DAY 34

Tuesday September 17.2019 –  ON THE TRACKS OF THE PARTY POOPERS



Basic Bernier

I am a Foundational Member of the PPC and we constantly hear dialogue about we are the only Party, truly the “real people” prepared to debate, talk about and discuss the issues that Canada needs to face up to at this time in our History.

PPC Burnaby-South: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is a devout Christian, ardent abortion foe and former talk show host on 700 Club – Bernier, she wrote, “bravely declared the death of political correctness. He opened the door for conversations, healthy debate and holding fast to what is really Canadian … freedom!”

Freedom of speech, not freedom of gossip is what the PPC supposedly stands for when it comes to established policy of Maxime Bernier. Basic Bernier leaves people alone to gossip to their dirty little hearts content. Max is not ignorant in any manner of the nature of man be it in or outside his own Party.

In the midst of being the fastest growing political party in our history Max must get out the “Party Dust Busters” and clean up now as he goes forward into the PMO position.

He cannot tolerate any of the imagery like that of Snot Bubbles Scheer and his Glam Star – Principal Secretary Kenzie Potter to develop the film in the dark rooms of back door, back stabbing, nail biting politics that tries to encompass every party. 

Max must be fully capable of shining the spotlight of ‘clean up your act Jack’ upon himself and his followers, to publicly discipline one and all to gain the full respect of the People of Canada

My province of Saskatchewan is going to prove a good test case for our Publicly Dauntless Maxime. I have little doubts that he will ultimately pass the test, but it is testing the Party leader and Party Members must face from Rock to Rock.

The Peoples Party of Canada must and will be a fully willing Party doing their house keeping at all levels, remembering that House Cleaning is not a task that gets done once and you never have to repeat it again.

Learn this lesson now Candidates, EDA’s, volunteers, string pulling puppeteers and everyone truly desiring a corruption free secure Nation of Canada.

One man that unequivocally knows this is Trevor Wowk the PPC candidate for Regina-Lewvan. From my investigations I know he has been battling for a corruption free riding and EDA since he first was called to Battle for Peoples’ rights to Righteous Representation in Government. Thank God that this Potato Stuffed Perogy appears to been achieving great success.

This half Irish – half Ukrainian simply cannot lie! That is why I support this man for he genuinely believes he is correct in any area he disagrees with me on. Even when he is wrong, which I know him to have been at times, he genuinely believes he is speaking the TRUTH and I know this is a quality he shares in common with Maxime Bernier – the man he has chosen to follow.



In one form or another everyone I encounter is expressing concern about having a clean governmentone truly serving the needs of the People.

You can’t fool kids and dogs.

Even my new friend Chunk was expressing his concern about nobody cleaning up the crap in his local riding.

I quickly gave him my assurance that characters like Nigel Sharp, Gary Vidal, Wojciech Dolata, Tyler Oliver, Mathew Walsh and Will Smith would not be getting away with crapping on any more PPC lawns, streets, alleys, internet sites, surplus toilets or old ladies bed rooms from this day forward.

Chunk gave me a great big kiss of loving gratitude which was the best gift a man can receive. Dog Gone It… sure felt good!

As each day clicks off the Countdown to Voting clock and the Demise of Trudeau and Scheer – “The Demented Twin Heads of Perverts and Sins”- let us see PPC Candidates if there are any wrinkles in the knees of your pants from cleaning up the political corruption attempting to creep into your ranks daily.




Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me.  (Isaiah 48:16)

No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed; but sets it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.  (Luke 8:16-17)

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.  Therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.  (Luke 12:2-3)



Max has two ears and two people that unconditionally love him – his bride Catherine Letarte and his best friend Masse. He needs to turn more toward this pair for advisement as persons have inserted themselves in the PPC that are destructive to his foundational principles and Party goals. It is only these two that the man can unconditionally trust.


Poignant, positive and personable –

CLINTON DESVEAUX is the former Executive Director of the PPC and this is the information that was given at the time of his appointment to office by the Bernier ‘team’ as it existed at Max’s announcement of the launching of his Party.

Mobile: 1-613-296-1959 Office: 1-819-205-2648 Fax: 1-819-205-2383 – 290 St Joseph Blvd Suite 205 – Gatineau Quebec J8Y 3Y3

This highlights the throes of initial organization for the Bernier objectives. All the contact information involved is the personal contact information for Clinton. It was the same for most of the Party ‘official designates at the start’ and remains the same for many of the characters that presently parade around under different titles within the Party. Jostling for positioning or launching for Candidate Careers by a hodgepodge of persons across the Nation, not all being of honorable intent, has presented a somewhat chaotic landscape to achieve the organizational unity that Maxime Bernier needs to complete his sweep into the highest office in this Nation. And he has the task of completing his organizational structure as he moves along.

September 3, 2019 – I contacted Clinton on this cell phone while highway driving and the upshot of the conversation surrounding his former position as Executive Director of the PPC was “I haven’t done anything wrong”. I stated I knew that from the start of when I needed to expose some ‘bad boys, bad babes’ that had infiltrated the PPC, people that had been intent on disrupting it from the start.

The initial PPC Regional Coordinators were planted like wild weeds by Clinton Desveaux, a man rumored to be a personal friend of Maxime Bernier at the announcement on August 23,2018 of PPC formation. Desveaux worked hard to achieve the goals of Max but some 180 days from Bernier announcement on Sunday February 18, 2019 he officially pulled a bloody knife from his back and withdrew from the landscape.

