DAY 20




Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes. – Deu 12:8



And stated in yesterdays post – On the political pool table of our prairies More than one Two Many North Saskatchewan PPC have been found behind the Eight Ball of Blackened Bull Shit……you are all hooked boys and girls…. you do not have a play!

We pointed you toward the alcoholic, chain smoking Not So Great Gutso Penteado and the fact that many candidates and party echelon claimed to have no contactable knowledge of Jerome Perrault,

And it is this man , your chosen candidate for my ‘home’ riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River  – JEROME PERRAULT –  to whom you all have links that has trapped  you behind the eight ball that is now rolling back upon you now.

For two or more the denial of Perrault Contact is a provable outright lie which we get to now as we center around Jason MacInnis the Candidate for Battlefords-Lloydminster and Bruce Friesen the candidate for Saskatoon-Grasswoods.

Both men are duplicitous liars as through my investigations I found them both posted on Facebook as THE FRIENDS OF JEROME PERRAULT.

In investigating the PPC I first employed three main characters. In my hunt for organisational structure and contactable persons within the EDA’s I first sourced Guto Penteado because he had a well-developed web site and then Trevor Wowk. Wowk not only had a well-developed web site, through which he was easily contactable but also an almost immediate response time to all queries. Wowks’ information also consistently proved correct.

The third person was Jason MacInnis. With Jason MacInnis I found he was the only one with a developed, presentable pamphlet describing himself and the PPC party in general. I acquired a quantity of his pamphlets to use in my promotion of the PPC to facilitate my investigations of the PPC.

In early August I started dealing with Jason MacInnis and Trevor Wowk together as if they were the only agents I would work through in my promotions of the PPC. Jason in the North sector and Trevor in the South became my measuring sticks.

I had sold Jason on placing his advertising sticker on the right side of the hood and developed his slogan for him. Under normal ‘contract process’ he provided the sticker and paid $150 for the space allotment. He did desire to get elected. But a  couple flags went up when he provided me with his contact information:

Jason MacInnis- FBC, Local Tax Consultant, Central and Northern Saskatchewan,11-3815 Thatcher Ave, Saskatoon, SK    S7R 1A3 – Phone: 306-480-5214 FBC – Canada’s Farm & Small Business Tax Specialist™  1.800.265.1002  We make life less taxing®

Something is obviously amiss when a person wants to hide something from their employer and this was the case of MacInnis.

He stressed that he did not want our association to be visible to his company and it was only through employing my stated need for more pamphlets and rapidly producing him ‘election advancement results’ that he willingly provided me with his personal cell phone number and ultimately his residential address 10816 Meighen Crescent, North Battleford. 

This was so I could pick up pamphlets: August 16 – “Hey Kenneth I couldn’t get back in town in time for this evening to drop off anything at A&M or Terry’s so they will be in my Fiero on the driver seat which will be unlocked in my driveway.  There’s a thousand in there grab a bunch.  They couldn’t get me 10,000 fast enough so grab what you need just don’t take them all.” 

He was going to be off to a family reunion in Ontario and attending the first PPC party national assembly to be held there.

On July 19 he was assured “I will not be hanging around Thatcher Drive and will only be giving people your phone number as there is to be a ‘firewall’ to some degree for your ‘business income protection as was agreed.”

Jason was hiding more than one matter between the issues of his hood advertisement and provision of brochures.

In payment for the advertisement he gave me  $100 cash and a $50 redeemable Cash Card which he bragged was one of fifty provided to him by his employer to serve as a Thank You gift to people that brought them a new client through him. He had no moral or legal right to be using one in the fashion he did with me,

In the matter of pamphlets Jason negotiated an ‘under the table price deal’ with people he had been involved with prior that reeks of the aroma of tax evasion.

With our initial agreement I had immediately started into the First Nations communities to the North and throughout Jason’s riding. I needed to visit them to activate them toward employing the impending election to advance the cause for justice in the issues that had long been facing us all.

From August 1 to 21 I spent my time running down information leads in such sectors as Meadow Lake, North Battleford, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and numerous small communities in between. I used the Hood Ornaments of Guto and Jason, the Jason Pamphlets and some standard PPC propaganda sheets taken from their web page to promote and investigate.

I went about promoting the Party and investigating the Party. Doing so I made those I was investigating from top to bottom of the PPC structure well aware of what I was doing through joint messaging to different combinations of persons to manipulate them to information revelation.

For example, on August 6 the ‘contingent’ knew I was in Moose Jaw, the riding of PPC candidate of Chey Craik. I stated I was “Doing a bit more surrounding Eric St. Cyr, Travis Patron and the KKK. Then on my way toward Swift Current to do an info-set up session.”

Then August 7 the ‘contingent’ knew I had achieved big ‘political contact results’ in Kindersley for MacInnis. This was followed up August 8 with a demanded answers required from MacInnis:

 “Two questions requiring answer now.

