Travis PatronCanadian Nationalist PartyThe ‘Self-Image’ of His Only Memory 

  Well Sieg, what do you think now? I told you he had slipped way past delusional.

O.K. Heil, I admit you were right. But I did not think he was needing hospitalization like was being spoken in The Kid from Redvers.

Aw Sieg, just look at him. This is what October 21 did to him. It finished him off once and for all. We can’t prop him up anymore. He’s useless now.

Yeh, you are right Heil. But we are not finished off. Just the damn kid couldn’t make the grade, eh?

Yep Sieg baby. Call the ambulance. Time to get back to work.

“It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.” Travis Patron – CNP/Nazi-KKK

Better ‘heads up’ Canada. Patron has perished but the Nazi-KKK are still very much alive and kicking across the Nation. Read and heed this bit from my book.

Chapter Ten ‘The Kid from Redvers- HIS GREATEST LIES





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