DAY 22



More than one Two Many North Saskatchewan PPC have been found behind the Eight Ball of Blackened Bull Shit……you are all hooked boys and girls…. you do not have a play!

On the political pool table of our prairies you were already starting to be officially blocked off with my announcement to The Rebel media and 21 other sources on October 10, 2018 – “The attached is formal announcement that the Canadian Nationalist Party is a Neo-Natzi infested movement under the guidance of the Canadian KKK.” – Explanation was given through attachment  >

Travis One.docx

And it is this man , your chosen candidate for my ‘home’ riding of Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River  – JEROME PERRAULT –  to whom you all have links that has trapped  you behind the eight ball that is now rolling back upon you now.

Preparing the Final Frontier to continue my quest to eradicate Trudeau and other bad breath bastards (bbb) from the scene I filled out the PPC Saskatchewan Request for Volunteers form when it came online in May.

Subsequent Will Smith, the EDA Provincial Coordinator made contact with a ‘happy to have you onboard’ blurb.

On May 28 – Matthew Walsh the temporary candidate for Regina-Qu’Appelle contacted me with an emotional appeal for ‘campaign help’.

On May 31 – Monique Quintal the EDA President and co-campaign manager for Mark Friesen the PPC candidate in the Saskatoon -Grasswood riding made contact. She desired to co-ordinate the use of my PPC promotional van with one of her uncle Mark’s events when I would be in the Province of Saskatchewan.

I will delineate the Southern PPC Will Smith Generated ‘shit fight’ that was underway amid the PPC Party Faithful at this juncture in time at a later posting. For it was amid the Northern Sector PPC that the ‘Will Smith-Mennie Menace Shenanigans Crap’ hit the fan and splattered one and all.

But Max Bernier was bragging this a.m. 9.26.19 that his EDA’s were all on the ground and organized to operate, that the other parties like the Greens and NDP did not have such support structures into place and could not even locate candidates.

Take a look at The Reality of your EDA’s here in Saskatchewan Mad Max.

My designated first stop in Saskatchewan was to certify the Final Frontier and investigate why I could not locate any solid structural contact information for most of the PPC candidates.

Saskatchewan PPC brag that our province was the first to have its slate of candidates filled and Mad Max brags that his 338 EDA’s are all established with organizations in place to advance the cause in a better manner.

Speed in filling the tank of candidates established and the fuel line hoses of EDAs in the hands of many turning on the pumps has run upon the feet of ‘the Albertan from Quebec’ in wavering rivulets across the Nation.

It has been ignited and will either serve to purify the party or scorch its’ great potential at the polls.

Hayes – Penteado – Friesen – Payant    * You will from time to time hear me refer to these persons as “the Quartet” or “the Saskatchewan Quartet”‘

I knew many things smelled rotten in the ‘State of Max’ when I had acquired the names of the 14 candidates and their ridings. Starting from the bit of communications with the Will Smith and Bruce Friesen factions I determined to employ every means necessary to ferret out the rats nibbling on the political cheese through Mad Max. 

I was on my way to certify the Final Frontier in Saskatoon, then make my way to home town of Meadow Lake to dispose of a vehicle I had left stored In Wetaskiwin. My necessary patterns of ‘research on the road’ opened the potential for face to face contact with Isaac Hayes, Bruce Friesen, Gutso Penteado, Cody Payant, Jason MacInnis and Jerome Perrault the candidate for Meadow Lake and the vast DMCR area.

Vocal face to face with these birds of a feather came in encounters first with Gutso Penteado at his home in Saskatoon and then Jason MacInnes (left) at a necessary fast food internet connection of mine in North Battleford.

Subsequent I faced off with Bruce Friesen in North Battleford when Max was doing his ‘introduce the candidates run’ on July 31. I encountered and spoke with others amid the 14 flat, fat and furriest in Saskatoon that day, arriving attired in my Guto Penteado provided t-shirt, never letting on that I already knew too much about some of them for ‘one and all’ to be comfortable with me in any manner.

I got to the hall just as the line-up photo op was taking place. I had gone to the offices of Brad Trost to make an impassioned plea for him to remain in place in the coming election, to secure his seat and if possible, to support Maxime Bernier. I did so simply because I knew the Conservatives in this nation can not afford to lose a man of such integrity and high moral standards.

Understand this reader – I support individuals politically, not the Party they represent other than to the degree that their Party is a reflection morally to the highest degree of those in the various packs. 

