Chapter Ten ‘The Kid from Redvers- HIS GREATEST LIES

Contents Chapter Ten – Travis Patrons Greatest Lies

278               A ROGUES GALLERY

278               The Patron World of ‘Nazi Fears and Ugly Faces’

280               The Ku Klux Klan Reasserts Strongly in The Late 1970’s

281               From Fat Dragon to Skinny Wizard?

281                Changing Names Does Not Change the Nature of the Animal


282                The Neo-Nazi Aryans Guard Alberta

284                Some Notable Neo-Nazi Ayran Guard Hit Parade Names

286                The Propaganda of Uncle Adolf

288                Neo-Nazi Ayran Guard Hybrids Boast from Coast to Coast (SoO)

289                The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) Malevolent Eastern Sprouts

295                Doing the Splits

297               The La Belle Quartet

305                Shifting from the Quebec Front Lines

310                And A Way Back East

312                The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) Wild Western Weeds

312                   Manitoba

313                   Saskatchewan

317                   Welcome to Alberta

321                 Perverting Politics

323                   Now in British Columbia

323                   Bill Daniels – SoO BC Chapters President

325                   British Columbia SoO Provincial Divisions

325                   The Fraser Valley SoO

326                   Delta BC SoO

327                   Kristopher Erickson – Southern BC SoO President

328                   Bryon Sykes – SoO Oliver BC

329                   Soldiers of Odin Protected Areas?

331                   Not So Peachy-keen On Vancouver Island!

335                   Three Pertinent Questions

337                    What Is the Greatest Lie?

342                    Another Member Only Meeting, eh?

343                    Stuck in The Middle

344                    Not on My Watch


CHAPTER TEN – TRAVIS PATRONS GREATEST LIE?                                                             



The Patron World of ‘Nazi fears and ugly faceshas deep roots and ugly traces that escalate and simply do not want to disappear. > ges-1.4873025

In 1992, the Manitoba Coalition Against Racism and Apartheid was among those filing human rights complaints against James Edsel Tucker, then known as William James Harcus, and leader of the Manitoba KKK.

At the end of a three-day Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing, a judge ordered the hate group and William James Harcus to put an end to a phone line they initiated. The phone line delivered messages aimed at sowing hatred against non-white and Jewish people.”

William James Harcus was aged 24 at the time the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal tried to quell the stench of evil that surrounded the neo-Nazi white supremacist.

 “On June 23, 2016 Joshua Evans plunged a sword almost a foot deep into the chest of James Edsel Tucker aged 45 in Winnipeg, effectively ending his life. Tucker was previously known as William James Harcus and led the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1990s.”

Twenty-one years later and a name change to James Edsel Tucker did not quell the smell of evil surrounding William James Harcus and the world he indwelt. His drug addicted killer Joshua Evans, 24, was charged with two counts of robbery with a firearm, kidnapping, assault with a weapon, and sexual assault. > Another man charged with 2nd-degree murder in Furby Street stabbing  This is the Ku Klux Klan – Nazi Stench of evil that permeates the world of Travis Patron to date.

From the Canadian Encyclopedia – In 1921, the Klan was active in Montreal; by 1925 local branches had been established all across Canada. Canadian Klansmen had a fanatical hatred for all things Roman Catholic and feared that the purity of the Anglo-Saxon race was being jeopardized by new immigration. Moreover, they were not averse to committing crimes to achieve their goals.

The Klan remained relatively obscure, except in Saskatchewan where at its height it boasted of having 40,000 members. In the 1929 provincial election, the Klan’s influence helped end 24 years of Liberal rule in Saskatchewan, with the defeat of Liberal Premier J. G. Gardiner by Conservative leader J.T.M. Anderson.

The Klan declined as an organization across Canada but in the late 1970’s began to reassert itself which is evidenced in the life of the Kid from Redvers.

In the early 1980s under the motto Racial Purity for Canadian Security Wolfgang Droege and James McQuirter resurrected the Canadian KKK on Toronto’s Dundas St.

In 1989 Wolfgang Droege wanted to unite the KKK and Aryan Nations into a single national organization and named his new group the White Heritage Front with the aim of infiltrating mainstream Canadian politics and ending non-white immigration. It compiled lists of enemies, threatened to kill opponents and randomly attacked minorities. “The end game was a race war in which they would take over part of the country and turn it into a whites-only territory.”

The Heritage Front ultimately collapsed due to efforts by its security officer Grant Bristow, who turned out to be an undercover agent planted by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Droege went on to become a drug dealer until his murder in 2005.

“Most, if not all, far right groups believe that violence is the way to start racial holy war, which will restore the white persons’ position as the rulers of the world.” The weapons cache to the left was part of Droege’s efforts to bring this about.

The racist far-right in Canada has been fractured without a prominent uniting national leader or organization and it is this space that Travis Patron has been trying to fill.

He has jettisoned the Klansman’s robes and the Hitlerite uniforms for shirts and ties and has moderated his language. The US factions have much more vocal leadership but Canada’s hate crime laws make Patron more cautious in his racist leadership aspirations. His main advantage remains his breeding ground of Saskatchewan with its traditionally greater number of Nazi and KKK adherents as seen in the past. But, the Nazi-Klan ranks are not an easy place to instill unity as Patron knows full well.

By August of 2007 the Klan had re-emerged publicly in Saskatchewan.

By 2007 a Canadian branch of the American based Brotherhood of Klans (BOK) was established in the province under the leadership of Christian (Chris) Waters, Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan Realm 51, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Born March 4, 1976 and originally from Park Hill, Ontario the ‘Fat Dragon’ was working at a club in Regina called TC’s North on Albert Street.

The article >  Rise of the KKK in Saskatchewan | Solidarity with Six Nations is an extended interview with our Fat Dragon. He states that the KKK is known as the invisible empire because of the secrecy surrounding its members. Waters explains group members do have occasional private gatherings, but most of their interaction is through the Internet.

Most of what Fats has to say sounds like a warm-up for Travis Patron.

By March 21, 2008 members of the Regina BOK were traveling to such locations as Calgary to take part in rallies organized by the Aryan Guard. The Fat Dragon Christian Waters claimed there to be 250 members of the Klan in Saskatchewan and 3500 in Canada by this date.

What truth there is to the numbers count is anyone’s guess. But there is no guessing about the ranks being filled with nasty assed bastards encountered when they met one another in Calgary or anywhere else. Some of our 2008 Mad March Hares hop into your view below.

Chris Waters in the white robes. Jarett Kupchyk to his right holding the White Pride Flag.  The man in Black Robes is Carl Finlayson shown in the sunglasses with caption below.

Carl Finlayson, the man in the black robes above committed suicide Friday April 16, 2010. An emotionally troubled, guilt plagued plumber, he impregnated his ex-fiancé, abandoned his kids and took to the Klan to fill the holes in his life to no avail.

Regina’s Terry Tremaine is wearing the green pants standing adjacent to Carl Finlayson. The head of the National-Socialist Party of Canada and a former university math lecturer, he was found in contempt of court by the Federal Court of Appeal in November 2011 for refusing to remove web postings he made about blacks, Jews and First Nations people.

In March 2008 our Nazi-Klan fun bunnies met in the burrow of the leader of the Calgary faction of Blood and Honour,Kyle McKee.

McKee was one of the originals that helped to found the Aryan Guard.
In December of 2011 he said criminal charges won’t deter members of his group in Vancouver from using violence as part of a neo-Nazi campaign and that he doesn’t have “a stitch of remorse” for his own crimes. Amid events McKee was arrested for assault, possession of a weapon, wearing a mask in committing crimes and spent a number of months in an Alberta jail.

He expects members of his group to continue intimidating minorities. In October 2009 Robertson de Chazal, 25, set fire to a Filipino man who had fallen asleep on a couch. Robertson followed this with assault causing bodily harm to a black man.

In December 2011 police charged two members of the Vancouver faction of Blood and Honor with attacking five non-whites in three years.

 Name changes do not change the nature of the animals.

But in 2011 Fat Dragon was to split with the Brotherhood of Klans and forego his title of Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan Realm 51, expressing desire for a completely independent autonomous Canadian Ku Klux Klan. He morphed, left that Klan movement and is now the Imperial Wizard of the ANK in Canada. Essentially what was taking place was reflective of much of the neo-Nazi movement in that elements within it did not consider the traditional methods of the KKK radical enough for them when it came to employing violence. This led to conflicts and infighting amid many sectors of the united movement that was trying to establish itself to be more effective in implementing its white supremacist desires for rule.

The Aryan Nations Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (ANK) have been known as the Aryan Guard, the Aryan Guard Renegades, Western European Brotherhood and/or Bloodlines, and now the ANK. The ANK is a weird hybrid of Nazism and Ku Klux Klan hatred with Chris Waters being a very minimal presence representing them in Regina, Saskatchewan through association with the United Knights of Tennessee, Order of the Ku Klux Klan.

But our Fat Dragon is now a Skinny Wizard in his associations even within the rat infested ANK. It seems these boys just cannot get along with one another in their desires to be King of the Nazi Ku Klux Klan garbage pile in Canada.

And desiring to be King of the Skinheads is what also pushes Travis Patron. This is where I found him to be with Eric St-Cyr who was claiming to be the full-blown head over the Ku Klux Klan in Canada. St-Cyr and crew were functionally organizing politically with Travis Patron in Regina Saskatchewan at the time.

Call them anything you want, but they simply end up one bunch of hate injected sick puppies.


The Neo-Nazi Aryans Guard Alberta

            Alberta has a long history of racist movements that have emerged over the decades, but we are going to center mainly upon the Aryan Guard which had fully surfaced in late 2006 when the Ku Klux Klan under Fat Dragon Waters was becoming active in Saskatchewan.

As strange as it sounds the neo-Nazi movement strengthened because the KKK became recognizably more economically corrupt as the neo-Nazi movement itself became increasingly more violent and will remain so.

During the 1920’s the KKK had been able to recruit roughly 8000 members to target Eastern European immigrants, Roman Catholics, French speaking Canadians and African-Canadian ranchers. By the 1980s the neo-Nazi group titling itself Aryan Nations, under Canadian Leader Terry Long and Saskatchewan based Carney Nerland, organized a neo-Nazi and Klan rally held on private land near the town of Provost, Alberta. Neo-Nazi organization in Western Canada was spreading through the efforts of such men as Glenn Bahr, Peter Kouba, James Keegatra, Chris Brown and Jamie Murphy. But the strength of the KKK from the 1920’s rapidly waned when Albertans realized that the Klan’s claims to morality and virtue rang hollow and hypocritical when founder and organizer J.J. Maloney was jailed for embezzlement.

The skinheads were concurrently becoming more violent with Carney Nerland being convicted of manslaughter in the death of First Nations trapper Leo LaChance in Prince Albert and when Terry Longs’ troops attacked a man. The Edmonton police’s Hate Crimes Division went after the neo-Nazis and Human Rights Complaints abounded against them. In 1984 James Keegstra was stripped of his teaching credentials and the group going by the name Aryan Guard, based primarily in Calgary but with members and supporters from other cities within and outside Alberta, had emerged. Though it was organized in late 2006 the Aryan Guard has been truly active since March 21, 2007 when they had their first official meeting. Some opponents thought they would collapse and disappear, but as evidenced in 2010 at the time Chris Waters was making the Klans’ presence in Saskatchewan public knowledge they were still around and sowing seeds of violence and Nazi extremism.

Some notable Nazis names on the Ayran Guard hit parade are Bill Noble, Thomas Trenerry, Robert Reitmeier, Skogarmadur (Ryan), Glenn Bahr, Nathan Touchette, Kyle McKee, Dallas Price, John Richards, Terry Tremaine, Paul Fromm, Chris Brosky, Kevin Johnson, Mike White, Andrew Benson, Robertson de Chazal, Kevin Goudreau and Ryan Brady.

Brief blurbs about the batch of bad boys follow along with some locatable pictures.

Skogarmadur (Ryan) – “Race Mixing is treasonI myself believe that in the future once a National Socialist government is put into play any sort of interracial affairs should be considered treason. And treason should be treated with the death penalty. Not only is it betraying your race and kin, but it is ruining the future of the white race and if people continue to do so it will be the bringer of destruction of all that is Aryan blood.”

Glenn Bahr – This man was the designer and creator of the WCFU website, and the group’s self-admitted President and Founder. He expressed great admiration for Hitler and referred to First Nations people as vermin, and advocated killing homosexuals and the mentally disabled. I believe no matter how or why you’re a homosexual your life should be terminated. This isn’t right. Nature intended for us to breed in order for us to continue our race.  There is nothing natural about being a homosexual, it is for purely sexual reasons. They should be terminated along with retards and any additional degenerates that nature would do away with in the wild. What gives us the right to prolong a life that would have been terminated by nature… Nature intended for males to mate with females and anything else is a perverted sickness that needs to be destroyed.”

“I believe in the Nazi ideals. I’m not ashamed of wearing a swastika but proud to wear that symbol. To me it is a symbol of my beliefs and lets everyone know what I stand for and I’m prepared to fight for my beliefs. I take my shirt off every summer and my SS tattoo is revealed and sure I get looks. But I’m proud to have the SS on my skin, to me it is a great honor. I take great honor in the fact my grandfather fought in the German army. Dead or alive Hitler is my fuhrer. Heil Hitler.” 

Dallas Price – This man was ordered to attend a court ordered criminal course run by the extra-judicial sanctions program following an assault in which one person was stabbed. Dallas and his neo-Nazi associates attempted to intimidate persons in Food Not Bombs in Olympic Plaza in an unprovoked confrontation. Not being Aryan white is enough provocation to light this man’s fuse.

Terry TremaineFounded the National-Socialist Party of Canada (NSPC) in 2006. It is not a registered political party in Canada and remains totally a dedicated neo-Nazi group.

“Tremaine was arrested January 23, 2008 and charged with promoting hate on the Internet. In some of his postings Tremaine, who refers to himself as a white nationalist, characterizes Jews as, parasites and vermin, and called for the expulsion of Jews and non-white people from Canada as well as posting on Internet forum that ‘blacks are intellectually inferior to whites’ and ‘Hitler was a lot nicer to the Jews than they deserved’.

Thomas Trenerry – “The Jews control the media. Apparently, it is now a Hate crime in Canada to be a White man. The filthy kikes think that we will stop because of a few pictures? This is a war with only one solution. The Final Solution! Sieg Heil!” 

Nathan Touchette Nazi flag flying arsonist whose whereabouts are currently unknown.
There are many dangerous men like Touchette amid neo-Nazis, Communists and Islamic fundamentalists that presently cross through Canadian borders and security measures with seeming impunity and hide among us like time bombs waiting to explode.

Bill Noble –    In response to a question regarding the use of violence and murder in pursuit of white nationalist goals this headcase did not hesitate in response. “Hitler’s writing is straightforward and clear. I’m not sure if you grasp all the fine points of survival in the face of natural law, but the bottom line is: the end justifies ANY means.

