Antisemitic Jew haters are intent on eradicating these people worldwide.  Articles abound like “The End of a Jewish Presence In Europe?”>

The effort is massive throughout Europe and France is a good sample.

“In France, a gang of African and North African immigrants led by Youssouf Fofana kidnapped, severely tortured, and eventually abandoned Ilan Halimi, whose body was 80% covered by burns, and who died on the way to the hospital.

An Islamist gunman, Mohammed Merah, murdered three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

 Four Jews were murdered in the Jewish grocery store Hyper Casher by a Muslim Tunisian immigrant, in an explicitly antisemitic attack. 

Dr. Sarah Halimi was a 65 year old Jewish woman, a retired physician, who was tortured by a Muslim neighbour shouting Allahu akbar, Allah is the Greatest, and then thrown out her third floor window to her death.

 Mirelle Knoll, an 85 year old holocaust survivor, was stabbed and set afire by a Muslim neighbour who she had known, and was on good terms with, since he was a boy. The reluctant authorities finally acknowledged antisemitism as motive.”

Canada – When will you finally acknowledge that it is Muslim anti-Semitism and Jew hatred that is fomenting crisis in every country where Islam gains a toe hold? 


Violence Against Jews Continues To Escalate in The USA

The US Congress has been examining potential measures that legislators can take in response to the recent rise in antisemitic rhetoric and attacks across America.” > US Congressional Hearings Debate Response to Rising Antisemitism, Domestic Terrorism

Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) chaired a session of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence & Counterterrorism titled “Confronting the Rise in Antisemitic Domestic Terrorism.”

“The horrific rise in antisemitic domestic terrorism is an issue that has deeply affected my district, my community, and the whole New York City area,” Rose said in a statement. “Jewish people have been coming to America since before it was even called America in order to freely practice their religion, escape persecution, and build a better life for their families. Yet now we are under assault by extremists, many of whom are emboldened to act and often encouraged by content on social media platforms. The time for thoughts and prayers has passed — the time now is for action.”

And Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels shows reasons he ties the rise in tide of such vile actions in New York to black anti-Semitic hate for his community. Sliwa states the Jews are now fighting back and what their aggressors may expect.  >

The matter has become such a ‘hot button issue’ that Rebel Media has produced a video article sequence which you can access here:  >

But the key element that keeps raising its ugly face in this matter, whatever avenue you walk down, is that you openly encounter Islam at work. Or you find Muslims of some sort scurrying about in darkened recesses of societal sewage and subterfuge seeking destructive ends for Western culture.

Have a peek at the Islamic anti-Semitic ‘educational beat’ in Canada.

What is wrong with these people seeking education Canada?

Why do other persons that obviously stand out in our society have more entitlement to human rights and freedoms of Canada than they are experiencing?

Why are we Killing Free Speech in Canada for persons such as them?   

The Canadian government is making “hate” a catchall phrase for whatever it deems politically inopportune. The Liberals are placing forth legislation that requires social media platforms to censor their users in a manner which suits their evil designs and is killing free speech.

Justin Trudeau seeks to curb free speech in every manner he can in seeking to establish sharia in our Nation. If Canada’s government continues sympathetic to the new recommendations of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, the prospects for free speech in Canada look increasingly bleak.  You will automatically be jailed for criticizing Islam as for standing against sickening ideologies promoting homosexual LGBTQ perversions, euthanasia and abortion. You will be jailed for speaking about anti-Semitism plaguing the Jews.

Trudeau Liberals are trying to paint anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their evil narrow value set as an “extremist” and punishable through the Courts of the Land.

We are being told by proven liars that we are to trust in their so-called Digital Charter, supposedly meant to promote “trust in a digital world”. You would have to be a fool to do so. Examine their ten charter principles and grasp fully that there will be ‘clear, meaningful penalties for violations of the laws and regulations’ that Trudeau has said must be embraced in his establishing censorship of the Internet and Social Media.

“Crucially, police forces and other “agents of the state” who work with hate crimes must “reflect the racial, religious, LGBTQ and general diversity of the populations they represent” as Trudeau devises them to be. These police forces must enforce his beliefs and can ensure Jew haters can not be debated and debunked in open public platform of any sort. This will enable his Islamic anti-Semitism to continue forward unabated.

