THINGS I TAKE PRIDE IN

Being the personal friend and political associate of Elizabeth May.

Boldly standing for transgender rights as a newly appointed Senator.

The ability to drink more quarts of milk than Andrew Scheer.

Helping Roger Warren organize the union in Yellowknife 27 years ago.

Being an EDA organizer for Maxime Bernier and the PPC.

My close association with Eric St. Cyr the Canadian head of the KKK.

Helping Mike Leppke operate as a PPC Political Campaign manager from his work station at the CIBC in Regina.

Being quality control manager for Mann’s fresh cut veggies.

Being the technician that installed the bugs in Meghan and Harry’s toilet seat.

Being a foundational member of the WEXIT Group.

Loyally serving Brad Wall through all his terms of office.

Taking my Christmas vacation with Justin Trudeau.

Being roomed with Julian Assange.

Delivering news papers for Conrad Black.

Working for the CBC.

Blocking the pipeline projects in Canada to protect the tit mice right to life.

Changing the oil in Al Gore’s 4×4.

Sleeping over with Margaret Trudeau in the 70’s.

Welcoming the illegal border crossers for humanitarian reasons and cash incentives.

Marching naked in gay pride events.

Attending my gay son’s wedding rehearsal with his football team.

Double dating with Johanne Mennie and George Soros.

Being associate kafir Pastor at my local mosque.

Being Omar Khadr’s personal valet, bodyguard and police escort to gala events.

Donating to Ezra Levant’s build my empire projects.


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