when it comes to judgment.

But when it comes to political policies Max has varied little since entering the Conservative arena. He quite flatly states: “It’s the party who changed. I didn’t change. I’m the same guy. I believe in the same ideas.”

But the formation of the character of a man of true integrity evolved throughout his political life and evidenced itself in the relationships he had with the females around him.

I do not know the number of female related adventures the handsome Frenchman had in the trip of getting here, that remains between him and God. I will only be dealing with the three most important ones in the transition of his life.

Althia Raj of the Huffington Post did an extensive three-part expose of Bernier titled: Separatism and Scandal: Maxime Bernier’s Unlikely Road to Redemption.

This is a very professional piece of work that leaves not one aspect of the man’s life untilled from her perspective. You can tap into Part 1: ‘The Albertan From Quebec’  and read to your hearts content. Continue then to Part 2: ‘The ‘Reasonable Libertarian’ and Part 3: The New Reformer

I am only going to turn over the necessary furrows to show you the Maxime Bernier I believe you need to know for our Nations betterment.


One Good Woman: Caroline Chauvin (1991-2005) is the first woman of impact in Bernier’s life. She is the mother of his two children and they have been divorced for thirteen years.

However, Bernier is involved with his children and explains that he keeps his children’s life private due to their importance to him, and that he is proud of them. 

His pride in the girls highlights his sensitivity about his own English skills, freely admitting he was very bad in English in school and states – “I still need to work on it.” And he does.

But his daughters attended private English school in Montreal and he notes proudly that his daughters speak with no accent.

Bernier met his former wife, Caroline Chauvin at an art gallery opening he was attending with a group of young lawyers. Max pursued her and they were married in 1991 in a Roman Catholic church ceremony. She is the mother of his two daughters, Charlotte and Megan. Max was with her for 13 years. The marriage didn’t work out, and their divorce was ironically finalized on Sept. 14, 2005 which was their wedding anniversary.

But Max has remained close with his daughters and respecting Caroline says: “We didn’t succeed in our marriage, but we succeeded in our divorce, and now she is my best friend and we have a very good relationship. Sometimes we have dinner at my girlfriend’s and her boyfriend together, and so it’s a good relationship. I’m very happy, very proud of that.”

And this is where the rubber hits the road – “We didn’t succeed in our marriage, but we succeeded in our divorce.”

The most common causes of divorce are through financial pressures, career demands or infidelity on the part of the spouses.

Caroline Chauvin did not divorce Max due to his inability at provision of the family needs, even though his self-imposed idealism and career demands were causing him to shift positions.

There were ‘job pressures’ upon the both of them and this cannot be used as an excuse for divorce by people who could only make a success out of their relationship through permanent physical sexual separation of their lives. 

Bluntly put, Max was a womanizer and obviously not ‘always honest’ at this time. For certain, he didn’t come home telling Caroline in a charming French serenade: “Oh, please my dear, forgive me for being late, I banged that new bimbo in the steno-pool today. I promise I won’t let it happen again.”

Over thirteen years, how often such a potential tryst may have taken place with Max and with whom really is of no importance. Max was raised in the mindset of male dominance and masculine view of sexual conquest as being a trophy to be held up for other men. There was an instinctual establishing of hierarchy through this action in such a male world. Max had a genuine love for women, a genuine love for Caroline within the boundaries of the world encompassing most males during his era. His actions were just the natural thing to do. ‘Hide and seek sex’ was a common practice that people tried not to face up to in the generation he emerged through. I know this as a fact for the generation was mine and the reality I had to mature through.

But a woman has an intense hatred for infidelity, the act that completely denigrates her personal sexual being in her own mind; infidelity displays itself to her not only as something that does not see the supreme value her womanhood as she offers it, but the action is seen as actually scorning it. This is what rotted and ate away the bindings that allowed Caroline to contend within the life she was facing.

Caroline Chauvin is a strong woman as evidenced in making a success out of divorce. She must have simply grown fed up waiting for change, truly accepted that the nature of the beast was not going to allow it and took action. Obviously, Caroline did not want her daughters growing to womanhood thinking their charming father, who they all loved, was the type of man that a woman had to accept simply to have a man in their life.

