President Donald Trump is the best friend Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu have in the Jewish fight against anti-Semitism worldwide. He has also proven to be a bright light for Christians with his policies toward abortion and same sex marriage.

However, today President Trump released a 50-page political outline of his Peace Plan for the Middle East at which he said “the deal is a “historic opportunity” for Palestinians to achieve an independent state of their own.”

And Benjamin Netanyahu was effusive in his praise. “You have been the greatest friends Israel has ever had in the White House,” he said.

Unless these men are employing the event today as a tool for distraction so they can solidify their positions and strategy they are both ‘out to lunch’ respecting what Biblical prophecy states shall take place with Israel. I will be making a comment about this, but first one and all need to acknowledge the advances for freedom and democracy that President Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have achieved in 2019.

These men have been stated to have many similarities in leadership style and face similar results at times. For example, both Trump and Netanyahu are being investigated for made up crimes, for actions that their legislatures have not explicitly in any manner made criminal. Although the differences between Israel and the United States are significant, they share in common the rule of law. Under the rule of law, when properly applied, neither Netanyahu nor Trump could ever be deemed guilty of bribery without clear violation of existing legislative statutes of the respective nations.

In the case of President Trump, it clearly is simply not a crime for him to use his power over foreign policy for political, partisan or even personal advantage. Nearly all the US Presidents have taken such actions. “Presidents have even engaged in military actions for political gain. They have given aid to foreign countries to help themselves get elected. They have appointed ambassadors based not on competence but on past and anticipated future political contributions. None of these has ever been deemed criminal, and Congress would never dream of enacting a criminal statute that sought to cover such conduct.”

The central aspect of the US Constitutional rule of law is that no one may be investigated, prosecuted or impeached unless his conduct violates pre-existing and unambiguous prohibitions. Neither Congress nor prosecutors can make it up as they go along, because they too, are not above the law. Trump’s Democratic and republican opponents have quite simply placed themselves above the law in a demonized witch hunt to eradicate Trump. But they shall see a resounding defeat which could in essence assure President Donald Trump his second term of office.

I do not know who comprises the legal team of Netanyahu but that of President Trump entails some of the most brilliant legal minds in North America and the world. Trump’s impeachment trial defense team is being led by White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow. Joining them are Trump adviser Pam Bondi and former independent counsel Robert Ray, along with former independent counsel Ken Starr and lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

The Democrats have gotten themselves intertwined with media elements that oppose Trump and their legal representatives have jumped right into bed with the motley crew. “Prosecutors should stay out of the interactions between politicians and the media unless specifically defined crimes, as distinguished from arguable political sins, are committed, and no one should ever be prosecuted for actions that were never made criminal, and would never be made criminal, by the legislature.”

Neither Congress nor prosecutors can seek to criminalize the exercise of a President’s foreign policy power on the ground that they do not like the way he used it or even if he abused it.

The core of the rule of law is that no one may be investigated, prosecuted or impeached unless his conduct violates pre-existing and unambiguous prohibitions. Neither Congress nor prosecutors can make up prohibitions as they go along and the Democrats have actively done this..

The United States is a Republic with separation of powers and well designed checks and balances. The Framers, led by James Madison, saw the impeachment power as central to preserving the Republic and for such reason they rejected a proposal that would have permitted impeachment on the ground of “maladministration.” Such an open-ended criteria, according to Madison, would have resulted in a situation in which the President served at the will of Congress. That is why James Madison insisted on the specific criteria for impeachment that the Framers ultimately accepted.

Nothing under the impeachment process is applicable to the actions of President Donald Trump.



We hear too many Canadians mindlessly calling down President Donald Trump when they should instead be praising him for making their world safer and more prosperous. In particular Justin Trudeau should hang his head in shame along with the mindless crew he leads.

In six minutes you can listen to a summation of the major impact for our safety and prosperity that comprised President Donald Trump in 2019 >

There has not been a better summation done than this one by Abagail Hamman.

We are currently watching President Trump suck the Evil Life out of Iran and forcing China and other nations into free-fair trade agreements.

The complete failure and collapse of the evil Islamist state of Iran appears imminent and it is the brutal anti-Semitic source of Iran that Trudeau stands with as opposed to support of our traditionally closest ally of the USA. 

President Trump has clearly shown himself no war monger, but also fully prepared to conduct military operations in the Middle East, and ensure the democratic freedoms for us all.

Ever since the ayatollahs came to power more than 40 years ago, they have sought to distract attention away from their domestic unpopularity by getting Iran-backed Shia militias and terrorists to carry out high profile attacks.

From the devastating car bomb attacks the Iranian-backed Hizbollah militia carried out against American bases in Beirut in the 1980s to the more recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities in October 2019, the Iranian regime has repeatedly used its proxy Shia terrorists.

The recent upsurge in Iranian-sponsored violence be it in the Gaza or in Iraq has been caused by Iran’s desire to distract attention from its sponsored programs of international terrorism.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump certainly left no one in any doubt that he held Tehran directly responsible for the American Embassy attack. This ultimately brought the assassination by an American drone strike that killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani near Baghdad.

