Justin Trudeau The Two Headed Snake

Trudeau has built himself a highly incompetent government that is a deliberate undisciplined endangerment to our security as the following article shows. >

While foreign adversaries and competitors are increasingly targeting Canada in order to advance their own economic and national security interests our Jihadi Justin openly embraces our foes. 

In a government downplaying national security our democratic institutions are all being snow balled into one frozen lump under Dominic Leblanc. This New Brunswick ‘hearing boner’ now serves as Minister of Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade.

Precedent to the last election Canada’s intelligence services were carefully monitoring attempts by six countries — China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela — to influence the federal election results. 

“In some ways they want to just whip up anger and dissent about a number of issues to get Canadians angry at each other.

There’s a range of interests that foreign actors are interested in. They’re interested in targeting our energy sector, oil and gas. They’re also interested in just discrediting our democracy and damaging our democratic processes through cyber and non-cyber attacks. 

John Townsend, a spokesperson for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said that over the years CSIS has seen multiple instances of foreign states targeting specific communities in Canada through human intelligence operations, the use of state-sponsored or foreign-influenced media and cyberattacks.”

While interference in our national affairs using cyber means continues to be a growing concern, CSIS has made it clear that traditional interference by foreign espionage remains the greatest danger. Obviously, the number of ‘foreign national origin persons’ with boots on the ground is a priority concern to the safety of Canada. But the sound of the invading horde is sweet in the ears of Trudeau for a snake does not hear in the manner of a human being. Trudeau loves the vibrations emitting from the Middle East and especially Iran.

What better way to keep them vibrating than to confuse one and all as to methods of supporting Canada’s democratic security institutions, a role that had its own ministry precedent to Trudeau.


We are constantly hearing the Trudeau element slithering through the political grass intimating and hissing that President Donald Trump is trampling on our best interests.  

This comes through a man scampering to support Iran and restore diplomatic relations that were justifiably cut off by Stephen Harper’s government in 2012.

Diplomatic Relations? The United Nations? The United States of America?

Trudeau is stupid in his activities adversarial to the United States outside the fact that he increases the destabilization in the African and Middle East region that Muslim conquest feeds upon. It is his desire this evolve.

But the European Union is a greater fool for they are in more immediate physical proximity to the Islamic incursions than North America. And the Europeans simply do not have the air support or intelligence capabilities of the United States to fight against the terrorism in the region concerned on their own.

And to believe that the African nations are best left to fend for themselves in the fight against terrorism as the Western world sees its incursions is childish. In particular because many of the African nations from their Muslim based populations are the main driving forces of the fomenting headache for Europe and the West. It is these same nations that Trudeau continues to be actively courting.

US President Donald J. Trump is correct in his methods and fight against the Islamic State in the Middle East and Africa. But he has an energy advantage that Europe does not. The USA stands independent of the Persian Gulf for its energy supply while Europe is not with variant countries scrambling to find their way out of the threats poised by energy depletion. All this increases the destabilization effects of advancing migratory pressures, with such pressures also being employed as political tools.

Migrants are entering Europe in mass from Turkey at this time and has Greece putting up border fences and other newer methods to assure the security of their nation. But we Canadians are jump started to ensure we have no security from such threatening flows.

Examples are blatant that we support the flooding of our land. When the terrorist scourge Hizb-ut-Tahrir says that negotiations and a peace process with Israel are acts of treason, stating their desire for Muslim armies to liberate all of Palestine, to march on Israel, to kill all Jews and destroy the state they reflect the desires of the Muslim Middle East. The goal of eliminating Israel is supported by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, several Iranian sponsored Palestinian terror groups and the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas continues to incite thousands of Palestinian people against Israel and the US in the West Bank cities and Trudeau supports the Palestinian Authority financially and politically.

Trudeau also supports these same elements inciting violence against Israel within our own nation.


 The Trudeau government does all it can to support illegal Islamic refugees and asylum seekers pervading the nation. The Liberals are happily embracing the “very threatening new reality of forced migration due to climate change” espoused by the UN Human Rights Committee on January 20.

“According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 17.2 million people worldwide had to leave their homes in 2019 because of disasters exacerbated by climate change.”

It is being stated that Canada must now take into account the climate crisis when considering the intake and deportation of migrants and asylum seekers.

The landmark ruling by the United Nations gives Trudeau maximum sway in claiming that Canada’s ‘moral and legal obligation’ is to accept as many persons into the nation who simply can’t live in their home country because ‘their homes are under water, drought is prevalent or pestilences like locusts disrupt their food supply’.  

The fact that there is or is not a political problem with their country will have no bearing on their guaranteed admissibility to the Nation and demand that we be the source of all provision for them. This is great for our double headed snake as it is what he already has underway.

Precursor to the UNHRC ruling the Trudeau government has been promoting ‘climate change’ as sufficient reason for his ‘open borders’ policies. It has been employing ‘climate change’ in how Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) activates its policies at present with the claim “Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time”

 IRCC spokesperson Shannon Ker said Canada remains “steadfast in offering protection to UN convention refugees and in the event of a natural disaster, decisions on refugee claims are taken on a case-by-case basis. In the case of people displaced due to a sudden onset weather event or a natural disaster, IRCC has in the past expedited applications already in the system, and has also extended temporary resident visas for those already in Canada.”