What was the straw that broke the camels back of their marriage? It was a compendium of things, but it was not the ‘demon politics. It was the state of their marriage and Max’s continuous pressing for his ideals and goals, sorting them out and solidifying them that was the dual ignition that drove his gleaming ‘Beauce Coup’ full speed into the political arena.


 One Bad Bitch: Julie Couillard (2007-2008) is best described as Tit Monster, Twit Twat, The Interlude and Woman Scorned.

During April-May of 2008 Maxime Bernier suffered great ridicule and mockery in the press for his sexual occupancy with Julie Couillard. From the picture the Globe and Mail titled them “the two boobs and a scandal”. Media were commenting and running the picture repeatedly making comments such as: “Why have the media gone so nuts over l’affaire Bernier? Simple. They get to run that picture again and again! The one with the fabulously good-looking boob. Okay, two boobs. One is barely contained by a dress that appears to be made from a handkerchief, and the other one is walking along beside.”

He was mocked as fitting model for the three ingredients of a good old-fashioned sex scandal.

“A classic sex scandal must have three ingredients: a voluptuous femme fatale, a horny (preferably married) senior politician, and state secrets worth spilling.” They tittered and tee-heed “If only we had more biker molls and cleavage, they might run more stories about Canadian politics.”

Bernier states that his time with Couillard was the biggest mistake I ever made.

 And the press has never wanted to let the matter of the two boobs disappear. >  Maxime Bernier caught driving with suspended licence | CTV News

While driving five years later on June 16, 2013, Bernier was pulled over on an unrelated matter and ended up dealing with some kind of unpaid traffic ticket. The ticket had placed his drivers license under suspension.

Bernier had no knowledge of the ticket being unpaid nor the suspension.

The issue was immediately taken care of, but the reporter had to make certain right at the end of the article to state: “Bernier is the Minister of State for Small business and Tourism. He resigned as Foreign Affairs Minister in 2008 after leaving sensitive documents at the home of his ex-girlfriend, but eventually returned to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.”

Bernier had been sworn in as Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism on May 18,2011 but he was no longer dragging the Couillard ho on the go along. She was nowhere to be seen wearing a low-cut dress as she had worn to his swearing-in as Foreign Affairs Minister in August 2007.

It had been some six years prior to the ticket incident, at the August 2007 cabinet shuffle a grinning Bernier toted the big breasted Couillard with a plunging neckline to Rideau Hall for his swearing in as Foreign Affairs Minister. This brought the strutting debonair Frenchman to draw unwanted attention in English Canada amid friend and foe alike.

As to Couillard, she liked the lifestyle and attention gotten hanging on the arm and laying under the rutting Bernier. The relationship did not last long but it changed the course of Bernier’s life. Following the swearing in, scandal erupted as news emerged that Couillard had ties to Quebec’s notorious biker gangs and led an unsavory life. But the big head kick for Bernier came when Couillard told the press Bernier had been careless with confidential briefing notes.

“The public had discovered her former lover was Gilles Giguère, a man closely linked to Hells Angels boss Maurice “Mom” Boucher, who was murdered in 1996. Her ex-husband, Stéphane Sirois, was a member of the Rockers biker gang and later became a police informant.

The opposition parties questioned whether Bernier’s former girlfriend posed a security risk. Harper suggested that Liberal leader Stéphane Dion and Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe were “gossipy old busybodies” and said his relationship with Couillard was nobody’s business.”

A review by the Canadian government stated the mishandling of NATO documents by the foreign minister was embarrassing but not a blow to national security.

 At the time it was reported “Couillard herself does not have a criminal record, nor has she been charged with criminal activity and had not maintained any known links with Hells Angels after 1999. In April 2008, Bernier inadvertently left a secretive briefing book at Couillard’s home. Couillard gave the binder to a lawyer for transmittal to the government, and then the media revealed her links. Although Prime Minister Stephen Harper had initially dismissed Bernier’s relationship with Couillard as irrelevant, he ultimately accepted Bernier’s resignation over the matter. 