Paul Fromm – Helped found the Ayran Guard and is very public in all his white supremacist views.

“In gay bath houses, you need a crowbar to separate the men from the boys.”

“Given the present below-replacement White birth rate and the million plus wave of legal, mostly Third World, annual immigration, the European founding/settler people will be a minority by 2041. This is ethnic cleansing on the installment plan.”

“Hunt them [illegal immigrants], find them, and throw their sorry asses out of the country. We don’t need another chop suey joint. We’re getting rejects; a collection of sleazos.”

Fromm is the international director of the white supremacist organization Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and several far-right groups in Canada, most notably the Canadian Association for Free ExpressionCitizens for Foreign Aid Reform and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee.

He has hosted a radio show on the Stormfront web site and has ties to former Ku Klux Klan members such as David DukeDon Black, and Mark Martin. The National Post newspaper described him as “one of Canada’s most notorious white supremacists” based from Ontario since the 1970’s. >


The Propaganda of Uncle Adolf

On their website the Aryan Guard makes claim:

The Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims. We however do support organizations that do. Aryan Guard will use the tools of education, training, community activism and example to gain public support. 

The Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.”

The statements are about as lying hypocritical as you can get.

From papers of the day when speaking of the collapse of the WCFU organization and web site of Glenn Bahr we read – “Albertans from all walks of life and ethnic groups have condemned the Aryan Guard and are looking for action. Considering the thuggish behavior of its members it won’t be long before the Aryan Guard also collapses.” 

 Wake up!

The Aryan Guard has not collapsed or its members diminished. It has morphed, grown and expanded in its evil philosophy since creation. It was still highly visible in 2010 and sewing seeds of evil. As to thuggish behavior, there was also violence and infighting among the different sects or strains of the neo-Nazis that titled themselves Aryan Guard in one format or another.

Such were some events that surrounded the murderers Robert Reitmeier and Tyler William Sturrup who were convicted in the random beating death of the partially disabled Mark Mariani, who they attacked in an alley on Oct. 3, 2010.


Robert Reitmeier                               Tyler William Sturrup (center)

Reitmeier posted Facebook comments about killing women, was jailed for a period of time surrounding the rape of a young girl and had a variety of aggravated assaults linked to him. He had no problem beating Mark Mariani within an inch of his life, leaving him bleeding heavily from an open skull fracture and abandoning him in the alley overnight. Mark was found in the morning, taken to the hospital where he fell into a coma and died.

Equally gleeful in beating Mark to death our Tyler William Sturrup and his girlfriend were not so happy when they became the victims of an attempted murder by Kyle McKee a founder of the Aryan Guard and Blood and Honor. For some reason Kyle tried to off them, was unsuccessful in the attempt and ended up running from the police. He had charges of attempted murder placed against him which were dropped when he pled guilty to other matters such as the possession of bomb making materials.

The neo-Nazis propagated violence in every aspect of their lives no matter where their ideologies morphed under any name designation. Such is the case from Coast to Coast as visible in the Soldiers of Odin. (SoO)

And such is the explosiveness of the mindset that has been bred into the Nation through the actions of many Canadian animals we call to office and accept as political leadership. The tinderbox of the Canadian milieu was brought dramatically to the shuddering public attention on Thursday February 21, 2019 by Canada’s most senior federal public servant, Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick. Wernick stated he is worried about the nation and the state of its political discourse — fearing it has sunk to such lows that it could lead to an assassination attempt during the next federal election campaign.” >

Assassination attempts? Just one nasty social element found coast to coast is enough to fuel such action and we have many similar rivers flowing within the country. So, consider carefully the stream bubbling up in the Aryan Guard hybrids that you move amid. Look at the characters in the pages following, they are but a few of such appearance that could qualify for potential assassination candidates. Then take a look at the general pinned tattooed messes running into your stores, schools, churches, office buildings, McDonald’s and law enforcement agencies. Few of this spiritually dulled mob are likely to be the pure-bred neo-Nazis or hybrids, but how do you tell the difference in a society that in outward appearance looks and acts like them?  Perhaps you will recognize them when they step out looking as many of the Soldiers of Odin presently do now in Quebec and across Canada.

Neo-Nazi Aryan Guard Hybrids Boast from Coast to Coast (SoO)


White supremacists abound from Coast to Coast in Canada like noxious weeds growing from their hybrid theologies embedded in Aryan Guard flavored neo-Nazi propaganda. They have been boldly ramping up in public displays and seeking to embed themselves in all levels of Canadian political offices.

The SoO chapters in the country proclaim that they are grassroots-based organizations dedicated to ensure community safety and deny any links with racial views; but they have the standard Ayran white supremacist attitudes and a particular hatred of Muslims with their Islamic attempts at instituting sharia in Canada. 

Local chapters of the Soldiers of Odin harbour neo-Nazis, protect people at rallies who fight against the doctrines trying to employ Islamophobia to enslave free thinking and openly enjoy talking with people in their ranks about killing Muslims. They protect people at rallies who defile the flags of Muslim-majority countries, including the flag of Palestine.

The Canadian leadership of the SoO claim they have broken with their violent racist foundational roots of Finland.  But members of the SoO in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia have become increasingly aggressive and confrontational with the level of anti-Muslim vitriol increasing as they attend protests or patrol the streets.

They have reported that they have purged themselves of racists which is farcical and a delusional lie of the few who might consider themselves as truly having done such. Few if any have departed from their Finnish parent chapters views with its founding leaders’ overt ties to a violent neo-Nazi ideology and his numerous arrests for racially-based assaults. 

Quebec has a large number of white supremacists who have joined the SoO and strongly embed the organization to its deepest roots. We shall put a whack of faces in front of you and then skip across a few SoO Chapter stepping stones to wrap up a quick look at some of your neighbors visibly appearing as higher up on the assassination attempts risk list on the West Coast.

The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) Malevolent Eastern Sprouts

 From left to right: Stéphane Vaillancourt, Serge Côté, unknown woman, James SimpsonKen Urquhart, Éric Cloutier, Kyle Zomgee, Jason Moore and “Tru Blu”

The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) in Ottawa and Gatineau work together providing protection for anti-Muslim and anti-Antifa protesters. They were visible and active doing such at the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) rally in front of Parliament Hill on March 21,2017.

Brian Wallingford and Eric Cloutier of Northern Guard lead the Gatineau group. These men are deadly serious in looking to preserve their Aryan heritage at any costs.


Stéphane Vaillancourt–   Runs his mouth a lot on Facebook as do others of SoO. But Vaillancourt is focused on implementing Ayran ideals.

The following gives a history of the Quebec Soldiers of Odin –  It is well researched as to timing of events, and within it you shall see pictures of several of the people with key leadership roles in the SoO Quebec provincial structure.

Serge Cote – Ken Urquhart – Jason Moore

These three are seen in the lead in group photo with the unknown woman. These Far-right Soldiers of Odin members are ‘not afraid to use violence…   The Canada Border Services Agency Intelligence Bulletin cautioned that the Soldiers of Odin-Canada, or SoO, was gaining popularity, rapidly expanding and setting up chapters in many provinces; with some members adhering to extreme right-wing ideology and not afraid to use violence to achieve objectives.

James Simpson – This man does not often make the surfaced public connections with other local neo-Nazis as he has done in the group photo. This leads one to conjecture what actions he is taking out of sight for the SoO as his allegiance to Nazism is made highly on public on his Facebook account.

In his Facebook profile picture, you see the flag of “Vinland” which is a common symbol used by white supremacists in North America, attempting to draw a connection with the short-lived Vinland Colony established by Vikings in Newfoundland at the turn of the last millennium. This action is part of the Soldiers claim of historic rights to position in Canada from sea to sea.

Tru Blu This little man with the big feet posts himself as Tru Blu on the internet sites. He is part of the SoO group that tries to cast a benign light upon themselves to offset the reality of their bigotry, misogyny and hate being normalized in our society. These people are seeking to normalize it as a part of our acceptable political discourse and actions.  They must be confronted and called out wherever their evil is lurking. 

The Canadian President of Soldiers of Odin is Joel Angott. From his base in Winnipeg he told CBC News that the group is only looking to serve its communities through the form of a neighborhood watch groups, picking up garbage, cleaning up city parks and reporting crime to local law enforcement.

The Soldiers of Odin call themselves a community organization, claim the safety of citizens is their guiding priority and employ a program of ‘volunteer good works’ in predominantly white areas plagued with drug related exploitation and violence simply to gain entrance into the mainstream political structures. Across the nation concern is being raised about their presence.

“A group called The Soldiers of Odin has posted videos of members walking the streets of Vancouver, an activity they describe as a “a neighborhood watch based activity, with a focus on the safety of women children and the elderly.”

The group claims to be protecting the public, but Alan Dutton of the Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society is skeptical about the Canadian chapter’s motives.

“We have every reason to be concerned,” he said.”

And, so should you be concerned which is clearly exemplified when we deal with Tru Blu activities on Vancouver Island.

Claude Roy – “The images of Soldiers of Odin (SoO) that have made the news and been circulated across the Internet are far from flattering. They purport to show members of the club – which has been labeled racist, anti-Semites, extremist and Islamophobic – engaged in violence with anti-racist protesters.

Meir Weinstein has seen the images too. The organization that he heads, the Jewish Defence League (JDL), was present at the event April 1 at Nathan Phillips Square, in front of Toronto City Hall, jointly providing “security” with SoO, when SoO clashed briefly with the self-styled anti-racist protesters. Weinstein believes the Soldiers of Odin have gotten a bad rap.”  > JDL Canada partners with Soldiers of Odin, says group not racist (May 8,2017)

Bernie Farber, a long-time observer of extremist organizations, doesn’t believe SOO Canada is anything but “an old neo-Nazi motorcycle club,” whose views are derived from a racist ideology and whose animus is aimed at the Muslim community. Farber, the executive director of the Mosaic Institute and former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said the JDL and SOO are brought together by a shared “Islamophobic” viewpoint.”                       

Claude Roy has no problem associating with members of the Jewish Defence League and he doesn’t hide his regard for biker gangs like the Hells Angels. 

Kevin Goudreau is chairman of the group called White Nationalist Front (WNF) – Canadian Nationalist Front (CNF) and appears to be suffering to some degree from the mental illness that plagued his half brother when you examine Kevin’s web postings and actions.

His brother Rene Goudreau was a 30-year-old high school dropout when charged with first-degree murder of his wheelchair-bound mother, 53-year-old Lucie Goudreau. He had also broken down his father’s door and attacked him in 2008. The man had a long history of mental illness, including schizoaffective and bipolar disorders.

Kevin Roger Goudreau at 41 was erratic as shown on November 27, 2016, when he was remanded in custody for causing a disruption and assaulting a bar employee on George Street North. He was pestering patrons and showing off his swastika tattooed chest. Asked to leave he hit the employee and was booted out.

At this time Goudreau was already under a probation order for his anti-social behavior patterns. But later that same night he returned to the same location to repeat his performance which led to his arrest. He has been labeled a blithering idiot for the lifestyle he leads.

“Kevin Roger Goudreau is a long-time figure in Canada’s racist movement. He said he was active in the Heritage Front, whose leader Wolfgang Droege, a convicted mercenary and drug trafficker, had compiled a hit list that included prominent Jewish community members. The group collapsed in the 1990s after being infiltrated by an undercover Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent.

He said he was also a follower of Ernst Zundel, the former Toronto hatemonger and Holocaust denier who was deported from Canada in 2005 as a national security threat. A German court later convicted Zundel of incitement.”

Sept 30, 2017 Kevin Goudreau, as chairman of the Canadian Nationalist Front in Oshawa, Ontario with his group were holding an “Anti-Trudeau/illegal immigration” rally in Peterborough. The WNF was about five years old at the time and Goudreau stated “Eventually we’d like to become a political party under a different name, perhaps.” Perhaps he was corresponding with our boy Travis Patron, eh? Or, maybe it is simply that great neo-Nazi minds think alike? Whatever, Goudreau rants about “a return to Canada’s original White-European ethnic make up” and rails against what he calls Canada’s “anti-white/pro-left wing/pro-non-white immigration policies.”

The Canadian Nationalist Front website links it to groups and websites such as Stormfront, David Duke, and White Aryan Resistance, all known for their white supremacist beliefs. With the large swastika tattooed on the center of his chest and photographs shared online of him giving the Nazi salute Goudreau claims that his tattoo is not meant as having anything to do with WWII Germany or Antisemitism.

“When questioned about the tattoo and aligning himself with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, Goudreau said his aim is to unite the right and stop immigration into Canada.

When asked why he aligns himself with Neo-Nazis, Goudreau said “We may differ in methodology or ideology, but the basics is to unite the right wing to further our cause in the sense of preservation of the original demographics of this country.”

* A hater among us | National Post

Goudreau cannot say how many members or supporters he has accumulated to do this. But he does know that the roots to his delusions and ties to Aryan Guard neo-Nazi behavior of the Soldiers of Odin emanates from Finland and the man called “The Beach” – Mikia Matias Ranta.

It is this Mike Ranta that is the fountainhead of the Nazi hatred that pours out through the Soldiers of Odin. Given the great numbers of tattooed skin heads we have encountered one would tend to think the man on the left following would logically be Mike Ranta, but it is not so. The Beach is our clear skinned skin-head on the right. Perhaps the person you are judging the most dangerous in your neighborhood is not the scary looking one.

Mikia Matias Ranta – “The Beach”

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.  (Jeremiah 13:23)

Mikia Matias Ranta the Furious Finn

Ranta is the founder of the Soldiers of Odin and this neo-Nazi tries to describe their street patrols as just a bunch of ‘good old boys’ out for a stroll protecting the streets from lawless vagrants while looking for public good works projects.

He does not hide he is Nazi to the roots, stating “Just because I am, as the founder or whatever, it doesn’t mean the whole group are neo-Nazis… We’re just a street patrol group, so why are people making it into something else?”

Why is what could be just a benign street patrol group being made into something else? His membership is nothing more than a reflection of what he shows them and tells them to be.

Ranta has connections with the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement, and as far back as 2005 was being convicted for racially aggravated assaults such as his racially-motivated attack against two immigrants.

The pattern of his violence continued and in 2016 at age 29 he was given an 18-month suspended sentence after being convicted of assaulting a man and woman. As well as the suspended sentence, Ranta had to serve 50 hours of community service and pay 7,000 euros to the male victim of the attack.  

Kemi is a small town, an hour’s drive south of the Arctic Circle, where Ranta first started doing street patrols, insisting they were needed to protect local women and children from what their Finnish Resistance Movement website called “Islamic intruders and threatening migrant rape gangs.

Ranta readily admits to being a neo-Nazi but insists his ideology and membership in the Finnish Resistance Movement has nothing to do with the patrols taking place in the Soldiers of Odin movement he founded. Such claim is absolute garbage based upon the multitude of reports that show the same violence underway through Ranta in Finland is evidenced in every country his movement has rapidly entered other nations of the world.

