Pictured: Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei meets with Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal (center) and Mussa Abu Marzuk (left) in Tehran on February 1, 2009. The Ayatollah’s most revered person is in the photo hanging above his head.  

Tell me this Canadians, tell me this Christians? Why is Trudeau embracing Iran and the Middle Eastern Killers? Iran, North Korea and China are perhaps the worst nations for implementing the general persecution of Christians worldwide. This persecution was great in 2019 and the targeting of Christians around the world has become more widespread than ever.

A Global Catastrophe: “260 Million Christians Experience High Levels of Persecution”

February 2, 2020: “Dictatorial paranoia continues to make North Korea the #1 worst nation. If North Korean Christians are discovered, they are deported to labor camps as political criminals or even killed on the spot.” — World Watch List 2020, Open Doors.

Otherwise, as has been the case in all statistics and reports on the global persecution of Christians, not only does “Islamic oppression” remain the chief “source of persecution” faced by Christians in seven of the absolute ten worst nations, but 38 of the 50 nations composing the list are either Muslim majority or have a sizable Muslim population.”

So, why does the Trudeau government fawn over Muslims and embrace the Iranian killers as it is doing Canada? How long are you going to permit the Trudeau fools to increase such Muslim presence in this nation? How much longer are you going to permit this political insanity? 


Hezbollah, whose name means “Party of God” in Arabic, is a political and militant Shi’ite Muslim group based in Lebanon. It is a primary weapons supplier of Hamas and other Muslim jihadi groups in Gaza and the Palestinian territory. Without Iran’s financial, military and political support, Hamas and Islamic Jihad would not have been able to maintain their control over the Gaza Strip and homes of some two million as they have done.

With great impunity Hezbollah and its primary sponsor Iran have conducted fundraising, logistical activities, terrorist acts, bombings and assassinations across the globe for more than three decades.

Canada has joined more than 30 countries in banning Hezbollah in its entirety, stating there is no distinction between its military and political wings. Britain, the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Canada, Paraguay, the 22-member Arab League and the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council are sourced. This sounds noble but if you support Hamas in any fashion you are in essence supporting Hamas and Iran. And Justin Trudeau is in clear support of the terrorist Hamas in the policies he enacts.


President Trump Effectively assassinated General Qassem Soleimani sending a clear message that the USA would not tolerate Islamic terrorism against its citizens.

In January 2020 Hamas and Islamic Jihad were mourning the Iranian killer Soleimani. They avoided the fact that most of his rockets and bullets were being used through the al-Quds force to kill Arabs and other Muslims to implement Iran’s scheme of expanding its control in the other nations. They have killed and displaced thousands of people in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Hamas and Islamic Jihad care nothing for the thousands of Arabs and Muslims killed by Soleimani’s Quds Force. As far as these groups are concerned the end goal for Hamas and Islamic Jihad remains the elimination of Israel.

The Islamic Republic of Tehran has tried to picture their killer Soleimani as a religious martyr in an attempt through their propaganda machine to hide the facts of the national dissent created by their actions.

For the past few years there have been almost continuous protests, strikes and socio-political turmoil at various levels in over 100 towns and cities, involving people from all walks of life and all social and ideological backgrounds.

A majority of Lebanese, Iraqis, Yemenis and Syrians in no manner love the Islamic Republic and express sentiments to the opposite, with countries that accept visa-free travel by Iranian visitors re-imposing visas requirements. Iranians formerly under Soleimani’s stewardship are facing suspicion and hatred across the globe by sectarian Muslim bodies and gentiles alike.

Citing General Qassem Soleimani as a ‘martyr’ and flattering Ayatollah Khamenei as ‘the greatest leader in recent Islamic history’ is coming to a grinding halt.

Thank you, USA and Donald Trump. May you bring Canada and Justin Trudeau to such grinding halt as quickly.

We do not need anymore of Trudeau’s terrorists returned to this nation with impunity. Jihadi Jack highlights the Liberal legal morass created to do so. The Liberals posture the opposite to what they have established.

“If Mr. Letts could somehow extricate himself out of Kurdish detention and, if he had a valid Canadian passport and somebody bought him an airline ticket and he pitched up at a Canadian border … then would the Canadian government have a legal obligation to admit him? Yes,” Macklin said.

As well, there is also the issue of how Letts is being treated while in Kurdish custody. Canada does have a duty, as do all countries, in protecting the human rights of its nationals, Macklin said.

