Read and Think.

This was yesterday as I continued Campaign Wrap Up in Saskatoon.

Getting Ready to Empty The Traps of You  Rats Caught In The Saskatchewan PPC and National Headquarters,



Kenneth A. Gran

Phinehas Ministry, 19-918 Albert Street, Regina SK S4R 2P7  phinehas.gran@ymail.com 



Trevor Wowk – PPC Candidate Regina-Lewvan

This matter I require be placed before:  Jean Gagnon the Investigator for Commissioner of Elections.



The incidences occurred yesterday 10/19/19 at President’s Choice Store – 411 Confederation Dr – Saskatoon Sask.  306-683-5600 between the hours of 2:00 p.m. with arrival on site and my forced removal from site which occasioned with my departure at 5:20 p.m., subsequent to which I gave you a brief verbal report via my skype connection and knowledge that I would be taking the actions now entailed.

I arrived onsite at 2:00 p.m. with full stated intentions to you prior that I would attempt to contact the City Police prior to set up to clear with them the legality of the actions so they could deal with the store manager. My intended location was Frills but it was totally inappropriate as I thought we would be too much disruption to normal business in spite of our right to canvass there. Thus, I proceeded to the President’s Choice location where I intended to remain stationary until the closing of the polls on October 21.

From here I could not make contact with the City Police precedent to my set-up.

But, from events occasioned I have two demands:

One – It is my demand that the female manager of this President’s Choice location, name at present unknown, be charged with Interference pursuant to the Elections Canada Act.

Two – That Sgt. Worobec Badge #470 of the Saskatoon City Police and the Constable that preceded him, in responding to the call at the location of concern be charged with Interference pursuant to the Elections Canada Act.


I arrived at 2:05 and commenced my set up at a spot that I thought would provide an effective visibility for our purposes. As normal, I took great care in this to ensure the least possible parking and traffic flow constriction. I was stationed adjacent to the CIBC exit from the parking lot onto Confederation Drive.

I had completed my assembly and was talking with a person that I was face familiar with from a local Pentecostal Assembly, I shall attain his name precedent to departing the City and will factor it to you for witness purposes. At 3:48 a woman stormed up stating – “I am the store manager here….and I won’t have one political party here’. She was quite furious. I asked her to read the authorization posted. She refused so I told her to call the City Police to deal with the issue and she stormed off.

The man witnessing this said – “Boy, she sure wasn’t gonna listen to anything you had to say” and left to retrieve a grocery cart.

I was tired and sat waiting, and a City Police constable arrived around 4:12 p.m. I apologised to him with his approach, explain that I could not make contact precedent so we could have avoided the scene underway.

I gave him the contact information for yourself, Mr. Gagnon and the officers involved in the Cabela’s matter so he could ascertain the legality of the process underway. He was insisting that it was the right of the store in question to have me removed. This went on in different format with my continued statements for him to contact the people on the list to gain correct perspective on the process involved under the Elections Canada Act.

At 4:30 the Manageress came out and he spent the balance of his time speaking with her and the Shift Supervisor Worobec arrived at 4:33.

Now, let me state this: both officers conducted themselves very professionally in dealing with me. But no matter the statements I made surrounding their demand I should depart, that they were erroneous in reaching such decision they were persistent in said demand.

I informed them that given what had transpired at Cabela’s and the due process underway surrounding it, (also, the fact of their not waiting for their watch commander to respond in the matter compounding the issue for me) that they had effectively placed themselves in the position of being guilty of Interference. I clearly stated I believed they were now interfering in the handling of the Electoral Process and facing the potential fine and term of imprisonment.

The insistence upon removal remained and I stated that I was always compliant with the law and would remove myself as quickly as my physical status permitted.

They thanked me for my co-operation and at 4:45 p.m. departed. I can expand on the conversational details at time of preceding into Court which is dependent upon determinations of Mr. Gagnon.

They departed. I completed the pack out and left at 5:20 p.m.

Now, the following I must direct foremost to you Mr. Gagnon and secondarily to Mr. Wowk.

With daylight hours I will be setting up to campaign until closing of the polls at a location in close proximity to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix or offices of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I would expect that these two organizations should be completely informed of the Elections Canada Act and the relevance of your authority in relationship to it Mr. Gagnon.

If similar incidence occasions to what has occurred thus far in Regina and now Saskatoon, then I must assume that Mr. Wowk is being wrongly transgressed upon as a People’s Party candidate due to my volunteering to assist him in seeking Federal Office. The only reasonable explanation for this in my mind is because of my public position as a Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and my Christian heritage.

Thus, as such, in complete independence of Mr. Wowk it is my intent to pursue charges of violation of my human rights with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission should further incidence occur as has already taken place during my volunteer time. Only the unfolding of events this day will determine if such action is necessary.

I sincerely pray no such actions are necessary, but with determination state that no one is above the law due to ignorance of the law and that includes singular members of our police forces.


In Christ I Remain – Phinehas/Kenneth A. Gran