DAY 17

Friday October 4.2019 – DAY 17 


…..mark, mark, mark, marky mark mark,,,,,


Some Fools Are Exploding as Others Implode

The ‘political lifestyle’ appears to create some major mental aberrations amid its adherents in very broad classifications. But every once in awhile we have an individual that towers above all in striving for their 15 minutes of fame ~ just too desperate to get the attention of others focused upon themselves. This usually results in some action of pure stupidity.

Such actions have become too frequent with the likes of ‘Marky Mark’ Friesen the PPC Cookie Monster Candidate from Saskatoon-Grasswood who is as predictable as his handlers at National Headquarters. 

> Saskatoon PPC candidate tweets cartoon of Jagmeet Singh wearing…

Yesterday Marky Mark posted this photo on-line showing once again that politically he needs a seeing eye dog to navigate the world he has wandered into.

Is he simply ignorant, arrogant and out of focus with the reality of the political landscape ~ the dupe of his handlers ~ or does it all just come to him naturally.?

“Mark Friesen, the PPC candidate for Saskatchewan’s Saskatoon-Grasswood riding, said he didn’t notice the explosive device when posting the illustration to his feed Tuesday.”

He was quick to pull it down with the call that came from Party Headquarters. Nothing more needs to be said about Marky Mark today. 

Sweat it out Hound Dog Man ~ you get your MacInnis Style Full Blown Political Laxative when it suits me to give it to you. So keep barking up the wrong trees and join Defender in pissing on your own tires. Do you happen to notice that it always splatters back on your own boots Uncle Marky Mark?

Bent Bonnie Allen from CBC tried to contact PPC Headquarters to interview with respect to the Marky Mark posting and came face to face with a Mennie Menace reality ~ she could get through to no one. 

She finally had to contact CPP Campaign Manager for Trevor Wowk of the Regina-Lewvan riding to attain the contact information she required to possibly get through to the National Headquarters.

Bent Bonnie will soon realize, as did I, that the team of Wowk and ‘Mighty Mike’ Leppke his Campaign Manager are the PPC representatives that consistently provide speedy and accurate response to contacts within the Party as a whole.

It shall be interesting to see how this ‘physically beautiful, extremely intelligent, heads on, hard hitting investigative CBC journalist’ handles Marky Mark and some of the Morons at our National Party Headquarters

“Marky Mark and the Morons” sounds like the name for a musical Quartet and a potential future employment for the PPC team of Friesen, Penteado, Hayes and Payant. The actions of these singers do not make them worth voting for. Unfortunately, they all have the smell of Will Smith clinging to them.

I hope Bonnie’s International Expertise has led her to believe in ‘mercy killing’. It would be in the interest of political sanity for one and all that Marky Mark and Crew stopped pissing on their own shoes.

We certainly do not need his splatter in Ottawa, eh?

Good Luck Bent Bonnie



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