It came about as a result of listening to a chilling echo of the attack on the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 that resulted in the long-running American hostage crisis, and  protesters chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, set fire to a sentry box, pulled security cameras away from walls and hurled projectiles, including Molotov cocktails.

President Trump directly blamed Iran for carrying out the attacks, writing, “Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many. We strongly responded, and always will…”

President Trump’s main objective is to reduce Washington’s military presence in the Middle East but he unequivocally has shown ‘death to America and Western democracy’ will not take place under his watch. And Benjamin Netanyahu has strongly echoed such belief.

We can but pray that this all has sent a clear signal to Tehran that its days of evil insurgency worldwide will no longer be tolerated.


President Trump Is Creating a New Order

“Why is the World Bank loaning money to China?” President Trump tweeted on December 6, 2019.  “Can this be possible?”

Trump already knew the answer, that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund had evolved to nothing more or less than tools for promotion of economic destruction of the USA and Western Democracy.

China has for two decades used the World Trade Organization in abusive manners as a supposed dispute-resolution mechanism to further its own economic designs by misusing loans and legal rulings. 

China’s malign activities at the UN have meant that these organizations have ceased to function with any moral legitimacy. There was not any effective action taken to right this mess until the arrival of President Donald J. Trump. And, very decisive action he has taken.

“Trump swiftly delegitimized the UN Human Rights Council by pulling out of it in June 2018, and he ended the operation of the WTO’s Appellate Body, the key part of that organization, by blocking the appointment of judges.”

Trump appears “realistic” when it comes to establishing and protecting just global institutions. May he have the foresight to continue doing so.

President Trump cooperates with international organizations when he can but consistently has worked to replace the ones that threaten our democratic freedom. He steadfastly is creating a more realistic and enduring international order and has taken the United Nations General Assembly to account in doing so.

From its perch on the UN Security Council, China has been forced to facing the fact it can no longer use such position to attack freedom and democracy. And, the Russian-sponsored General Assembly resolution to create a new convention that is intended to restrict online expression worldwide is being curbed.

The ability to bend international rules to favor China’s assault on others’ technology and dominate multilateral institutions has been brought to the fore and President Trump is standing against this malign overture. China is predatory in its attempt for world domination and variant fools are taking pot-shots at Trump’s corrective efforts. Checkered socks pot head Justin Trudeau is perhaps the biggest idiot in this arena.

How big an idiot and traitor to Canada is Trudeau? Well, it does appear that Justin Trudeau is physically complicit in Chinas bio-warfare strategy. >

China is also the world’s leading cyber attacker and intellectual property thief.  In November 2019 it nominated its national Wang Binyang to head the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization. If Wang Binyang is selected in March, the fox will effectively be in charge of the hen house and all international rules will be bent to further her country’s assault on all others’ technology.

“In Canada, Beijing’s placement of officials inside multilateral institutions has greatly facilitated its malign activities. Take the case of Fang Liu, the secretary general of the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Last February, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that she hindered the investigation of a November 2016 cyberattack, called the “most serious” in that institution’s history. Emissary Panda, a hacker group with ties to the Chinese government, was thought to be behind assaults on the ICAO’s network. Dr. Liu came to the UN’s ICAO from China’s aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Liu protected, among others, James Wan, the ICAO’s deputy director and head of information and communication technology, who repeatedly undermined the probe into the cyber attacks. Wan has current links to two institutions associated with a known hacker, China’s People’s Liberation Army.”

This is the China that Justin Trudeau very carefully and evilly embraces with his outright lies and policy subterfuge.

China uses the UN to block the undermining its interests and punishing of its allies such as North Korea. Along with its hard-line allies, it also controls the misnamed UN Human Rights Council which is comprised of the worst Human Rights Violators on the globe. And our deranged boy Justin Trudeau desperately wants a seat on the UN Security Council with them. 

Justin Trudeau along with his Iran and China embracing anti-Semitism must be halted dead in their tracks!


As to the Trump “Peace Deal for the Middle East”

President Trump stated “Palestinians have been trapped in a cycle of terrorism, poverty and violence, exploited by those seeking to use them as pawns to advance terrorism and extremism. The deal is a “historic opportunity” for Palestinians to achieve an independent state of their own.”

“US President Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed the creation of a Palestinian state with a capital in eastern Jerusalem, in an effort to achieve a Middle East peace breakthrough.

Under Trump‘s proposed Middle East peace plan announced at a White House ceremony attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the United States will recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

In exchange, Israel will agree to accept a four-year freeze on new settlement activity while Palestinian statehood is being negotiated.

“Today, Israel has taken a giant step toward peace,” Trump said, adding that he had sent a letter about the proposal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“This is a historic day,” Netanyahu said, comparing Trump‘s peace plan to former President Harry Truman’s 1948 recognition of the State of Israel.

“On this day, you became the first world leader to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over areas in Judea and Samaria that are vital to our security and central to our heritage,” he added, using the biblical names for the West Bank.”