With ‘show and tell’ finished I mingled amid ‘Candidates and their claimants’ asking if anyone knew who Jerome Perrault was. Most did not even recognize the name despite he had been introduced from the stage. The candidates I queried at this time knew he had been on the stage with them. But all I poke with claimed they knew nothing personal about the man, it was the first time they had seen him and had no prior contact or means of contact with him.

Jason MacInnis was obviously upset at being seen talking with me and played continuously with his cell phone both inside and outside the hall whenever I approached. By this time I was already playing out my “I support the PPC only through you in the North of the Province”. And I was actively bringing him results in his own riding. As well, by this time I had thoroughly rousted Gutso Penteado to the degree that he did not know how to conduct himself around me. He did the busy busy routine when I approached him and scurried off in a ‘I got to get this done’ cloud of Brazilian hunched bombast.

But, as to no contactable knowledge of Jerome Perrault? For two or more this is a provable outright lie which we shall get to later. But Guto was not one of the outright liars as his July 12 email shows: (Note the references to First Nations and the Filipino Community. They are salient to explanation of the nature of Gutso which shall be pointed out following.)

“4. It’s really important to get the First Nations in our side too. Whenever they would like to host a PPC meeting we will be glad to attend. Our candidate for the north is Jerome Perrault (Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River). The PPC headquarters is developing the First Nations platform as we speak. It would be important to collect some information from them about their priority needs to be included in the platform. This is the right time for that, before the platform is released.
5. It will be a very good opportunity for us to have a chance to speak to the Filipino community/assembly as well. You can give the pastor my phone number so we can arrange to meet. Thank you!”


 The man in the picture is not the critter that came crawling out of somewhere still needing his morning coffee at about 9:30. I had tried many measures to personally contact Gutso and when I finally did it was a bit of a shocker.

I had finally located him because all the donations requests posted on his web page stated they should be sent to The Chief Financial Officer for his riding and the address given ended up being his home address and that of the daycare his wife was running.

The recovered alcoholics expression when looking at Gutso is….” man is he ever hurting”. I fast forwarded our interaction immediately as the web page projection and that in the flesh simply did not mesh. I was facing a puffy faced, chain smoking man who soon confessed he had problems. He was trying to quit drinking and he could not get the donations button on his web page working properly.

I established rapport through assuring him his present condition no where rivaled the past conditions of my own life.

He stated he was facing financial problems and would not be spending his own money on a campaign. Essentially there would be no campaign unless someone else paid his way for him. Someone else paying my way for me is the typical immigrant attitude bred into the Penteado types and remains in them even after they have had their way paid to success of some degree in their new land.

With all the indicators I had that matters were amiss in the provincial PPC I went fully to work on Penteado. I queried him about knowledge of other candidates and contact information for them. He claimed he did not even have a contact phone number for Quartet Member Isaac Hayes. The only person he was up to date with was his buddy Bruce Friesen. He could not give me, or would not give me, the names of EDA members and truly did not even know the schedule for the Mad Max tour at month end that Friesen and he appeared to be responsible for.

I pressed upon him the importance this election was to Canada and told him the image that Canada needed to see now from Coast to Coast was that shown of him on the web page along with the slogan Make Canada Strong Again. I stated   that was why I had come to see him. He quickly interjected that he had not used Make in the slogan because it would make him look too much like Donald Trump.

I stated I believed he was potentially being prepared to replace Maxime Bernier if something, God forbid, should befall Mad Max on the run up to election that incapacitated him. I boisterously told the wife, his sister, his sons, the daycare children and family pets that I thought Gutso was destined for greatness in our Nation as its potential next Prime Minister. Everyone glowed and it seemed even the dog wagged its appreciation and the cat purred.

Guto lapped it up like the bottom dregs of the bottle on the bedside table of a drunk with glimmer of first light.

We went to the Final Frontier and I explained how it was being decked out and where I thought his image should be posted (the same location and size where the Waster – the Chief is now posted) and he thought the proposal was great. We shook hands in agreement, I stated approximate costs to him would be about $375 and I would have the finalized price to him from L.B. Signs. We agreed to this.

Gutso and crew were in a hurry to go to the Brazilian Association so we parted with knowledge I would return at some point for a strategy session as how to best promote him further.

I carried forward making myself the great promoter of the PPC and Bernier. But grasp this – I was and am – but I placed and still place the Nation above both.

