You will find the matters spoken herein very disturbing.

Perhaps they will disturb you enough to save your life as the earth is falling under a judgment of epic Biblical proportions.

“And Jesus said: Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draws near: go ye not therefore after them. But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by. Then said he unto them: Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”  (Luke 21: 8-11)

Covid-19 is but one event amidst the increased terrorism, volcanic activity, extreme weather disasters and pestilences through swarms of locusts- but Covid-19 is about to rapidly remove some 60 million people from the face of this earth.

You are facing an eminent decision if you shall die among them, eternally separated from God.




On February 25, 2020 a sanitary worker was required to disinfect Qom’s Masumeh shrine.

By March 10, 2020 China’s allay the Islamic Republic of Iran had emerged as the second largest determined spreader of Covid-19 to the rest of the planet. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is the mirror image of the evil of Xi Jinping and he recently called the coronavirus a “blessing” he wished to spread to Israel and all Western countries as a form of global jihad.

Like Jinping, from inception Khamenei has employed all kinds of deceptions and lies to mask the truth about Covid-19 and its reality within Iran to the peril of the general Iranian populace.

At first the Iranian authorities claimed that no one in Iran had contracted the disease. But leaked information on state television soon disclosed that even top Iranian officials had contracted the disease. Khamenei concealed the truth and banned disclosure in every manner he could until such point public assembly was being restricted and the disinfection of mosques like that at Qom’s was taking place. As shown in the (claimed) report following, even Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi had contracted Covid-19. Read the report as it appears that President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet, members of parliament Iran’s Ambassador to the Vatican were also carrying the disease at this time. And the (disclosed) report updated March 9,2020 shows the full horror of the Covid-19 virus as it is truly engulfing Iran.     

Khamenei deliberately sidestepped the necessary precautions to prevent the crisis from spreading within Iran and its transmission to other parts of the world. His Iranian regime refused to provide the public or the international community with an accurate picture of the coronavirus outbreak. And Iranian President Hassan Rouhani flatly stated that the government had no plans to quarantine the capitol city of Qom or any other town.

The Iranian Regime deliberately avoided providing the necessary services within Iran to test people for the virus and prevent its spread and ensured virus patient intake services within hospitals remained lower than sub-standard. Medical personnel lacked proper quarantine clothing and laboratory kits which compounded their inability to treat people and the government provided virtually no assistance in required supply; while at the same time desperately needed masks, gloves, and equipment were for sale on the black market

This policy was intact to the point of patient deaths due to their neglect in such locations as Kamkar Hospital in Qom. People were then quickly buried without proper identification of their cause of death and the truth of the presence of Covid-19 thus further masked. In the very earliest days of the coronavirus outbreak satellite images revealed that Iran was digging mass graves at the time Iranian people were dying in the streets due to the lack of adequate medical care. The Iranians were burying far more people than they admitted were being infected. Coronavirus burial pits in Iran were so vast that they’re visible from space

While criticized the coronavirus outbreak and rampage existed in Qom for over three weeks before the circumstances forced the Khamenei mob to admit its reality to any true degree. And the supreme Iranian bozo even tried a ploy alleging the Americans were responsible for the virus spread through “giving medicines that spread the virus or cause it to remain and experience shows you can’t be trusted and you do such things.”

As with Xi Jinping the Iranian propaganda machine under Khamenei knows no bounds of sanity like a flock of gobbling turkeys.

The Iranian leadership was well aware of the high number of its people infected with the coronavirus but in no manner halted flights to other countries. They falsely claimed to have restricted commercial flights while their terrorism carriers like Iran Air and Mahan Air actively transported civilians, weapons and military staff, including members of its elite Quds Force and the Basij militia into Iran.

As well there were at least 55 to 60 open flights between Tehran and China during February that were freely spreading the virus among the Iranian populace and onwards to the world. The Iranian Supreme Leader’s objective of spreading the virus to other countries, particularly Israel and the West was being actualized but the ability to conceal it was not.

The first admitted case appeared in Iran on February 19 but by Friday, March 13, Iranian leaders directed security forces to clear streets within 24 hours in order to help contain the spread of the disease. And early in March Iran’s admitted coronavirus death toll had risen to 2,640, as stated by a health ministry official.  This made Iran the Middle East’s worst-hit country grappling with Covid-19 deaths and placing it third behind China. But, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center, near the end of March Iran had reported 6,566 COVID-19 cases, or about one in every 12,000 people in its population. Then on March 30 “Iran had 117 new coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 2,757, and the total number of infections climbed to 41,495.”

This official Iranian number is almost certainly an undercount because of the individual political thrusts for power within the nation and the Iranian government’s desperate attempt to hide their deliberate spread of Covid-19 from the world. While the disease started in China, with morbid finality of intent it was irrevocably uncontained in Iran and ushered onward to the rest of the world.

Iran is a theocratic country in a state of constant military surveillance and knowing the liars, the Covid-19 current death count is certainly higher than what they release. Both Iran and China continue to put their propaganda needs above all human welfare concerns. Lies and deceit precede and follow them everywhere they go.

The Iranians IRGC are responsible for downing the Ukrainian commercial airliner, for murdering over 1500 protesters, for enforcing a compulsory hijab and have openly expressed the desire to forcefully wipe Israel off the map. And it is this Iran that the disgusting pig Justin Trudeau is crawling further into bed with. He showed his colors openly with the gleeful smile, bow and embracing handshake bestowed upon Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at a recent conference in Europe. The Iranian leadership embodies Trudeau’s moral standards.

This Mohammad Javad Zarif is seeking Trudeau to openly acknowledge their diplomatic ties that were severed between the nations in 2012. He desires an expansion of the “Interest sections embassies” that already exist between them within other nations of the world and it is within these diplomatic interactive centers that many of the subversive activities of the Iranian regime take place. From such locations the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) has already made inroads into Canada and infiltrated its corridors of power with the blessings of Trudeau.

Such activity contravenes the laws of Canada but this matters little to Trudeau when it comes to using the IRGC to advance his Islamic ideals in our nation. A law was already passed as a motion by parliament that the Iranian IRGC was to be listed as a designated terrorist organization. This effectively made Iran an agency that Trudeau should not be embracing in any manner.

The major political world powers have designated the IRGC a terrorist organization but Trudeau refuses to personally acknowledge them as such or to enforce the law mandated by the Canadian parliament that places them in the category of being treated as such. The IRGC poses a very serious security threat to democratic peace seeking Canadians and their ability to harm us is proportionate to their presence and activity in our midst.

Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of the Jewish B’nai Brith Canada clearly recognized such fact: “The IRGC is tasked with protecting Iran’s brutal Islamist dictatorship and supporting its international terrorist proxies. Its principle objective is to fuel and fund terrorism. It suppresses Iran’s own people and is a serious public security threat throughout the Middle East and around the world.”

This IRGC organization fuels anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate fests in cities around the world including the Al-Quds Day parades that take place every year across Canada without any shame or accountability by Trudeau. They promote bombings, killings of military and civilian service persons and conduct terrorist plots in nations as varied as Germany, Saudi Arabia and Argentina. And they do such with impunity within our borders in spite of the fact we have laws ordering their presence should not even be tolerated.

Given this state, B’nai Brith Canada has launched a lawsuit against the Canadian government seeking that Trudeau be required to enforce the existing law for our protection and well being. The motion surrounding the IRGC was passed unanimously in the House of Commons in June 2018 and almost two full years have passed.

“B’nai Brith Canada is suing the Canadian government for failing to comply with a motion passed by its own parliament to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), in its entirety, as a terrorist organization.” “At a news conference in January, leaders of B’nai Brith, the Council of Iranian Canadians and the Justice 88 Campaign put the government on notice that they expected the motion to be implemented within 30 days.”

The timeframe has passed and Trudeau just ignores the plaintiffs. Trudeau continues to ignore all such activities that stand in his totalitarian Islamic political pathway just as Iran does. And such attitudes have placed both Iran and Canada, and all nations of the earth, in even greater peril during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Even a Pakistani Muslim immigrant recognizes the  seeds of totalitarianism Trudeau plants.

Trudeau needs to be dealt with, to be forced to comply with our laws, but what do we see him doing? Ignoring laws, Covid-19 responsibilities and spreading economic havoc in the nation.

The man is an outright liar. As of March 30, he still had not stopped direct flights from China into our major cities as promised. There are no questions asked of those who simply hop on a flight from the world’s coronavirus epicentre and hop on a disease spreading connecting local flight anywhere in this nation. There are no quarantine measures being enforced and once passengers disembark at one of Canada’s major hubs, many then immediately catch a domestic flight and sit next to unsuspecting Canadians travelling onward. They thus effectively spread the Chinese disease throughout our nation. 

And Trudeau is every bit the liar by land as he is by air. Trudeau said he banned foreigners from illegal land border entry points. He stated he had certainly banned all foreigners from coming to Canada if they’re sick, but he found a way to avoid this if such foreigners simply laid claim that they were refugees. Walk up to any illegal land entry point in Canada and simply cough or claim you have a fever and enter at will.  Trudeau states such persons cannot be denied entry on the basis of humanitarian grounds. Trudeau has done nothing to truly curtail illegal border of Canada. And he continues to do all things possible to ensure the spread of Covid-19. And this is the man that wants to position himself as a leader on the world stage through gaining a seat on the UN Security Council. He certainly will ensure the lowering of the security of one and all if you allow him to do so.

The current coronavirus crisis will end up dramatically affecting the authority of the political, economic, media and scientific elites who shape world public opinion in unrighteous manners. These interests have always worked toward gaining control through projecting an image of their own stability and certainty about the pathway events are to take. Covid-19 is showing one and all to be quite dysfunctional in some manner in their so-called arena of expertise. In many cases the pure evil of their designs is now showing through as Iran and Trudeau exemplify.

“Iran’s Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenei appears to be loosening his ceaseless thrust for an exclusive hold on power, relinquishing control in some manners to the hapless president Hassan Rouhani. This is simply an attempt to take the dissent toward the ever-rising death toll from the Covid-19 off himself. Many self-indulgent and socially ineffective men like Khamenei, prominent world leaders, are bound in similar ties.

In Britain the announcement of Boris Johnson that he had coronavirus and was ferrying Brits home from the four corners of the globe increased his messy Brexit and even forced the postponement of local and mayoral elections for a year.

World leaders like France’s Emmanuel Macron have used the coronavirus as an excuse to virtually abandon the key reforms that they held up as the main reasons for their election to begin with. And, in Japan the postponement of the Olympics in Tokyo as shown Covid-19 is able and continuing to close down, disrupt and upset the entire global sporting calendar.

Global elites have always attempted to build their status through predictions based on the law of cause and effect. Covid-19 has tossed many aspects of this man made ‘gospel’ into the garbage can of uncertainty that we see them all in. Not all conclusions surrounding cause and effect are wrong, but the premise is wrong that we can with certainty calculate the future if we understand the present when it leaves God out of the equation. Such conclusion is absolutely wrong and that is one of the lessons God is teaching through this pandemic upon us.

Man’s despair at the uncertainty, jumps in opinion and continuing ravages by Covid-19 are not soon going to end. The best most hoped for a few months ago has not happened and the worst that many now fear is coming to pass.  We know this with certainty for it is fully based upon the word of God, and resulting because in all the postulating about Covid-19 mankind has simply left God out of their potential formulas of cause, effects and solution. This has been a major factor amid members of the European Union.

What we are seeing with the European Union is that a coordinated response to the Covid-19 pandemic does not exist among them.

The seeds of this political union were planted in the ashes of the Second World War and the blooms are part of Satan’s thrust to create a one world government that would see his Anti-Christ representative emerge dominating the world stage. This personage is designed to stabilize the rule of evil upon the earth for Satan and thus effectively allow Satan to usurp the throne of God through him. The European Union was not designed to emerge intact as many first visualized and desired the new world system to be. In May 1949, Robert Schuman, one of the EU’s founding fathers, boldly announced the creation of new world system: “We are carrying out a great experiment, the fulfillment of the same recurrent dream that for ten centuries has revisited the peoples of Europe: creating between them an organization putting an end to war and guaranteeing an eternal peace.”

This ‘guarantee of eternal peace’ is the carrot that Satan continues to dangle before man as the chaos required to actualize his ascendency to power must unfold. It is for such reason we have seen the effects of Covid-19 upon the European Union in recent weeks.

“EU member states have closed their borders, banned exports of critical supplies and withheld humanitarian aid. The European Central Bank, the guarantor of the European single currency, has treated with unparalleled disdain the eurozone’s third-largest economy, Italy, in its singular hour of need. The member states worst affected by the pandemic — Italy and Spain — have been left by the other member states to fend for themselves.”

The European Union has been seven decades in the making and now, even well-intentioned nations, in mere weeks are displaying results of spiritually embracing relationships with the outright sources of evil such as that of Turkey under the control of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 


The TURKS under ERDOGAN are every bit as intent on spreading Covid-19 and further havoc into the West as we know both China and Iran desire to do.