The notes were related to a NATO summit in Romania, and addressed NATO’s relationship with Russia; expansion to the Balkans; Afghan prisoners; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; AECL reactors in Estonia; and the presence of Al-Qaida in Pakistan, among other topics. Bernier, who was separated from Couillard at that time, accepted blame for the incident and resigned his cabinet post on May 26, 2008. Bernier explained that this incident made him rethink about his political career. Since then, he kept government information within his parliamentary office while staying up late to finish duties.”


Bernier continues to state that his time with Couillard was the biggest mistake I ever made.

“Bernier denies knowing anything about her background. At the time, he stayed quiet while the media explored Couillard’s potential links to organized crime, then the possibility she was also involved in illegal lobbying.”

“I thought I must resign as a politician, as a member of Parliament. I didn’t know what to do.” The news coverage did not cease. “Early in the morning I was in the news, during the day and in every newspaper. I didn’t know about her past, so I was learning at the same time.”

Couillard published a book during the 2008 election campaign that clearly   waswritten to harm him, and Couillard says she told Bernier about her past soon after they met.”

This is a fabrication on her part. Bernier did forget his briefcase at abandonment of Couillard’s love nest, but the documents were secure within it when he flew her coop. Bernier maintains he never took the papers out of his briefcase, that Couillard stole them out of it and with Couillard’s refusal to participate in a Foreign Affairs investigation into the incident it would seem to verify the fact.

During this time of life Maxime Bernier was emotionally trapped in the lifestyle of a man we used to term as being ‘a pussy hound’, constantly sniffing around looking for fresh female tracks.

Julie Couillard was as much a depraved slut internally as her outward appearance and actions portrayed her to be. I am not saying that Max’s actions in relation to her where anymore noble than those of Donald Trump in the case of Stormy Daniels. But, why is it we have become so damn politically correct that we will not freely state what is staring us straight in the face. Both of these women were publicly whores, gougers and moral misfits standing in the flesh with no shame for what they were, what they were doing or who they were doing it with. Each was doing semen stained underwear in slightly different manner with two different levels of politicians who had the common disease of being pussy hounds. Money and social position do not dictate the qualifications of the true pussy hound nor the dog that is best at running down the cracked women in life they ultimately mount. Perhaps old Stormy Sewer Cat got her stimulus to action through the antics of her precursor Couillard. You never know what sparks such minds into immediate action, but both are females and their natures are too similar to look for the ignition switch in what is common to the pair. You need to look for the major difference that was driving their actions.

The expression ‘hell has no fury like a woman scorned’ was the visible difference between the two. Stormy Daniels was in no manner on the Donald’s tracks for scorning her, she was quite apparent on being on the singular path of ‘cash for the gash’ and was simply using every measure she could to bring it about. This ultimately blew sky high in the Court with her being ordered to even pay the expenses of the Donald’s legal team. The greedy piglet should not have gone back to the trough wanting more after the success of her initial big mouth full of hush money.

This was not the case with the Crazed Couillard as the now very publicly fidgeting Frenchman in 2007 did scorn her through their sexual relationship. Whorish or not his actions toward her spoke loudly – ‘you aren’t worth the money honey’ and he headed out the door as fast as he could looking for some form of Hill security in his troubled life.

At this time Max may have thought of himself as the sexiest MP on the Hill, with the conquests to prove it, but his mental state was showing him not to be the sharpest tool in the lifestyle he needed to shed.

According to reports the square-jawed Foreign Affairs Minister had taken a headlong dive into the deep end of the sexual pool with Couillard within minutes of his first meeting her. In his lust he was immediately determined to Bop the Bimbo and offered her the price he was willing to pay and the length of time he wanted her services.

Thus, he asked her to be his official girlfriend about five to ten minutes after they met. This position would entitle her to first-class travel, at public expense, and a chance to meet interesting people that would facilitate her ‘career of choice’.

In Couillard’s words she claims Max stated – “I can’t switch girlfriends like I change shirts, so you have to be my official girlfriend for at least a year, in spite of what might happen between us.”

The offer was quite acceptable to the former model, aspiring actress, unsuccessful real estate agent, divorced biker gang ho, associate of gangland killers with no apparent visible means of support outside the flytrap of her thighs. She had an offer of job security for one-year duration and what more could a working girl ask in the unstable times of her life?