From inception the Soldiers of Odin in Canada were aware that the group originated in Finland and was founded by Mike Ranta and that he was an avowed White Nationalist and neo-Nazi. The people that joined were drawn to him like ducks to water. 

But like ducks paddling around on a green-algae slime covered Saskatchewan watering hole they cackle away and look around to see where they can get their own web feet up on a rat’s rush mound and assert their right to a favored resting position. There can be some fairly severe ‘pecking order’ problems erupt at times in seeing who becomes king of the rat rush pile. It has been the same with the SoO in Canada. But the ducks still remain ducks no matter which one ascends the quickest and the SoO will always remain neo-Nazis white supremacists. This is the nature of the two species as both are quackers.

Doing the Splits

Fracturing seems to be following the pattern of infighting within the anti-Muslim movement in Canada. On the one hand this is a good thing as it allows for less concerted impact  by the neo-Nazis. But it does also present challenges because of the state of Chaos that erupts which subversive elements such as sharia advocates thrive within. Additionally, under one parent organization it is easier to keep tabs on the neo-Nazis white supremacists who have their own brand of destruction scheduled for us. When these groups fragment, they become both more difficult to track and often some of the factions prove even more extreme than the original parent organization.

Think about this fact: the brevity of time from the founding of the Soldiers of Odin in 2015 in the Northern Finnish town of Kemi to its pan-Canadian presence by the end of 2018 with Chapters in nearly every province.

Grounded in an ideology drawing on Odinist religious symbolism, neo-Nazism, white supremacism, and Europeanist ethno-nationalism, the SoO coalesced around a largely anti-immigrant agenda, particularly targeting Muslim migrants through conducting street patrols and participating in anti-immigrant protests and other forms of public activism. The Soldiers of Odin established Chapters in Canada and the United States in 2016, having passed as a wave through the rest of the Western World. Their general path was through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Ireland. The common element in each one of these nations was Islamic turbulence fomented through the Muslim advancement of sharia and multiplication of their presence in every nation mentioned.

Islam itself was the reason for the rapid advance and growth of the neo-Nazi presence we have observed looking at it from a humanistic position.

But, from the purely Christian perspective the reason for rapid advance has a dual possibility. Jehovah, the God of creation was using the resulting chaos to simply punish errant mankind for the abandonment of his moral directives; or, He was placing mankind in a spiritual crucible of testing through living in conditions that would mature them through having to stand in the face of the pure Nazi and Islamic evils and surmount them both.

Every place the Islamic presence has magnified we have seen increased persecution of Christians and the spread of barbaric sharia patterns and this in itself has turned many toward the neo-Nazi espousal’s as spiritually rotten as they are. However, in the turning toward the white supremacists’ philosophies many entered a cavern of approach avoidance conflict – the deeper they got in the greater was their spiritual repulsion and desire to somehow get out.

Most persons involved in leadership did not even think things through, they simply acted on the same basis that got them into the cavern of approach avoidance to begin with, they operated on the push of emotions and fears and thus the rapid expansion of the SoO was just as rapidly facing fragmentation and leadership changes that split their initial birthing ranks and channels.

This is the reason many Chapters started doing the splits like an ill prepared gymnast tearing themselves up. There was little else that could transpire as you cannot ultimately grow anything positive that continues to gain its sustenance from a cesspool of evil, no matter if the pool is of great depth or shallow.

Evil must be totally purged and walked away from, never looking back or making excuses for one’s actions. Few in the neo-Nazi white supremacist movement have been able to do this, and even fewer have shown themselves capable amid the Islamists. Thus, we continue our downward spiral into increasing Chaos in Canada and Worldwide with all sorts of cultural groups persecuting one another in a great variety of manners.

Persecution of itself is shown to be used of God to cause divisions and separations that spread the seeds of what the persecuted parties are being chased about the landscape for. As the seeds are scattered more and more sprout, take hold and the planting initially desired eradicated just grows stronger and stronger. This principle of division becoming multiplication is clearly shown in the Book of Acts 15:3 – 16:10.

The Church of my Lord Jesus Christ is one church and one body, but composed of many members, each of whom have unique gifts, a unique function, and a unique contribution to the Body. If the Church is to be consistent with its nature and its duty, it must maintain unity while promoting and practicing diversity. This truth is one that is emphasized by Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians but it is a truth that no neo-Nazi group can embrace as they need absolute submission to their own perception of what we know is truly evil to assure their own individual survival.

So, we are now going to look at the results for men that appear simply incapable of turning toward God and observe their spiritual gymnastic contortions called the structural splits and listen to the excuses and whining about the results of their own chosen behaviors. We commence from the province of Quebec that has birthed some of the strongest neo-Nazis while embracing the horde that was simultaneously arising in the Aryan playgrounds of Ontario. While there are ostensibly Chapters in other provinces, the Quebec Chapter is/was considered the largest by far and regarded as the most successful in initially achieving its white supremacist ideals.

For some functional background read > What Far-Right Groups are Active in Quebec? | Special Issue


Le-La Belle Quartet

Introduction – The movement of the extreme right is more visible in Quebec – Published on Tuesday, September 26, 2017   >

“There are about thirty organizations in the far-right movement, some of which are more radical. Police officers who agreed to talk to us on condition of anonymity say they have these groups in their eye. – “We monitor the groups that are displayed and we monitor individuals, said one of these police. They are of interest to us because we want to follow them in their evolution. We especially want to follow those who revolve around these groups. “

“On the territory of Quebec, there are groups such as Atalante, the Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Pegida, Northern Guard, the Federation of Native Quebeckers, the Movement Traditionists du Québec, and militias like the III%.

There are also groups that present themselves as citizen movements, but that the police consider extreme right like La Meute, Storm Alliance and Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens.”

“The police are mainly concerned about the individuals who gravitate around these groups who could become radicalized and commit violent acts. It is feared that individuals will become radicalized by reading hate speech that can be published on the pages of supporters of certain far-right groups.”

Like the far-right groups in Europe, those in Quebec are increasingly thinking of jumping into the political arena. 


Dave Tregget –   as Quebec SoO President and Former National Vice-President

“We are defined as a citizen movement. We want to restore power to citizens. We want politicians to start listening to us again.” 

 Dave Tregget –  as the President and Co-Founder of Storm Alliance

Claims are made that Storm Alliance has 1,300 militants in Quebec. 

‘We’ll be honest, there is a lot of marketing in there. We must sell the cause. We have to make the product interesting because, without the strength of numbers, we’re going nowhere.”

Storm Alliance is also eyeing the political side. “Going to politics it is the people who will decide. We’re working on an election platform right now,” said Dave Tregget.

Now, let us take a look at the stormy mental-moral condition that the man is within.

Tregget Claims and Reality

  1. Claims – “What appealed to me about the SoO was the concept of protecting women and children but not in the sense of walking the street filled with migrants waiting to assault people. It was more like helping women getting out of an abusive relationship or helping children to face their aggressors.”
  2. Reality – But his problem was not in trying to help emotionally weak women. It was in dealing with emotionally strong women who considered him weak and a traitor to their Nazi idealism as was the case with his Quebec Chapter second in Command who replaced him. Katy Latulippe, who became the new acting president of Soldiers of Odin-Quebec stated him to be a coward who only patrolled safe politically correct areas in Quebec City where he was less likely to confront the city’s immigrant population. As for the Quebec City chapter, Mme Latulippe bluntly announced that they were going to return to functioning more in Finland’s image of employing the violence necessary to achieve their goals, and that this methodology was the main reason for which they had first adhered to the Soldiers of Odin.

Further, what ultimately caused Dangling Dave to ultimately flee his great desire to protect women was his greater desire to procure sexual favors from them through his leadership positioning.

“On January 24, 2018 Dave Tregget announced that he’ll be stepping down as the leader of Storm Alliance, one of Quebec’s most popular far-right groups. The announcement was made after graphic screenshots spread through social media, showing what appears to be a number of messages Tregget had sent one woman where he asked her for sexual favors.

The woman in question wrote that Tregget asked her if she had “30 minutes of free time” after she had asked him for help in organizing a protest, screenshots posted to Storm Alliance’s Facebook page allege.

“The allegations against me have been brought up with only one aim in mind, to destroy me, to make me feel worse, and they’re working,” Tregget wrote on Storm Alliance’s Facebook page.

“For legal reasons and to protect Storm Alliance I’m quitting the organization, and will be absent from social media for an indeterminate amount of time, perhaps forever,” the post continued.

The privacy settings on the group Storm Alliance province de Québec have since been changed from public to private. Similar changes have also been made to Dave Tregget’s personal Facebook page.”

I wonder how the intermittent car painter and father of four will now help his own children to face their aggressors. Will he be able to paint them a brighter picture? For certain they will face the taunts of the neo-Nazis about daddy considering sexual favors to be just one of the jerk perks due his position helping women getting out of an abusive relationship.

Perhaps our Dangling Dave had simply forgotten to don his mask and was high on paint fumes when he abrogated his primary ideals and purposes for patrolling the streets? Or it could be he was trying to replicate the Nazi V2 rocket fuel for some seditious purpose in advancing the good old Seig Heil to his own ends and absorbed too much into his white supremacist system.

No Dave, we do not buy your strain or versions of Aryan neo-Nazi crap, no matter how you spread it.

  1. ClaimsThe Quebec branch of SoO was led by Dave Tregget until Dec. 9, 2016 when he was replaced by his second in command, Katy Latulippe. The reasons for Tregget’s departure were unclear. Some say he was kicked out, but Tregget says he quit because of the racist image of Finland. He then went on to form Storm Alliance. – The Eastern Split > Soldiers of Odin splinter in Canada over ‘racist agenda’.

“I don’t give too much importance to critics. We’re here to help Canadians in need. I’m conscious that with my past involvement with the SoO won’t help but hopefully in time this will be behind us. I thought my actions would have spoken louder than words in SoO, I truly think we’re going be able to do it in Storm Alliance.

Bill Daniels says that I’m an excellent leader and that my vision for the SoO is (or was) the way to go, but suddenly upon leaving I became a traitor. I think they tried to discredit me because they were afraid of the backlash of me leaving, but the damage is done. I left because of a leadership that doesn’t represent the majority and always goes against majority votes. I fought for months to clean up the SoO’s image in Canada which was suffering from Finland’s reputation and no, it wasn’t a front. I really believed that in Canada we could have done something different.

  1. Reality –  Labeled a traitor to the SoO when he founded Storm Alliance, Dangling Dave was simply carrying on with his personal Empire building.  As President in the Quebec SoO and National Vice-President he thought he was a much larger frog in the white supremacist pond than he actually was. He truly believed he was popular and that the SoO leadership were ‘afraid of the backlash of me leaving’. The backlash was but a ripple in the swampland of the white supremacist movement. There was far greater backlash over his womanizing than his attempt to elevate himself to the position of reigning SoO National King Coast to Coast.

In trying to establish the Kingdom of Tregget he downplayed the links between the Finnish and Quebec branches of the group to try to gain support of more moderate elements of which he thought there was a much larger recruitment base. While Tregget was busy building his own little empire through ‘popularity measures, he was also running afoul of the National leadership as well as the movement’s International leaders in Finland. He made the major mistake of setting aside the group’s hard-line roots respecting migrants and immigration for the prospect of growing its membership in Quebec to increase his personal sway Nationally. 

Democracy Driven Dave was desperate in trying to find excuse for his role in the structural splits through claiming the biggest concern of the majority of leaders and myself was of a president (Joel Angott) who doesn’t respect majority votes.

I must interject here. When was the Nazis movement under Adolf Hitler ever truly a democratic movement? It never was and in fact it functioned under a very rigid hierarchy just as does the Soldiers of Odin. Tregget was at odds with Joel Angott because of leadership positioning, not because of democratic processes not being adhered to. In fact, Joel Angott was hypocritically laying claim to being ‘anti-Finish violence’ based and seeking separation from the Mike Ranta elements at this same time.

“When the group first emerged in Canada, it was very quickly identified by law enforcement and community groups as right-wing extremism, on the basis of its shared name and iconography with the Finnish group. The Canadian founder and President, Joel Angott, sought to dispel this conception, claiming that “What they do over in Finland and in Europe, they have all sorts of different issues altogether. That’s not really what we are. We’re an independent charter of Soldiers of Odin; we’re a community watch group.” In Canadian chapters, there was (and still is) a constant effort to control the public image of the group, restricting discussion with the media and ensuring that public Facebook pages be devoid of white supremacist or otherwise inflammatory rhetoric. Angott even went as far as to claim that the group’s name was a tribute to its foundation in Gimli, Manitoba, a town with Icelandic heritage, and not a sign of adherence to the values of the Finnish branch.”

And Tregget felt the group’s success in Quebec depended on his softening its anti-immigration image -“We’re Canadian, and Canada was based on immigration so we cannot be against it,” Tregget said.

But right-wing Extremism has been on the rise in Canada. Prior to the emergence of the SoO in Canada there were on average 3.3 violent attacks committed every year since 2001 by white supremacist movements. There has been steadily increased presence of a large number of groups with white supremacist, and/or Islamophobic and anti-migrant orientations throughout the country since 2001. There has also been and increase of violent attacks. In more recent years there has been a mainstreaming of right-wing extremism in Canadian politics as known neo-Nazi activists have sought to enter political processes and influence political discourse.


  1. Claims – “As to SoO actions, at least in Canada, nothing negative has ever been done towards migrants. I would never have tolerated neither would the majority of leaders and members. The SoO in Canada has only been involved in charity and community events.
  2. RealityThe SoO group spread to Canada as early as March 2016 with its initial chapter reportedly established in Gimli, Manitoba. There is widespread use of Nazi symbolism in official Soldiers of Odin Facebook groups and club houses. Further, the combination of violent anti-immigrant rhetoric and vigilante street patrols creates a risk for targeted violence against immigrants and non-white citizens, particularly Muslims. Additionally, the presence of clear links to organised criminal groups such as the Hells Angels may lead to ideologically-motivated violence. Many members of the SoO openly support fire-arms de-regulation in Canada which, when combined again with a modus operandi based on street patrols and overt rhetoric targeting specific groups of people, implies a significant potential for violence.

With the current Speaker of the House of Commons claiming the 2019 election political scene is so explosive he fears assassination attempts, it might be best Trudeau practices dodging bullets.  Kill Trudeau >

In Quebec – “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confronted by Matthieu Brien, 31, during a visit to a Quebec’s Fete National holiday celebration in Montreal, Saturday, June 23, 2018.  The man arrested during a confrontation with Justin Trudeau in June says he’s running to become the Bloc Québécois candidate in the prime minister’s riding and he can count on support from Quebec’s far right.