Every attempt of the EU to appease Erdogan through compromise to his economic and political demands is but a futile measure for the tyrant ultimately wants to see their absolute submission to his Islam. He has from inception threatened to flood Europe with his endless supply of migrants who are happy to seize upon the opportunity to invade the Western welfare states where they can secure themselves all kinds of economic betterments.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a deal in 2016 with the European Union to hold millions of migrants but has no problem quickly breaking his word when opportunity suites his evil designs. And opportunity presented itself once again, as since February 27 Turkish officials have sent busloads of migrants to Turkey’s border with Greece. And his Turkish officials are committed to arranging free buses for all the refugees that desire to go to the northern Turkey Pazarkulke border crossing in Edirne where they can force their way into the European Union through Greece.

The predominant group amid these migrants are made up of young politically dissident young men from Afghanistan and Iran. These persons show their true intent if entry is thwarted in any manner by throwing rocks at Greek border guards and forcing the border fences to gain entry as seen in this March 7, 2020 photo below. Undoubtedly this picture brought a smile of approval to the faces of Erdogan, Jinping, Khamenei and Justin Trudeau.

So, what part does Canada’s April Fool in Charge play in this Eastern Rock and Roll with Greece?

Trudeau has just tried to ram through a law to give him the power to govern without Parliament for two full years. But the bill had three parts removed or amended treacherous to our Civil Liberties. Trudeau tried for unlimited tax-and-spend powers until the end of 2021. But this was amended allowing him unlimited spending power until June 2020. Do you realize just how damaging and dangerous this is for us at this time? Another full month of a completely out of control tyrannical despot with a now ‘legal ability’ to spend wherever and to whomever and to whatever he desires to spend your money upon.

What if this bozo once and for all was able to wrest all spending constitutional authority legally into his own hands?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toughened his language around enforcing self-isolation and social distancing rules while considering fully implementing the Emergency Measures Act which is designed to consolidate power. He could thus strip provincial governments of their decision-making authority and take it for himself and his minority Liberal regime in Ottawa.

With Canadians and the rest of the world occupied struggling to stave off the deadly coronavirus pandemic he may snatch absolute control of Canada, and further deprive us of our rights and freedoms to assemble in public places, to associate with our friends, families and colleagues and attend the religion of our choosing. 

Heed this report by Keean Bexte of Rebel News >

Trudeau is trying for total political dominance and may also attempt such through employing the War Measures Act as the guise for the required ability to enforce the controls he states necessary to deal with Covid-19. It is not illegal for him to employ such Draconian liberty-infringing measures, but it seems apparent he knows this could possibly trigger full scale violent political rebellion against his government. Hopefully it is a risk his handlers are not prepared to take at this time.

Provincial governments have already made unprecedented moves to protect their own people. It’s how our decentralized confederation of states was designed to work. For certain the power to close provincial borders should rest in the hands of the people of that province, not with of any occupant of the Prime Minister’s Office – in particular our black-faced, wishy-washy, heartless, celebrity suck hole, eco-radical, sexual pervert Jihad Justin Trudeau.

But our provincial and local governments are already cracking down on people who are not following social distancing or quarantine rules to try to prevent further spread of COVID-19 through closing all they consider non-essential businesses and by bylaw amendments to increase fines to up to $50,000 for breaches of emergency orders. Similar measures to counter COVID-19’s transmission are now in place or expected at all levels of government in Canada: federal, provincial and municipal.

Our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms offers no protection from the power grab actions of Trudeau, because none of our rights and freedoms are absolute if it is provable that infringing upon them is in the best interests of our democratic society. Trudeauites claim it is in our best interests we be kept from violating their Covid-19 regulations. If we allow them to completely enforce their regulations upon us to we will be destroying ourselves. Once such enforcements are entrenched in smoke doped Trudeaus hands our freedoms are largely obliterated as we believe we have them now.

Do not believe that Trudeau’s objectives are for protecting our citizens from a deadly virus and he must curtail some civil liberties in pursuit of the greater need of protecting the nations public health. Watch the increase of scuffles, riots and general civil disobedience take place through Trudeau’s efforts to ensure he can protect us from ourselves.

With Trudeau a total lock-down, unrestricted state spying or surveillance, suspension of habeas corpus and institution of Martial law under the War Measures Act is our assured future.

We face very fearful times of no restrictions on governments that decide to enact laws that abolish our legal rights and fundamental freedoms as Trudeau is doing.

You must avoid unnecessary overreactions to the fear mongering he is promoting surrounding Covid-19 to achieve his pernicious ends. But, clearly, isolation is getting to people causing panic reactions, but panic is no reason to hand Trudeau unfettered power to destroy us all. Let’s not allow Trudeau through the COVID-19 virus excuse to grab the power giving him legal absolute spending constitutional authority into his corrupted evil hands. He is already causing enough havoc through his infecting the rule of law within our nation. The country is in lockdown, the bulk of school children are at home, individuals and families are isolating themselves in fear, while entire industries are teetering on edges of bankruptcy.

Is this not enough reason to put an end to Justin Trudeau?

If he succeeds fully in his attempts, he will be able to function completely the same as his buddies Jinping, Khamenei and Erdogan. He already is supporting them fully with no concern as to his legal right to do so under our Parliamentary law. He spends your Canadian tax dollars with absolute disdain for the need or desires of Canadians to see them dispensed in different manners. The man is a public purse thief, a religious hypocrite and unabashed liar.


With March coming to a quick closure we see that almost one million Canadians lost their jobs with the week ending March 20 and conditions are worsening. One in three Canadian businesses will not survive past the month of April because of the coronavirus pandemic and Justin Trudeau’s handling of it. Canada is in lockdown mode that is increasing, people are scared and beginning to panic as store shelves are emptying out. Families are facing unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty as the economy is being hammered like it was doing ten rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. Canada is plunging towards the biggest recession since the Great Depression of 1929 and the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of this great country are suffering tremendous pain as a result.

Trudeau is not alleviating this pain but assuring its continuance through abetting the advance and security of his Muslim faithful in the global scramble for medical supplies being observed.  He has our money being destined for Erdogan’s ‘rock and roll boys’ at the Greek borders, but this heart wringing photo is what the propaganda sources make pretense that our money will be used for.

Recently the United Nations made an urgent appeal to wealthy countries for a $2 billion global humanitarian response plan to fund the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in parts of the world with weak or non-existent public health systems.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to state that Canada would answer the call for people living in refugee camps. The federal government already has earmarked $8 million of the $50 million spending package announced as part of its COVID-19 Response Fund on March 11 towards this direction. Why did he leap to the cause of at the time of Erdogan’s Greek border actions and not prior?