If those rights are being violated and the remedy is to seek his return to Canada, “then there is an argument to be made that, in fact, at least the Canadian Charter imposes, and maybe international human rights law imposes, that responsibility on Canada,” she said.”

The ongoing cooperation between Iran and the Gaza-based groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad poses an imminent threat not only to Israel, but also to the PA, Egypt and other Arabs who are opposed to Tehran’s expansionist schemes in the region.     

Iran in no manner is someone to get into bed with. Their economy is crashing, their people are suffering and Khamenei jails and kills off those who stand in opposition to his regime.

And Justin Trudeau wants ‘to restore ties with this Iran’.

Take note that “being a member of, or providing support for, Hezbollah is a crime in Britain punishable by up to ten years in prison”. Under the mandate of our British Commonwealth Law system perhaps the ten years sentence for support can be extended to Trudeau and his cohorts for their traitorous actions toward Canada. It certainly is a result to be desired as is the expulsion of all Iranian ancestry from the Nation.   

Tehran Nor Trudeau Can Trample On Trump

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to the 74th Session of the General Assembly at the United Nations headquarters in New York on September 25, 2019. Once again trying to employ the UN to destroy Israel and thwart Donald Trump. But he could not hide some basic facts. 

Iranians are not united behind Khomeini’s messianic regime and ready to put up with poverty, injustice and even oppression in order to keep “The Revolution” alive. Over the past few years there have been almost continuous protests, strikes and socio-political turmoil at various levels throughout Iran.

Many Iranians now realize that Khamenei, and through him, the Islamic Republic as a whole, have been sold a bill of goods, that the revolution is not cost free and the world is not shaking in fear of the Khamenei regime. The actual state of Iran given the news allowed out of it is much worse, but the advent of social media is showing the full effects that the Trump economic policies are having upon the whack of killers at the controls.

Division in the Iranian ranks as the killers’ scramble for personal holds on power or to usurp positions of authority in the disheveled nation are best exemplified by the actions of our poster boy above: Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The man did not oppose the killing of over 1,500 protesters in three days. He was as blatant a liar as the rest with pretense of knowing nothing about the shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger jet until forced to acknowledgment. This continuance of Iranian deception is simply going about trying to replace Ayatollah Khamenei as the chief authoritative source of evil influence in their nation.

Trudeau embraces this Iran and the case of the notorious Liberal MP for Richmond Hill, Ontario, Majid Jowhari exemplifies it as the reports of David Menzies from Rebel Media shows.

The videos are available at

Jowhari supports the Iranian regime, has had meetings on Canadian soil with members of the Iranian parliament, has lied about being a professional engineer and has received financial support from the Iranian regime.

When confronted by David Menzies he runs to the Trudeau enforcement sources to have the man arrested.

Now, try this Trudeau enforced garbage posted February 10, 2020 by Ezra Levant: “I just saw Omar Khadr on my flight — and police threatened to arrest me if I didn’t shut up about it!”  

“I heard that Dalhousie University had invited Omar Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist, to speak to students.

I thought that was appalling, so I flew from Halifax to Toronto this morning to attend the event tonight.

Little did I know that Khadr would be on the same plane as me, just a few rows ahead of me.

He was sitting first class — that’s what you can do when Justin Trudeau gives you $10.5 million.

I didn’t recognize him when I boarded the plane because he hid his face from me. But I recognized him when we landed and he stood up.

I asked the flight attendant about it. Why was an Al Qaida terrorist allowed on a plane? Why wasn’t the no-fly list being enforced? I asked the co-pilot the same question. Neither had any idea.

When I got off the plane, I saw Khadr with a group of his local fans who had come to meet him at the airport. I went up to him and asked if I could talk with him.” The recorded video >

Are these actions not clearly indicative of Trudeau seeking to establish himself in a format of despotic power, one in which he can be assured that ultimately, he can not be “unelected”? He does so as the driving force to ensconce Islam and Sharia in the nation.

Can I put this more clearly: I do not support Ezra Levant in all aspects of his endeavors, but if you do not support him in this campaign YOU ARE A DAMABLE TRAITOR TO THIS NATION, THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS AND DESERVE TO LOSE YOUR ACCESS TO THE FREEDOMS YOU WILL NOT PROTECT.



Islam thrives on the elites’ of a country rapidly abandoning their Judeo-Christian values. So using your freedom of expression to criticize Islam is clearly becoming an extremely dangerous act in Canada.

