DAY 35

Monday September 16, 2019 – 35 DAYS TO BLOW THEM TOTALLY AWAY

Thirty five days to blow away any doubts about the PPC leadership and Maxime Bernier’s ability to ensure  a corruption free government. A Government that would rise above the Lies of the Liberals and Corruption of the Conservatives. 

This day proved to be the one that resulted in the Daily Countdown of Day Thirty Four posted next, 

It ended with this statement: 

ROPE-A-DOPE is used to describe strategies in which one contender lets their opponents fatigue themselves by drawing non-injuring offensive actions. This then gives the contender an advantage towards the end of the competition or before, as the opponents become tired, allowing the contender to execute devastating offensive maneuvers and thereby win.

Something to consider Max as you will be facing the Canadian electorate exposed outside the manipulation ofsocial media’. As my expose of you showed (DAY 36 Posted on September 15, 2019)  – you are a ‘seasoned veteran of media attack’ and my vote still remains on you.

But I guess we are going to have another go at your claim – “I am always honest”.

Your actions have necessitated it Maxime Bernier.