DAY 31

REGINA,Sk: NOVEMBER 25, 2015 — Rev. Cindy Bourgeois is the first openly transgender minister in the United Church. Photos for a QC Cover story. November 25, 2015.

DAY 31 – Saturday September 21.2019 –


Catherine Maloney was on the committee that brought IT Bourgeois to Wesley United Church in Regina. She said during the vetting process for this creature, they felt it was important to bring in someone who would advance dialogues.

Well, this critter certainly got the dogs talking about the intersections of class, race and gender, both inside and out of the church and the general howl going up was get these things out of here. Such was the case when Chunk and Baron ran into me.

Oh Phinehas….. Chunk and I went sniffing about that meet the candidates thing you were at. We thought we might find you……but we ran into this thing leaning on a shelf and IT scared the hell out of us. Chunk froze for a moment in disbelief but I was out of there in a hot damn, tail between my legs and you know how short my tail is. I must have looked like a running horse shoe I was bent so far under….but there is no way I was going to let something that ugly near my behind. Hey,,,there’s Chunk….ask him about IT.

Yah…Baron ain’t lying….IT was ugly…. still don’t know what IT was… but I know I will never go near ITS place again.

And the stink Phinehas, you would never believe the rotten stench that was pouring out from ITS armpit…..smelled like the time I wandered into a pack of Liberal Trans Committee Hounds behind the Conservative Bar and Grill over on Crap Avenue.

I managed to fight my way out of that ravenous mob …..but I had to be shampooed seven times to get the smell off me. You guys better be careful who you rub up against at all the meetings during this Elections race….Baron and I don’t want more of this stench coming out of Ottawa and Premier Moe’s office. Eh Baron?

Aye, aye Chunk.  See you next time I’m off the leash. But Phinehas, be sure and tell the people they gotta be more careful where where they go and what comes out of their Federal Election…….. anymore stink and IT will kill us all.

See you Phinehas.

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