Trudeau has been leading the UN Muslim racetrack into Canada. It is obvious in the best interests of the African Nations with the most Muslim induced political problems to rush to secure him a UN Security Council seat, eh?

But, like a dumb deer caught in the headlights, all Trudeau’s UN Scampering Activities and calling out for adherence to UN Rulings could be blowing up in his face because the European Union espouses all the same basic idealology as him.

And the European Union in a landmark ruling has placed in jeopardy all Trudeau’s attempted legalization of his tactics of completely unhindered mass entry into Canada.

“In a landmark decision that will have potentially seismic implications for immigration policy in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Spain acted lawfully when it summarily deported two migrants who illegally tried to enter Spanish territory.

The Strasbourg-based court — which has jurisdiction over 47 European countries, and whose rulings are binding on all 27 member states of the European Union — ruled that in order for migrants to benefit from certain human rights protections, such as access to lawyers, interpreters and the right to remain in Europe, they must first enter European territory in a legal, as opposed to an illegal, manner.”

The ruling, which effectively authorizes European governments summarily to deport illegal migrants immediately at the border, transfers some decision-making powers on immigration back to European nation states. The ruling is being viewed as a major victory for those who believe that sovereign nation states have the right to decide who is and is not allowed to enter their territory.

The ECHR’s ruling determines that a nation state has the right to defend its borders. When someone is dedicated to violating those borders, the nation state has the right to return that person to their place of origin as quickly as possible.”

Will the separation of Federal – Provincial entitlements that Trudeau has gotten underway to create division of rights to individual provincial parties as an attempt to create chaos now blow up in his face? In particular his policies designed to separate the indigenous and non-indigenous dominated provincial bodies have placed the provinces from coast to coast in legal status similar to the nation states of the European union. Trudeau now appears to be quite troubled by such fact. 

His stooge Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says “there is a clear ‘path forward’ to defuse the ongoing tensions caused by protests that have hamstrung the country’s transportation network.” Miller said he wouldn’t go into details about the steps the government is taking.But clearly, we see there is a path forward. Canadians should know that we are seizing the situation at the very highest level of government to work toward a peaceful resolution.”

What Canadians know you stooge is that you sure are doing a lot of squinting looking for a path that will clear up the UN – European Union -Islamic mess blowing up in your faces.

May troubles for the stooge increase daily as the Provincial Bodies enact the ability to legislate who can enter their territory and how they have the right to defend their own borders from the likes of Justin Trudeau.

But, will any of this ultimately deter Trudeau’s horde at our borders? Migrants are daily seen using extreme violence and mass attacks against the border fences built to keep them out.   But here in Canada we have no such fences and build them welcoming facilities instead. And presently a great number of the terrorists being welcomed in such manner originate from Iran or are being deployed under Iranian sanctions.

Foremost Canada must take every thing Iranian into full account here. There can be no further embrace of Iranian interests in any manner within our Nation.

Even within Iran we find that Iranian people will no longer embrace the Muslim killers that Trudeau wants issued terms of endearment.

Video and photo evidence coming out of Iran shows multiple crowds refusing to walk on American and Israeli flags amid protests against the Islamic Republic’s clerical establishment, signaling a rejection of the Tehran regime’s hardliner narrative and eliciting praise from some Western observers. > Amid Anti-Regime Protests, Iranians Repeatedly Refuse to Trample American, Israeli Flags

In Canada we find others like Iranian ex-pat Nasser Pooli crusading against the Islamic Republic of Iran and all it stands for. He denigrates their leaderships state-sponsored and international terrorism, their depriving Iranian citizens of basic human rights and warns about their activities here amid the pro-Iranian regime.

In the following video we see his protesting the radical Iranian Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Thornhill, Ontario that is funded by the mullahs in Iran. Many of the members are hard core Iranian political activists.

The two-tiered policing system that Trudeau has protecting such dissidents in the nation from coast to coast is pointed out by Rebel Reporter David Menzies. What is even more damning for Trudeau is that the police are acting as spokesmen for the mosque’s imam and/or attendees.

Radical Iranians

As David Menzies states the moral of the story: “Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada in 2020: conduct a lawful and peaceful protest outside a radicalized mosque and expect to endure police intimidation.”

Once again, this speaks to the need to deal with all Trudeau’s Muslim advancement initiatives here in Canada. And in particular the facet of the Iranian time bombs that indwell our society from coast to coast.

A good point to depart from is the handling by the Trudeau tripe of the Iranians involved in the Ukrainian Airlines disaster.



For Canada, the crash represents the largest loss of claimed Canadian life involving an aircraft since the bombing of Air India Flight 182, which exploded over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland in 1985, killing all 329 on board.

Canadian census and surveys indicate that persons listed of Iranian ethnic origin number at over 300,000 now, but the large number of illegal Iranian migrants is known to have swollen the faction.