Storm Alliance — which has staged rallies at the Canada-U.S. border to “protect” Quebecers from refugee claimants — sent a delegation to the campaign launch of Matthieu Brien Wednesday.” >  Far-right group supports federal bid of Trudeau heckler Matthieu Brien…

In Quebec“A protest by Storm Alliance, a Quebec-based group that describes itself as “ultra-nationalistic,” temporarily shut down a portion of the Canadian-American border on Saturday afternoon.  Storm Alliance is probably best known for staging rallies at the Lacolle border crossing in response to a recent influx of refugee claimants. Some members wear black masks and clash with counter-demonstrators who frequently outnumber the group.” > An Anti-Immigration Protest Closed a Quebec Border Crossing for…

In Hamilton – “Soldiers of Odin — a group critics denounce as a racist hate group that is anti-Muslim and anti-immigration — is setting up in Hamilton.”

The group’s bylaws lament: “Between the allowing of illegal aliens into this country and giving them the ability to vote and drive, accepting refugees from countries that hate us while Canadians are on the streets, releasing confirmed terrorists back to their organizations to cause more harm against Canada, and demonizing anything that has to do with European culture to try and create racial tensions to turn citizens on one another; we as Soldiers of Odin realize that it is time to take back our streets,” the document says.

So, Matthew Green, Ward 3 city councillor, doesn’t buy their benevolence claims. The group is associated with anti-Muslim and anti-immigration sentiments, and hate speech, he said. He wants them to move on.

“I’m sure if you were to ask members of the KKK if they were a benevolent organization, they’d use the same type of logic and reason,” he said.  >  Controversial Soldiers of Odin group organizing in Hamilton

In Edmonton –   The Soldiers of Odin are dubbed an ‘extreme anti-refugee group patrolling Edmonton streetsBrian Curry, purports to be the Soldiers of Odin Edmonton chapter’s vice-president.

While some see them as protectors, others consider them glaring examples of the worst in society. 

Irfan Chaudhry teaches criminology at MacEwan University and studies online hate crimes at the University of Alberta. “When it comes to racism, actions speak louder than words, said Irfan Chaudhry.

“It’s obviously veiled, but it’s very transparent in terms of what they’re actually trying to do. It does definitely have anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, anti-coloured folk sentiment that does fuel a lot of the rhetoric,” Chaudhry said.

“At the end of the day, these groups are coming together because of what they perceive to be an infestation of other groups.”  Chaudhry said intimidation is certainly a goal of patrols such as these.

The ADL is blunt in its assessment of the group: “An examination of the members and supporters of Soldiers of Odin USA leaves no room for doubt: though not all such adherents of the group are white supremacists or bigots, so many of them clearly are that the Soldiers of Odin can easily be considered a hate group.”

The report said there are four typical types of members of the Soldiers of Odin: white supremacists, Norse pagans, anti-Muslim bigots and anti-government extremists.”

In Vancouver > The images of Soldiers of Odin (SoO) that have made the news and been circulated across the Internet are far from flattering. They show members of the club – which has been labeled racist, extremist and Islamophobic – engaged in violence with anti-racist protesters. 

I believe even these few reports show the meaninglessness of Dave Tregget stating “nothing negative has ever been done towards migrants. I would never have tolerated neither would the majority of leaders and members. The SoO in Canada has only been involved in charity and community events.”

Sylvain Brouillette – Le Meute

“The Pack is a citizen group of political pressures, so we do not attack people. We do not want to intimidate people. We are attacking policies and decisions made by politicians.”

The Pack, which denounces illegal immigration and radical Islam, would have around 50,000 subscribers in social networks, according to the spokesman for La Meute Sylvain Brouillette.

The movement is growing. The dominant regions are the Laurentides, Saguenay which is very strong, the greater region of Quebec, Montérégie and Estrie. Identity and nationalism are stronger in the region too.

La Meute does not hide that she wants to get involved politically. “I think La Meute is positioning itself as a must in the political atmosphere in Quebec,” explains Sylvain Brouillette. We will be getting more and more involved as the 2018 election campaign goes. “

“We must have an impact to attract attention. It’s a question of marketing. If we want to position ourselves in the political market, we are a citizen group, we want our logo to be recognized and known”. In response to this – Maxime Fiset of the Center for the Prevention of Radicalization states -“The Pack attracts a lot of people, from the most extreme to the least extremist. In the most extreme extremes, we are currently monitoring some of them who have a fairly high operational capacity, who possess weapons and who sometimes have blatantly genocidal remarks, and who are members of La Meute with impunity.” >  Inside Quebec’s far right: Part 1 – La MeuteQuebec’s charter of values, revisited

Sebastien Poirrier – PEDIGA

Fragmentation of the Soldiers of Odin in the Skinhead movement of Quebec lead to high volatility and ideological diversion from Quebec nationalism to the promotion of pure white supremacist violence. There is as well a significant overlap between the SoO and biker gangs and other organized criminal groups in Quebec.

And, like the far-right groups in Europe, the far-right groups in Quebec are increasingly thinking of jumping into the political arena. Sébastien Poirier, the leader of the Mouvement Traditioniste du Québec is one such person functioning under Pegida-Québec. This is the Quebec branch of Pegida, a group from Germany, which is anti-immigration and anti-Islam and fully supports the creation of the political party- the Mouvement Traditioniste du Québec.

The leader of the party, Sébastien Poirier, has already begun to launch his political platform, stating his electoral program is ready. “We are aiming to close the borders with respect to illegal immigration, greatly reduce, or even completely eliminate the influx of refugees that in fact threatens Quebec culture in the long term,” says Mr. Poirier.

He finds great support in the SoO ranks for his designs with such characters as Muddled Mike Montague.

Mike Montague Muddled Mike Montague was SoO Canada National Public Relations Commanding Officer/ERT until he made claims that infighting of the less than faithful leadership had become too much for him and he suddenly stepped down.

No more ‘ludicrous public relations postings’ would be gracing the web due to his efforts. Such things as posted in his video concerning the Toronto event like repeatedly stating George Soros was paying for their opposition to be present and that glitter bombs were showing up laced with LSD evidenced the shadows of his mind.

However, as National Spokesperson our Muddled Mike Man was arguably the most visible member of the group. As well, it was his employment of Social media methodology (SMM), not his personal content postings, that undoubtedly contributed to new and revitalized forms of SoO civic engagement.

Social Media Methodology also empowered SoO actors with vehement explicitly undemocratic and anti-inclusive agendas to use the internet to “spread propaganda, preach to the unconverted, and make use of it as a means of intimidating political adversaries.” The internet with its anonymity, lack of regulation, and accessibility to young audiences make it ideal for the diffusion of racist and xenophobic ideologies.

Thus, while extremist organizations may be small in number, in the online public space the use of links between sites within a network help to create a collective identity, forging a stronger sense of community and purpose, which can convince even the most ardent extremist that he is not alone, that his views are not, in fact, extreme at all. It is through such building of a collective identity for the white supremacist neo-Nazi movement that we see its dramatic advances and growth.”

It is in the creation of the solidified collective identity that emerged from East to West through characters such as Muddled Mike that we see in actuality how important such nut-bars actually are to the neo-Nazis cause.

Shifting from the Quebec front lines we encounter all the same basic rhetoric, propensity toward violence and terms of endearment for the white supremacist neo-Nazis ideals that permeate the Soldiers of Odin in Canada and worldwide. The ducks may have some slight variations in coloring of feathers, but they truly are all quackers as stated prior.

This video gives you the SoO Heart of Northern Ontario >


Shawn Le Guerrier, age 27, was charged with two counts of mischief for breaking windows in an Ottawa mosque and Islamic Care Center. He was also charged with one count of assaulting police officers. (April 14, 2017) He is a repeat offender, being arrested twice in the same month outside the same Mosque.

He subscribes to white nationalist beliefs and runs in a crowd tied to the Soldiers of Odin. He utters threats and advocates violent confrontations with antifa as part of the dueling mobs we see pitting neo-Nazis, Communists and pro-Muslim elements against one another.

Shawn McBeath – April 1, 2017 was with the Soldiers of Odin at the Anti-Muslim Protests and Counter-Protests in Toronto.

The Soldiers of Odin initiated physical violence to assert themselves as soon as they got to the square and Shawn was one those arrested for assaulting a counter-protester.”

He is the person shown kneeing the man in the head in the introductory photo. Given that members and supporters were urging the carrying of weapons to the protest should make one glad that Shawn was only using his physical attributes.

With his violence and affinity for biker gangs like the Nomads his actions should give you some cause for concern and stimulus to remaining alert. The disruption of anti-racist protests has become an established tactic for SoO in Canada with the instances at the end of March 2017. This continues to raise the prospects of escalating violence nationwide.

The Ontario East Division

Arran Taylor > Ontario East Division, supports biker gangs.

“Many members of the Soldiers of Odin support fire-arm deregulation in Canada because of needs of ‘personal security’. Facebook images of SoO members firing rifles are rather common, as are images claiming a personal commitment to combat crime. In other words, combined with their targeted hate rhetoric, the presence of a clear appreciation for fire-arms for personal use among a significant section of the membership should be of concern. Secondly, a significant section of the SoO membership also expresses support for criminal biker gangs such as the Hells Angels. While mere support of gangs of this sort is not illegal in itself and does not per se indicate a support for violence, the intertwining of criminal organisations and right-wing extremism should be of concern. The structure of SoO chapters – with a chapter president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant-at-arms – is also highly reminiscent of biker gangs, as are the bylaws which emphasise the respect for the group’s “colors” and elaborate a path for prospective membership. Finally, similar to biker gangs, the SoO uses patches worn on jackets to indicate membership; we have seen at least one instance of a new member referring to himself as a “full patch.”

As to buddy Arran, at one point he admitted to theft of $700.00 that had been set aside for members’ “gear” which resulted in his temporarily leaving or being kicked out of the SoO. Bill Daniels later covered the $700.00 so that Taylor could remain in the SoO leadership hierarchy. 

Lee Marazzo is also a big biker fan, but there are often quite sharp differences between provincial chapters and even chapters within the same province. The rank-and-file SoO members are generally connected to other members of their local chapters, but have limited connections to other provinces. This was particularly significant in Québec, where most of the members are isolated from the rest of the network. Part of this might be due to a language barrier – the Québec SoO seem to operate mainly in French – but there are also differences in operational style and rhetoric which three public Facebook groups indicate. These three groups are “Soldiers of Odin Québec Support”C-77, “Soldiers of Odin Northern Ontario Support”C-78, and “Patriots of Unity Regina Support.”C-79.

The groups from Regina and Northern Ontario show a combination of anti-crime, xenophobic and community service postings. In the case of Regina, a particular emphasis was put on snow removal efforts – where SoO members would shovel snow on behalf of citizens – as well as on images from patrols. In the Northern Ontario group, again, anti-immigrant posts are present alongside a focus on community action – here, drives collecting empty beer bottles and cans for charity are particularly highlighted. However, they don’t highlight the fact that Claude Torma was temporarily kicked out of leadership for stealing $40.00 from the Northern Ontario chapter.

The Québec group, meanwhile, was largely devoid of any posts about community action; rather, it was filled with reports of crimes committed by immigrants, anti-Islamic or anti-immigrant rhetoric, and announcements about upcoming protests and marches. Therefore, the relative distance between the Québec chapters and the rest of the Canadian network may show some ideological differences, with the Quebec wing being more militant and open about its far-right rhetoric. But all are confirmed neo-Nazis in their ultimate desires to implement a new ordering in the Canadian political scene.

Brandon Vaughan is a case in himself. He is already known by local radical militants as maybe the most reactionary person in the area, hailing from a hardcore loyalist protestant family. Based on a simple glance of his Facebook it seems like there isn’t one hardcore reactionary group he doesn’t proudly support, whether it’s the Jewish Defence League terrorists, the loyalists in Northern Ireland or the Ku Klux Klan. In CTV video report from the March 21st rally, he is seen confronting an antifa member and calling him “Fenian bastard” as an insult to foment confrontation.

Kyle Zomgee Traveled to our opening group photo op to support them on April 1, 2017.

Kyle Zomgee, who lives in Aylmer and who has since deleted his Facebook profile, is a straight-up neo-Nazi. The pictures he has posted however leave no doubt about his ideology.

Further, he has a YouTube channel under the same name where he uploads some of the sickest white supremacist dogma you will encounter. From what he posts it would seem he must have a bloodline relationship with Travis Patrons’ sexually sick psychopathic media associate Jean Michael Gariepy.

Charlene O’Farrell, the founder of the Facebook group Canadians United 4 Canada has posted her unreserved support for the Soldiers of Odin (SoO). Centered from Hamilton, Ontario and claiming 2130 Facebook followers she seems intent on convincing them that the SoO are not racist skinheads and just want to protect Canada and all that we hold dear from the Jihadists storming our gates.

“As some of you know I have respect for what the Soldiers of Odin is doing over in Finland. I have been in contact with the group in Quebec and they support my (OUR) cause and I support what they are going to be out doing.

Before you pass judgment on them give them a chance to prove they are not about racism or hate. They are about protecting Canada and us women, children and even men who cannot defend themselves from being attacked or raped if this should happen here in Canada. They don’t just protect but they also involve socially to help the less fortunate.

They are not skinheads like some of you may think but just normal people like you and I. They are wiling to put their life on the line to protect us from what could happen here in Canada. I also would not be scared of being attacked at a rally if they had my back. This is about uniting for a cause and making sure Canada stays safe.”

Linked to O’Farrell we have – “The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) began in Finland as a vigilante group ostensibly formed to protect women from sexual harassment and assault from the country’s immigrant and minority population. Though they claim not to be racist, the founder of the SoO has links to the far-right Finish Resistance movement as well as a conviction for a racially motivated assault. In fact, all the men who have been registered as representatives of the “officers” of the Soldiers of Odin, have criminal convictions for such crimes as assault, theft, robbery and fraud.

The Soldiers of Odin leader Mikia ‘Beach’ Ranta was convicted of assaulting immigrants in 2005. The Beach and his friends attacked two immigrants in a restaurant. They beat both victims and one had his hand broken, Journal says. Beach has also been sentenced for other offenses, including possession of a gun and blade chain in a public place. The offences were racially motivated just as the Beach is racially motivated as a neo-Nazi in all his activities.

The founder of Canadians United 4 Canada also expresses great concern about Christian persecution in Muslim countries, but ironically states strong support for the musical group Burzum. Vikernes was the founder and lead singer of Burzum and is a convicted murderer.  On 16 May 1994, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison (Norway’s maximum penalty) for the murder of the man Euronymous, the arson of three churches, the attempted arson of a fourth church, and for the theft and storage of 150 kg of explosives.”

Our Charlene O’Farrell appears to be morally and spiritually curbed and very limp brained judgmentally, which leads one to the conclusion that so are her Facebook followers.

How many were actually celebrating the first anniversary of the SoO in Sault Ste Marie?  >



WhiteyDerek Basque is originally from New Brunswick where he recruited for his own racist group, but he now appears to be residing in Quebec.

He was one of the more memorable figures in the New Brunswick movement with a long association with the Canadian neo-Nazi movement.