The Trudeau agenda for destruction of all unrighteousness is insidious and invasive of all aspects of our society in his efforts for success. This Rebel report should get my point across>

No, it is not through just the annual al-Quds day rallies that we see Jew hatred displayed in Canada. Such anti-Semitic hatred is also being promulgated through both staff and the horde of foreign students in our educational institutions from coast to coast.

Concordia, Ryerson, McMaster and York are all Eastern hotbeds of Islamic anti-Semitism and Iran’s hostility to the Jew is particularly well known.

Looking at the Iranians, we find some 11,000 Iranian students and staff in Canadian Universities like ‘Time Bombs’ waiting to explode.  

“Canadian campuses are home to the organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association which actively campaign against Israel in such events as “Israel Apartheid Week,” and which sponsor boycotts of Israel and a wide array of anti-Israel speakers. Although these anti-Israel advocates, many of them Middle Eastern and Muslim in origin, claim not to be antisemitic even while denying Jews a 3,000 year history in their historical homeland, their animosity toward Jews repeatedly breaks out. For example, a Facebook post celebrating an anti-Israel event at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology asserted that “Jews are rodents.” Other media posts advised Jewish students to “Go back to Palestine.” At Toronto’s Ryerson University, Holocaust education was opposed with a staged walkout.

At McMaster University, numerous incidents have been documented of students writing antisemitic social media posts. Nadera Masad, a member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, tweeted “hitler should have took you all.” (Jew-hatred at McMaster)

York University is not to be outdone by McMaster when it comes to display of anti-Semitism as this Rebel Report shows>

But these attitudes are to be expected for the foundational documents of Islam reflect total rejection of the Jews and all “disbelievers”. When antisemitism is integral to orthodox Islam, how could it be otherwise? Islamic anti-Semitism is reflected in the vast holy literature of Islamic texts, and in the almost uncountable incidents in the 1,400-year history of Islam trying to subject the world to sharia.

Solutions to Anti-Semitism in Canada?

Strong antisemitic views are apparently in the Canadian Muslim community as a whole, not just amid the Iranians. But with the recent Ukrainian Airline Iranian missile killing display it is a prime time to deal with the Iranian Muslim scourge in this Nation.

We can start by dealing with them economically by freezing all Iranian assets in Canada. This will effectively cut off funding for ISIS-inspired, lone-wolf terrorists or other extremists on our soil. It will prevent these funds from being used to carry out another attack by friends, family, or unknown accomplices operating in a small Iranian cell group. And, if there are any true Canadians of Iranian extraction on the downed Ukrainian flight, we can utilize such funds to compensate them.

We must immediately cancel the millions of dollars a year Canada sends to Iran in foreign aid.

For certain Justin Trudeau must be quickly cut off from his $25,000 a head giveaway to his Iranian Muslim cohorts.

And we should commence the Iranian Muslim boot out of Canada.

 List the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a banned terrorist group and immediately expel all Iranians who organize or participate in the annual Iran-directed Al Quds day hate marches in Canadian cities.

Revoke the student visas of Iranian nationals who are studying in Canadian universities and all Iranian Muslims embedded in the staff of our educational institutions. This is a good beginning.

Islamic anti-Semitism has once again raised serious questions about the exuberant and thoughtless support for multiculturalism and open-borders immigration celebrated among some Canadian political parties and their complicit Canadian media associates. Let us be frank: it is all too clear from the recent European experience and the reality of conditions in Canada, that importing large numbers of Muslims means importing Islamic antisemitism.

Hate crimes against Canadian Jews are already on an upward trajectory, and it appears the Canadian Government’s policy to encourage an increase in antisemitic hate crimes. A lasting solution to bigotry and hatred will never be grounded solely on law enforcement and heightened security. And, from a humanistic perspective this will only be achieved when supposedly every citizen works collectively to educate each other to shared values of tolerance and unity. There is no hope of lasting success here!

The only hope for Canada to end all bigotry and hatred will be found in repentance for such sins and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.










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