Trudeaus supposed progressive intelligentsia wants you to believe in their format of multicultural living together, even when reality denies it and reveals a society where diversity is translated into chaotic social and identity fragmentation. His multiculturalist threats to free speech to ensconce his Muslim agenda lead you deeper into where people are killed because they dare to criticize Islam. And, this Trudeau government within the justice system is de facto introducing the crime of blasphemy for one to speak against Islam in any manner.

Christians will pay dearly for their cowardice if they do not put an end the travesty of justice within our political world. And, do not think that the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Francis will be of any assistance to you, as he blames those who criticize Islam as deserving punishment. Recall the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, when Pope Francis said, “Curse my mother, expect a punch”, and blamed the cartoonists for their own murder.

You need to take a warning about our circumstance in Canada from this and from a recent case in France:

On January 18, Mila O., a 16-year-old French girl, made insulting comments about Islam during an Instagram livestream.

Mila is now under police protection for not pretending that that Islam is a “religion of peace” and she is being threatened with death, rape and having her throat cut by Muslims.

Similar threats take place within this Nation and adherents to Islam of Iranian ancestry are at the base of many overtures.

With what is at stake you need to ask yourself if you personally should not be doing all you can to prevent a Nuclear Iran.



The world forces are in a quandary about how to deal with Iran and its potential for producing a nuclear bomb. On January 14, 2020 Mina Ahadi, Chairwoman of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany, the Bild, stated the most obvious facts:

“The nuclear deal with Iran is over — it failed. You cannot and must not continue to negotiate with the Islamic regime, you cannot trust it. Such talks are useless. Governments should stop defending the regime through such talks, keeping it alive.”

 The JCPOA is the agreement between the United States, China, Russia, the EU and Iran pursuant to which Iran agreed to curtail its nuclear programme in exchange for a relaxation of the international financial sanctions that targeted its economy. (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The Iranian regime has repeatedly violated the agreement, but it was an agreement that was ushered through by the Obama administration that was designed to actually assist Iran financially and provide the time frame in which it would be able to produce a nuclear weapon. 

 “The JCPOA guaranteed that the Iranians would all but have a bomb within 10 years — or by the end of the second term of…. The point of the deal was not to stop Iran from ever building a bomb but to prevent the Iranians from doing so until Obama left office.” — Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine, January 13, 2020.

Obama’s successor was supposed to be baby butchering Hillary Clinton under the tutelage of her lying fornicating husband Dollar Bill Clinton. But we saw Donald Trump thwart all their plans when he assumed the office of President of the United States. With Trump the USA started to once again walk a pathway of true democratic freedoms.

With his economic policies President Trump has been able to effectively curtail Iran’s ability to pursue its nuclear designs. His measures have additionally placed the Iranian terrorist leadership pack on the verge of total implosion within their own nation. “Tehran’s rulers are more politically vulnerable now than at any time since the 2009 protests over stolen elections.”

Iran and the Muslim dominated United Nations General Assembly have been trying desperately to find a lever that will enable them to recover the ground they have lost to the new leadership manifested in the USA.

Britain, France and Germany, and the three European signatories of the Iran nuclear deal all have their own economic and political agendas for trying to somehow keep the JCPOA useable. They were not able to and will not be able to, but they have activated the agreement’s so-called Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) on January 14,2020 a week after Iranian authorities proclaimed, they would pursue whatever level of uranium enrichment they desired to. Our signatories supposedly started a ‘thirty-day clock’ with the DRM that would ensure or force Tehran into compliance with its commitment to curb its nuclear program.

This is in actuality is hilarious. The EU has always tried to find ways to provide Tehran with increased sanctions relief and continues to do so. And Russia and China veto anything that does not suit their designs. But the deal’s signatories now have up to 30 days to resolve their differences and if unresolved would then be brought before the UN Security Council and could result in the re-imposition of sanctions that had been lifted under the under the original deal.

“It’s unlikely that the parties will be able to reach a serious resolution, and the EU knows it….” — Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner, January 17, 2020.

The re-imposition of these sanctions is supposed to make Iran comply. The truth of the situation is that it is the sanctions employed by President Donald Trump against all offending parties that is forcing one and all to comply in both economic and military measures.

All parties are curtailing investments in Iran for fear of losing access to the U.S. economy and President Trump has clearly stated no one will be permitted to militarily threaten the United States and its citizens. When he assassinated the Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, President Trump showed the world that he was resolute in what he stated.