With Gutso I employed the Sticker Issue and Advertising on the Final Frontier to stick it to him so to speak. I chided him about his inability to keep his word for 24 hours, downsized his advertising agreement to reflect the half space on the front of the hood –

July 13 – “But, you do go front and center on the unit now in what I call the interview position. Your picture, riding contact and impact statement will be applied to the left front side of the hood. We will design the layout later today. Cost of all should be under 50.00. I do not head North until this is completed and we have finalized strategy and timing.

 During July 15 -16 I tied Gutso and Crew in linked messages to Mennie.  Thus telling one and all – 

I will be contacting MB re the use of “Strong and Free”…by Travis Patron, Canadian Nationalist Party. He is running the entirety of his campaign under this slogan according to his video posting.” – “God is not the author of your confusion.” “Brad Trost is of strong ethical roots.” 

I spoke to the fact –  “My associate Pastor Lucivar “Boc” Laurico  (306-514-2614) standing over the New Life Community Fellowship 3532 Fairlight Drive has a Filipino assembly with persons from all four ridings, Was in conversation and prayer with him a couple days ago and we discussed potential involvement with the PPC. I will see him to make invitation through you for a PPC presentation at his Church be it by yourself or all members of the Saskatoon Quartet.” 

 “As stated I will be concentrating on stimulating speaking engagements for the PPC amid the First Nations, Metis and Filipino Communities. I commenced organization of this last year. As well, I shall be activating connections amid the Jewish populations and synagogues.”

And I made certain it was known – “ I am now going to forward the first email to Mr. Payant along with a copy of this one as our letters of introduction.”

 And front and center I made certain of what he stated to me that he saw as his mandated position to be in the coming PPC government as being that of being the Minister of “Immigration-Foreign Affairs-Free Enterprise”.

I told Gutso of “such results as meeting arrangements are now starting with Jon Hannah for when I deal with Moose Jaw and the SoO, Antifa,Neo-Natzi Patron and the Canadian KKK….that this Moose Jaw ‘start up’ occasioned after Jon walked up and we ended up in prayer together….”

I continued to involved him in joint messaging to Johanne Mennes and provided his requested information surrounding input from First Nations so Max could prepare his Policy Release during the August 31 tour. 

But I always returned to money matters in some format with Gutso, and as to his ongoing concerns about dysfunctional donations buttons I stated: “Keep a ‘clean book system’, no cash donations over $20.00 without receipt. I thought that lesson was already understood at your table and the receipt I gave you.”

On Friday 20-2019 I tossed him into the deep end of the pool:

“Read the donations envelope that receipted contract. You owe Phinehas Ministry $160.00 .

Your promotional material rings good Guto, but your financial reputation is not all that great Guto. But, we shall see that it improves.

I shall keep adding to your account until I see all the seats secured in Saskatchewan.”

And that brought an expected result of Gutso’s Big Wah on August 21. But, by this time Gutso was securely installed on the hood and had been since August 16, the day after I had hung up on him during a phone call due to his drunken state of confused statements surrounding times, events and dates.

And on the hood he has been since then and has many times been referred to as My Hood Ornament. It was very soon after his companion Jason MacInnis joined him onboard and they became titled “STRONG AND HARDCORE” the supposed spirit of the PPC stated four principle values. 

With their sector of investigation basically completed they have become referenced totally as MY HOOD ORNAMENTS or MY PAIR OF SAGGING BRAZIERS. I have started  telling people why they should still support Bernier but exactly why they should not support a pair of tits like these.

I could tell you more about the despicable character flaws of Penteado surrounding his hanging on to the economic shirt tails of Bruce Friesen, his choice of seeking Financial Gain through an opportunity I presented him with as opposed to following up with a visitation to churches to promote the PPC – and I may do so when I detail the matters surrounding Justin Trudeau’s  second cousin…..our very own Jason ‘Hardcore’ MacInnis.

But, I am going to post this now with the reminder that we face twenty-one days for conscience clear PPC candidates to convince the voting public that they are truly a cut above the miscreants they want to replace.

So enough now about the Not So Great Gutso Penteado. I do not believe that Guto is complicit to such degree in violating Canadian Laws that his compadres are or that he shall see anymore time behind bars then the formality of an arrest and release. But he should start to prepare himself for the witness stand fully aware of the results of perjury when it comes to matters of sedition and treason against the Crown.

So Gutsosober up in all areas that such a statement implies.

And Mennie Menace – you will never be able to extricate yourself from the internet woven web that has strug itself out to weave a hangman’s political noose for your fat chubby throat.