I am quite a Disparaging Descriptive Writer am I not? Perhaps someone will recommend me for the Julie Payette ‘Governor General Disparaging Descriptive Writer Award’ and I will be able to fulfill the writing goals that have pushed at me throughout life, eh? I guess this is one path to finding Hill security for a former pussy hound like myself, eh? I suppose such comments as this should give me double the chance of Liberal Hill security as I have now qualified myself for the Julie Payette ‘Governor General Sarcastic Old Bastard Olympics Medal’, eh?

Whatever, Mad Max was hopping around trying to sniff his way out of the hole he had buried himself in with Couillard. From every side he was being bombarded with jabs at his groin strained brain. He simply got up and fled. What exact date and time I do not know. But I know we heard Couillard complain – “He stopped taking my calls.” – He simply dumped her and fled, leaving behind some dirty socks and forgotten state secrets that have been acknowledged of no true importance to anyone.

The circumstance had driven Bernier toward the first steps of recovery from the lifestyle that held him in bondage till that point in life. And now we see him holding himself up as a worthy contender to lead as Prime Minister of Canada and people comparing him to be a French version of Donald Trump and they do not want a Bimbo Bopper like Trump in leadership. But what is the difference between these two men?

I do not care if Bernier Bopped every Bodacious Bimbo crossing his path from Beauce, Quebec to Balzac, Alberta. The simple difference between Bernier and Trump is this. 

Bernier fully admits the mistakes he made during the timeframe of Couillard sexual intimacy in his life. He has never tried to cover them up or excuse his mistakes till this present day and this speaks to the personal maturity occasioned in his life.

And Trump has never once acknowledged the fullness of the truth or details surrounding Stormy Daniels. He has fought such every step of the way.

We will never see Max face impeachment as a liar for claiming – “I never had sex with that woman” – as did Bill Clinton in his cry from the White House about Monica Lewinsky. Max repeatedly proves himself not a liar and capable of now saying – ‘I am always honest.’

The events he passed through changed Bernier and he goes so far as to state belief that if he had not passed through it all he would not have been positioned to where he is truly fit to lead today. He states that he needed to be ‘tossed into the doghouse of politics’ that the Couillard affair had occasioned, to sort himself out and cement once and for all the principals he had been espousing and have now come to fully dominate his life. With the simplicity of being a basic MP he was free to politically roam about Canada and he was no longer sniffing along as a full-blown pussy hound. Whether he withdrew from such addiction cold turkey or was weaned off like a baby leaving the tit for the bottle, then getting to the point of being able to select the best drink from the fridge of life itself is only a matter he knows and really of no concern as he came forth a man completely cured.

Moving about Canada as he did, he discovered there was an audience that liked the authenticity in his voice and his messages of “no compromises” on true conservative principles. He states this is what emboldened him to run for leadership and as proven necessary to form his own Party.

“It was some two weeks after the biker news was leaked through the press, that Bernier’s chief of staff, Aaron Gairdner, received a phone call from Couillard’s lawyer, saying she had confidential documents she wanted to return to the government.

According to a timeline in a Foreign Affairs departmental report, Bernier’s driver was sent to Montreal to pick up the secret envelope, and Gairdner and Bernier discussed his resignation.

The next day, he met with Harper and stepped down, just as Couillard prepared to appear on TV to talk about her ex-lover’s carelessness with confidential files.

The documents in question were low-sensitivity briefing notes from a NATO summit held earlier in April. After returning from the Bucharest trip, Bernier visited Couillard with the papers marked “secret” in his briefcase. He insists he didn’t take them out. He never noticed they went missing.

An internal Foreign Affairs probe was launched. The RCMP also investigated.

Emotionally wrecked and stressed, Bernier headed to a monastery, l’Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, in the Eastern Townships. “Without any television, without any radio, without any phone, I began to think about me. And about my future. And that helped me a lot.”

He says he spoke to a monk every night. He briefly contemplated leaving politics. After five days of near solitude, he decided he’d stay and fight in the next election.”

He posited how he should do such and states that in discussion with former prime minister Brian Mulroney he should ignore the barrage of journalists that were plaguing him and to speak directly to his constituents about the matter. He did so in a speech to his riding explaining the circumstances that had evolved for him.

