Maxime Bernier deserved to suffer the humiliation of losing his own seat and not securing even one riding.

I repeatedly warned him to clean up the garbage that infused the Party from its inception.

But he chose to allow sexual perverts, elements from the neo-Nazi/KKK and forces of Islam to “build the fastest growing party in Canadian history”.

He may or may not have started from good intent, but he is a prime example of Biblical sentiment ~ PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL.

Trudeau and Scheer shall soon follow as I emerged from the ‘campaign’ with a increased resolve and more ammunition to bring it about.

PPC and the result of the election?

It was Bernier himself that caused it through his refusal to clean up what was necessary as he was planting the basics of the PPC. I will be speaking to this publicly as the ‘Boy from Beauce’ did not truly learn the lesson he should have from his Couillard-Brief-Two Boobs scandal of the past. I speak not sexually, but politically with respect to honesty. 

Federally and Provincially Conservative Canada is a bird now flying with a very broken wing. It must be mended to enable it to lead the flock to safety. There is no necessity to break off a chunk of the bird and try to hatch some hybrid attempting to peck its way out of a cracked shell.

It is quite simple to go about briefly ‘caging the bird’ in such manner that the mending is assured. I am working on the redress of the Frontier at this time to see this come about.

So, you ‘bunch of bad boys and girls’ that were further exposed during the electoral and PPC design process….I intend to ensure “there is no rest for the wicked” with full intent to break all your wings permanently beyond repair.


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