Day 14 – Monday October 7.2019


I will tolerate no more threats of violence, attempts of intimidation, physical stalking, theft of campaign property, damage of my joint campaign office – ministry business office and place of residence titled The Final Frontier.

From this day forward within all legal parameters of the Canadian Constitution and Provincial-Municipal Enactments placed upon the authorized law enforcement agencies such as our Regina City Police it is my intent: 

To become extremely aggressive in relationship to all matters I am involved with concerning events surrounding the impending October 21.2019 election.

To defend myself to whatever degree is necessary to ensure my rights as a Citizen of Canada are not violated in manners such as has been taking place.

To publicly testify that I am quite capable of controlling the degree of negative transgression of individuals toward myself, numbers of which is genuinely not a concern to me.

To put it bluntly‘don’t let the old man disguise fool you assholes’ – come and get what ever the intents of your evil hearts determines you need. When and if attempting violation of my person you unrighteous bastards should consider this carefully – I have no intention of fighting with you – it is my full intention to see you dispatched to immediate death.

To tell you “People sleep peacefully in their beds through the night because men and women of rougher ways are prepared to rise in the execution of violence and immediate justice to ensure they do.”

To tell you no one in this Nation has anything to fear from righteous officers of the Law unless they are breaking the Laws these officers have sworn to uphold and lay their lives on the line for daily to ensure you can sleep peacefully through the night.

To tell you if I inadvertently transgress righteous Laws in the pursuit of Sovereign Justice I will throw myself upon the mercy of the Court…. try to remember this all you unrighteous bastards destroying the fabricate of our land as you decimate our families….and come and get whatever you truly need.

Do not let anything but your inherent fears hold you assholes back, eh?




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