Dumpster Bound Seniors and Physically Defectives

Socialized Medicine eh?

Your social welfare pattern set in the medical system is replete with shortcomings and being manipulated by the Trudeau government through its Covid-19 programs to increase political unrest amid the ethnic groups of the Canadian cultural milieu. 

Healthcare is now going on a rationing basis and the lives deemed less valuable are being back burnered and left to fend for themselves. Primary excuse given is shortage of finance available and primary culprit for financial shortage has been due the political actions of Trudeau as he runs to support WHO under director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the communist aspirations worldwide of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The rationing of healthcare according to age, physical and mental capabilities is underway and the factor of religious persuasion has been added to the list.

In the denial of medical attention to the elderly we have a group that has largely paid into the social welfare system all their lives.  Funds that should be in place to support their medical benefits have been illegally moved about in government coffers and programs to bolster Trudeau’s mass migration insurgency and life styles of his Islamic and Communist interest groups. He has in addition robbed Canadian monetary resources designated for specific First Nations needs, blatantly lies to all parties with impunity as he works one group against another within our Nation.

Age discrimination with elderly patients being allowed to die for the benefit of the young is being promoted openly. The generations that largely built this country, its reservoirs, roads, and agriculture by working 14 hours a day as they came out of a postwar period are being left to die on waiting lists for surgeries. Medical personnel are prioritizing younger patients over those who are older and families of older patients suffering from coronavirus are being advised that “death at home is the best option.”

Many of the elderly, physically handicapped and mentally defective are being left to face the agonizing death of a long slow suffocation. Canada claims to have incredible social security but many healthcare personnel do not even have gloves to wear. And it’s been left up to the doctors within the medical system to determine who has the greatest right to life through allocating necessary medical supplies. The elderly and most vulnerable are increasingly not being intubated and only some provided with “oxygen mask therapy” or “morphine to alleviate the agonizing pain of dyspnea due to Covid-19.”

The denying of healthcare to these vulnerable groups is unconstitutional but Trudeau and his horde of Communist and Islamic adherents embedded within our government and medical systems at all levels care nothing about our constitutional rights. In particular the massive number of Muslim medical workers are making certain that all other religious groups are being eliminated from services if they oppose Muslim faith beliefs in any format. For many months Muslims have been making life or death decisions about who receives emergency treatment and treatment priority of any kind throughout Canada. And Trudeau is making certain they get to do so unhindered!

The increasing severity of the coronavirus crisis in our nation is due in large measure to the policies Trudeau has implemented while running to shake the hand of his buddies Tedros and Xi. As the numbers of dead continues to rise, especially among the elderly, I pray you join me in assuring the ungodly trio a speedy exit on the next spiritual Greyhound to the bowels of Hell from which they have been birthed.

 The W.H.O. Agenda is the Chinese Agenda

The W.H.O. and the United Nations are supposed to represent an international system of treaties, conventions, rules, and norms, but ultimately the W.H.O. Agenda is the Chinese Agenda. Through this agenda we find Xi Jinping imposing China’s imperial era view of the world through thrusting Covid-19 upon it. Xi Jinping believes he has the mandate of heaven over tianxia, meaning “all under heaven” as a  modern-day Chinese emperor.

This mandate includes the total destruction of the state of Israel and eradication of the Jews from the face of the earth. For this reason, the red Chinese communist state shall collapse. Unlike past American presidents, Donald Trump will not rescue the Chinese communist government when it collapses for he fully understood that on May 13, 2019 when Beijing declared a “people’s war” on the United States there could only be one survivor.

First the Chinese tied to deceive the world into believing that the novel coronavirus could not be transmitted from one human to another and W.H.O. supported them in this. But evidence proved them complicit liars.

 Xi Jinping also pressured countries not to impose travel restrictions or quarantines on arrivals from China and W.H.O. also backed this ploy that turned what should have been an epidemic contained to China into a global pandemic. Xi Jinping has maliciously spread this virus around the world, sickening people and killing others.