Under the terms of the “peace vision” that Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has been working on for nearly three years, Trump has endorsed a proposed map outlining the two states solution. The plan is supposedly based on a principle that people should not have to move to accomplish peace. This future Palestinian state would consist of the West Bank and Gaza, connected by a combination of above-ground roads and tunnels doubling the size of land that Palestinians currently controls.

Israeli leaders have agreed to negotiate on the basis of the Trump plan and have accepted the map, with the stipulation that statehood for Palestinians is dependent foremost on a security arrangement to protect Israelis.

Netanyahu has remained effusive in his praise of Trump – “You have been the greatest friends Israel has ever had in the White House he said.”

The 50-page political ‘peace plan’ outlines many concessions to the Palestinians and builds on a 30-page economic plan for the West Bank and Gaza that was unveiled last June and which the Palestinians have already rejected.

Personally I see the ‘peace plan’ fraught with unmanageable holes and factual is the Palestinian leaders have rejected the long-delayed plan even before its official release, saying the Trump administration was and continues to remain biased towards Israel.

The simple fact remains that the ‘Palestinians’ will never accept peace with Israel under any conditions.


The Palestinians Want Israel Terminated

The Palestinian Arabs seek the West Bank and East Jerusalem entirely as part of their independent Palestinian state and were absent from the ‘peace plan’ announcement. Palestinians will never genuinely “come to the table and negotiate” anything that openly acknowledges the right of Israel to exist as a nation. And the American desire for the Palestinians to display respect for human rights, freedom of the press and establish transparent and credible self-governing institutions is not at all plausible.

Thus, “before the Trump announcement, thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza City and IDF troops reinforced positions near a flash point site between the Palestinian city of Ramallah and the Israeli settlement of Beit El in the West Bank.”

The Israeli-Palestinian talks broke down in 2014, and the Trump ‘peace plan’ will breath no new life into them. In fact, the proposal is only going to further solidify the burning Palestinian hatred for Israel and that expressed toward the Jew by 140 nations out of the United Nations.

The attempt to entice the Palestinians to accept the ‘peace plan’ through guaranteed Al-Aqsa Mosque access and a 50-billion-dollar bribe called a “generous compensation fund” are fruitless. The Palestinians will scramble to see how they might once again grab some cash but nothing of the ‘peace plan’ will reduce their religious fervor to eradicate the pigs and monkeys they call the Jews.

The Palestinians will continue in protest at such pro-Israel policies as its moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They will continue their terrorist attacks, fire balloon bombings and a temporary freeze on expansion of Jewish settlements is meaningless to them. They want Israel dead and every Jew butchered, burned or buried alive.  

And the bulk of the international community considers all territories under Israeli sway to be occupied and all settlements illegal.

In spite of this Benjamin Netanyahu said that “previous efforts by American officials to broker peace in the region simply did not strike right balance between Israel’s national security and interests and the Palestinian aspiration of self-determination.”

Netanyahu and Trump are both publicly positioning themselves as fools in lauding the ‘peace proposal’. All these men appear as now doing is nothing more than repeating failed past attempts to divide the land of Israel. God has spoken that no one will be permitted to divide his land. No man can sell His land in any format for some ‘peace plan’ of man. This is the Word of God –


 (Leviticus 25:23)


You cannot give recognition to the right of a Two State solution and legitimacy of a Palestinian state capitol being anywhere in Jerusalem without directly violating the decrees of God. You can in no manner attempt to divide the land He bequeathed as Israel without ultimately making yourself the enemy of God.

Every time there have been attempts to divide the land of Israel there have been catastrophic events take place. We have seen floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and pestilences about the earth. And now we see the emerging corona-virus that will in all likelihood remove over 60 million people from the face of the earth. It will do so if man does not desist in his attempts to divide the land of Israel. We are truly in a time of Chaos.

In times of chaos mankind looks toward human leadership when they should be looking toward God. So, who are you going to look toward? And who is President Trump looking toward? My advice to Donald Trump is to completely desist in any methods of man that attempt to divide the Holy Land of God. President Trump, you should simply push strongly forward with policies that clearly support the Nation of Israel. You should do so in all manners she needs  to maintain her full God given National Identity. Not to do so will in all likelihood cost you your next term of office and entail immense suffering for the masses you have desired to help. The division of the land of Israel will never actualize according to God.

Ultimately only the Lord Jesus Christ will end the flow of evil sewage from China, Iran and the Middle East in general. Prophetic timing of His return presently negates His personal ‘on the scene stoppage’ of a corona-virus rampage in North America unlike any pestilence Canada has known.

Perhaps this action of writing shall draw our Nation to repentance and help stop our further spiritual spiral downwards. But I do not think you will repent Canada to our own peril as the embracing of Trudeau has shown us to be a rebellious Nation. Nationally we have a flawed imperfect heart!

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore, from henceforth thou shalt have wars.  (2 Chronicles 16:9)

In the meantime, true Christians should pray for mercy that the body count remain low until Jesus Christ does return. They should also pray that President Donald Trump fully awake to the reality of Gods fullness of the land grant he has decreed as His Israel. Pray he be fully and truly used, further strengthened in stemming the tide of evil around this earth.









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