tommy_robinsonTommy Robinson is the founder and ex-leader of the English Defence League who now heads up Pegida UK. Watch Tommy’s first video with The Rebel, where he comments on the poorly described “Muslim-ban” that the Trump administration is trying to implement.          (language warning)

“In our upside-down world, people are actually complaining that for once, a politician is keeping his promises — in this case, President Trump said he put in “extreme vetting” to try to keep America safe from terrorism, and that’s what he’s doing.”

mp1Muslims praying in the streets of France.

 “All the attacks we’ve suffered in Europe probably wouldn’t have happened if those countries had similar plans in place. And 200 people would still be alive.”

“Did you know that Obama, Clinton and Bush also banned people from six countries using the “Visa Waiver Program”? Probably not, but suddenly everyone is going after Trump for doing something similar. That’s why the sudden phony outrage is such a joke — especially from certain Muslim politicians.”

Watch and Listen: This man is trying very hard to help you Canada. He is angry, but he is speaking from a heart of love for the freedom and justice demanded for all. He is angry, but he has every right to be as he has and is still living through the reality of the ongoing Islamic horrors in Europe. And, he is still fighting for your democratic rights.

The presentation is very, very well done. Perhaps it will stimulate you to defend our nation.

I must give you two more presentations.

The CNN report with Imam Choudary on What is Islam? and why the Muslims of America know sharia it is best for us and working to help us achieve it.

It was this same desire for the good of Sweden which was once peaceful, but this is what Islam has done in its efforts to be helpful.      and      Open Your Eyes, SWEDEN

Well, we are preparing a legal bomb for the Muslims in Canada. There will be no sharia here as Canada is embarked upon a pathway taking it to being a Muslim Free Zone.

Thus, Canada will probably face a large scale world wide immigration of non-Muslim persons to our shores. They will be seeking sanctuary from the ongoing Muslim terrorism until the evil called Islam is stemmed world wide.



1 The Qur’an Is Hate Propaganda   posted on February 10, 2017

Note: This is Sector One: Citizenship Treason, 1 of 5 sectors of The Qur’an Is Hate Propaganda. The Sectors will be ultimately amalgamated into one document and presented to the Courts as body of information showing necessity and methods for legal prosecution of Islam and Islamists within Canada.   It will take up to 24 hours to analyze Sector One.