The Chinese used their propaganda machine keep the pandemic spreading by claiming that the coronavirus was less dangerous than SARS and W.H.O. was again complicit with them in this despite the fact their own records proved elsewise. Xi Jinping spoke directly to Dr. Tedros, the director-general of WHO, and Tedros used the organization to hold back information on human‑to‑human transmissibility, as well as delaying declaring a pandemic.

And our featured Canadian clown show Justin Trudeau was well onboard with them in all of this, just as he was with Iran in similar antics.

Justin Trudeau must be expunged from the Canadian political scene entirely. His support and promotion of China’s communism cannot be tolerated. The Red Chinese Communism cannot be reformed and neither can Trudeau. Both are a stench in the nostrils of a Holy God!

We need to cut off trade with China and stop enriching a hostile state with the proceeds of commerce. We need to get rid of all telecom equipment supplied by Huawei Technologies for China has been using it to spy on others as well as ourselves. We need to toss out even more Chinese journalists as they have been proven to work for China’s intelligence services.

Through cutting all ties with the Chinese Communist Party there may come a point where they no longer rule and the Chinese people govern themselves but this shall in no manner terminate the Covid-19 attack underway.

China has attacked the world with coronavirus and we must deal with the magnitude of the deaths to come, but we must also make China pay for its actions. China’s Communist Party does not have sovereign immunity and we have the Global Magnitsky Act to make them do so. We can make them pay financially but this also shall not in any manner terminate the Covid-19 attack underway.

Only an action by God will terminate the Covid 19 attack!

What China has done is a crime against all of humanity and as I write more pathogens are being generated on Chinese soil. We need to make sure the Chinese leaders do not maliciously spread another disease. To do so Canada as a nation must repent of its sinful belligerent arrogant actions against the Words of Holy God! All Godless Chinese must be expelled from Canada with their boy Trudeau heading up the pernicious pack. This must be done despite the friction that shall be temporarily evidenced in doing so. The alternate is continuance into a cloud of death that will increasingly lay both economic and spiritual havoc throughout a once vibrant nation that had His call upon it to serve Him!

There is going to be great friction between China and the Americas as arrogant and belligerent Chinese continue to move against all nations founded upon Judaeo-Christian traditions and beliefs. The United States under President Donald Trump is defending the international system itself, the system of treaties, conventions, rules, and norms themselves by defending the Judaeo-Christian faith. Such defence is essential but we are in terminal decline through Covid-19 with a death count required until we spiritually end all aspects of Chinese rule that have impacted our Nation and our lives.

The truth about Xi Jinping is that he doesn’t want to live within any international system, nor adjust to it in any manner. He wants to overthrow it altogether. And there is duplicate feeling with Justin Trudeau and the movement within the Liberal party to obliterate all that is traditional Judaeo-Christian belief in every level of government in every province and territory in our land! Trudeau is in process of compelling us to submit to this Satanic state of existence through manipulation of the truth surrounding Covid-19. 

The Communist Party newspaper, the Global Times, and the Chinese foreign ministry have engaged in an inflammatory disinformation campaign against the United States in an attempt to tar Christianity with all sorts of disease‑related sins. They have gone so far as to claim that coronavirus originated in the United States, was carried to Wuhan by its agents and the US Army has been spreading the disease around the world. They continuously are trying to sow chaos in the American public square by disseminating false rumors.

We should be turfing out all Chinese journalists as they work for China’s intelligence services. China’s Ministry of State Security agents operate here with impunity and all Chinese are espionage agentsChina’s 2017 National Intelligence Law requires every Chinese citizen and every Chinese entity to spy if demanded, which means that Chinese nationals on our soil can be compelled to engage in intelligence collection.

On May 13 of last year Beijing declared a “people’s war” on the United States and there will only be one survivor in the battle between them.

All Western Nations need to cut off trade with China and we need to severely restrict all travel to and from China. They need to be ‘socially distanced’ in every aspect of current and potential interactions. China’s communism cannot be reformed, so it must be caused to implode upon itself, shrivel and die. It is a system based upon pure evil.

China simply can not be allowed any form of sovereign immunity within any other nation of the world. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”  (Galatians 5:9) The sin and corruption of Communism if not stamped out will ultimately permeate the entire global family of man.