“Presently Israeli military intelligence estimates that Iran could have enough enriched uranium to produce one nuclear bomb by the end of 2020.” And we know for certain that Israel will never permit such bomb to be built. It was an Obama designed ‘fatal mistake’ that left Iran with the potential to emerge at any time to threaten international peace and security.

Maximum pressure backed by a credible military deterrent is the only way to permanently stop Iran’s nuclear designs. And Justin Trudeau has been belly-crawling around doing all he can to see that Iran is not put on hold in such manner.

Trudeau and the UN Security Council

Nothing will change for the better in any relationship with the Iranian regime and ties of every kind have to be broken off completely. Only the deranged like Justin Trudeau would be seeking out a means to try to assist the killers.

 Abbas, Hamas and Trudeau were all in the same rotten kettle of Islamic fish when it came to President Trump’s Peace Plan. Before it was formally put forth Abbas headed for the UN to try fight against it. Hamas headed for the border fences with protests and incendiary balloons. And the Canadian buffoon Trudeau headed for his Muslim buddies in Africa to secure their support in his battle against it.

Trudeau wants nothing for Canada that does not further his Muslim designs or help accelerate the chaos that hastens them along the path. This Rebel report highlights some of such fact. >

“Lawless anti-oil crackpots are tormenting Canadians with illegal anti-pipeline protests and blockades, Teck’s 21-billion-dollar Frontier Mine is on the verge of being canceled, essential infrastructure is being sabotaged by eco-radicals, and yet Justin Trudeau is visiting Africa and offering support for mining and oil and gas there.”

While Albertans cannot develop their natural resources for the benefit of the nation, Trudeau runs to boost the Muslim economic advance in the mining, agriculture, oil and gas, clean energy and digital sectors. And, Muslim buddies such the president of Senegal, Macky Sall were equally as quick to support him in his quest for a seat on the UN Security Council so he could work against the Trump Peace Initiative.  Senegal has offered support for Justin Trudeau in this bid.

The vote for the 2021-22 United Nations Security Council seats is scheduled for mid-June and Trudeau is playing his African, Indonesian and Iranian Muslim ‘votes’ to ensure his crown.

“To win a seat on the United Nations’ powerful Security Council in June African support is expected to be pivotal as Canada, Norway and Ireland vie for two available spots.

Senegal Sall threw his support heavily behind Canada’s bid. (And Senegal is considered one of the most stable and influential countries amid the Muslim based African nations.)

“Canada has our support in this election,” Sall said in French, during a joint news conference with Trudeau after their meeting. He cited the many shared values between the two countries, which have a lengthy relationship as two French-speaking nations.

Sall said it is “very easy” to root for Canada and that he would speak with his African counterparts to encourage them to cast their ballots for Canada when UN members vote in June.

Moments later, Trudeau was asked if he had raised the issue of LGBTQ rights with Sall. Trudeau said he always talks about human rights but he pulled his punches about Senegal’s anti-gay law.”

“It was a whirlwind day for the prime minister, who also opened a new Dakar office of Canada’s International Development Research Centre, which invests in knowledge and innovation to help improve the lives of people in the developing world.”

And in the dust of a whirlwind it was natural he would pull his punches surrounding ‘homosexuality’. What Trudeau postures in Canada and other nations he does not have to make pretense about when embracing his Islamic cohorts. Before their meetings, Sall met Trudeau outside the presidential palace with an honour guard and the two greeted each other with big smiles and a hug.

And, the Twit Trudeau carried on being a whirlwind of Canadian cash dispensing activity.

He made certain during this same trip to dispense copious amounts of the Canadian tax dollars to ensure Ethiopia carried on advancing his Muslim cause in our nation. Trudeau has heavily invested the tax payer dollars over the past few years in African nations with ruling and insurgent Muslim majorities. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was ecstatic that ‘Buddy Trudeau’ was with him and spent two hours personally touring Trudeau around Unity Park.

Trudeau was assured that Abiy Ahmed was going to do everything possible to bring the African Union of Nations to back him in the UN Security Council seat bid. “The African Union is a rich source of potential votes for any country looking to win a Security Council seat. It has 54 voting members at the United Nations, roughly a quarter of the total votes.” And when Trudeau got to address the African Union his interactions and speech brought him plenty of applause. And why should it not have? After all they knew their buddy Canadian Cash Bags was going to continue filling their Muslim coffers. He has a proven track record of doing so.

But what true value is there to Canada if Trudeau secures his coveted seat?