The hand that forged the bloodied instruments and slavering lips that directed them was Johanne Mennie “Meanie Mouse”.


Twisted, two-bag ugly and a wicked bitch –


This is one of George Soros’ douche bags, a twat turtle that will twist everything into Antifa style knots to fit the old bastards’ designs.

When I first caught the stench of this wench in the PPC, she was the party ‘Media Mogul and ultimately was appointed Executive Director by Max Bernier. This defies reason given the history of the person.

Take note: Frankie Vaughan is pictured on the Final Frontier and labeled as the Voice of Ontario. I have no intention of altering this in any manner.

However I believe our PPC spokesman has gone a bit horse in his protests and trying to whitewash the JM Soros Juggernaut in his #71 broadcast. Frank tries to picture her as some simple Career Bureaucrat forced to promote programs that she personally did not believe in, that she would always try to do good wherever she could. We are to believe that she was simply some noble-minded wench waiting on the sidelines to volunteer for the true calling upon her life – a position from which she could sacrifice herself for the good of humankind and the PPC.  

Supposedly Franks’ “Joweled Jocular Johanne” is simply a hardworking organizational gift of God to the PPC – a person always prepared to answer the queries of the PPC information needy from Coast to Coast.

Sorry Frank, but this is a platter of Horse Shit you have inadvertently served up. And in the closed-door planning sessions it would appear someone has fed our Max JMHS sandwiches and laced his drinks with delusional dregs of the same. Either that or Max is of the Chinese philosophy that you keep your enemies close to you.

Frank, you know NUMEROUS people are trying every measure to destroy the Bernier freight train to Ottawa and some are a lot better at the job than the Numbered Broadcast idiot as you aptly pointed out. The linking of Max, Soros and Mennie appears like a simple attempt to do such but it all has the effect of achieving the Soros ultimate goal of Political Chaos – the state from which he can implement his desired programs best. And Frank, our Johanne Mennie Meanie Mouse has a Soros Queen of Chaos Executional Mastery far surpassing her male counterparts of his deployment.

The following article is easily 90% factually verifiable Frankly Frank.

              Canadian Good Guy           Globally Bad Boy   ‘Soros Ugly Services’ Wench

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State

 “Johanne Mennie is not your average upstart political party volunteer. Civilian Intelligence Network requests all eyes on this one. The surprising lack of information about a government employee that has operated at the highest levels of policy-making for almost two decades, is alarming.”

The Menace of Mennie was hovering around the PPC from its inception, impinging itself in the mind of Bernier as being somehow useful.

But the fact is she was a destructive force amid the ranks and organization. This showed itself early on in the attempts to instill structure in the BC Territory. It became more public with her appointment as Executive Director.

Since then Candidates have expressed their fear to me of her removing their ability to stand for office if they openly criticize how she is directing the Campaign Machine of the PPC.

From the start of the PPC there were problems surrounding National Coordinators and Johanne Mennie was around from the get-go making certain problems did not alleviate. This was the case in BC when she appointed Glen Walushka as Provincial Coordinator.

These two links will give you enough information as to the Walushka role in hindering the drive for a return to sound Fiscal Conservatism through the PPC.    > Mad at Max: Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada is revolting in…     > #daniels-tell-all

Johanne showed an unwavering support for his racist, xenophobic rhetoric and a push of Brian Lovig’s influence within the party was the final straw for individuals like Daniel E. Joseph, EDA President for Kelowna-Lake Country.

Mennie Menace essentially assigned Walushka the role of bullying out the Provincial Directors. He was adept to some degree and EDA presidents and administrative officials began to resign their positions. Such turmoil was not restricted to BC – it was also underway in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It was not an “utter free-for-all” for the emerging candidates and party officials in these areas but a number of ridings have been “hijacked by egomaniacs.”

This certainly was the case in Saskatchewan where such persons as Nigel Sharp and Will Smith were early on the scene. We shall get to these goofs later.

For certain Mennie Menace was intent on keeping this Province as disorganized as possible. She wanted a state of contact confusion to exist between candidates, and the EDA’s to be running about independent of one another with necessary Party Unity that ensures the pathway to Victory to be as existent and visible as that of a herd of stampeding long horns in a cloud of choking prairie dust.

Through the next few Daily Countdowns we are going to delineate the Meanie Menace Methodology, some of her cooperating cohorts and the plainly duped within the Party Ranks. 

Rest assured that you Max Bernier will have something to truly defend on the upcoming Party Leaders Debates. God willing the Daily Countdowns should help prepare you for what is coming.

You might want to try employing the ‘rope a dope technique’ over the next few days whether speaking English or French.

ROPE-A-DOPE is used to describe strategies in which one contender lets their opponents fatigue themselves by drawing non-injuring offensive actions. This then gives the contender an advantage towards the end of the competition or before, as the opponents become tired, allowing the contender to execute devastating offensive maneuvers and thereby win.

Something to consider Max as you will be facing the Canadian electorate exposed outside the manipulation of ‘social media’. As my expose of you showed (DAY 36 Posted on September 15, 2019)  – you are a ‘seasoned veteran of media attack’ and my vote still remains on you.

But I guess we are going to have another go at your claim – “I am always honest”.

Your actions have necessitated it Maxime Bernier.







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