China’s economy is still export‑dominated and it is still in a contraction phase, which means we can ensure it continues to contract through cutting all economic ties with it. While doing so we must concurrently take it to task for its biological weapons program in contravention of its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention.

The novel coronavirus and Covid-19 are a Chinese biological weapon. They are simply extensions of China’s biological labs that have been engineering coronaviruses in the past. They have issued scientific papers that clearly support this position. These labs must be closed down for Chinese technicians simply are not adhering to safety standards and protocols; and most of the world’s diseases originated and have come from southern China.

China has deliberately spread the coronavirus. By this time more than 100,000 persons have died on North American soil. These Chinese wrong doers need to be punished for their actions. The Chinese are thieves and China steals somewhere between $150 to $600 billion of American intellectual property each year. Their political and corporate leaders have massive assets in Canada and the United States. We can start by applying the Global Magnitsky Act and seizing all their assets in every country.

As well, all countries trapped into debt by China should refuse to pay the debt back. This is another way to starve the evil beast of Communism to death.

Tedros The Terminal Tout

Communism and the people promoting it like Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the Director General of W.H.O should be starved to death in blackened prison cells for their unleashing the waves of Covid-19 evil encompassing the globe.

They hate the Christian and the Jew and a new wave of antisemitism has swept the world during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus-inspired antisemitism has gone viral on social media networks, with widespread claims Jews either created the disease or were profiting from it. Coronavirus-related antisemitism is strongest in the US and the Middle East — particularly in Iran, Turkey, and the Palestinian Authority.

They try to foment hatred through making specific assertions such as Jews have been infected with the virus because they rejected and crucified Jesus.

Here in Canada newly released police data shows that Jews were once again the most targeted group for hate crimes in both Toronto and York Region in 2019. There has been an alarming 62.8 percent increase in the number of incidents in Ontario compared to the previous year. In Canada, the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement and anti-Israel apartheid week events are common across university campuses. Violent disruptive protests over the Jewish presence such as the one at York University have been underway for many years now.

Antisemitism is but a part of the racism plaguing Canada as a whole and the Iranian regime supported by Trudeau must be eradicated. Canada cannot allow the serial Holocaust denial and Jew-hatred of the Muslim Iranian regime to exist any longer.

It is pure antisemitism which lies at the heart of Jew hatred and hate crimes against them. This is driven by Satan and condoned by the Muslim promoting Justin Trudeau. There can be no more permits in Canada for al-Quds Day rallies that openly call for slaughter of Jews.The destruction of symbols such as Torah scrolls or ripped prayer shawls is but a companion for the howl to see Jewish blood running in the streets.

If any good at all has come from the Covid-19 it is the fact that it caused the Iranians to cancel their annual Al-Quds day rally in Tehran.

 Al-Quds Day in Canada has been driven by the thugs in Tehran and is not a religious holiday. It is but a convenient excuse to demonize the Jewish state and her Zionist supporters. It has nothing to do with free speech or human rights ~ it is the polar opposite. The Iranians and Iranian students on our university campuses intimidating Jewish students under the banner of “free speech” must be expunged from the educational system and Canadian soil.

The Iranian regime is perhaps the most dangerous among the Muslim conglomerates that are willing to push the world to another genocide to instill worldwide Islamic domination. But others are just as filled with hatred and they are pouring billions of dollars and organizational resources into anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist propaganda. This all feeds into the social Marxism and Chinese Communist ideologies promoted by the media and academic elites following Justin Trudeau.

Amid all this Tedros has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for his “very rare leadership” and China for showing “transparency” in its response to the virus. The blatant pro-China bias of the UN-sponsored World Health Organization (WHO) responsible for maintaining global health standards has repeatedly surfaced in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. The devastating global consequences of Covid-19 could have been avoided to some degree if Dr Tedros had acted differently, but the filthy bastard chose to follow the evil pathway he walks. His handling of the coronavirus outbreak is the primary reason it has now become a pandemic, with most Western countries being forced to introduce lockdown measures in a belated attempt to limit the spread of his virus.

