The Wind of Change

The Wind of Change

We are about restoring Canada to Christian-Judaeo Sanity in the face of the evil of Covid-19 that has been deliberately released upon us.

“Under Trudeau, we’ve seen euthanasia and assisted suicide legalized, Summer Jobs Grant funding used to discriminate against pro-life organizations, hundreds of millions of dollars spent on funding abortion overseas, and much more. The exclusively and uncompromisingly pro-abortion and pro-death policies of the Liberal Party of Canada have caused destruction to our country. Christians can not afford any party leader who complies with this agenda or who does nothing to stop it no matter what political party they are within.”

It is time for faith-based Christians to ensure the following seven issues clearly reflect our lifestyle demands and we cannot accept any compromise in these arenas:

  1. Medical professionals are to be free to express their ‘conscience rights’ in both word and deed.
  2. Parents will be the only parties with decisive power to opt-in their progeny in any sex education programs.
  3. Voluntary sexual orientation conversion talk therapy will be made available to and through all persons desiring such.
  4. No restriction on our right to peacefully share our faith on public property will be tolerated in any manner.
  5. The right to life and protection of the same shall be a legal mandate for unborn children from the time of conception.
  6. Medically assisted euthanasia and suicide will in no manner be funded through the public taxation systems.
  7. Invitro fertilization will in no manner be funded through the public taxation systems and will not be legally permissible to other than traditional husband and wife relationships as Biblically ascribed.

In Christ I Remain