It did not suit the events timing prior. Covid-19 pays no mind to borders and the Najashi pay no mind to humanitarian needs that might display themselves in any refugee or migrant’s encampment.

Here are the words of the hypocrite: “As Canada ramps up production of emergency medical and protective equipment to meet the growing need for it here, the federal government also recognizes that there is a big demand for such equipment around the world. Canada will be part of the solution, not just to make sure that Canada has all the equipment and supplies needed for our citizens should the situation get worse, but we will have, hopefully, equipment and supplies to share with the vulnerable parts of the world that will desperately need help.”

The Muslims trying to force their way in to destroy the Western lifestyle are not innocent vulnerables and it is we that are in desperate need of both the supplies and our money that Trudeau squanders to help destroy us! Trudeau is cash supporting the European Union and his buddy Erdogan by bestowing our funds to the ‘Greek migrant border crisis’ camps funding.

Further, the foolish EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson has ordered Greece that as a member of the EU it must allow the migrants that Erdogan transported to the border into their country to apply for asylum. To obey such an order means that everyone coming to Greece’s border, or any other border of the European Union countries claiming asylum must be granted automatic entry, looked after and processed. This sounds like the Trudeau open borders program does it not? 

What is basically underway with Erdogan’s ploy is that his 80 million Muslim population would now literally and legally be able to flood Europe with both physical and Covid-19 disease carrying jihadi. And this for Erdogan and Trudeau, our two end times Najashi, is the objective they desire.

The foolish European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who once called Greece Europe’s “shield” against an overwhelming horde of migrants, appears also to have believed that it was the arm of Erdogan that was upholding the shield for them. And, at the time Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced  that Greece was suspending all asylum applications based on article 78 (3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as a measure to protect his nation from the border invaders he was told that the EU would not permit him to do so. This was in spite of the fact it was embedded in the EU constitution as his legal right of defence.

Again, Ylva Johansson shot off the manipulating EU mouths: “Individuals in the European Union have the right to apply for asylum. This is in the treaty; this is in international law. This we can’t suspend.”

All this group can suspend is common sense.

There is no common sense to set aside or deny that which is written and recorded in the Constitution of any nation or organization. It is visible for all to see just as is the stupidity of the main economic impetus is to the EU, that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As Johansson was giving her irrational orders to Greece, about two weeks subsequent to Erdogan starting his border transport, the ugly Fraulein stated she would work “with all her strength” to “take the EU-Turkey agreement to a new level”.  She also pledged more money for Turkey to take care of refugees and money was designated for the Greek border rock tossing migrant camps.

Erdogan employs ‘migrant blackmail tactics’ and geo-political distractions to advance his designs and Covid-19 was a cloud that furthered his actions. Were the actions of Merkel those of one distracted, complicit with the causes of Erdogan or just plain stupidity? The current Greek border migrant crisis was manufactured by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his political gain just as Trudeau manufactured the current political crisis with the First Nations in Canada for his political gain. And, in both cases it is easy to see the two Najashi using the Covid-19 to usher themselves along. Neither give a damn about the cost in human lives they exact to achieve their goals.

There is little doubt that Erdogan has been running the show and achieved his designs to this point in time through the manner he goaded the West. He would not for the time being create any more rock throwing migrant camps like the one he located at his border with Greece. Consequently, on March 18, Erdogan announced that the migrant crisis that he had orchestrated was officially over: Turkey was closing its borders with Greece and Bulgaria, ostensibly due to the coronavirus. Supposedly around 150 buses had been readied to collect migrants from the Bulgaria border and ferry them back to Istanbul and refugee camps with his new pot full of Western Cash to further finance his jihadi cause. Either way Erdogan appears to have gotten what he wanted – the Greek encampment to further spread Covid-19 into the West and money to finance his world wide terrorist activity. All Erdogan needs to do now is to further goad Western leaders into compromising to his demands in any manner. Rest assured he will be attempting it. 

All Canadians that have not written God out of the equation of their lives must see that the actions of Trudeau are brought to an end in the Middle East and Africa. They must also be terminated and rectified in the destructive patterns he has established in his collaborations with Communist China and the duplicity of all matters surrounding Trudeau Time. 


Trudeau Time?

The coronavirus lockdown is thrusting us into the mother of all socioeconomic transformations and you will not like the changes that are going to stick around if you don’t alter government leadership right now!

Trudeau has not inadvertently got us caught up in some interesting but destructive government economic experiment. His actions have been and remain intentionally destructive. We are in an economic meltdown giving a wakeup call that this half French spiritual hybrid of hell does not follow the laws of Canada let alone any laws of God.  Our current experience is designed to have a lasting impact upon our morals and all our social values.

Personally admit the COVID-19 shutdown has taken you by surprise. There are all kinds of legitimate reasons it has done so. But you will have no excuse if you let Trudeau carry forward with his designs after the exposures I have repeatedly hammered home.

In these times of such economic turmoil, Trudeau has been eroding our civil rights, increasing negative surveillance of us and destroying our society through policies enhancing remote working, virtual reality and extremes of isolation.

It is time to fully defend ourselves against his salubrious tactics and results. We cannot afford any more Trudeau time. It is time to totally rid our nation of Trudeau!

Trudeau has the audacity to say that the pandemic’s course here depends largely on what Canadians do. At the same time the hypocrite, by his actions, ensures the Covid-19 virus shall see a long extension of its spread within the nation.

As such, at March end we see a Montreal playground above with no players, as all city playgrounds closed in desperate attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

We have people rationing, volunteering their time, risking their lives, within the medical professions, first responders and general populace in attempts to keep their neighbours safe. We see business men converting their production facilities to units that will produce the protective health equipment that all require, with many freely donating the supply.

The idea that we’re all in this together is being invoked in the country as the government spasmodically has placed almost the entire country in a state of lockdown. We’re being told to shut down everything for a very lengthy period of time, to make ourselves social hermits and treat one another like disease ridden parasites. And we are told to do so by people that do not know what effect this will actually have.


A Moron Trio

Dead Eyed – Cross Eyed – Evasive

Minister of Health Patty Hajdu, left, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have largely let Canada’s chief medical officer, Theresa Tam, centre, speak directly to Canadians about the nature of the coronavirus outbreak.

When it comes to what the current government lockdown strategy is Trudeau continuously ignores larger ethical, economic, social and cultural questions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. He prefers to let his hand selected stooges speak wherever he can totally evade the issues.