Read this article by Soeren Kern posted April 18, 2020 and comprehend why Tedros is receiving death threats surrounding the Coronavirus, for the WHO Director has a long history of evil cover-ups and actions. >

US President Donald J. Trump should permanently terminate all funding to WHO. This should prove disastrous for the organisation as the U.S. has been its main financial backer. The Americas would not be suffering so badly had the WHO been more rigorous in its dealings with Beijing when the outbreak was first detected in Wuhan in late 2019.

“Most of the blame for the WHO’s dire performance during the outbreak is directly on the shoulders of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director-general. A former Ethiopian health minister, he first came to prominence in his home country when he served on the politbureau of the Marxist-Leninist Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Dr Tedros was previously a great admirer of former Rhodesian dictator Robert Mugabe, even appointing him as a goodwill ambassador for the WHO, a decision he was forced to revoke following an international outcry.

Like Mugabe, Dr Tedros has enjoyed a good relationship with China’s ruling communist party, and he won election to his current position after receiving backing from China in the May 2017 election.”

But It is no surprise that Tedros has been active in recent days working on what is a long-term campaign to keep his organization going.The Trump administration gave formal notice to him that the United States had scheduled withdrawal from the WHO to take effect July 6, 2021. This knocks the greatest funding source out from under the Communist stooge. 

The result was a tearful Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pleaded for international cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus. “The COVID-19 pandemic is a test of global solidarity and global leadership,” said the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO). “The virus thrives on division, but is thwarted when we unite.”

What a bowl of Red propaganda and Islamic crap. On the contrary, now is precisely the time to deal a death blow to  the WHO. The coronavirus is not going away soon and nations will need a truely effective leadership to enable a global health system of any kind that can cope with the pandemic. The only feasible  alternatives are those Trump has talked about. The sooner the international community deals with an unfixable World Health Organization, the better, for nothing good can come from the WHO – an organization complicit in spreading disease to all corners of the planet.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is nothing but an evil Communist stooge headed for the eternal flames and hell! Try and execute him now for a speedy departure!

Bruce Aylward -Another Foul Chinese Hooting Owl

Bruce Aylward is a Canadian physician and epidemiologist by training. He is an Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and was appointed co-lead of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19).

Bruce Aylward is supposed to be an expert on infectious diseases and joined the World Health Organization in 1992, working in the field for seven years on national immunization programs for measles, tetanus and hepatitis in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

China’s state-controlled media propaganda outlets frequently promote the remarks of Aylward. Aylward has been a staunch defender of Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and claims Taiwan as being part of China.

Aylward is the Senior Advisor on Organizational Change to the Director-General Tedros. In this capacity he has led the design and implementation of WHO’s Transformation Agenda since September 2017. In February 2020 Dr Aylward was requested by the Director-General to lead the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

This Canadian Communist Creep equally bares every bit of the blame for the pandemic we are now facing. He needs to be tried for treason under Canadian jurisprudence and executed for his actions!


And Justin Trudeau is responsible for shipping the necessary evil ingredients used for creating Covid-19 from the Canadian Lab located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Such sucking up to China is completely out of hand. We  know that Justin Trudeau loves China’s “basic dictatorship” — he said it himself. But his virtue-signalling ministers adore China’s murderous regime, too. In fact, Trudeau’s Liberal government admires China so much that it just can’t get enough of praising it.

When COVID-19 was starting to carve a deadly name for itself by killing thousands of people in Wuhan, Trudeau’s foreign affairs ministry said it was “impressed” by China and praised its communist government for its transparency.

Every death from the pandemic in Canada is directly related to TRUDEAU’S actions.




Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam does everything she can to bolster the position of her Chinese overlords including claims of anything criticizing China as being “racist unacceptable, very hurtful and creating division in Canada – a country built on the deep-rooted values of respect, diversity and inclusion.”

As to racism. Dr. Carol M. Swain, university professor and advisory board member of Black Voices for Trump states – “White people are so confused in America…. If there is systematic racism today it is a racism against white people, in the sense that white people are told that they are responsible for all the evils in the world….” This person is correct and we see this action strongly being employed by the Red Communists and Marxists in the Black Lives Matter revolutionary movement underway.