Absolutely none of monetary or moral value to our Nation!

But it will not be as easy to camouflage his disruptive Muslim policy making decisions toward our Nation that he could enact as a non-member.  He will stand fully exposed as not being a supporter of the rule of law as Canadian jurisprudence dictates but only interested in the annihilation of the Jews as does the majority of the Muslim dominated UN Security Council.

Like his cohort Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has done, he will now have to publicly loudly rant about President Donald Trump at the UN Security Council. He will boldly need to denounce all peace plans or agreements drawn up between the U.S. and Israel as do his Islamic supporters.

Trudeau states he wants the seat in question so Canada can “be a voice for allies and friends that share the same values”.  What values does he share with his allies and friends? They value the entrenchment of sharia in Canada and the continued use of our tax revenues to pay for it all.

Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations Marc-André Blanchard accompanied Trudeau on this recent tour and stated their strong ties with the African nations made them highly optimistic of winning a seat at the UN Security Council table.

These bozos will then be able to do the full Islamic Jig at the UN Security Council as did their amigo Mahmood Abbas in his latest UN lament about the Trump Initiatives and harangue about the Jews.

Danny Danon the Israeli Ambassador to the UN was quick to point out the futility of trying to deal in matters of Middle Eastern peace with such men as Abbas. Trudeau has made it evident that it is just as futile for Israel dealing with Canada.

Trudeau in all his arrogance is growing more emboldened about displaying his true character. Exposure is really not an issue anymore and being on the Security Council — even in one of the 10 non-permanent positions — is the opposite of a low-profile approach, given that all member states are obligated to comply with council decisions.

Trudeau does not want a low profile.  He wants to be front and center and his goal of being a UN BIG mouthpiece he states as: “The UN Security Council is a place where the biggest issues facing our world are debated, discussed and advanced.” And the advance of his Muslim buddies and Islamic Agenda is his primary concern.

In November 2019 Trudeau voted for a UN resolution in full support of all Palestinians claims to the right of self-determination in establishing what they view as their ‘lands’. The resolution was totally opposed to Israel and United States respective viewpoints.

Global Affairs Canada implied the vote sends a clear message where our Nation stands in disagreement with the USA. There have been variant reactions to this.

Currently Danny Danon stated Abbas is unrealistic and peace an impossibility while he remained in power. “If President Abbas was serious about negotiating, he wouldn’t be here in New York, he would be in Jerusalem,” Danon said. “Complaining instead of leading, that is the Abbas’ way.”

 “A leader who choses rejectionism, incitement and glorification of terror can never be a real partner for peace

And Canada, with Trudeau you can never really have a partnership with the genuine principles required of a peace maker. Trudeau is simply another man with a Middle Eastern Killers Heartbeat.

Trudeau and Abbas are fully of One Accord.

Smirking Return To ‘Westlessness Land’ 

An annual conference has arisen in Munich Germany that is held at this time of year for many self-ascribed ‘world leaders to network on what they see as the Western World and its significance in the sea of global affairs.

The conference theme this year is “WESTLESSNESS” – a term coined to describe a crumbling of the knowledge of what defines the western world, and what role it will play in global security amid the rising influence of the non-western world.

What defines the Western World for Trudeau is his contempt for any and all persons within it that do not espouse to his personal perverted sexual designs and advancement of sharia.

Trudeau also figures he has cased his UN seat and he just does not give a damn what Canadians think that don’t fall into line with his methods and views.

The Trudeau votes in the UN General Assembly on the Israeli-Palestinian issue have produced tensions here at home and this has served only to increase his arrogance and disdain among us. He could care less about what we truly desire.

As to his Westlessness Land, EH? view, here is a good reflection of the rising influence of the non-western world in which he wants us to dwell.

“He was a 15-year-old adolescent. He was so deeply asleep in his bed that he didn’t hear any of the noise around him. They thrust the blade of the axe so deeply into his skull, to the point we had to use a hammer to get it out of his head.” Many Christians have been displaced by these ongoing attacks and live in “extreme misery,” added another local: “This is beyond persecution. It is a dramatic situation, plunging thousands of families into a deplorable humanitarian crisis.” — Rebecca, a witness, Barnabas Fund, November 15, 2019Cameroon.