Bernier stated – “When you take a hard shot, what do you do? You roll up your sleeves and get back to work. I cannot promise you that I will be a perfect person, but I think I’ve learned enough from this ordeal to be a better person,” he said at the time.

And those were the key words that marked Bernier a changed man for life – ‘I think I’ve learned enough from this ordeal to be a better person’.

People believed him then and I believe him now when he says “I’m always honest’.

During the election campaign that fall Bernier was faced with enthusiastic supporters and one man spoke to him of  his openness and lasting effect it had that day he told people the simple truth of events and that he had learned enough through the ordeal to be a better person.

The man stated: ‘Maxime’ — I’ll always remember that — ‘you’ll have the biggest majority. Everybody will vote for you. Because you did make a mistake and we can understand that — but don’t do that again.’ I said, ‘I won’t.’

And Bernier has proven himself true thus far.

He did win the election with 62% of the vote and carried on casting like medallions in gold, bronze and silver the principles of Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect he personifies today.

Today Max states: “You know, I can have a bad day here in the media or a bad week in the media and I know that it isn’t the end of the world. I had three, four bad months in the media, and so it gives me more assurances … Now, I am able to speak about it right now easily, but during that time and a little bit after it was very tough.”

As to Couillard the woman scorned through straight up sexual rejection, bridge of one-year sexual contract or simply opportunistic cash there is not much left worth considering through additional research. I don’t know if she came clear with one loonie from the entire affair through her attempted cash grab and I don’t consider it worth the time finding out.

However, I do know that she underwent investigation for a part played in a bid for an airport security contract and her marriage ties to a former biker gang member. I know the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) launched an investigation into how she obtained the secret documents. I know the RCMP also launched an investigation into whether her mother was offered a patronage appointment by Conservative Party officials to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in exchange for some sort of hush up.

She did not co-operate and I do not have a clue where she is mulling things over tonight or if she is even alive.

I know she generally was just a most unsavory ho that served a very necessary purpose in the spiritual transformation of Max Bernier’s.

If her actions were just the straight vindictive display of a woman scorned and attempting to destroy Max Bernier, and end his political career, they certainly blew up in her face, for her actions drove him forward to the fulfillment the political career we find him in now.

For that we owe the unrighteous bitch a thank you, for Max is the only reasonable political candidate on the horizon that can potentially halt our slide toward Chaos.

And it is the next woman and final woman to occupy his life that is helping to make this so.


One Refining Gem: Catherine Letarte (2010 to present) has proven the balance bar ballerina that displays Maxime Bernier’s real life.

In 2011, Bernier was welcomed again to Harper’s cabinet table as a junior Minister for Small Business and Tourism, quite prepared to demonstrate that all matters evoking scandal were no longer behind him, simply no more a part of his life. By this time Catherine Letarte had become an integral part of his life.

Letarte runs a mental health community centre in Montreal and she has previously worked for a women’s shelter. Letarte simply does not perceive herself as not being involved in social work in some manner.

She is a self-disciplined organized person strongly espousing feminine worth and values but she is no manner a misogynist. She is quick to focus on what she finds physically and spiritually attractive in life and will almost immediately take steps to bring it into her personal existence.

At her first physical spotting of Bernier she knew to her core that this was the man capable of fulfilling her expectations of what she believed exhibited the best qualities of being male.

It was Letarte that first laid eyes on Bernier, not he upon her. And it was at a singles brunch subsequent where they encountered that she was the one that first asked for a date.

Bernier took one look and had no hesitancy in responding and their first date was at an outdoor skating rink in Montreal’s Old Port. She found Bernier down-to-earth and easy to talk to. “He’s always the same, just as authentic with everyone. I don’t see him changing.”

From that point forward the balance bar ballerina consistently told the truth to all comers: “He has a very sensitive side that people simply don’t know.”

Catherine Letarte, is his partner for life and she admits life with a politician isn’t always easy.

Bernier has taught her to run. He runs nearly every day, and a few years ago, covered 100 kilometers in his riding to raise money for charity.