  1. Has Ross Perrault initiated anything through you?
  2. What is the price per copy you paid for your brochure?”

 MacInnis was still trying to maintain the pretense that he had no personal knowledge of Jerome Perrault or relationship with him as they both had as I encountered both and manoeuvred them onward at the July 31 Bernier candidate introduction in Saskatoon.

What and why do you think the pair of liars were trying to hide?  You see – this is the Facebook page of Jerome Perrault >

Oh, good golly Miss Molly Menace Mennie~ here we find Jason showing his face with Vote PPC October 21 imposed on it. The timing of such declaration could only have come about after the decision was reached by Trudeau or other persons with advance knowledge of its impending release. Who is the polecat here Mennie Mouse? You or the second cousin of Justin Trudeau~ Jason MacInnis? Perhaps a third creepy critter creeping around somewhere amid your great EDA’s Mad Max?

The issue is being documented now for legal actions deemed necessary at the appropriate timing.

As to Juicy Jerome Perrault his Facebook Page shows he changed his Profile Picture on May 28 to the PPC Party Logo only which elucidates another timing factor surrounding rats scurrying about the riding EDA’s.

But, so what? Who gives a damn before Court Appearances?

You should Bernier as trapped confessed liars through their actions have no right to represent anyone in this Nation through any Party and especially not through Mr. Clean as you espouse yourself to be.

Get rid of this trash now or get out of the political kitchen as there is a greater degree of heat coming through subsequent postings surrounding the reality of the Saskatchewan EDA’s and weasels embedded in your upper echelon.

But, back to the EDA Goof Troops as I want to wrap up this MacInnis critter with bits of redder-blue-black ribbon.

On August 11 a joint message was sent to Trevor Wowk, Mark Friesen and Jason MacInnis as I started to center more in on Wandering Will Smith our Mennie appointed EDA Saskatchewan regional coordinator. All persons mentioned were under investigation and will remain so until the cell or hangman’s’ noose encompasses Justin Trudeau and numerous ‘confederates.

On August 12 I started to center in on Will Smith’s role in relationship to Jerome Perrault through messaging him and ccing the same to Wowk and MacInnis.

Will Smith – Saskatchewan Regional Organizer-PPC (306-540-7316)

Is your functional hub within this province, Ontario or La Belle Province? 

Will be doing a face to face.  Phinehas

The joint message immediately elicited concerns by MacInnis about my inquiries to Will Smith.

I then further jabbed the ‘contingent’ in the ribs the same date ~ The individuals I cc to are candidates that I am attempting to assist. And gentlemen, for the record……you are not making the task easy. 

All you men are disjointed to some degree. Someone amidst you needs to clearly calendar the 14 candidates by riding and all phone #, internet connections etc. and make certain all 14 have them. Perhaps it has been done by this time of writing. As well, the info should be available for workers to be able to refer persons to from within and without their own ridings.

August 13 was a day I further stirred the ‘contingent pot’ ~ I told them  I had clearly identified the ‘divisional factors’ that had been trying to destroy the PPC party from within since its inception. The fact of the matter was I had done so and was in follow up stages of documenting factors in the EDA mess.

On August 21~I rousted the ‘contingent’ through the Soros Sow herself – To: Johanne Mennie <>Cc: Jason MacInnis <>, Trevor Wowk <>

Subject: how many?  ~ “Executive Directoress?

How many First Nations candidates do we have? How many Metis candidates do we have – Phinehas

Then August 23 the ‘contingent’ knew ~ “Now, I am waiting for a response to my final questionings surrounding Jerome Perrault, Will Smith and Chey Craik. ~ Do you or have you had relationship with any of these three? ~ People all over the deck of PPC cards are refusing to answer who, how and why Perrault ever appeared. ~ In particular the Executive Directoress and other minions.”

Now, grasp this `~ Trevor Wowk was and remains to date under the same investigative spotlight with me as do all parties entering this venue. We have a relationship that he clearly understands and that I publicly informed him of once again last night – “I am prepared to toss your ass on the barbecue of public scrutiny in your race to office at anytime it is necessary to ensure you enter Ottawa a clean vessel or not at all.”

Wowk has proven to be a reliable source of confirmable evidence in the matters I  am in pursuit of – but he is very cautious about the manner in which he releases information and rightfully so from my findings in the investigation of this man.

He is highly intelligent, very IT adept and personable in positive manners. But, until he is certain of the positioning of a person making query of him ~ whether they are friend or foe ~ he will craft his responses in such manner that may lead you to thinking he is stating something else.

From my investigations of the man this behavior pattern is of an absolute necessity as all forms of personal attacks – spiritual, legal, financial and political have come against him since he entered the EDA territory of Will Smith and Johanne Mennie, refusing to accept in any manner a structure planted that was clearly designed for the confusion and chaos it was creating.

At first he was blocked from any attempt to stand as a candidate in Regina-Lewvan and then he was suddenly deemed ACCEPTABLE at a later point when members of the Mennies contingent thought enough damage had been done that he could not possibly win.

