The Opaskwayak Cree Nation outside The Pas Manitoba should hang its collective head in shame.

The fall of mankind as spoken to in the Bible is not a fable. Most of the world including the delusional within the Churches clearly espouse it to be fantasy through their actions and words.

All such sin is a form of insanity and abomination to God.

People such as these people truly have no comprehension of the depths of sin and the results of such sin. They simply bungle about trying to satisfy the blackened heart’s desires of a sinful people.

What these people place their faith in remains a lie birthed from the blackness of the void – an impingement of Satan to entrance and trap adherents to fill the ranks of the eternally damned.

Such is a blackened faith birthed from a blackened heart.

There is only one place that any man should place his faith and that is in the “Finished Work of Christ At the Cross”.  Every day the follower of Jesus Christ should ensure their life is an exhibition of where their faith is placed to the Honor and Glory of God!

Call out all sin for what it is – you may in such manner pull some out of the eternal fires of Hell licking at their souls.




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