Basque is sporadically active on the internet American based hate forum Stormfront under the handle Borum.

Here is Basque with some neo-Nazi buddies in 2009  – Tim Fischer, Derek Basque, Jason Stiles, (D.R.) and Sam Gaudet.

Jason Stiles and Paul Fromm-Same event stupidity.

Kory Nowles is another of Derek Basque’s buddies and a strong adherent-proponent of the American ‘Creativity Movement’. (COTC)

“The Creativity Movement was one of the most notorious hate groups in the 1990s, gaining publicity for its rapid growth and the violent incidents with which it was associated. Originally founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 as Church of the Creator, the organization fell into disarray in the mid-1990s following the criminal convictions of several of its members, the suicide of Klassen in 1993 and a successful lawsuit brought by the family of a Gulf War veteran murdered in 1991 by a COTC member. In 1996, COTC was reborn as WCOTC with the emergence of the young law school graduate Matt Hale as its leader. Hale’s publicity skills, his unsuccessful battle to obtain his law license in Illinois, and a two-state shooting spree by follower Benjamin Smith in July 1999 that left two dead and nine wounded, all kept the WCOTC in the headlines in more recent years.

But in November 2002, the WCOTC lost a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by the Te-Ta-Ma Truth Foundation, which had successfully trademarked the name “Church of the Creator” years ago. A federal judge ordered the WCOTC to stop using its name, to give up its Web addresses, and to turn over all printed material bearing its name. Hale refused to comply with the order and in January 2003 arrived for a contempt of court hearing when he was arrested for having solicited the judge’s murder.”  All of this is simply reflective of the spirit indwelling the SoO.


The Soldiers of Odin (SoO) Wild West Weeds


Manitoba resident Joel Angott was authorized by Ranta’s original Finnish chapter to begin the operations of Soldiers of Odin Canada. But after its founding, Joel Angott as the national president of the Soldiers of Odin Canada was reported on thus: “The Soldiers of Odin Canada claims it’s independent and denies any links to neo-Nazi groups and biker gangs. On his Facebook page, Soldiers of Odin national president Joel Angott said “it is our hope that in time citizens of all races and religions come to see the peaceful nature of our activities.”

But the role of SoO networks in political violence had become well recognized by this time. And it is clear that the Soldiers of Odin is a group which is built around a rigid hierarchy, rather than from the ground up. Leaders provide links to other sections of the group, while rank-and-file members tend to be locally based and communicate mainly with members of their own local chapters.

Here is a partial list of Soldiers of Odin Manitoba: Dave Soo TregOcto, Joel Angott, Andy Venn, Roland Claeys, Robert Miller, Joe MacDonald, Jesse N Jocelyn, Greg Iverson, Remy Perreault, Steve McNally, Shane Stevens, Suzzane Girard Roy, Patrick Chapdelaine, Leslie Wieler, Jason Bannister, Derrick Mallette, Bill Whitfield, Sean Jennings, John Vandenberg, Jarrod Patzer, Niall Moline, Chris Verhegge, Rodney Burnell and Christian Lamb.

From his Manitoba base Joel Angott told CBC News that The Soldiers of Odin Canada may share the same name as the anti-refugee and anti-immigration group formed in Finland, but he claims its mission statement is anything but the same. But Angott was directly connected to the Finnish Movement; and the Finnish movement was very obviously connected to neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements through the person of the founder, ’The Beach’ Ranta.

What was evolving at this time was the leadership struggles being evidenced through Dave Tregget and other members who designated themselves, or desired to designate themselves as the official leaders of the Soldiers of Odin Canada. The timeframe was one of establishing the ideological collaboration and operational consistency of the SoO in Canada and to a high degree this has been attained.

To secure positioning in Canada some leaders tried the ploy of claiming to distance themselves from the violence methodology of their Finnish counterparts. Others stressed they were in opposition to any form of racism or discrimination clearly evidenced by Ranta and troops. This only added fuel to the fire of tumultuous relationship leadership struggles underway between the Canadian chapters. But, out of this there rapidly emerged a cementing, a consolidation of Canadian membership ties to the Finnish leadership and their hard-core white supremacist neo-Nazi practices and beliefs.

So, the statement of Joel Angott, as President of the Soldiers of Odin Canada, that the group is only looking to serve its communities in the form of a neighborhood watch group — picking up garbage, cleaning up city parks and reporting crime to local law enforcement – is nothing more than duplicitous garbage being spread to advance their Aryan political cause.

Further, National president Joel Angott and the issue of SoO ties to motorcycle gangs was clouded by the fact that Angott only polled members of his personal Manitoba chapter before stating as national leader that the majority of the SoO were in favor forging such ties as a means of ending the debate. This action caused more SoO Canada internal leadership problems as the SoO was supposed to operate on a democratic basis allowing provincial leaders to vote on various issues and proposed policy changes.

Joel Angott and his allies essentially ignored voting or votes that didn’t go in their favor and simply set aside the rules that had been established for the governance of the SoO. They would simply do as they wished and then institute cover-ups in whatever manner they felt justified to do so. This was recognizable in the manner Angott and Associates dealt with the ties to Ranta and Finland.

Ryan Ward – President, Soldiers of Odin, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s branch of Soldiers of Odin is mainly based out of Estevan, where its provincial leaders reside, but it also has chapters in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Humboldt and Weyburn.

In Saskatchewan the high density of First Nations, Metis and new immigrant population made it absolutely a priority for the SoO to attempt to dispel the truth about their racist agendas. 

But the fragmentation of the membership of the SoO Canada was tumultuous as groups were splintering and dividing. In December 2016, the former Québec president and national vice-president Dave Tregget left to found his splinter group, Storm Alliance.

And former SoO member William Crotty, labeled as being a traitor to his office as President of the Alberta chapter also split. He took out his Guardians of Alberta, claiming to break with the SoO movement over the racist overtones of the movement.

And, in February 2017 the Saskatchewan chapters, led by David Tierney and Ryan Ward, also quit the SoO to reconstitute as the Patriots of Unity, but they borrowed almost verbatim the SoO bylaws from the Finnish chapters of the SoO. They were not disassociating from racism, but were trying to establish a pretense of doing so. In reality the violence of the Finns was being reasserted and not diminished through the claimed reason for separations and splits. 


David Tierney – Saskatchewan SoO Co-President

The Soldiers of Odin, more than previous violent Aryan groups in Canada, seeks to explicitly tie themselves to a global movement, in this example through allegiance to the Finnish leadership ideals and methodology of Ranta.

In March of 2016 the Estevan chapter was founded and Estevan was home to provincial Co-presidents Travis Stovin and David Tierney. But, by February of 2017 Tierney and Stovin had withdrawn from the SoO and formed the Patriots of Unity.

If Tierney had any genuine differences with Ranta it could only surround money issues that arose through others as they were of the same mindset in their Aryan desires and methods of achieving them. The national leadership of the SoO had decided that they would start collecting dues from members having never previously done so. These dues were being submitted to SoO National President Joel Angott and a portion of the money collected was then supposedly to be sent to Ranta in Finland. It appears that Tierney had conflicts with how Angott was carrying out ‘leadership roles in general’ as he would never deprive his Ranta Role Models of necessary cash to get their jobs done.

David Alan Tierney is truly a man cast in the image of Mikas ‘Beach’ Ranta. A few months after co-founding the Patriots of Unity he was facing a number of charges after law enforcement raided his home in Estevan.

Police seized six firearms, eight containers of Tannerite explosives, approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition, one pair of brass knuckles, 220 grams of marijuana, six grams of psilocybin mushrooms and an undisclosed amount of cash. Tierney was already under a court order not to possess firearms, ammunition or explosives.

Such circumstance does not trouble a man like Ranta so why should it trouble him? Tierney sees himself as the realist and to prove his point posted a graphic image of a severed head to Facebook with the caption – “When is the last time you saw a photo of anyone but a Muslim holding a human head?”

When I set aside the imagery of the shrunken heads that used to be elevated by the Amazon natives I must in all honesty state that I have never seen anyone but a Muslim doing such. And in this past decade for a certainty I have seen no one but followers of Islam proudly making such display. I have to agree that Tierney is a realist in some matters, but he certainly is not a role model for any sane person to emulate.  > Former co-president of Sask. Soldiers of Odin facing explosives…

Travis Stovin and some of his Estevan home boys.

With the announcement by David Tierney and Travis Stovin in February of 2017 that they were taking the entire Saskatchewan chapter out of the SoO there erupted a barrage of posturing and threats of recrimination from current members and leadership in the SoO, especially emanating out of British Columbia which is perhaps the most politically active chapter in Canada. Thus, there remains the possibility of violent reprisals and counter reprisals amid what is basically a band of criminal misfits whose actions will continue to slop over in Saskatchewan and Western Canada in general. Perhaps Travis Stovin will lead the motley crew in a mass attack on taxi passengers in the near future, eh? It’s a venture he is qualified for having been the man who assaulted a fellow passenger in a taxi in 2013. 

Moose Jaw

Jody Issel was connected to the Aryan Guard and a fairly long-time associate with the racist gang. He also made his personal racist views a very well published public matter at the time he tried to start up an unauthorized chapter of the Aryan Nations’ in Saskatchewan.

Issel claimed he didn’t wish to insult the SoO through the start up but that he was not, “willing to censor himself to match the level of Political Correctness of SoO Canada”. This was a pretty nasty burn considering the “alt-right” and groups such as the Soldiers of Odin view “political correctness” in the same way a person in prison views being called a goof. His efforts didn’t pan out so well with Canadian leadership and he ultimately threw in his lot for a period with Kyle McKee and the Aryan Guard in Calgary, attending at least one of their “White Pride Day” marches.

But, the national leadership of the SoO were well aware of Issel’s views and that they contradicted their groups necessary public claim to be opposed to racism. However, they merely asked him to clean up his profile so that he didn’t appear to the public as a racist.

This is what the SoO parent organization has to say about itself and any upstarts trying to employ its name. > Soldiers of Odin Official Channel – YouTube


Derek Niedermayer 

In April 2016 the Regina chapter was founded and was home to Derek Niedermayer the 26-year-old initial leader. Derek is a good example of the supposedly dedicated patriots patrolling the streets of Saskatchewan while facing down and fighting the forces of crime.

Most of the characters involved with the Saskatchewan SoO were rural working-class men in their mid to late 20s with a variety of criminal histories. For example, Derek was sentenced in 2014 for an armed robbery he committed in 2011, but he was on day parole by October of 2014 and preparing to don his crime fighters costume with the SoO. 


Branden Kennedy is another dedicated SoO patriot fighting the forces of evil around the province of Saskatchewan as leader of the Lloydminster chapter. This border line gangster was part of an armed stand-off against the RCMP in 2012 and supposedly ultimately turned to fighting crime as their eyes, going where they could not go on street patrols in 2017. 

I have been unable to locate a photo of the egghead or his current location. A little slow on the draw like his SoO associates, he may have simply followed a Neil Young drug induced pathway to some sanctuary in Alberta. > Neil Young – Four Strong Winds [w/ lyrics] Or, perhaps he has overdosed and hopefully has become just dust in the wind. >



We enter into what has been called Canadian Red Neck Country to do a little fishing for our SoO fly by night crew.  We start by trying the Soldiers of Odin Edmonton Recruitment Video bait as they lure suckers into their net. Take care – this is a well-done presentation and does get many fish to swallow the hook, the line and the sinker.

David Troute – is a wheel chair warrior, a quadriplegic internet key board sniper operating in the electronic kill zone of the Soldiers of Odin.

From Okotoks, Alberta and now over the age of 50 David claims himself to be a loving father, a devoted husband, a great uncle, a great friend, and having a great head on his shoulders that has never let his disability stop him from enjoying life.

The paragons of civic pride, David Troute and his legs Ryan Dean left the Alberta branch last fall to found the Guardians of Alberta (GOA). Troute told the Edmonton Examiner that he objected to the neo-Nazi ties of Soldiers of Odin’s founders. Meanwhile, his Facebook is replete with references to “Jihadi Justin” Trudeau and warnings such as “Muslims on the rise in Calgary!”

Troute is foremost a propagandist and valuable to the SoO in trying to disguise and hide their overt racism. He proved valuable in doing such when the Guardians of Alberta splintered from the internationally-organized anti-refugee group, citing the racist overtones in the latter group’s upper echelons and its ties to neo-Nazi organizations.

David Troute claims he has between 30 and 50 members. But he also claims that the Finnish and Canadian chapter leadership had a problem with him because he is a quadriplegic. He reinforces this with claims to also having a black and indigenous ancestry and his practicing of Buddhism.

His critics are highly skeptical of all the mans claims and rightfully so, as the Nazi Ryan Dean, co-founder of the Guardians of Alberta, while able to overlook the wheel chair, is certainly incapable of ‘partnering with a nigger or Indian lover’ and makes such views well known.

But, groups like the Troute Troubadours have learned to be media savvy to avoid the negative associations with their aims that will hold back their entrenchment and political advance. They shift the debate surrounding their realistic positioning and employ formats of coded language with one another. For example, they will lay claim that all cultures are special and necessary to Canada, and that ‘We only want to protect cultural diversity by keeping immigrants out of our country who cannot assimilate to our culture.’ But the truth of their actions and web postings is that they are vehemently and violently opposed to multiculturalism.

The Guardians of Alberta, by the admission of their leaders and their recruitment materials, seem to disagree with the idea of Canada as a cultural mosaic. A recruitment post Ryan Dean made on the Edmonton Examiner’s website uses some particularly charged language like “giving illegal aliens the right to vote and drive” and “accepting refugees from countries that hate us.” But actions speak louder than words and the Guardians of Alberta have certainly shown their true colors in partnering up with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and participating in their events. The Alberta splits > Guardians of Alberta’s split from Soldiers of Odin shows a lack…

Ryan Dean as the Vice-president of the Guardians of Alberta has served as David Troute’s pain free legs running about fomenting Finnish style methodology in dealing with immigrants. He was an active participant in a number of anti-Muslims/anti-refugee/anti-immigrant rallies that took place during the spring and summer of 2017 in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and a few other locations in partnership with the WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) and other activist groups.

Dean is a gregarious groupie in advancing the Aryan Agenda. He first came up on radical radar as a member of the Alberta Soldiers of Odin. He then became the Vice-president of the Guardians of Alberta before forming his own nativist group the Canadian Combat Coalition.

Dean managed to see the Canadian Combat Coalition expand into Ontario but this expansion ultimately resulted in Dean’s expulsion from the group  he had originated, Not to be thwarted in his determination to lead the battle in the manner he believed it needed to be fought he then formed the North American Freedom Fighters. From this point onward he appears to have spent much of his time taking erratic media pot shots, sniping at the Ontario Canadian Combat Coalition and creating false news stories to foment social-political unrest.