Max participates in marathons and on September 29, 2013, ran in an ultramarathon for thirteen hours, raising $153,000 for a local food bank. “That feat shows that when he has an idea in his head and he fixes objectives, he is focused,” Letarte says.

Given the rapid advance of the People Party they began talking about every aspect of what it would mean for her if he moved into Stornoway, the official Opposition leader’s residence.

Personally, I believe they should start talking about every aspect of what it will mean when they take the residence provisions now the benefit of Trudeau.

But it was Masse, Max’s best friend that convinced him he  had to shed his ‘Aging playboy’ image that was ground into the minds of many people by a hostile press that just won’t let go.

It was Masse that convinced Max that to politically win he needed to let people truly see through his committed common-law marriage of seven years with Catherine Letarte. People needed to know that he no longer was the womaniser he had been with Caroline Chauvin. And people certainly needed the fact unequivocally clear that he was not at all some form of aging playboy still dealing with the residue of a tough divorce that had enmeshed him in unwise decisions while running around with Couillard.

Max still preferred to keep his relationship with his daughters private and not to display the time and effort he put into being a father. But after all he had passed through, he knew women truly desired a committed family man and people required the assurance of such change in him.

All the people intimate in his life agreed so Bernier started giving interviews talking about his relationship with Catherine Letarte, a former ballerina who trained at the National Ballet School. And then Catherine started to disclose the reality of their life together.

Letarte states that being in the spotlight is not something she likes, but she has accepted it. And when it comes to politics, like all other aspects of their union “he has never imposed anything on me.”

Charlotte – Catherine – Max – Megan

The thing Max and Catherine have valued the most was their uninterrupted time together and the privacy entailed. They had learned to handle a necessary schedule to properly care for the responsibilities both in their shared and singular lives.

Life with a politician isn’t easy, she acknowledges. Before the Party declaration Bernier spent about a third of his time in Ottawa, a third in Montreal with her in Isle des Sœurs or with his daughters every second week, and a third in Beauce at his condo.

Letarte doesn’t desire such absences, but she doesn’t mind them as she has a fulfilling life of her own life and, until this year was happy to be living in the shadows — and it as her choice to do, she notes.

“He chose life in a public sphere, I did not. But I am conscious that that is likely going to change, and that is OK, too. There is no choice.”

She also views herself as a calming influence on Max to some degree in his political life. However, she states sometimes she literally must almost force him to take a beach vacation for relaxation. But she notes that even with the sand and the sea Max relaxes in his own manner. It is not quite how she would do, but Max insists that reading a book about the economy on a beach is truly what relaxes him.

That’s who he is,” Letarte says. “We won’t change him.”

And why should we want to change the man to something of lesser worth then the person he has fought so hard to become?

But is Max Bernier a saint? Has Max Bernier always being correct in his decisions? Nope! But how he has handled the affairs of life and politics in general is what gave me important insight into the man.

 He is prepared to ‘question his own actions’ on the basis of what he knows to be right, not on what he may have thought was right at some past point of time.

Bernier’s campaign platform is based primarily on the ideas he’s pitched consistently for two decades starting with his writings at the Montreal Economic Institute.

But, over time he appears to possibly be wobbling around policies regarding sexual identity.  In 2006, he voted against gay marriage, saying his constituents didn’t support it. But ten years later in 2016 he was one of the MPs speaking in favour of striking the party’s definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman from its official policy book. 

Bernier also voted for expanding the Canadian Human Rights Act to transsexual individuals, as a protection against discrimination for gender identity or gender expression. He was to change his mind however and explains it as such: “I voted for the Bill because in Bill C-16 legislation I voted against discrimination. But after speaking with University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, became convinced that the bill would hurt freedom of speech.”

Bernier then wrote to the Senate urging them not to pass the bill, telling them he had made “a mistake”.  This is the same senate that back in 2013 had him boldly calling for the abolishment of through a referendum on abolishing the Senate.

His personally sexuality was once a problematic area for Bernier and it may be that he is now formulating his final policy declaration surrounding all aspects of personal sexuality and related aspects such as abortion. This could be in part why he did not vote on Bill C-255 referred to as Mollies Law. But neither did Rona Ambrose cast her vote on the Bill, and some of her viewpoints I am staunchly against.

