Brain Damage Is Due to Trudeau Identity Politics

“A group of Canadians affected by CIA brainwashing experiments conducted at McGill University’s Allan Memorial Institute met for the first time on Sunday to start organizing for a public apology and compensation from the federal government through a possible class-action.

Around 40 people gathered at a Montreal condo to share their stories, cry and support each other. The pain, many said, was palpable in the room.

“The government should offer an apology and there should be recognition of the injustice that was done,” says Gina Blasbalg, who became a patient at the Allan in her teens in 1959, and drove with her husband from Richmond, B.C., to attend the weekend meeting. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/project-mkultra-families-meet-1.4662321

Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse (SAAGA), as the group calls itself, includes both victims and family members of people who were unwitting participants in brainwashing experiments conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ewen Cameron, director of the psychiatric hospital between 1943 and 1964.

Cameron, co-founder of the World Psychiatric Association and president of various other psychiatric associations over his career, ran “depatterning” and “psychic driving” experiments that attempted to erase a patient’s memories and reprogram them with new thoughts.

He tested experimental drugs like LSD and PCP, medically induced sleep for extended periods, and oversaw extreme forms of electroshock therapy and sensory deprivation. Many of his patient’s brains were then left damaged.”

It appears our Ewen Cameron fits the classic expression that the ‘inmates are in charge of the institution’. His theories and those of such psychiatrists worldwide, their patterned way of viewing humanity, erroneous classification approaches and attempts to cure what they have wrongly defined continue to be problematic to our society. Those like Ewen Cameron are the instruments of activation of the problem and those parties that fund them the ones that encourage and make the problematic mess popular and possible of evolution.

This is essentially what has taken place and was/is transitionally functionally operative in realm of gender identity. The theory of gender identity claims the internal perception of one’s gender, and how they label themselves, based on how much they align or don’t align with what they understand their options for gender to be, is what they truly are. It is the personal choice of their own ‘sexual identification’ and not that of their biological sex, or sex assigned at birth.

Two specters rise in variant degree amid the present gender identity fiasco formats.  One is the specter of our ‘Political Cameron’ left hands such as Trudeau being both the instruments of activation and the sources of their own funding. This is done through a limitless access into the taxation pockets of the ‘general patient population’ footing the bills for what is leaving one and all with wrongly diagnosed symptoms of ‘societal brain damage’. 

The second right hand spectre is that the instrument of supposed control of access to the ‘common pocket’, the judgmental rule of the ‘legal system,’ was/is being defined, formed and activated by our Demented Political Cameron and has no genuine ability to cure this mad political doctor or his damaged patients. The left hand is spreading the disease and the right hand is infected to such a degree through their common body that it has become a mutation of the hybrids of ‘gender identity’ that has made it the greater carcinogen of the two. The left hand gave/gives the right hand supposed ability to provide ‘cures’ through granted authority to write the all prescriptions to begin with. The prescriptions written surrounding gender identity have mutated so badly in their writing that the right hand has suffered crippling deformity through in their writing. To such a degree that the right hand can no longer lift a legible pen of moral reason.

The result is that our left hand is now so diseased through using misdiagnosed and compounded prescriptions that everything passing through it undergoes more rapidly spreading infections. Disease is so great now that it does not even know it has been the original source of increasingly spreading of a now hybrid societal epidemic it finds itself surrounded in.

And, the right hand has become so diseased that it now rottenly and routinely opens old bottles, packets, bins and jars of ingredients called ‘precedents’ scattered about the Compounding Pharmacy called our Courts, tribunals and other ‘regulatory mechanisms’.

In all the ‘compounds being given for application’ there are two ingredients that are now never left out. They have become such common knowledge ingredients to the damaged patient body with its “erased patient’s memories and reprogramed thoughts’ that all leap to them as what they believe as necessary base of cure.

These ingredients are called ‘Apology and Cash’. The ingredients if used in proper proportion could be the leaven that activates a cure. But the stage of disease has made proper measuring impossible with the Supreme Compounding Political Pharmacist Trudeau on the scene suffering the greatest infection.

So, we ‘lab assistants’ must start the painful process of cure and healing now by replacing the Compounding Pharmacist Trudeau with another CEO, hopefully of less disease bearing capability and capacity for infection.

Despite the wailing and crying there must be an immediate unapologetic halt to all Trudeau policies that further engrain the mindset of ‘apology and cash’ as somehow being ‘cure’. There can be no more ‘apologies and cash’ given to anyone until it is impossible to give them to Islamic terrorists as in the manner of Trudeau.

Amputating Trudeau policies birthed and bastardized through his ‘gender identity politics’ will bring the required fresh air into the political operations room of Canada. Then at least some necessary surgeons to the operation required can stand long enough to see the patient does not terminate on the table.

So, Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse (SAAGA), step back, stop crying in your beer and realize that you too are in need of a ‘necessary brain washing’ to cure you of the diseased symptoms manifestations of Apology and Cash. You are in the ‘walk in clinic’ of societal governance called Canada, and this clinic is under renovation whether you like it or not. You are justifiable in your moaning and groaning, for you were infected as you have claimed, but it does not give you the cure for your disease, it only spreads it further.

You have the freedom and strength to stand at this time and state your case while many others are not in such position, or so greatly weakened through social disadvantages they can not. “So, take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them that are weak.”  (1 Corinthians 8:9) 

As spoken in Romans 14:12 “let no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.” In a morally righteous society the community should be looked upon as a gathering of brothers.

So, put on a surgical mask, leave Apology and Cash in the waiting room, and get on with the necessary job of installing the new doorway of entry for the political doctor needed to get into our ‘walk in clinic’.  See you truly are cured and not simply grabbing for pain killers that only mask the symptoms of the disease, leaving one addicted but never free to truly identify their self.

The door to the Trudeau Walk In Clinic of Liberal Insanity must be permanently locked, the demolition crew brought in and leveled to the ground.