On March 11, his Health Minister Patty Hajdu was once again seen with legs wide spread riding the range of ‘duh, I don’t have a clue’.  She said as few as 30 per cent of Canadians and as many as 70 per cent might eventually be infected by the novel coronavirus. That range covers anything from 11.3 million people to 26.3 million people. That is a pretty wide spread even for a dead eyed old gal like you Patty Cake. Perhaps Covid-19 has found your personal weakest invasion point is your brain, eh?

And Patty Cake, your short cross-eyed Salubrious Sister at Arms had better soon get her vision straightened enough to get a clear look at the effects of masks and social distancing she chirps her Asian mouth about. She personally exemplifies one of the major problems the nation faces in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. She constantly jumps from ship to shore and back in defending China as not fully responsible for the worlds plight and the truth of what measures need to be taken if any time remains for their enactment whatsoever. Next to Trudeau she sounds like the number two member of the Xi Jinping Communist Covid-19 Fanclub.

And what is the great medical advice we get from Trudeau’s Medical Attack Team deployed against Covid-19? “Wear masks if you want — but keep up the hand-washing and physical distancing, say Tam and Hajdu.”

When queried why masks were suddenly optional, how the future might be impacted through the ‘Salubrious Sisters’ advice, the media reports: “Asked about the future on Wednesday, Trudeau declined to be precise.”

The mealy-mouthed metaphor man, the I am a peoplekind, rethink the universe, drug dealing, captain blackface, checkered socks tax thieving cheat did it again!

And all without the slightest twinge of embarrassment.

Can we any longer afford the economic cost of Trudeau? Can we afford the impending or greater than rate of 700 per day death toll that Italy is now occurring? The Team Trudeau Medical policies are far more endangering and bigger mistakes than what Italy admits making:

 “The biggest mistake we made was to admit patients infected with COVID-19 into hospitals throughout the region,” said Carlo Borghetti, the vice-premier of Lombardy, an economically crucial region with a population of 10 million.  

We should have immediately set up separate structures exclusively for people sick with coronavirus. I recommend the rest of the world do this, do not send COVID patients into health-care facilities that are still uninfected.”

So, why are we allowing people to still pour in here from China and Iran and then move onward unhampered into other uninfected areas of the country through our main international connecting cities that are daily seeing rises in the spread of Covid-19? And why do we continue to embrace diseased migrants to flood our land entries and spread their filth through Trudeau’s favorite doorways such as the dead end at Roxham Road in Quebec?

Why? In the words of Trudeau ‘because Canada will be there to participate’. Yes, Canada will be there to participate with China and Iran on any terms that advance the jihadi cause of Justin Trudeau!


Justin’s Daily Covid-19 Briefing

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic “unprecedented” and “the largest economic program in Canada’s history.”

But he was far less conclusive Wednesday when asked just how long his government expects this package of wage subsidies and income support will be needed.

Trudeau told reporters attending his daily briefing that the government is preparing for the possibility that the pandemic lasts weeks or months. He did not describe how his government would respond to those vastly different timelines, or how they might change the cost or delivery of the very programs Finance Minister Bill Morneau tried to describe later in the day.”

The language being used by Trudeau political hacks, bureaucrats and public health officials is cajoling, hectoring, threatening and sanctioning people to get them to obey limits on maintaining physical distancing and keeping to their homes in manners poorly defined or understood by themselves. Thus, they make the current situation even more precarious because social media exposes the fact that these people don’t have a clue how long the lockdowns will be in place or what truly might bring an end or even relief from Covid-19. Their incompetence in handling or preparing for continuance of the pandemic is at best nauseating when listening to them tout their efforts or call for trust in Trudeau as a leader capable of any efforts that are trustworthy.

Trudeau has proven himself a most untrustworthy man, but continues with generalized overtures entailing he should still somehow be trusted to do what is right because ‘we need to be there for each other’.

Trudeau repeatedly states how ‘very optimistic’ he is that “we are going to get through this in the right way, because Canadians do what they need to do to be there for each other” in a time of crisis. But, with the Canadian military readying itself for up to a year of COVID-19 response operations this bozo cannot or simply will not provide the public with any potential timelines for the varied Covid-19 scenarios faced. He keeps stating that all matters depends on the choices Canadians make and tries to allude that his government is the best choice facing us. He creates a heightened sense of panic and urgency through such statements as “all matters hinge on choices that Canadians are making today, choices they made over the past few days, choices they will be making over the coming few days.”

Along with this comes posturing and the invocation of the Quarantine Act with his threat of fines and jail time for those who do not obey his orders to isolate in the manner he dictates. Trudeau is working the nation toward a chaotic state where ‘non-compliance’ with his demanded actions is the only choice left facing us.

This bright, shiny and empty Ottawa mall on March 18, 2020 was as hollow as the words coming from Trudeau’s smirking lips that all stores close in response to his demands.

His separation and isolation tactics as being employed are making the Nation as forlorn as the lone pedestrian stepping off an escalator. People are becoming depressed and races are irrationally turning against each other such as seen in Calgary on April 1- “Calgary police say they have charged a man over a social media post threatening to deliberately spread COVID-19 among Indigenous communities.” Only sick people employ biological weapons against their fellow man and Trudeau has been employing Covid-19 to manipulate the nation and world events to his personal designs.

As the streets have increasingly emptied during this COVID-19 pandemic, many persons have been observable passing and avoiding eye contact with their heads down. The isolation his government has created has robbed people of the joy of living and working and wiped the smiles from their faces. Not everyone considers working as being a rat race and they get a great deal of satisfaction from their livelihood. Social isolation is incredibly hard on them and is having negative effects on their mental health and interactions with non-workplace associations. They are genuinely mourning the loss of their jobs to the degree they are suffering insomnia, increasing severity of depression and physical problems due to immune system failures because of such events. And this has taken place with the same rapidity as the fear has encompassed our society around the Covid-19 threat.

People are expressing Covid-19 related fears surrounding things as charitable donations depletions, depravations from economic contractions and the threats further inflaming wars.

WHAT and COULD have become the buzz words of this pandemic generation. What might take place next? Could this possibly happen? This state is causing many people to simply retreat into themselves depressed, as other are being encompassed with a burning anger toward the government and persons that are supposed to be in charge or control of the causes of their emotional turmoil.

Canada is clinging to a precipice from which the next drop is violent chaotic political revolution because of Trudeau Team Touts and Fools!

All the rules surrounding the social norms of our basis communication behavior, the communication kinds of things that grease the wheels of social interaction have been tossed out the window by the Covid-19 isolation actions.

 People are in desperate need for leadership, be it politicians or health officials, to model behaviours that use clear communication skills surrounding the events most impacting their lives. And this is exactly what they are not getting from Trudeau or the whining and growling of his top dogs.

