Damn it Sieg. I told you over a week ago to call the ambulance and have him hospitalized. When he disappeared, I thought you had him securely locked away.                      

Sorry Heil, I got caught up in the PPC shut down, was howling up a storm for poor Johanne. Heard Soros was curbing her funding.

Aww Sieg. Now look at what he has gone and done. He is certainly is in full scale sexual identity crisis, eh? >

Yes, he is Heil. But what can we do to quiet this down?

Well Sieg we might wanna’ try hiring that ‘Say Wowk’ guy to coach us along. I hear he has a new ‘consulting service’ called Dragon with A Sore Knee. Think he started it for the election.

OK Heil. A strange name. But then I heard this Wowk is kind of a strange guy, but I guess anything is better then leaving Travis to Roam Regina, eh?


HEADS UP MENNIE – It did not take long for this one to blow his wad and the steam building up under you is even greater.


THE NAZI-KKK STILL HERE    Posted on November 6, 2019






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