“A group of Muslims beat, robbed, and threatened to kill a Christian evangelist if he did not convert to Islam…. The Muslims indicated that they had physical pains and injuries. Fløttum offered to pray for them, they accepted, and he complied. They said they felt better and urged him to go with them and pray for another of their friends who was also suffering from a foot injury…. “They were very nice and I couldn’t believe they would deceive me,” he later said. They took him to a backyard, pushed him down a cellar staircase, and began to beat and kick him in the face….”While they kept me there, they threatened me and said they would kill me if I did not convert to Islam….I was scared and actually thought they were going to kill me because they said they had a knife and didn’t want witnesses.” —, November 28, 2019Norway.

We are increasing in tumultuous times about the globe, with such events as the rise of tensions between the United States and Iran in early January, the downing of a Ukrainian jetliner by an Iranian missile and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which has now killed more than 1,000 people and infected more than 42,000.

This coronavirus was finally named as COVID-219 and World Health Organization director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated it to be “public enemy number one,” with a potentially bigger impact than any act of terrorism.

In Canada Jihadi Justin is “public enemy number one” having potentially far greater bigger impacts through his acts of terrorism and rabid embrace of Islam in all its sectarian forms.

Trudeau will always grab the chance to embrace his Muslim cohorts no matter the sect if it continues to advance his tide of sharia in Canada as this photo-op with Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif exemplifies.

Trudeau is all smiles and eagerly drawing the man in toward himself, virtually giving him a pat on the back. The photo brings a tear of remembrance to the eyes of Barrack Obama at the recall of such tender embraces. I do not know if Javad and Justin also shared the cheek kissing routine on this occasion as Barack and Justin were known to do.

Justin’s front line stooge Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne looks as if he is hoping that his Iranian counterpart does not expect them all to kiss full on the lips. This could have proven a breach of protocol by men positioned at the Ministerial Level.

But breaching Canadian protocol and law at any level is not of concern to Trudeau. He made this evident at his one day ‘Westlessness’ attendance for protocol usually holds that prime ministers do not attend meetings at the foreign minister level.

He attended to let all followers of Islam know with full assurance where he stood and would continue to position Canada to remain. His address for certain let his buddy Javad know where he could securely camp his camels at night to be fed at the Canadian tax payers expense.

Some Canadians, including some designating themselves Iranian-Canadians took to social media to criticize the warmly embracing Javad and Justin. In particular the focus fell upon Trudeau engaging with a representative of the country responsible for the missile attack last month that brought down the Ukrainian airliner, killing all occupants.

The common man knew from the onset that the attack was intentional as did Trudeau. But Trudeau does not give a damn about the common man nor what is morally or legally right as he ensconces sharia about the globe.

He shall remain being quick to jump at financing the Islamic agenda with Canadian Cash at every opportunity presented.

Perhaps you have forgotten how fast Trudeau jumped to finance Omar Khadr the Muslim Killer still at large in the Nation. Take a ‘recall hit’ with Rebel News >

Wake up Canada!

Yep! Bare faced or hair faced our Trudeau embraces Killers and he is effectively killing our Nation in doing so.

Let’s wrap this up for now by stating Trudeau is a man of situational ethics. He pretends to be ethical in whatever situation he currently finds himself in, simply postures, lies and carries on with his own evil desires.

What he is currently costing Canadians in his destructive path is > here elaborated in this following video: —

It speaks about the Non-indigenous eco-radical thugs who are currently hijacking our nation’s economy and holding it to ransom in the name of Aboriginal rights.

The ordinary, hard-working, law-abiding Canadians, grain farmers of western Canada, and the rail workers of CN, CP and VIA Rail, and the thousands of aboriginal workers who depend on pipelines for jobs are being castigated. There are thousands of jobs at stake here from coast to coast and billions of dollars of Canadian revenue being mindlessly destroyed and what does Mr. Situational Ethics have to say…We’re a nation of laws…”. This comes out of the mouth of a Prime Minister with more proven “Ethics Violations” of Canadian parliamentary laws than any other imbecile we have had in our elected history.

So what does this attest to us if we don’t dispose of the bozo right now? To you in support of Trudeau and his Muslim trash, take heed: “He that saith unto the wicked, thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.”  (Proverbs 24:24-25)

It remains your choice Canada. You can rebuke Trudeau in his wicked designs and be blessed or join him in the curse that is fast approaching the Nation through his unrighteous Islam espousing horde.

We shall take further look at this circumstance in Trudeau Embraces Killers – Part Two that will follow.

In the meantime, I would pray that all such characters as Justin Trudeau be fitted quickly for this hangman’s noose.

Heads up Canada – It is time for a Trudeau Necktie Party!