The leaders of this movement are training militias and their threats to “burn down the system” have extended to rioting and burning down churches and businesses owned by all ethnic groups.

The BLM states that it wants to abolish the nuclear family, police, prisons and capitalism – to transform it into a communist dystopia.

In Canada, for many years, there has been a strong movement underway through the Trudeau elements to transform, control and abolish the policing system that underpins our democracy. The changes and budget cutting for police forces instituted have taken their toll. Responses to 911 emergency calls are greatly delayed, officers calling for backup don’ get it which further endangers their lives, and many rape, murder and assault investigations simply do not occur or take forever to initiate and complete. All these further slices the throat of the Canadian Criminal Justice System and a hand tightly gripping the knife is the claimed and implied racism puking from the mouth of Tam and her cohorts.

Awhile back Canadians in Brooks were crying out for no more migrants and immigrants. >  And in Ontario when parents petitioned for a coronavirus self-quarantine, the school board instead put a focus on preventing anti-Chinese racism > January 31, 2020

Our cross-eyed Tam is an absolute Red Chinese Communist Sham.

Racism exists but calling the Pandemic for what it is does not imply racism…only tells truth…it is a Chinese originated and designed disease deliberately loosed upon the world. And to demand less immigration from China is not racist either.

Everyone knows Canadians want less immigration and yet the dufus Trudeau made certain 200,000 migrants, immigrants and non-permanent residents were lodged here in a three-month period from July 1 to October 1, 2019. He has also made certain the floodgates of travel from Wuhan and China have remained wide open. This pattern has not stopped.

But one must separate the matters of immigration surrounding that of Chinese origin and that which is coming from countries of Muslim origin. The Chinese are not an economic burden to Canada and never have been. The persons of Islamic extraction are so and increasingly problematic daily.

Canada DOES NOT have the economic resiliency to face the unexpected of the increasing waves of Covid-19. And Trudeau’s Muslim embracing economic ventures have assured us of this fact. Canada is becoming the LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SLUM through the ventures of his Bloody Liars Club. All the statistical bases they employ are flawed whether it be their statements surrounding the transmission of Covid-19 or the numbers of migrants they are dragging into the country to destroy us economically.

Canada has become a Welfare State in Crisis.

Large swatches of our major cities are comprised of a population in which the majority of people are of foreign background that are simply refusing to integrate. English and French in the preschools and grade schools is deteriorating rapidly and the English and French-Canadian children are being very adversely affected by this. Educational standards in many school districts are a bloody joke with many cultural misfits being automatically grade advanced to simply keep the system grinding onward.   

The migration crisis has created an unsustainable financial and social situation within the Canadian educational system. Trudeau employs tactics of asylum migration to ensure the ultimate collapse and the demographic impact from Trudeau migration has negatively affected our national and cultural identity through its crushing economic impact.

In any area where migrants are in the majority, there simply is no way to maintain Canadian culture because the population has a culture distinctly different from Canada’s culture. This results in such things as changes in the language and days in which holidays are publicly observed.

There is ongoing Islamization throughout Canada and it must be terminated because there are major conflicts between the Muslim and non-Muslim cultures. Segregation is strong and mosques continue to be involved in scandals as these immigrants don’t share our views on the equality of men and women, our belief in pluralism or the separation of mosque and state. Their honour murders and anti-Semitism are shocking and un-Canadian but they are the norm in countries like Somalia and Syria. The rape of girls out at night without a male guardian that is taking place by Muslim taxi drivers and unemployed government-sponsored Syrians from coast to coast defies description.

The majority of recent newly arrived migrants do not have the necessary skills to enter the labor market and the assumption of a majority of adults employed full-time, who pay income tax to the state has been thrust into the toilet bowl.  What any state receives needs to be greater than what it pays out in the form of various welfare benefits and transfer payments. With the large number of Trudeaus Islamic migrants receiving welfare benefits because they cannot find employment or are not willing to work the tax base has been shattered and the country is in a welfare crisis because the people concerned are in a life-long support structure.