“One thing Ryan Dean has become well known for is creation of fake web posts in an effort to undermine the people he feels have wronged him or the movement he is a part of. But because he is really good at making enemies across the spectrum, Dean is as likely to target his fellow bigots as he is anti-fascists with these often very transparent efforts.”

But this is not a fake news story. This is Joey DeLuca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam. This is what Ryan Dean and all those he associates with are truly about. This is why the claims of David Troute are posturing white supremacist garbage. Would I sound ‘cruel’ if I were to say “put a lid on the Troute Gimp and bury him in the Okotoks landfill where he will never again see the light of day”?  I don’t think so. > WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, Soldiers of Odin, and Others…

De Luca and his confederates staged a protest at Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer, Alberta based on a claim that Syrian students were beating up Canadian kids and were not being punished because those Syrian students were, “acting within their faith” and that they needed to be tolerated. So – Welcome to Alberta.

A rational person would question this claim, particularly when the school stated that all involved were punished. But then we aren’t talking about rational people here, whether it is amid the white supremacists or the Muslims.


 William ‘The Crotch’ Crottyhas been the President of the Alberta chapter of the SoO and also was labeled as a traitor for splitting with the group during the 2017 Summer of Odin’s Discontent.

Once again, papers posted a claim to the break being over the racist overtones of the movement. One thing newspaper thugs, Antifa thugs, Aryan thugs, Muslim thugs, KKK thugs and thugs of every political persuasion have in common is this – they truly believe that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes acceptable truth. This attitude has been given the Modern Mind Dictionary definition of ‘the Justin Trudeau assured pathway to assuming and maintaining political control’. It originates from the Latin root of vomitus crapaloticus and first recorded deployment is stated as being during the days when Nero was Caesar of the burning Roman Empire.

How all this logically fits in with Odin the Norse God of War and William Crotty I am uncertain. Similarly, I am uncertain why an actual photograph of ‘The Crotch’ is not locatable in the newspaper thug reports of the days in question?

Tyson Hunt should hang.

Tyson Hunt – President of the SoO Canada shut the Edmonton chapter down because of the unwanted media coverage the group had gotten from incidences like the Pub Night. But nothing really changed except for the re-branding to the new name of Canadian Infidels and Tyson’s removal from the SoO in October 2018.

Tyson Hunt, the former president of the Soldiers of Odin Canada, told VICE that the leaders of the Canadian chapters asked for him to be removed after the Edmonton group caught a wave of bad press. Hunt said that his new group would be conducting similar activities as the Soldiers of Odin, including the street patrols.  He said he was “more than happy” to stop being a Soldier of Odin because he was starting to question their views on racism. Hunt denied that he or his new group, the Canadian Infidels, are racist. But Tyson’s new group is also part of what they call the Canadian Patriotic Alliance which is a coalition of far-right anti-Muslim groups in Alberta.

Duncan Kinney, the executive director of Progress Alberta, a left-wing organization stated:

“It’s been a culmination of a really rough six weeks for this group. They’ve been run out of the Boyle McCauley community in Edmonton by a bunch of activists, they got caught consorting with UCP candidates, forcing official leader of the opposition himself, Jason Kenney, to describe them as a hate group,” said Kinney. “I think everyone wins when a group like this disbands and is on the ropes like it is right now.”

“The fact that these people are too bad at their jobs to even be a part of the Soldiers of Odin is hilarious and something that needs to be noted.”

Perhaps what should be noticed from the article >  Soldiers of Odin Edmonton Chapter Shuts Down, Rebrands As… is that Tyson simply re-branded and has carried on more hard core than prior. The Soldiers of Odin are not about to abandon their fanatical Aryan Finnish roots. Being the masters of all perversions, the perversions of politics can never fully drag them from their white supremacist paths.

             Joe McDonald – SoO Calgary leader         John Hayes – SoO Oxbow Leader 


The insidious and the ignorant continuously enter the political arena in similar fashion these days.

The insidious SoO came boldly in through the media windows of ignorance surrounding the United Conservative Party of Alberta on October 8, 2018 at the Jason Kenny Party’s Pub Night crawl in Edmonton.

Conservative candidate Nicole Williams was front and center for her photo ops with the Soldiers of Odin.

But the event was attended not only by members of the Soldiers of Odin, but also by the Onward Christian Soldiers pseudo-militia, the Proud Boys and other hate groups.

Just how politically ignorant is this Nicole Williams? But a month prior the same boys she was nocturnally embracing were run off from the Edmonton Mustard Seed Church where they were trying to co-opt a good image through the pretense of being charitable.  

No one was convinced when they attempted to claim to be working with the Mustard Seed. Chanting ‘Nazis are not welcome here’: Edmonton protesters forced the right-wing extremists out of their neighbourhood. I guess Wonder Woman Williams does not even read the headlines in taking the political temperature of the waters she desires to bath in. Just grin and get your face out there is her campaign motto. You truly have to be ignorant to later claim you were ignorant of who you are publicly embracing Nicole. Who needs another ignorant politician like you in any level of government in this Nation?

The candidate Leila Houle is another twisted sister and but an echo of Nicole. She made certain she got her presence felt and well documented.

Given her political aspirations she must have felt quite at home amidst a gathering of semi-deranged Justin Trudeau haters. While such persons are racially resentful toward and hostile to non-whites, they may have appeared a potential source of assured votes to Leila. And, after all anyone who hates Trudeau can’t be all bad eh, Leila? So, let’s just party heartily and let the photo-ops pop until your self-serving ignorance holds you accountable as it did.

And candidate Lance Coulter wasn’t about to lose out when he had the opportunity of embracing one of the SoO group’s first active Canadian chapters. Lance could have cared less that the group was formed around white supremacism, anti-Muslim bigotry and neo-Nazi ideology. He knew the SoO was well known for street patrols in which they claimed to be cleaning up the streets, even though experts call it intimidation.

But good old Sir Lance a Lot was determined to give them the ‘benefit of the doubt’ until he personally drank a few gallons of their mental mead.

But in the climate of misogynism that pervades the political scene, the person who still was the most honest in accounting for their presence at the great photo-op was the one Jason Kenny chose to sacrifice to the Norse God of political destruction. >  Jason Kenney Throws Soldiers of Odin Ally Under The Bus | UCP Nomination Candidate Lance Coulter

The SoO and Aryan brotherhoods intertwined in many groups continue to try to invade and conquer through all levels of the political system.

Ryan Brady – Manitoba Mayoral Candidate

(September 2018) There are a number of examples of far-right individuals running for political office in major cities in Ontario. Toronto has seen Faith Goldy, James Sears and the racially-based killer Chris Brosky take to the field. In Mississauga and Hamilton yapping poodle Kevin Johnston and Paul Fromm are running respectively. However, there are also persons such as Ryan Brady who founded a short-lived hate group that are running for offices in smaller communities like Thompson Manitoba.

Back in 2009 Ryan Brady had attempted to help fill the vacuum left by the temporary absence of the Aryan Guard founder Kyle McKee as he was awaiting trial for attempted murder. As we know, McKee eventually “patched over” to Blood & Honor and now Brady hopes to ‘patch over’ to Mayor of Thompson to increase the Aryan Guard presence politically.

Ryan tried to establish the Winnipeg White Pride Warriors in 2009 and was mocked as being a ‘toothless tiger’ but he has never stopped prowling around to see what he might devour. By the looks of him it appears he eats everything that can’t crawl out of his path. But he should not be taken too lightly in his bid as Justin Trudeau’s antics have assured all Canadian electorate levels are truly tired of bull-shitters in suits.

But, with Ryan Brady standing at an intimidating 5’3″ and harboring class 1 diabetes he might simply get overlooked. Possibly the only vote he will get is that of an old beer swilling buddy Jason Harley formerly of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard. Jason Harley abandoned his child and child support payments in Calgary and at last reports was shacked up with some woman in Winnipeg.

Both Brady and Harley have seen the inside of jail facilities and have published their views on Stormfront. With his Winnipeg White Pride Warriors Ryan Brady tagged on as “honoryourlife” with the audacity of claiming-“We aren’t about hatred, we’re about being proud of our race.”

It will be a four-way race for office in the October 24 election, with three of the current Councillors – Penny Byer, Colleen Smook and Ron Matechuk running against Ryan Brady who will probably waddle up to the polling booth to cast his ballot.

We shall see the results for Ryan as they emerge but we meanwhile will observe the peachy Aryan election meddling and shenanigans of the SoO in lotus land.



Bill Daniels – SoO British Columbia President

Back in 2016 critics were raising concerns about B.C. chapters of Soldiers of Odin surfacing in their midst >  Critics raise concerns about B.C. chapter of Soldiers of Odin  One emerging individual of primary concern soon became the controversial Bill Daniels. But Daniels appeared to be trouble for one and all. By April 25 2017 the SoO British Columbia President had called the group’s Finnish parent organization a “racist, unorganized, reckless wannabe thug collaboration.” He accused the Soldiers of Odin Finland of being overly focused on conducting street patrols instead of doing community-based volunteer work.

Daniel’s stated – “Their ridiculous belief in racism has always been a huge issue for us in Canada as we do not support or share their views on race.” Daniels wanted to continue operating Soldiers of Odin Canada independently but the group’s Finnish leadership warned him against using the name or emblem stating -“Bill Daniels is no more leader of Canada and no more a member of Soldiers of Odin.”

But Bill Daniels was not a voice of reason in the tumult of SoO racist ideology rising up worldwide. Daniels was in the process of trying measures to implement an independent supremacist Ayran organization with similar designs as that of Dave Tregget in Quebec. It was in Quebec where the greatest resistance to these personal empire building desires arose. The SoO Quebec members resisted the efforts to erode their Finnish roots and the Finnish leadership stepped in to support Katy Latulippe and she chastised both Tregget and Daniels for their efforts. This woman is unabashedly one hard-core neo-Nazis sweetheart.

Latulippe stated Daniels had been attempting to centralize the group’s leadership under his control and was also trying to have her ousted. She said the claims made by Daniels and his supporters are a way of disguising the real source of their frustration with Finland – interference in the Daniels’ power grab.

“Bill Daniels’s comments are ridiculous; they are all contradictory,” she told CBC Montreal. “He spent one year as a leader, saying that the Finnish chapter wasn’t racists. And then suddenly, after a little conflict, he starts using the term racist? It doesn’t hold.”

“The Daniels faction will no longer be allowed to wear the colors of the Soldiers of Odin,” she said. “It is important to know that more than 50% of the divisions in Canada do not agree with Bill Daniels and also wish to continue their activities under the banner of the Finnish SoO.”

Now, beyond all shadow of a doubt the Finnish SoO are racist, but so are their Canadian counterparts and they shall remain so. The collection of membership dues for organizational support and demand for no non-white friends on SoO related Facebook accounts are simply International SoO organizational matters that are being ironed out as the group advances within all nations it has entered.

Daniels claim that the Finnish led organization is unorganized is poppycock. But whether Daniels is within or outside their organizational structure he personally remains a racist, reckless wannabe spiritual thug. However, from this position he can still find close companionship with such men as Conrad Peach the Vancouver Island Chapter Leader of the SoO, Southern BC SoO President Kristopher Erickson and Gregg Hofstad of the defunct drug laden Victoria Christian rock band Goldstreet. This bunch should all be granted an honorary membership in The Canadian Nationalist Party with Travis Patron.

Many persons within The BC Provincial divisions were racially as duplicitous as Daniels with some strongly parroting his claim to being non-racist. But I believe that some are so delusional as to actually believe their own lies. Such persons can repeat their non-racist claims and good works intentions until the cows come home. It is all to no avail as by wearing the same jackets and insignia as those who do publicly hold white supremacist sentiment and follow a neo-Nazi ideology, they brand themselves as being part of the same movement.

The Fraser Valley Soldiers of Odin

This ‘structure’ is replete with echoes of the Daniel’s anti-racist cries and they try to pretense that SoO everywhere believe as them. Their full measure Propaganda page is yours to be had at- Fraser Valley Soldiers Of Odin – Soldiers of Odin Canada

“We are here to help and protect the people of our great country. Our main goal is to make and keep our streets safe. We have zero tolerance for behavior that strays outside of our guidelines, which mandate cooperation with police and prohibit violence. We will not tolerate extremist or illegal actions. We are a non-racist, conservative organization, our goal is to protect every citizen. We strongly denounce any activities that are fascist and Neo Nazi in nature.  Our core values include freedom, respect for cultural differences and a commitment to social justice. We are proud of the fact that we are a peaceful organization. We respect everyone’s rights. Everyone has the right to speak out and express ideas that others may disagree with. We proudly adhere to the commonly shared ethical and human values of all Canadians.”

And here is the simple reality of facts that can’t be ignored. – Soldiers of Odin BC Chapter actively roaming streets with weapons…

 “This isn’t just about politics anymore; these people are armed and ready to incite violence if they need to. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly. I managed to infiltrate the closed group on Facebook by creating a fake profile. Some of the posts are incredibly disturbing, detailing how the members are going to arm themselves, and prepare for the “war” that’s coming. They are already roaming the streets looking for potential crimes being committed by immigrants, and I can only assume they have weapons on them. Some of the rhetoric they use to describe these immigrants is insane. Calling them “goat-fuckers”, “rapists”, and criminals, in multiple posts. All of them are residing in BC, and primarily meeting in the Lower Mainland. There are members in the interior, Kamloops, Kelowna, Smithers, Richmond, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver.

I infiltrated the group several months ago – but have since been removed. It has grown in size and will continue to grow. They advocate carrying firearms, and preparing for a war against refugees. This is a ticking time bomb, someone is going to get hurt or killed. People deserve to know what is going on in their communities. It is only a matter of time before someone – on either side – gets hurt because of this mentality. These people need to be held responsible for their beliefs. Political opinions aside this is a gang based on religious and racial hate.”

There is an Imgur album of all of the screen grabs, as well as another album showing all of the listed members in the closed group. There are 194 member entries displayed.

The Delta BC Soldiers of Odin 

Support what?  >  Event tackles rise of white supremacist groups in Lower Mainland…

Death and hatred have been recurring themes in Imtiaz Popat’s life for the better part of two decades. His brush with both came to a head in 1998, when Nirmal Singh Gill was murdered outside of a Sikh temple in Surrey. Five skinheads linked to hate groups were convicted in the incident.

His group was publicly targeted as recently as late March 2017, when Popat said members of the far-right movement known as the Soldiers of Odin attacked his coalition at an International Day Against Racism gathering at Victory Square.

Video from the event shows about 10 men all dressed in black confronting protesters before police intervene. Three men who identified as members of Soldiers of Odin were arrested and released without criminal charges.”

Here is a video report of the scuffle. >Soldiers of Odin members arrested | Watch News Videos Online    What is worth supporting? 

Kristopher Erickson – Southern BC SoO President

Our man in charge has made certain that people feel threatened and intimidated in Chilliwack.

