You end up with the holocaust of Germany ….

You end up with the killing fields of Cambodia ….

You end up with the residential schools of Canada ….

You end up with transgender abominations spreading worldwide ….

You end up with people who do not know if they are ‘fish or fowl’ when it comes to their sexual identity. We now have a Canadian society that seems to believe that in some manner Chelsea Dawn Cromarty is not simply just a ‘spiritual fool’.

Just how would you categorize this humanoid? Is it a Sexual Predator or just another Itchy Canadian Cougar seeking a stranger Scratching Post?

Chelsea Dawn Cromarty another product of the Canadian Culture, eh? When you make culture your God you end up with no true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and why He is your Only source for Holiness and the Path to Eternal Life.





Jim Felix -I Need You >



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