90% of Trudeaus Syrians in this country remain unemployed and impossible to integrate into our values. And Trudeau and his former immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, have instituted measures to import more than a million migrants of similar standing in the next three years. The bulk will be unemployable relatives brought to Canada through chain migration, including elderly parents ready for our pensions and hospitals. Just more economic blood sucking parasites to further collapse the Canadian economy.

“Mass immigration drives down wages. It drives up the cost of housing. It adds pressure to social services like hospitals and schools. It makes traffic worse. It puts stress on social services like hospital waiting rooms and schools, and has overwhelmed Canada’s food banks and homeless shelters. It pushes out Canadian students from universities in favour of foreign students and drives up tuition for those who can get in.”

Mass immigration of Muslims is a crime against this nation. And, don’t call people racist for opposing indiscriminate, Islamic mass Muslim immigration for there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim or Islamist that can be truly integrated. Don’t call people racist for openly stating they want to see every adherent to Islam tossed out of the nation.

And, flip-flopping cross-eyed Tam the Sham do not call me racist for stating Covid-19 is a Chinese disease and you are a major Communist perpetrator of this horror upon Canada and the globe!

Canadians are sick and tired of the crap coming out of you Tam and have had all they will stand listening to what foreigners want or do not want in this nation.

You are not wanted in Canada nor is any other Chinese that espouses your Covid-19 Communist ideology in any manner. 

This Tam the Sham, the Covid Mask Flip Flopper is a top-level administrator of the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization.

She is not just as a low-level doctor or bureaucrat, but is one of only seven people on the WHO’s oversight committee for health emergencies. The WHO’s well-documented political corruption happened on her watch and she is a corrupt as any Red Communist can be. The WHO is perpetuating Covid-19 and so is Tam. And Trudeau has supported and foists both upon Canada.

Canada has seen great invasion of government at every level by Chinese but Covid-19 has served to highlight this Oriental factor. A couple examples follow.

The Chinese Infection of the Canadian Medical System 

Dr. Allan Woo – President of Saskatchewan Medical Association contracted Covid-19 at an Edmonton bonspiel. Two days later he notices symptoms and gets tested. The following day by evening he has his results back.

The average non-Chinese Canadian cannot even be properly tested. Special services exist for people with Chinese names within the medical system that are factored along by the Chinese embedded within it. Nepotism and Chinese racism are rampant.

Dr. Joanne Liu is basically another Tam the Sham raised up to perpetuate the Chinese causes.

“Dr. Joanne Liu, the former international president of Doctors Without Borders and a pediatrician at Montreal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital, offered to help in Quebec’s beleaguered long-term care homes, but was initially told her services weren’t needed.

Dr. Joanne Liu, the former president of Doctors Without Borders who steered the organization through its Ebola response and has 25 years of experience in pandemic preparedness, says the Quebec government refused her offer to help with its planning. 

Liu says she has been part of a team of volunteer doctors advising the federal government in its fight against the spread of COVID-19, but that her proposals to assist the provincial one have gone unheeded.”

Her advice ultimately has no more relevance than that of Tam the Damned. It is upon the advice of such Chinese as these that we are seeing calls being given to seize sick family members against their will to prevent community transmission and enforce their Covid-19 rules and regulations. And this reeks of the Communist Chinese tactics of population control espoused by Xi Jinping.


China has artificial islands in the South China Sea that are equipped with military bases, naval ports and airfields from which it poses a strategic threat to all neighboring countries and continents with its nuclear strike-capable bombers.

Xi-Jinping and his Chinese have threatened the world with their biological attack of Covid-19 and they also threaten the world in a purely military manner. They are the strongest supporter of Iran and all its attempts to destroy Israel and everything denying and exposing Islam for what it truly is.

Regionally Xi-Jinping has sought to dictate terms to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia. He has played upon the distraction of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic devastation it unleashed to step up his covert and overt actions toward worldwide domination.

It is Covid-19 that is the enigma for mankind in all the Chinese evil actions underway. At the very source of their unleashing is the Lord I love and serve. It is my God that is making the ultimate use of this pandemic which you so greatly fear.

He is drawing your attention fully toward who is sovereign in this universe and Covid-19 is to be nothing but a further display of His Power and Glory easily visible throughout the earth. God’s Power and Glory are eternal and Covid-19 will not be ultimately manifesting in the manner that any scientific instruments of man nor human garbage like Tam the Sham have postured.