“A group planning a peaceful protest at the rodeo at the Chilliwack Fair this weekend cancelled its event after receiving threats of violence and word of a counter-protest by a far right, potentially racist organization. The Fraser Valley Animal Rights Association (FVARA) had formed recently with plans to meet at the exhibition grounds to express opposition to the Chilliwack rodeo.

Late Thursday night, the organization issued a statement saying they received “multiple threats of violence” as well as word of a planned counter-protest by the Soldiers of Odin. The Soldiers of Odin are an anti-immigration vigilante group founded in Finland, although the Vancouver chapter claims to be independent and not associated to racist or biker groups. 

“Although we continue to passionately oppose the rodeo, it has become clear that this protest will not generate the peaceful dialogue we hope to engage in, and we cannot encourage anyone to put their safety at risk,” the FVARA statement said.

 “With these factors in mind, we are cancelling the FVARA rodeo protest on August 12. Asked how the threats were received, an emailed response said it was via social media.” 

Bryan Sykes – SoO Oliver BC

Bryan is an active man, potentially spreading the ‘not so good word’ by recruiting in the interior. The BC Local News reported July 13, 2017 that the Soldiers of Odin are coming to the Kootenays…eventually. Not known if they will be bringing their dogs.

On June 24, the Soldiers of Odin British Columbia posted on their Facebook page that they would be coming to the Kootenay region to recruit new members and start a chapter in the area.

There was a mix-up in dates scheduled but Daniel Joseph Nolan of Nelson was ready in the event they decided to make an appearance. He organized an event on Facebook so that if the SoO showed up, they’d be greeted by a host of clowns.

“I wanted to make sure that if the Sons of Odin showed up in any sort of public way in Nelson that we’d have some people out, just to point out how ridiculous they are,” said Nolan. “I don’t really want people taking them seriously.”

But he should have taken them seriously. Canadian Border Protection Services describe them thus – “Members of the SoO are generally Caucasian males between the ages of 20 and 40 who adhere to right-wing politics and ideology; some members adhere to extreme right-wing ideology and are not afraid to use violence to achieve objectives. The group’s nature has raised concerns of anti-immigration vigilantism.”

And at least one member of the SoO has shown no qualms about threatening Nolan for taking a stand against the group. Identifying himself as a member of the SoO he posted eight replies to Nolan, some publicly and some privately. All were homophobic or threatening.

“Can I have your fucking address and contact information?” he wrote. “I definitely fucking don’t fucking want to miss the opportunity to meet you face to face.”

He also messaged, writing, “Looking forward to meeting up with you in Nelson,” and informed Nolan that he is a level 1 krav maga instructor. He also identified Nolan’s girlfriend and said that over 5,000 members of SoO would be coming through Nelson in August.

Nolan saw no sign of the Soldiers of Odin over the weekend, but is remaining vigilant. “I don’t know whether they intend to come here and just quietly meet with people or whether they’re planning some sort of public event. At this point, I’m keeping an eye on them and I’m asking other people to keep their ears and eyes open.”

It would appear that Daniel Joseph Nolan had come, during the time passage of ‘scheduling events’ to a more serious understanding of the nature of the Soldiers of Odin. To my knowledge there has yet to occur a scramble to rent clown suits in the Kootenays. Perhaps Bryan Sykes of SoO Oliver would be able to update you on this if he is one helping to prepare the troops for a Nolan Nocturnal Street Patrol in Nelson.


Protected from what? Protecting exactly who? Securing the existence of what?

Perhaps the greatest protection society needs remains from people within their own ranks, men like former BC President Buffalo Bill Daniels. Daniels is another hypocritical drug dealing wife abusing rat not fit for leadership within or without the motley crew called Soldiers of Odin.

On June 4, 2015 Crown prosecutors sought a six-month jail term for William Coady Daniels but Bill Daniels, our defender of womanhood and community good works received a six-month conditional sentence instead. In the ‘drag it out Legal process’ from Daniels arrest in November 2011 it had taken this long even to achieve such result.

Daniels was originally arrested when police seized 203 marijuana plants from a barn on his farm as well as 11 baggies, each containing a half pound of marijuana ready to be sold. In addition, a .22 caliber rifle was found by the front door of Daniels’ home and a .45 caliber pistol was found in a safe, both loaded, along with $10,730 in cash.

Daniels claimed he only turned to growing marijuana in need of money because he was in danger of losing his farm due to being unable to pay his mortgage. He stated he had injured his hand employed as a marine engineer at B.C. Ferries, despite surgeries was unable to regain fine motor skills and that Worker’s Compensation payments were not enough to cover his needs.

One of his apparent needs seems to be abusing the spousal relationship he was in as by the time of his ‘conditional sentence’ one of Daniels specific charges dealt with during 2015 was under the Criminal Code of Canada: 810(1) (a) Sureties to Keep the Peace which is the normal jurisdiction applied to domestic abuse cases. It appears Daniels was likely physically abusing the woman and or women in his life, for it was publicly stated during this timeframe by Soldiers of Odin that a woman had chosen to leave him.

The matter was avoided and essentially covered up until David Tierney was facing his own drugs and weapons charges in Saskatchewan and coming under verbal rebukes of sectors of the SoO, at which time he tossed the reality of their BC leadership back into their faces.

Dave Tregget and Bill Daniels as leaders in a gang that claims to function “to protect society from those who would abuse our women” exemplify a crew that basically ‘patrol the opposite side of the street’ in their personal lives. So, it is quite reasonable to ask just whom are they protecting from whom?

It is also quite reasonable to ask why Bill Daniels had not turned toward growing legal crops such as tulips, edible vegetables and similar items in his time of great cash deprivation? It would have taken no greater ‘fine motor skills’ to harvest these crops than the marijuana that gained him cash and status in his SoO underworld structure.

The Chinese, East Indians, Vietnamese and others have highly profitable ‘grow-ops’ in the legal side of plant production. It should have been easy for Daniels to have joined in with their marketing structures as he claims that neither he nor the SoO are racist.

Daniels would have nothing to do with such an idea and the people of concern certainly would not have welcomed him to the fold. All the public relations efforts by any of the sectors of the Canadian SoO to cover up their adherence to the violent methodology of their Finnish roots ultimately blows up in their faces. But this does not stop them in their relentless trudge to gain political-social control within the Nation.

Not So Peachy-keen On Vancouver Island

Conrad Peach – Vancouver Island Chapter Leader

Conrad Peach, the Vancouver Island chapter leader of the Soldiers of Odin, was discussed in some detail on a blog regarding the SoO’s efforts to intimidate homeless people living in a tent city in Nanaimo, BC and subsequent threats to force the residents violently from the area.

The intelligence quotient of the opposition on August 19, 2018 was equal to that of Peach and Crew. Communists, lesbians, drug addicts, antifa and general delusions of public political ineptitude showed their presence.

Peach had stated prior that the Soldiers of Odin would be coming to deal with Tent City because of the drug addicts, drug trafficking and sex trafficking that was taking place there.

“Due to continued inaction by authorities, and reports of child sex trafficking in the camp. SoO will be returning to Nanaimo to facilitate the removal of Discontent City this Sunday at 1:00 p.m.,” the group wrote. “We ask for friends, supporters and general public to stay away from the fucking area due to safety concerns.”

Peach upped the ante for presenting himself as a ‘social justice warrior’ when he tossed the specter of their being pedophilia and child sex trafficking in the camp. True or not, the problem exists that the SoO make frequent use of truthful claims of child trafficking or pedophile rings controlled by powerful people to make their actual or potential actions of lawlessness seem noble. Unfortunately, it is a ploy that too frequently works to their advantage.

And according to a Facebook post from Action Against Discontent City, a newly formed group of residents in Nanaimo who are upset by occupants of the homeless camp, they were “planning to join the citizen patrol/march and needle cleanup through downtown past city hall towards Discontent City with our friends of the Soldiers of Odin Vancouver Island chapter.” Not so Peachy-keen was definitely attracting ‘citizens’ to his cause and carried on doing so.

And one thing about Conrad Peach is no one can accuse him of fear of taking it to the streets to push what he espouses. As a result, his Tent City announcement prompted calls for a counter-protest by supporters of the camp as shown in links provided.

Conrad Graham Peach the president of Soldiers of Odin Vancouver Island said the chapter is made up of individuals from all walks of life and disputes all claims of neo-Nazism.

“We have members of all creeds and religious backgrounds. Those are baseless allegations; I defy anyone to produce evidence of my club being anything other than Canadian patriots,” he stated in a Facebook message.

Peach did not state they had members from all racial backgrounds and as to the rule of law he stated – “There is a rule, it’s called Rule of Force to be used when reason fails.” Violence is quite acceptable as a tool of persuasion to Conrad Peach if you do what he considers unreasonable in his white-supremacist neo-Nazi mind. Peach is a fully ripened source of conflicting and confusing messages.

Confusing messaging is a consistent element to the groups in North America. The group’s Victoria branch, for example, has a long post on the dangers of certain types of immigration in specific, and the conspiracy of “globalists” in bringing the adverse immigration about in particular.

 “Some values and social structures are mutually exclusive; no matter how hard you try, certain cultures can never be homogenized with other cultures,” the post reads. “You can only eliminate one culture to make room for the other in a border-less world. The ultimate end game of globalists is not to control governments (governments are nothing more than a tool). Rather, their end game is to obtain total psychological influence and eventually consent from the masses.” 

As to the potential of such consent coming through Soldiers of Odin the sentiments of the Edmonton branch were posted: “I would rather lay down my life in battle than to leave my children in a world dominated by the evil that is Islam.”

Such messaging will be contradicted elsewhere about their love and brotherhood for all in confusing messaging to an ignorant and uninformed public electing political structures as seen surrounding ‘not so Peachy-keen’ on Vancouver Island.

Cookies for Victoria is a heart-warming record of the not so Peachy-keen crew displaying their love for Canadian veterans at the Legislative Buildings on the Victoria inner harbor.

But a matter the group does not make such a prideful public claim of is the criminal record of their exalted leader of the pack. He has been jailed for ‘mischief against property, paroled and charged for parole violations. He has been convicted of the possession of contraband substances for the purposes of trafficking. He has also received conditional sentences rather than jail time like his former provincial champion Bill Daniels. And guess what else they have in common? He has been successfully prosecuted for production of a controlled substance. Who was leading who in the marijuana grow op business? Daniels or Peach?

In the case of Conrad Graham Peach it does not really matter. He knew that any association with the weed on the West Coast automatically garnered him political support amid a populous that was two-thirds ‘pot heads’, drug abusers or drunks to one degree or another. By October of 2018 he felt it was time for the public to embrace their non-racist, non-Nazi and nonsensical candidates to political office in Nanaimo BC.


Turnip and Peach Flavor Nazi Jam

In what looks like a dual candidacy Conrad Peach has taken the jump into municipal politics and is running for a Nanaimo city council seat. As a ‘running mate’ with him is an avid SoO supporter Debi Corbett but who also answers to the name Avel Turnip. 

Perhaps Debi Corbett – Avel Turnip should start running away from not so Peachy-keen if he has the womanizing, woman abusing traits as the rest of the scurvy SoO leadership pack.

Together they can make Nanaimo safe again from what? When you are as spiritually bereft as the general West Coast population evidences itself to be the taste of Turnip and Peach Flavor Nazi Jam will probably suit you just fine spread on your Just in Time Trudeau morning marijuana edibles.

For drug dealing, property damaging, violence condoning Conrad Graham Peach to facilitate the removal of Discontent City due to actions and activities he personally owns is the height of neo-Nazi white supremacist hypocrisy. But Conrad is not going away and like his cohorts from coast to coast will continue to slither their pathways into mainstream political offices. This is a fact and forms the anti-social world of Travis Patron and his attempt to launch the Canadian Nationalist Party.

Do not think that neo-Nazi white supremacism will disappear of its own accord. The removal of this destructive ideology must be undertaken with the severest of legal measures that are employable. You may think yourself some how insulated from the reality of the Nazi presence here in Canada and awake to the Nazi Swastika flag blowing in the wind of your neighbor’s yard tomorrow morning.

Such was the case February 24, 2019 when residents awoke to such a sight in the backyard of a house in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Charlottetown resident David Mol, a child of refugees from Nazism, told CBC News, “The fact that that flag is flying, fluttering in the winds that blow across this big democratic country of ours is repulsive.”

“It’s a symbol of hate. There’s not one good thing that that symbol stands for,” Mol said of the swastika.”

And, buckwheat you have been fully informed of the Nazi presence here in Canada and the reality of the Soldiers of Odin. Unequivocally there is not one good thing that any emblem of the Soldiers of Odin stands for, and despite all the posturing there is not one good reason that all Soldiers of Odin should not be driven from this land.

It has been suggested that before such action is culminated, we should run herd on them until the forces of sharia and antifa their declared enemies are scoured from the surface of our country. It is stated we can use the assistance to drain such poison from the system by deploying one against the other and when completed we can quite easily deal with the goof troops. But, during this process we are advised to keep a chain of legal controls surrounding them like a chain holding back a rabid dog. When one such rabid individual inadvertently breaks its links and hurts the truly innocent, we are told to stop them dead in their tracks with a bullet to the head. This it is stated will soon scatter and deplete the pack and help unclog the legal system that permits them to exist in our midst.

Is it time to reinstate a no holds bared status of capitol punishment in this land? You had better prepare to make such judgment call in the escalating Chaos surrounding the federal election in Canada this year. White supremacists are making their impact felt and if you are truly a God-fearing Christian so should you.

Here are three questions you must ask yourself if you are a genuine Canadian.

What am I going to do about the Soldiers of Odin in Canada?

What am I going to do about the traitor Justin Trudeau and his corrupted Liberal horde?

What am I going to do about Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party?

It won’t do you any good to run, to try hiding in the Yukon to avoid answering the questions. You will probably just bump into James Albert the head of the Yukon Soldiers of Odin and he will try feeding you the same moldy we’re not racist crap.

“We don’t want hate people, we don’t want people that say ‘white power’. We want good, hard-working Canadians that know what it’s like to struggle.”

But James Albert says he can’t speak for his fellow Soldiers of Odin elsewhere, because he’s “never been to Europe,” but says he respects them “because I’m sure they’re helping out their community whatever they’re doing.

“It’s just media bending stuff, manipulating words. They say ‘anti-refugee’, why not say ‘anti-terrorist’, ‘anti-rapist’?

“I’m only responsible for what I say. How people perceive it, and interpret it, that’s their issue — not mine.”

“Just the way I’m looking at things, there’s millions of dollars being shipped overseas to help rebuild Iraq. We should keep some of it here and help people out,” he said.

And there you go folks, he respects them in whatever manner they are helping out their communities in Europe and elsewhere.

What about you? Do you respect the Soldiers of Odin in whatever manner they are doing things? Here is the Canadian Soldiers of Odin video advertisement of who they are, what they exemplify and their dedication of resolve.  The Soldiers of Odin Canada >

With such dedicated resolve you would not want to get caught in a confrontation between the Soldiers of Odin and the forces of Antifa as did Michael McCormick recently in Ottawa.