Trudeau does not have the public’s trust and support; his dishonesty has become totally transparent and only a slimy evil grip on the reins of government remains in his hands. The man has absolutely no credibility and no true legal authority to take the actions through our government that he does.

Yet he keeps trying to convince people to stick with his governments plan. What plan is he talking about? His plan like ensuring the Canadian government’s massive Emergency Response Benefit Relief Package is directed out of the country toward Erdogan as he has been doing. Or his plan within the country through which he has made certain his desirable non-Canadians are able to receive the lucrative $8,000 per person bail out that has been enacted. International students, most of whom come from China and temporary foreign workers are among those he has ensured are eligible. >

 “Trudeau referred to the pandemic as a “fight” Canada must win. The goal, he said, was to “defeat” COVID-19. And he stated “We all have to answer the call of duty.”

But he avoids his duty of providing the leadership and information that will help people settle out of their emotional and mental anguish. It takes a leaked government report to even find out that some of the dubious Government virus-related measures could be in place until July.

In whatever he is saying or doing Trudeau is not even trying to properly prepare Canadians for whatever might come next.

And what of his threats to jail us if we do not obey him? Who needs to be afraid of the ‘big bad black-faced wolf Trudeau’ as he huffs and puffs and blows the Canadian economy down what was once a clean Democratic toilet bowl before he arrived on the scene? After all you need resources to enforce mandatory things, and he’s been diverting those resources to something that is more important to him than Canada and us. He will soon totally run out of our Canadian cash in his current rounds of supporting all matters Islamic and Chinese Communist.

Get rid of him now while there may still remain a few coins to feed your families during this Covid-19 stimulated worldwide economic collapse.


The Red Chinese Duplicity

With our country in the midst of a financial disaster and highly contagious virus epidemic it is natural that a state should ensure its citizens has the protective equipment that might be needed before it looks to the needs of other countries. This is no different than the necessity of first donning your own oxygen mask in the emergency event that may occasion during jet travel.

The European Union member states took such an attitude stance in the case of Italy’s appeal for help with Covid-19. ‘When Italy appealed to the EU for supplies of medical equipment at the beginning of its coronavirus crisis, it received exactly nothing. In addition, Germany and France even imposed bans or limitations on the export of facemasks and protective equipment.’

But what if they had abandoned their own citizen needs? And worse, what if they not only abandoned these needs and gave what they required to a nation far richer then themselves? It would be a clear display where the nations leadership placed their true priorities would it not?

Trudeau showed his true Communist Bent Designs when he chose to send 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, our scarce medical supplies as free medical gear to China.

One is led to wonder if we had originally purchased such gear from China and perhaps it was defective like the medical gear China is presently donating and selling to the Covid-19 ravaged nations as I write. Trudeau’s ties to The Red Xi are interwoven strongly and the pair are greedily power sick enough to enact such ploy.

Trudeau’s Communist links loudly rattle in the actions of his staff such as Canada’s new chief librarian and archivist, Leslie Weir. This blood red political douche bag was barely on the job two weeks before she accepted a Chinese state-funded trip to Beijing to listen to Chinese communist propaganda about the role of libraries in sticking “to the Communist Party Central Committee’s decisions and plans and how to make greater contributions to the great development and prosperity of Chinese socialist culture”

Records indicate that Blood Red Weir in September 2019 billed $983 in expenses to fly to Beijing as a guest of China’s National Library to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Communist takeover of the mainland. She gave an address at such time during a claimed ‘mini-vacation’ and thousands in additional expenses were paid by her hosts for her attendance. In a government other than Trudeau’s she would be fired for embracing and celebrating the worst human rights violators on the planet. But Trudeau has surrounded himself with Communist embracing thieves and liars.

Patty Hajdu is one who directly lied to Canadians. The disgraced Minister of Health told media during a press conference on March 26 that all passengers connecting to a secondary flight from one of Canada’s few remaining international airports would be given a mask to wear. This was supposedly to stop those passengers from infecting domestic passengers. No such measures were in place or ever were taken as Team Trudeau was already of the mindset of the Chinese Communist Party’s Beijing faction who expressed intent toward the West of “plunging America into the mighty sea of coronavirus through halting use of pharmaceuticals”. (Yanzhong Huang, senior fellow for global health, Council on Foreign Relations, Twitter, March 4, 2020.)

Xi Jinping and Trudeau are waging double information wars: one abroad and one for their own public. Both totalitarian dictators see the West as weak, submissive and easily duped and both are trying to portray the image of being the world’s potential savior.

“Italy, a country hit hard by China’s coronavirus pandemic, is now at the center of a strategic Chinese propaganda campaign. Beijing has sent doctors and supplies to Italy and is doing the same all over Europe. In Italy you can see posters saying, “Go, China!” China as hero, eh? While in Canada we find Trudeau seeking the public to submit to his commands through the Covid-19 scenario, but truly not giving a damn whether he is cast into the ‘light of hero or not’.

Trudeau and Jinping are obsessed with the sustainability of their totalitarian regimes. Neither man gives a damn about the lives of his own people and Trudeau’s priority is that he continues to cement his ties with The Red Xi. Thus, we see Captain Black/Red Face often lounging around at home without his pyjamas while other leaders try to lead in the midst of this pandemic. We see him raising taxes on farmers and truckers and destroying our Canadian industry. All of this melds into the Chinese agenda of achieving economic dominance of the West. So once a day as China makes a big show of sending gifts of defective masks and coronavirus testing kits to the countries it deliberately infected, we have Trudeau ambling out looking like a disheveled third world dictator for his bull shit Covid-19 press update.

I will be giving a complete look at the Chinese Communist inroads in Canada and Trudeau’s complicity in making sure the doors remained open in my final article of the pandemic series: Covid-19 Five: The Canadian Pretense

The Chinese Communist Party is the “central threat of our times”, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo astutely said in January. Back then, coronavirus was already spreading throughout China and over the world; the Communist Party’s attempt to hide the epidemic proved that Pompeo was more than right. “My concern is that this cover-up, this disinformation that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in, is still denying the world the information it needs so that we can prevent further cases or something like this from recurring again”.

According to Steve Tsang, director of the University of London’s SOAS China Institute, “It is the cover-up of the Communist Party for the first two months or so which created conditions to generate a global pandemic”.

They silenced all criticism, censored and detained brave doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and hid at least one-third of the coronavirus cases for as long as they could.