There is no natural immunity to Covid-19 that man is capable of generating. Listen to this song very carefully for God is soon going to move in your streets in display of His Power and Glory. > God’s Gonna Move – Jim Felix

Covid coronavirus and the pandemic is the new normal for you who live in fear and do not serve the living God. The ultimate display of His Power and Glory through Covid-19 comes when He fully unleashes its devastation in your streets.

For many of you it will be a heads-up event turning you toward Him for safety. But for the bulk of you there will be nothing but continuing refusal to leave the evil and spiritual filth of the lives you lead. You will form the body count destined for the eternal lake of fire!

What is impelling you onward is not a new Biblical Plague as some are stating – it is a continuation of Biblical prophecy well based in the Scriptures. Read the following article and you should awaken to such fact. >

Covid-19 is Prophetic and it is chastisement for all mankind. But the hand of chastisement is going to fall the heaviest upon the religious world and those that posture holiness in the face of a Holy God. It is for such reason we see reports such as this emerging from Israel. >

There are no physical antibodies you will ever develop that will protect you from the Spiritual evil that is the soul of Covid-19. The Devil is infecting you, reinfecting you and infecting you once again in evil waves of Covid-19 that only the living God can terminate.

Man is muttering about a second wave of COVID-19 hitting during the fall and winter months of this year, when flu season traditionally starts, similar to the way the pandemic began. But some have awoken to the fact the second wave was entered into months past.

Now the same fools are stating they see several smaller waves in your future in the coming months.

But a fool based Christian church continues to embrace its familiar, comfortable chosen sins.

God has every reason to judge and chastise mankind through this pandemic.  As a culture, we have largely abandoned God’s Word as a standard for right and wrong and replaced it with man’s word.

Prior to all the Covid-19 damage and shutdowns, in America alone 3,000+ babies were being murdered every day through abortion (far more than what COVID-19 does). Sexual immorality was running rampant in the LGBT movement and in the church. And every form of perversion filled man’s mind and our streets.

It is a similar circumstance worldwide with Brazil facing results of their sin permeated state. July 15,2020 saw over two million confirmed cases of the coronavirus with over 76,000 registered deaths to-date.

It’s easy to see why God would judge the world in the manner He is now doing when you see what claims to represent Him in His Holiness. Take but one example from Canada.

Junia Joplin, the lead pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ont., came out to her congregation as a transgender woman in a sermon this month. And the congregation embraced and fully supported all he-she represents.

But to say the COVID-19 outbreak qualifies as a plague similar to Biblical Plagues is an understatement. There will be over 60 million deaths from the virus and the fury of the returning warrior King Jesus for His church, His bride is to be without spot or wrinkle of sin and its state has brought a culmination to all the anger God has displayed since His creation.

Wake up you fools to the true Holiness of God and His only begotten son my Lord Jesus Christ.

Wake up you fools to the power unleashed through the Holy Spirit – the third person of the Eternal Godhead that is One!

The angels live in the presence of God and they cry out continuously as to His Holiness – to His Power and Glory. The prophetic Cree spiritual warrior from Saskatchewan lays testimony to this. >

The Saskatchewan Sump

Now, I am going to tell you what is coming down on Saskatchewan, the manner in which My Lord is about to display His Power and Glory in your streets. 

From all directions in the North a stench is rising through the epi-center of Meadow Lake and pouring straight down to the Battlefords. It is death that is submerging all as it is oozing upwards from the pressure of sin that fills the Sump.

The streets will be filled with the cries: “Death in Denholm. A massacre in Maymont. Ruddell is ravaged. The air is rank in Radisson. They are bombed in Borden and languish in misery in Langham. Dalmeny is a scene of destruction.”

And COVID-19 shall continue its frenzied rampage of puss laden scabby death outward from the sin-pit sump of Saskatoon.

Social distancing will not sanctify you in any manner Saskatchewan. You will see the highest death count within the Nation and the counting shall not diminish until you turn and walk fully into the cleansing fire of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Phinehas – July 17, 2020