Do you respect the Soldiers of Odin in whatever manner they are doing things? If not, what are you going to do about them?

Back in January 2016 angry, radical right extremists were lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants—and Justin Trudeau. > The angry, radical right – Three years later we see the volume and intensity of such attacks has increased. Twice in 2018 men have been charged with threatening to kill Trudeau over his corrupted political practices. So, what are you going to do about the traitor Justin Trudeau and his corrupted Liberal horde? How are you going to help restore sanity into the politics of this Nation?

Now, around the time of the secession of the Saskatchewan chapters of the Soldiers of Odin to form the Patriots of Unity our Kid from Redvers was actively pursuing his attempts at political ascendancy. He also latched on to a policy of projecting divorcement from the racist attitudes that were an obvious hindrance to party advance. But has been evidenced in the writings precedent surrounding Patron we know a skunk can only disguise his smell when he is in the company of other skunks.

Whenever Patron exits from the pack to institute his personal political designs he simply stinks to the high heavens. And when he tries to return to the pack after buggering things up politically, he is thwarted by the stench of the Ku Klux Klan clinging to him in manners the Soldiers of Odin will not tolerate due to the Klan motivational weakness they perceive. This is a quagmire that Patron has been trying to find his way out of.

While the issue of the affiliation of the Soldiers of Odin with their Finnish parentage was disruptive it actual served to strengthen their organization as was evidenced in the expansion of clubs, the increase of emblems, lapel pins, flags, badges and public display of their gear on street patrols and counter demonstration activities. The SoO slogan “United we Stand, Divided we Fall” has become more prominent and they use it with profile or cover pictures to show their unity with the “Soldiers of Odin Worldwide. In general, the movement is entering 2019 with far less concern of displaying the associations to racism and white supremacism their relationship with Finland entails. The question of the relationship between Canadian and Finnish Soldiers of Odin seems therefore to have been resolved.

It is the resolution of the issue of his own Aryan roots, political subterfuge and public relationship with his commonality and kindred spirit with the SoO that has him cornered like a rat in a maze. To Stand United with the SoO ensures he falls Divided from any genuine ability to successfully enter the Federal political scene. The SoO are much closer spiritually aligned with him than are the Ku Klux Klan but he cannot turn to them fully for support. It was for such reason I found him making his political plans with the Ku Klux Klan in Regina and not the Soldiers of Odin on that cold winter night when I physically first encountered him.

But Travis Patron is still trying to make his presence a reality on the Canadian political landscape and truly desires to be the Aryan King of Canada. Patron and the Soldiers of Odin have the same stances of resolute anti-immigration and anti-refugee agendas, the most frequent targets for their hatred is toward Muslims and their political desires are like buttons on the same shirt. They both claim to be nationalist oriented, emphasizing “Canadian” values based on white European Aryan roots and seek to entrench themselves in local communities through good supposed works. Both see genuine Canadian as excluding all non-white immigrants who are perceived as a genuine threat to the ethno-national body they want established in Canada.

So, I now ask you – What do you intend to do about Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party?


Travis Patrons greatest lie is a line he frequently utters in slightly variant formats.

‘Come on down, the price is right, so join us. All are freely welcomed in The Canadian Nationalist Party.’

Patron repeatedly claims that anyone can attend his scheduled Party meetings and he never once makes full disclosure that you actually have to be an already accepted registered Party member to do so. There is no way you are physically freely gaining entrance if you are not. You cannot simply walk in and join in conversation with persons who have already been granted permission of entry.

Membership requirements are listed in the Canadian Nationalist Party Constitution (CNPC) >



  1. All individuals who hold Canadian citizenship, uphold Canadian Law as the supreme law of the land, and are at least 18 years of age are eligible to be voting members.
  2. All members are required to demonstrate support for the purpose of this organization.
  3. Only members and special guests are eligible to take part in organization activity.

Note: There is an immediate contradiction or lie by Patron through 1. and 2. above. This shows itself in the matter of Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party with its call to circumvent the laws of Canada and thwart legally designated policing authority at every level and with every means at its memberships command. “The CNP says it will change the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to remove ‘its stance of multiculturalism’ and set up a national self-defence citizen militia and calling for the ‘mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel’.

Public by definition refers to ordinary people, in general the community; and in relationship to meetings relates to any matter of concern or affecting the community or the people as a whole.

Travis Patron makes claim that all may attend his meetings. These meetings are a part of the CNP organization activity that only (3.) members and special guests are eligible to take part in. You cannot enter a CNP public gathering unless you are already a cleared registered member of the Party or CNP cleared invited special guest.

To categorize as special guest, you must have been nominated by a registered member who vouches that (2.) you also have demonstrated support for the purpose of this organization.

All CNP meetings are closed door members only meetings and if for some reason a person has managed to surreptitiously secure a Party membership it will be immediately revoked under Section C. WITHDRAWAL OF MEMBERSHIP (1.) Membership may be cancelled at any time, without reason, by the leadership of the organization.

Travis Patron has made certain no one gains free access to his gatherings and he will dispose of anyone at any time from organized party activities without giving a reason why. He has established a secretive dictatorial process of establishing and maintaining control over his white neo-Nazi structuring.

So, what do you get from attending a CNP closed door gathering with Travis Patron? What do you get out of these meetings? Only the Party propaganda platform he wants to spread exits his meetings. Intake this video where Travis discloses what it really means to be a Canadian. 4:00 >What Is A Canadian? 

Then listen to Patron tell you why his brand of Nationalism is the only way forward for survival of the genuine Canadian identity.   3:19 > Nationalism Is the Way Forward

And now listen to Patron in this clip from a CBC interview tell you that you are not going to freely access his meetings and why you are not. Listen to the contradictions between “keep it private and want people to come out”. This all takes place within the first six minutes 44 seconds of the interview with Andréanne Apablaza of CBC Saskatchewan. >

Travis Patron is a confirmed liar and a white supremacist. Even Justin Bourque the confessed and convicted Canadian cop killer displays more honesty than Patron. When asked why he killed our peace officers Bourque replied “it’s all about whose side you choose and they chose the wrong one.”

Where do they differ? I do not believe that Justin Bourque would prove himself a liar as does Patron. I seriously doubt that Bourque would deny being a white supremacist. He never has but Patron does and continues to do so.

“That’s not who we are” Patron said of white supremacists in an August 16 CNP video, before going on to say: “We oppose globalism, we oppose homosexuality, we oppose transgenderism and we oppose the Islamification of our country.”

I think what Travis opposes the most is telling you the simple Truth – ‘You will never access a CNP public gathering unless you are already a cleared, registered Party stooge.’

Patron truly thinks he can hide the reality of his designs and beliefs in the darkness, behind closed doors. Contact him and tell him that the CNP Days of Deception have ended and to remove himself from the Canadian Political scene as Canada has a closed-door access policy applicable to white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan induced skin heads.

CALL 1-888- 505-9956    EMAIL –


Publishing His Lies as Truth Have Buried Patron Alive

In the first two CNP items of Article VI. Affiliations – Section A. Government of Canada, Travis Patron shows himself to be a fraudulent liar deserving of legal prosecution for his actions of misrepresentation pursuant to Elections Canada statutes and regulations.

Read these articles.



  1. This organization is a federally-recognized political party in Canada.
  2. In all correspondence and business transactions, it may refer to itself as an organization within the Canada Elections Act.
  3. The Canadian Nationalist Party accepts full financial and production responsibility for all activities it sponsors.
  4. The Canadian Nationalist Party assumes no legal liability for the actions of the organization, including damage to property or buildings, and does not hold, nor is required to, indemnification insurance coverage for any activities of the organization.

On September 26, 2018 Travis Patron was still trying to register as a Political party. 7:02 >

Patron had published his Articles quite some time precedent to this. How could he legally state that “This organization is a federally-recognized political party in Canada.” He can’t legally and is fraudulent in doing so.

How could he legally state that “In all correspondence and business transactions, it may refer to itself as an organization within the Canada Elections Act.” He can’t legally and is fraudulent in doing so.

Quite simply Travis Patron – “You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.”

What are you going to do about Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party? Do not be personally weighed in the balances and found accounting readers. Contact your member of Parliament and demand the immediate prosecution of Travis Patron for his actions.

But if you need ask yourself just what is being prosecuted through such actions the answer is clear. The attempted deliberate circumvention of duly constituted laws of our Government. It is not my right, your right or Travis Patrons right to take such actions.

The only problem that exists is the man Patron himself as I have shown extensively through my earlier writings that his actions have proven him certifiably delusional. Prosecuting a nut case can be a long and laborious process but it is proving itself as necessary.

Patron is certifiably delusional through what he claimed in 2018 about the 2019 election and the results that would be entailed. “It is through our policies and vision of a better way of life for all Canadians that we will form a majority government by electing candidates to our House of Commons.”

Elect what candidates? He will form a majority government? This is coming from the mind of a man who was still trying to garner enough party support on January 1,2019 to be even able to register as a party and field candidates.”  On this date he announced regarding Federal Registration – “Perhaps most importantly, our party must attain federal registration status with Elections Canada. As of today, our party is compiling an application to registration which will be submitted within the first quarter of 2019.”

Travis Patron is Deranged

You have to be insane to endorse the horror of the holocaust gas chambers killing indiscriminately all ages. You have to be insane to believe that you are righteous in terminating the life of the mentally and physically deficient.

We know Trudeau is clearly insane and prepared to impose his insanity in programs developed through the CAC – the Canadian Council of Academics. Programs designed for terminating the quality of life of the mentally and physically deficient.

What about the Kid from Redvers? Is he as insane, deranged and as mentally disordered as Trudeau? Is he a new age spiritual surrogate of Baby Adolf desperately trying to get all his ducks in a row?

It appears Patron is some twisted rebirth of a now balding Baby Adolph in his own mind.

Surrounding party registration, we see he was still trying to get the forms filled out to do so as stated January 1,2019.

At our very first meeting in Regina he and his Ku Klux Klan buddies spent a great deal of time expressing their ire with the media and in particular Ezra Levant’s Rebel and the CBC. At my meeting subsequent with Patron in Redvers he stated “many people are coming after me”. He sounded a bit paranoid to me with the concerns he raised, but I thought he probably had the right to express the concerns. It was at this time he was starting to get quite a number of people expressing their displeasure with him over his Toronto rally and the neo-Nazi white supremacist violence that had just occurred in Charlottesville.

Delusion entails an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real and results from what is defined as a disordered state of mind. There is no way to connect any perception of reality on Patron’s part with his statement of forming a majority government and his mind that can still state the reality of garnering memberships to even be able to register a party. This is a degree to which Patron exhibits the full delusion of a disorganized mind.

This is the man that must be prosecuted or hospitalized for his own benefit and our societal protection.


As a member of the Canadian Nationalist Party Travis Patron states you gain the 3 key benefits of being able to vote on party leadership, gain access to political events and attend private membership groups. But even with these inducements the man is unable to draw a crowd even in his own home town. This was a big jump start meeting he held in Redvers and you are viewing the totality of his audience.

The last thing he desired on August 8, 2018 was for his Redvers gathering, shown in the picture above, to know the reality of our first meeting in Regina. Our meeting was posted on October 20, 2018 as The Premature Natzi Ejaculators Series – Travis Three  and Patron wished the posting and the event could somehow disappear completely.

The memories are too poignant of our first meeting at the Victoria Club in Regina Saskatchewan on Friday November 17 and Sabbath November 18, 2017 in frigid, rigid snow dump Regina. Travis certainly did not want his organizational meeting with the Ku Klux Klan being present resurfacing repeatedly when he was trying to ‘re-brand’ himself, to make the Canadian Nationalist Party more palatable in ‘his business dress casual’.

However, Patron was certainly swimming in very troubled waters from the time of his excited interview with Andréanne Apablaza of the CBC Saskatchewan. Inside and out of his group he was under pressure of changing political circumstance. Shortly after the CBC event he watched Bernier being removed from the Conservative front bench position by Scheer on June 12, 2018. And during these same days I was doing everything I could to keep the Kid from Redvers tottering on the barbwire fence of political uncertainty he was clambering along like a semi-demented squirrel looking for his frozen nuts in the dead of winter.

Then on August 23, 2018 we had the simultaneous events of Bernier announcing his withdrawal from the Conservative party and the soon appearing disastrous results Travis faced at the Belgian Club in Winnipeg on August 28,2018. It was in-between these dates on August 23-24 that I fired off the letters to Patron that sent him on his ‘wild goose chase’ of soliciting Maxime Bernier. The rebuff from Maxime Bernier that followed rankled Patron, increasing his mental instability, but it did not diminish his delusional thought patterns of political victories of grandiose proportion.

But, no matter how many secretive private members only meetings he held, or attempted to hold, they proved to be nothing other than impetus for planting him right in the middle of another political mess.


Got Stuck in The Middle One Too Many Times, eh Travis?      

You are being continuously caught in the stench of your Aryan supremacist dogmatic dog shit Travis Patron and it has unhinged you. Your antics are also causing whatever support structures you have erected to disintegrate and collapse as you continue to muddle along in your electronic nightmares. Your once associates and smattering of followers are tired of wading in your pool of political crap and daily depart to dump out their boots and clean up from your cesspool of lies. And the few remaining are growing tired of trying patch the leaks in their hip waders.

Not many appear desirous of attending your members only gatherings and getting stuck in the middle with you, lodged somewhere between your delusions and full-blown dementia. The few that do mill about you have found themselves in formats of suicide watch, repeating the same tune over and over in trouble laced minds pondering what to do about you. > Stuck in the Middle with you – Stealers Wheel    

Who will be first to pull the final plug and drain the sewage of your life? You or one of those fearing they cannot escape the trap of being ‘stuck in the middle with you’?

What can be said with certainty Travis Patron?

This is what you stated – “What I can say with certainty about the character of the CNP: it is not enough to simply believe, one must also fight for what they believe.”

And this is what I can with certainty state – You are in a fight for your very physical-spiritual life Travis Patron and you are rapidly losing the battle. You are not much of a fighter.

You have asked people to sacrifice themselves for the Nation if they truly believed in your European based Nationalist socialism. But you will not do so yourself through such a simple action as being on Parliament Hill on December 8, 2018. Your fear held you back.

What I can say with certainty is that you are a hypocrite, a coward and remain to date a piece of gutless Nazi scum. In such position I cannot state that you even appear deserving of the breath of life.

You claim your desire to raise up a Nation capable of true military defense and honorable interactions and you cannot even raise yourself to assume such a stance Travis Patron.

So, adios Senor Pavo. The jury that has been sequestered in this interactive dialogue surrounding the lunacy of your life is finally being called back in. We shall hear the decree and sentence allotted you in the final Chapter of The Kid from Redvers – “Flesh Filled Puppets”.

As to your anti-Semitic Aryan designs Patron?

Not on My Watch Travis PatronEvery day is Holocaust Remembrance Day with me!