And a major factor permitting all this is because China has been able to grow into an economic superpower because it adopted economic practices and stole technologies from the West. As we watched it do so we have seen it become even more of a totalitarian state under The Red Xi and a biological-political disaster for the world. We have watched Trudeau become a similar disaster through his efforts at banning the free press and crushing the social, spiritual and economic factors that gave us whatever decent values we once held. We have been played ‘like a pack of useful idiots’ and the cost, in terms of human lives here in Canada and throughout the world will be immense.

China plans to buy out our troubled companies and infrastructure and through such means place its final stamp of dominion over us from sea to diseased sea.

We have given up on our humanitarian, democratic and spiritual values through a process of writing God out of the equation of our lives and our nation. You cannot do this without suffering the results of moving one more step forward with the deceitful Jihadi Justin Regime.

In 2013, a secret Chinese Communist Party directive known as Document No. 9 called for the rejection of seven Western ideas, such as “Western constitutional democracy”, “universal values” of human rights, Western-inspired notions of media independence and civic participation, ardently pro-market “neo-liberalism,” and “nihilist” criticisms of the Party’s questionable past. Targets to combat included “Western embassies, consulates, media operations and nongovernmental organizations”.

President Xi often talks about a struggle between his “socialism with Chinese characteristics” and “Western anti-China forces” with their “extremely malicious” ideas of freedom, democracy and human rights.

To advance the Xi agenda the Chinese Communist Party has been employing a unique set of tactics in the economic and information domains that undermines many countries’ democratic institutions and all future prosperity as their dependence on China grows.

One of their tactics has come through invasion of the educational sphere such as they have done in Canada. They have established the Confucius Institute with 1,500 branches in 140 countries that offer language and “cultural” programs. However, according to Matt Schrader, a China analyst with the Alliance for Securing Democracy, these institutes are “propaganda tools“. Last October, Belgium banned the head of Confucius Institute in Brussels, Xinning Song, after security services accused him of spying for Beijing.

The Red Xi has used and continues to use such activity to achieve his goals.

And Xi has now personally turned our reality into a globalized nightmare with hundreds of millions across the world in lockdown; countless thousands now are dead; the economies of many Western countries are paralyzed, with some on the verge of absolute collapse and empty shops and streets are commonplace.

Today China’s communists are more capitalist than Marxist at the state level under The Red Xi. President Xi has adopted a mixture of Capitalism and Marxism to have a state-run economy termed “market Leninism” to which he has added his own brand of totalitarianism making it the most ruthless form of dictatorship the free world has ever faced. And it is time the West awakenings to the absolute duplicity and evil intents of modern China. 

The hope of winning trade deals has led the West to watch as key areas of production moved to China, leaving many nations in hock to Beijing. This has been extremely negative for China flouts the normal rules of behavior in every area of healthcare, trade, currency exchange and human rights that the West upholds.

In this Chinese created Covid-19 pandemic we find the Red Mobsters now flooding the West with Defective Medical Equipment meant to fight their viral infection.

 The Absoluteness of Chinese Duplicity

The hope of winning trade deals has led the West to watch as key areas of production moved to China, leaving many nations in hock to Beijing. This has been extremely negative for China flouts the normal rules of behavior in every area of healthcare, trade, currency exchange and human rights that the West upholds.

In this Chinese created Covid-19 pandemic we find the Red Virus Mobsters now flooding the West with Defective Medical Equipment meant to fight their viral infection. Chinese suppliers have been preying upon fear and selling a lot of useless junk at very high prices and this was a deliberate ploy of their government. “In Spain, the Ministry of Health revealed that 640,000 coronavirus tests that it had purchased from a Chinese supplier were defective. In addition, a further million coronavirus tests delivered to Spain on March 30 by another Chinese manufacturer were also defective.” Also, “The Czech news site iRozhlas reported that 300,000 coronavirus test kits delivered by China had an error rate of 80%. The Czech Ministry of Interior had paid $2.1 million for the kits.” These are typical sales happening in the nations of the world like that of the shipment of personal protective equipment shown being inspected at a warehouse in Valencia, Spain, on March 25, 2020.

The heartless cruelty of the Chinese displays itself in these fraudulent sales as it was nations in the most desperate need of the medical supplies due to the death rate they potentially faced, that were making the orders placed with them.

On March 17 the Dutch, with but a few days mask supply remaining, were looking to the Chinese supply source as their only hope and redemption. But, on March 28 they were forced to recall 1.3 million face masks produced in China because they did not meet the minimum safety or quality standards for medical personnel. But, by the time of the recall more than 500,000 of the KN95 masks had already been distributed to Dutch hospitals and through them the virus was extended onward.

Worldwide countries have been criticizing the quality of Chinese medical supplies and the ethics of their business policies. Reports have flooded in from nations as variant as Slovakia, Malaysia, Turkey, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. But it is the Spanish, French and Italians in particular that have been massively economically frauded and duped, and it is these same nations that have seen the greatest Covid-19 results rage in the European landscape. A small example of the scale of the fraud is seen in one purchase by the French government of more than one billion face masks from China. Another shows itself in Spain’s purchase of the following defective goods it paid for in advance: 550 million masks, 11 million gloves, 6.5 million rapid tests kits and 950 respirators.

The Chinese suppliers such as Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology Company in Guangdong province outright lied about their products. For example, they claimed in writing their coronavirus rapid detection tests had an accurate detection rate of 92% and Spain with testing proved had an accurate detection rate of less than 30%. The Spanish Ministry of Health on March 26 revealed the fraud and on April 2 the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported how Bioeasy had lied to the Spanish government. But what they have not reported on is items such as this which came popping up through Ezra Levant of Rebel Media: “I’ve even seen a video of the boss of a Chinese electronic thermometer company laughing about pre-setting electronic thermometers to give false readings — but only for export to America.”

There are also video clips of Chinese face mask manufacturing workers laughing as they rub their masks for export on their dirty shoes.

Take a look and listen as to Ezra’s opinion regarding Chinese medical supplies and their intended deployment. >

But this is not just about sales of virus extending products.

It has been the policy of Xi through his predatory behavior to build his economic and political power through feigned offers of free help. Xi Jinping and his Communist Party have been trying to portray China as the world’s new humanitarian superpower. As such tonnes of defective equipment and supplies have been given to countries with the design that their use by the naïve and innocent would further spread the virus. “As the coronavirus rages worldwide, a growing number of countries are reporting that millions of pieces of medical equipment donated by, or purchased from, China to defeat the pandemic are defective and unusable.”

The distrust of the Chinese continues to groundswell and reasonably so. The Chinese are blatantly guilty of genocidal practices through bio-weapons warfare on a global scale and need to be brought to full account for it.

But what is the Chinese accounting for their actions? What is their response?