The jury is out for me in consideration of just exactly how Bernier will be entrenching the sexuality issues in policy and legislation that I have referred to. But I have no doubt they will be handled in a fair and respectful manner and that he is strong enough to get the job done in the best interests of the Nation. I also know him to be capable of withstanding opposition from all sides when it violates his principles as the record has shown.

 Once government whip Jay Hill described Bernier as being a strong Minister who “didn’t just parrot the bullshit that came from his bureaucrats.” And Bernier will not be tweeting any bird calls here.

Bernier is also a man able to admit it when personality characteristics manifests themselves in him that are not appropriate. He not only admits them but will actually do something to change them. This showed itself in the handling of the Couillard affair with his Beauce riding.

It also shows itself in his now being able to admit to his arrogance in dealing with employment matters when he was dismissed from his position as Vice-president of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Standard Life, the former insurance giant.

The honesty of Bernier in speaking candidly about himself, about Government and about basic freedoms, respect and fairness built him a political and media following before he ever exited the Conservative Party and will continue.

He is an honest man in what he now condones.


Condoning AnarchyIn ‘The Company of Racists’?

Bernier remains a lawyer and could practice civil law in Quebec if he should ever leave politics. He understands the legalities surrounding matters like sedition and treason and the nuances that must be overcome to deal with them truly and effectively today.

Max grew up in the environment of Quebec where it was normal to be in favour of separation of la belle Province and he supported sovereigntists during the 1995 Quebec referendum. He was a separationist at the time but was in no manner of their radical bent that went so far as to erupt in the War Measures Act implementation by Pierre the Pedophile Trudeau.

He was for perceivably justifiable principles calling for a more sovereign Quebec, but these principles he believed should be applied to all the Provincial governments. The fact is that the separationists of the times would not even consider him as being one of their own.

The full-blooded separatist Bernard Landry attests he fired Max from their association because he was not a separatist of their blend. They did not want him potentially influencing their movement through his ideas and ‘watering down the movement’. In 2014 Bernier laughed as he told reporters he had ‘flirted’ with the PQ but had voted “no” during the referendum.

 “He believes what he knows and he knows what he believes,” says Ottawa–Vanier resident Elanor Brodie, who attended Bernier’s talk. “I applaud a man who takes on supply management when he comes from the riding of Beauce …That says he is a man of integrity to do that and to still plow forward with it even if it is not the most popular thing.”

Bernier has spent more than a year now promising he will never waver from his principles. He might be a former separatist, but he won’t lead Canada with an eye to protecting Quebec.

Looking to field candidates that believe in an equal and fair unity of the provinces Bernier has stated the goal of leading by example.

“Right now, my goal is to show that, yes, you can be elected if you speak about what you believe with passion, with conviction, without making any exceptions on your principles,”



Time to Get Out of Bed and Get to It PPC Candidates

“Those in public service have a daily opportunity either to welcome that challenge of advancing our nation or to retreat into mediocrity…. it becomes evident that securing self-esteem is the true benefit from such a career and one that every public servant should aspire to.”


Think about this Mark Friesen as you and Defender drive around, burning up gas while looking for Liberal Crows.

It is not enough to talk about what you will do if elected. Let us see some boots on the ground of ‘what you will do before elected’ in the service of persons you are asking to vote for you.

There is a lady in the riding of Isaac Hayes, she is located at 135 Avenue W South in  Saskatoon. She is elderly, crippled with osteoporosis and has a massive hernia. She states that she has suffered harassment and fraud to the tune of over $13,000 at the hands of one Robert Norris and Samantha Church.

This case needs investigation and settlement reached. 

Mark Friesen, you have through your actions established yourself as being the de facto “regional coordinator for the Province of Saskatchewan”. Who appointed you to such position or did you simply fill an obvious gap. 

Whatever, assign your boy Issac Hayes to carry out the investigation and return the results. Someone has to prove what they are capable of doing for people they are asking to vote for them before such persons actually go to the polls. 

Let this be an example for PPC Candidates to lead by  –  not just talk, talk, talk…..

I have sent you the persons particulars in private dispatch.





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