But one and all underestimated this Irish Ukrainian Canadian who simply entered the Political Scene determined to see the principles of the PPC as espoused by Bernier inaugurated to benefit the Nation of Canada in total.

So understand this one and all ~ that you are under investigation by Trevor Wowk and will only be fully acceptable by him when he knows you are truly 100% in line with the PPC principles he exudes.

I am going to give you the series of messages that transpired between me and Wowk on August 23. Read them and notice two things ~ how he carefully has crafted his response as to knowledge surrounding Jerome Perrault and Will Smith and ~ how he lets me know he is investigating me at the same time I am investigating him.

Wowk – Sorry. I do not have a relationship with Jerome, Will or Chey.

Gran – Trevor…. did you know Will when he was acting in the capacity of Saskatchewan Regional Coordinator?

Wowk – Nope. Spoke to Jerome for 5 minutes in Saskatoon. Was my only contact with him.

Gran – I did not think you had any involvement when he was Co-ordinator. Have you heard anything whatsoever of Jerome Perrault since the intro in Saskatoon? That is, other than what has been raised by me?  

Wowk – He had left that role before I became a candidate. After I became candidate Will spent a couple hours canvassing with me. Second time I saw him was in Saskatoon when Maxime was here a couple weeks ago. Same time I first met you

Gran – Again, I thought as much. What I am pretty much certain of appears nasty…..not for the Triplets or Quartet…..but, with respect to attempted inroads to the PPC by elements very unsavory to what you espouse and represent.

If I do not receive a response from amid the Quartet by Monday evening they are permanently off the Board. To be honest it would just make my life easier. Any benefits for them will be only due to fall out from centering on the Triplets and Jason.”

Have you caught it? Or are you just too damn slow on the draw? Wowk was investigating me as I was him from the first moment he encountered me.  And he continues to do so as do I him.

But there is one area of a agreement between us that needs no further investigation – neither one of us will allow any unrighteous bastards to destroy this Nation as we see it being done.

How we see it being done has many variables. If you want to know how beyond all shadow of a doubt this man has been fighting the attacks of corrupt persons from all sides within and without the PPC party simply ask him.

He cannot tell you a lie and I think it is time you knew the fullness of the truth about how this man is fighting for the survival of this Nation.

I know I have tossed this man’s ass onto the scrutiny of righteous and unrighteous public inquiry today. If he cannot handle the heat then it is just too damn bad and he should not be going to Ottawa unless he can.

 And the same goes for you Maxime Bernier. Wake up…..the People of Canada are no longer content to sit down on a Political Toilet Seat and crap in the same old hole.

On August 26 I sent a message to Wowk: “Total silence with respect to all the messaged questions I sent out. This gives me clear directions as to proceeding forward.” “Going to give ‘Jason the Jolt’ now.”

The same day I activated my final testing jolt of Jason MacInnis which I was certain he had failed – “Jason – Did you or did you not give my message to Maxime Bernier as requested? It is the most important thing I have asked you to do.

Give consideration to this message sent to the Trost Contingent today. 

In addition, you might want a conversation with Southern Command to ascertain just how fast he is advancing in winning the Triplets assured seats and thus the entire Southern Saskatchewan contingent.

A simple yes or no answer to my question will suffice for me.

It is in your best interests that silence is no longer maintained. As ever. Phinehas”

I had asked MacInnis to hand deliver a message to Maxime to provide me with a secure method of contacting him to prevent problems within the Party due to the divisive elements that had entered in through Saskatchewan.

MacInnis came back with a lame duck excuse as to why he had not. The fact is that he and his ‘contingent’ panicked to some degree at my request and stumbled worse in their actions from this point onward.

There are a lot of details that could still be provide here surrounding MacInnis but I ended his ‘hideout time’ in a fashion that told him it basically would not be safe for him to canvass on the First Nations lands in his riding ~ and that in his role of his Process Service Business he should consult with his ‘para legal wife’ as to how he should go about serving the Legal Process for Court Appearance upon himself.

I figured he might need the money if he had run out of $50 gift vouchers supplied by his employer.

There has been nothing but silence out of the second cousin of Trudeau ever since.

I wish he would display the intelligence to me he has in the past and sue me… is easy to prove documented truth. I would love to collect the funds I could attain for myself if I could but get him to personally take me to court. 

The same goes for you Jack Asinine Johanne.

So, tune in tomorrow boys and girls. Look forward you Silly Soros Saskatchewan Sad Sacks to Breeze in With Friesen – The Coarse Horse Shit Voice of Saskatchewan.

Gotta’ Watch That Social Media F-Team. It is what has really buggered you up riding around in a pick up truck with an overweight egotistical ‘Madcap Mad at the Mennonites and Off His Strokes Range Screw’…riding around with his dog looking to bark at liberal crows or locating a spot to get out and pee.”

Aw shucks Marky Mark.…does this not inspire you to further actions in the defence of Canada?