On March 30, China urged the nations not to “politicize” concerns about the quality of medical supplies from China. “Problems should be properly solved based on facts, not political interpretations,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

China has been caught engaging in a “politics of generosity” with very evil intent of purposes and the “global battle of propaganda and political narratives” foments onward and sometimes backward.

“On April 1, the Chinese government reversed course and stated that it was increasing its oversight of exports of coronavirus test kits made in China. Chinese exporters of coronavirus tests must now obtain a certificate from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in order to be cleared by China’s customs agency.”

Ask yourself this? If, products were not defective then why would additional measures have to be so immediately implemented? Or, could it be possible that Xi and our Communist Boy Toy Justin wanted the Canadian guard lowered, that potential barriers in every manner would not hinder the entry of Chinese supplies that Trudeau announced as being on their way April 4.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is due to receive a shipment of “millions of masks” in the coming days, as a major medical device manufacturer remains under continued pressure from the United States to cease its exports of similar protective equipment. 

“We’re working around the clock to get Canada the resources we need,” Trudeau said during his daily address to Canadians Saturday. “In the next 48 hours, we will be receiving a shipment of millions of masks by a chartered cargo flight. We are also working with provinces to transport their medical supplies when possible.”

Trudeau was either assuring to the best he could that we would simply see further virus extension through the Chinese supply chain; or, he was continuing his support of The Red Xi in the tyrants attempts to surmount the USA in his geopolitical power plays against Donald Trump and the gear coming in may be ‘sanitized’ to make Xi look like the good guy at the time Trump was cutting off supply from the USA.

Or, it could possibly be some twisted combination scenario as Trudeau has continued to promote the Communist agenda in the matter of the HUAWEI products espionage move through the 5G mobile network security system it is supposed to supply, install and maintain.

Over the months since Huawei’s top dog reclused in Vancouver awaiting criminal trial nothing has changed when it comes to the technical and security issues surrounding Huawei’s equipment, but the political climate for the company has certainly worsened. And the matter of the new abundance of ‘problematic Chinese equipment’ affecting the world in such a fast, dramatic and negative manner as Covid-19 has done once again shines the light upon the reality of Xi Jinping, Trudeau and their true intents.

Chinese officials have attempted to blame the United States and Italy for starting the coronavirus pandemic. After one such attempt the Daily Mail quoted a British government source as saying:

“We can’t stand by and allow the Chinese state’s desire for secrecy to ruin the world’s economy and then come back like nothing has happened. We’re allowing companies like Huawei not just into our economy, but to be a crucial part of our infrastructure.”

And with respect to the Chinese and their Covid-19 actions another source said:

“There has to be a reckoning when this is over and all issues surrounding our future relationship with China must be discussed. The moment anyone mentions China, people shift uncomfortably in their seats and shake their heads. And we are not alone. Countless national leaders over recent years have brushed aside China’s appalling human rights behavior in the blind pursuit of trade deals with Beijing. Yes, I believe it is vital that we start to discuss how dependent we have become on this totalitarian state.”

So what is coming at you masked as the protecters of your health, welfare and political well being under the direction of The Red Xi and Jihadi Justin the Communist Boy Toy? Could it be a group of your guardians such as seen in Beijing on April 4, 2020?


No one as of yet truly knows how to contain or undo the nightmare China has unleashed.

Contact tracing with quarantine and isolation is one approach being tried for containment but this is not working with our Covid-19 critter. Even if it were temporarily corralled containment in itself is not a long-term solution. According to WHO:  “Physical distancing measures may slow down the virus, so the health-care system can cope, but they will not stop this pandemic purely in their own right.”

Almost four billion people are currently undergoing some form of physical distancing to little avail. To isolate, test, treat and trace is simply not filling the bill of requirements necessary to bring about our state of required safety. Experts are daily growing more frustrated and desperate to gain our population immunity to the killer in some manner.

And, the claim that up to 50 per cent of COVID-19 transmissions occur before people even present traceable symptoms keeps raising the specter of willing surrender to Trudeau of all manners of technological surveillance for him to further invade our lives. This simply cannot be permitted under his guise that “strengthening the surveillance of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 is essential to the effectiveness of ongoing efforts to contain the spread of the virus until treatments or a vaccine are widely available.”

The desperation to secure immunity has made most people so fear laden that we are being left under incompetent leadership at the whim of a virus that shows no signs of slowing down.

The ability for us to attain a level of natural immunity in the global population in order to stop the continued spread of the virus is to allow the critter to spread unhampered throughout the globe. The death toll in such a method is not even comprehensible.

Another method is to control the immunity in its growth through development of an appropriate vaccine. It is hoped that when you get control infected with the virus through such a vaccine that one will develop sufficient immune protection to prevent subsequent infection, at least for a little while. In the case of Covid-19 the ‘experts’ are not even sure of this as they simply cannot clearly identify their adversary or its methods of transmission.

The WHO states it has received applications for 40 diagnostic tests, and more than 50 vaccines are in development, with many clinical trials of therapeutics underway? Whatever credence there may be in this is questionable for the organization is under the leadership of a proven Communist Buddy of Xi Jinping. This is all documented in the press and the media report following by Keean Bexte just released clearly shows the truth about the man leading WHO and The Red Facts of Reality.

“Have you heard of Tedros Adhanom?    He is not a household name in North America, but he’s a big-hitter. You see, Tedros is an Ethiopian politician and academic who now serves as the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sounds great, right? But what if I told you that he is the first person without a medical degree to hold that position — would that alarm you? And what if I told you that he is not only a huge ally of Xi Jinping’s China but also a former communist who should be put on trial for alleged crimes against humanity — would that shock you?

It shouldbecause I think a man with such questions about his record should not be in charge of a global health organization. He should probably be in jail.

Check out my full report, which has just premiered on YouTube, to learn the horrifying truth about Tedros Adhanom > you won’t want to miss it:

Whatever, respecting vaccines, even if one becomes identifiably appropriate, “A viable vaccine in quantity required is, in best case scenario, 12 to 18 months down the road.”

So, Buckwheat, the spectre of your increasing potential for death is staring you straight in the eyes. And every day that you Kow-Tow to Trudeau and Jinping in any manner increases the odds that it is you that will be found listed in the obituaries.

Change the odds more to your favor. Take Trudeau to full accounting and place him in eternal confinement of Hell by opening his jail cell door right now!

How much longer do you think God will tolerate your servility or obsequious to such an agent of the anti-Christ?

You may or may not be around to digest Covid-19 Three: A Prophetic Judgement. 

But I shall be around to complete and post it as my God certainly is not a liar!


Phinehas – April 5,2020