The ugly face of Antisemitism and the reality of the facade of death that it truly portrays must be ended now. 

Antisemitism is nothing more or less than the cry for the death of all Jewish people. The eradication of all Jewish blood from the face of our earth is the prime objective. The personification of Anti-Semitism blood thirst screams loudest from the throat of Islam with its annual al-Quds day rallies worldwide.  

Quds Day or Jerusalem Day is an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. Iran designed it to oppose Zionism and further their aims of eradication of the Jews. Iran has employed all acts of terrorism against Israel they can construe and Iran utilizes the people the world thinks are ‘Palestinians’ to achieve their ends.

In Canada of 2016 al-Quds Day was on July 2nd. That year’s events were scheduled to take place the day after Canada Day on July 1, preceding the Toronto Pride Parade on July 3 and US Independence Day on July 4. It is absolutely absurd to contemplate such an odious event having taking place being book-ended by celebrations of freedom, democracy and tolerance. The Anti-Semitic evil of Islam and al-Quds is the anti-thesis of all three such ideals. The Case Closed surrounding this matter a long time ago. 

This video of a 2016 al-Quds rally in Canada > al-Quds Day shows you the reality of Anti-Semitism and the historical stupidity of persons supporting al-Quds day.

And this Rebel video shows you some of the reality of al-Quads Canada 2019. >

Time has not imparted any semblance of sanity to the Muslim Jew Haters in Canada. Some of the dumbest power-hungry Anti-Semites in the World are living out their foul lives in Canada.  And these ignorant persons are being supported by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal anti-Semites!

This al-Quds day Jewish activists in Toronto tried pressuring city authorities to “stop subsidizing this hate rally at taxpayers’ expense.” Michael Mostyn — chief executive officer of B’nai B’rith Canada — lambasted municipal officials for not implementing city council instructions from earlier this year to impose financial penalties on “organizers of hate activities on city property.”              

The result, Mostyn stated, was that “taxpayers — including Jewish and Israeli residents of Toronto — will be forced to pay for this outpouring of hate.”

He continued: “Organizers of peaceful, lawful public events — such as Ribfest, the Walk with Israel, and the Roncesvalles Polish Festival — all pay their own fees. But hatemongers seemingly get a free pass from the city.”

And Mostyn was correct. For all anti-Semites like our Islamic hatemonger bozos to the left are being coddled by the leftist Trudeau government.  

Dogmatic Islamic antisemitism has a stronghold existence in Canada. On a per capita basis, the Jews are by far the most targeted religious group. The painful reality is that anti-Semitism is more tolerated, and in fact is being pushed by the hard-core Trudeau Muslim left. It is promoted more than any of the other forms of racism we see rampant in Canada under Trudeau.

The hatred being spued forth by this grouping has been documented in so many manners showing its interconnections that it has become blasé to the average Canadian. They have forgotten such events as when Muslim Sleiman Elmerhebi firebombed the United Talmud Torahs Jewish elementary school in Montreal. He was convicted and jailed, and his mother given probation as an accessory after the fact. They both should have been tossed from our Nation.

Many of the Muslim attackers of Jews keep a low profile and are not found by police, but too often they are deliberately hidden by authorities at the instruction of our Government under Trudeau. However, Muslim religious and political figures as bigoted as they are have frankly spoken  about their views of Jews: both in the USA and Canada. What we see however is that there is far greater freedom of speech to express the truth about Islam and anti-Semitism south of our border than here.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism under Trudeau are a format of bigotry he has ensconced through manipulation of the Nations economic policies. Recall that Hitler was not elected by anti-Semites or because of his anti-Semitism. Hitler was elected as the result of his economic and other policies by people who gave him a pass for his anti-Semitism because they thought his other policies would personally benefit themselves. Such has been the case of the greedy immoral drug laden society we are living in that elected Trudeau.

As with all forms of bigotry we must see zero tolerance for anti-Semitism by all members of the Canadian society. Everyone must jump this hurdle or suffer the personal results of Chaos they continue to stumble over in their midst.

For certain Anti-Semitism is a scourge on the soul of the United States of America that will not completely abate in 2020. But the USA has one mitigating factor that Canada does not possess: President Donald Trump is not an Anti-Semite while Justin Trudeau clearly is.

President Trump is like a soothing glass of cool water to Benjamin Netanyahu and all Jews worldwide.

The Left’s willingness to lie to the American public in attempting to discredit President Donald Trump in any manner possible has contributed to the extreme polarization of American society. And the Jews are wickedly caught in the crossfire of this polarization!

On the Left, we have Jews accused of being white colonialists by the BDS, Palestinian chic and campus crowd. The Jews are portrayed as being slum land lords and blood suckers. And to make it worse Jew-baiting racists like Al Sharpton are fomenting an increased spate of black-on-Jew crimes as evidenced in the last few months. This is being aided onward by Black Muslim preachers like Louis Farrakhan. People who support Louis Farrakhan with his overt anti-Semitism are complicit in his evil bigotry, and those who march under the banner of such bigots are every bit as guilty.

Do we have a muddled US Government? It certainly appears so, as the U.S. Congress can’t even muster the votes to censure the likes of Ilhan Omar for trolling the world with her anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter.

Jew hatred on the Far Right has always existed and has not needed much pushing to bring its pimpled Anti-Semitic face to full blown acts of violence. The traditional Far Right tropes about Jews as socialists out to destroy our country or, alternatively, as rich capitalists feeding on the poor are now fashionably back in place. This garbage is  being egged onward by the moronic Left.

And many other hybrids of Jew haters should be crawling out of the woodwork to claim their day of “fame” in the news this coming year.




Go to Hell you dumb power hungry politicians of every ilk! 
















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