Data compiled by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, a non-profit group of Canadian educational institutions, states that students from Iran alone number in the neighbourhood of 12,000 individuals buried within 20 of our major universities and technical institutes. It states that since 2017-2018 Iranian students have become the second-fastest growing group of international students in Canada. This is due to the policies of Justin Trudeau, the powerful Iranian economic lobby in Canada and thrust from Tehran to embed its nationals here for spying and covert operations. A large number of the persons manifested on Flight PS752 were sourced from this base.

138 were passengers travelling to Canada, many of whom were students, researchers or lecturers with ties to schools across the country.

Sixty-three of the dead were Canadian citizens according to a spokesperson for the Iranian Canadian Congress.

All were Iranians that frequently choose this time of year to visit relatives in Iran and most of the people, especially the students, had simply gone to Iran for winter holidays. This was just a standard winter school break for them. Obviously, they all could afford to travel. So why is Trudeau scrambling so hard to give such person’s cash incentives from the Canadian tax coffers at this time?

And why is he promoting the idea espoused by the Iranian contingent that are trying to attach blame for the Flight PS752 circumstance because Canada broke broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012? Why is he trying to establish enhanced relations for ease of travel to this foreign political adversary to democracy and supporting them in their Canadian blame game?

The Iranian Canadian Congress states “Our Iranian Canadian community has long requested the Canadian government to establish a direct flight between Canada and Iran.” They claim travel options available to the Iranian-Canadian community to travel to Iran are not very affordable because of sanctions. They stress that limited travel options between Iran and Canada exist because of sanctions imposed by the USA and endorsed by Canada.

But we all are well aware that Trudeau stands against the USA and Trump in every fashion that he can as circumstance allows him to in spite of the fact it is truly not in Canada’s interests he does so.

As to Iranian sanctions and travel bans?  Travelling to Iran via U.S. flight hubs is not an option because Iran is one of the countries subject to a travel ban issued by U.S. President Donald that came into full effect in December 2017.

Why in any manner would it be in our national interest that we have a direct flight connection to the killer nation of Iran or increase ease of visa restrictions for such people?

For its National Security Canada should be following the USA in the areas that Trump has done with his increased travel restrictions that impact Iran and Trudeau’s favorite Muslim based countries.

Instead we have a mouth open fly catcher uttering emotion-based stupidity of the likes of Bill Blair now serving as Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and representing the federal electoral district of Scarborough Southwest in Ontario. This man is perhaps a worse political miscreant than his predecessor Ralph Goodale.

Blair was prior appointed as the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction in 2018. He claims that at an early age he learned that “serve” comes before “protect”.  It is a lesson he learned well as at a time when Donald Trump has found a travel ban necessary to protect Americans, he has chosen to serve the interests of Trudeau which in no manner protect the security of Canada.

Of the seven nations that face considerably more restrictions and have little or no diplomatic relationship with the U.S. are included five majority-Muslim nations of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. It has been officially stated that all of these did not meet USA security standards for various visa entry programs.

The fact is Canada needs a total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the nation until controls necessary to protect it from Trudeau and his policies can be completely sorted out and instituted. And we do not need any emotional hype propagated as to why this in any manner would constitute a hardship upon the Iranians that are currently allowed within the country. Further we do not need any more propaganda deployed that Flight PS752 departed were making ‘incredible contributions to our society’ when facts decree the opposite.

When shot down near Tehran killing all 176 on board some 138 were passengers travelling to Canada and my initial reaction was “GOOD’!

My response was immediate and simply due to the identification of the Iranian ethnicity of a large contingent of the passengers.

“Thank God they are gone. No more opportunity among this bunch to chant ‘Death to America’ ….’Death to Israel’ in their al-Quds rally and protests in Canadian cities, I thought to myself. 

It is too bad that Trudeau, his personal household and all those supporting his Godless abominations were not on board as well, to receive such immediate justice for destruction of the nation!”

I thought it and believe it justifiable that I did so.

President Trump was 100% correct in immediately attaching the disaster to the tyrants in Tehran. And likely it was some show of defiance for his having dispatched the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force commandant killer Soleimani with a US airstrike on January 3, 2020.

Iranian-backed groups in the Gaza Strip had been quick to label and mourn the killer as a “martyr”. And Trudeau had been just as fast to cast aspersions about the conduct of the USA then as he was when the Ukrainian Airlines flight was missiled by the Khamenei tyrants,

Many Sunni Muslim Arabs have expressed outrage about public grieving over the death of Soleimani. They know the Iranian general has been responsible for the killing and displacement of thousands of people in the Middle East. They know that multi-thousands of the persons killed have been Muslims of pure Arab descent. To mourn Soleimani is to mourn the killer of their own people.

It is true these Arabs have sectarian differences with the Tehran regime, but they know the slain Iranian military commander played the major role in ensuring that Hamas and Islamic Jihad retain their control over the Gaza Strip and had the weapons to do so. Soleimani is documented as once having gave Hamas $22 million to enable it to pay salaries to its employees.

Ultimately the true threat to any stability in the Middle East is the conflict that exists amid the satanic Muslim sectarian groups themselves.

But you rest assured Trudeau is fully prepared to join forces with any sectarian agent of the devil in order to advance his aspirations in Canada. He has been quick to finance the same Hamas interests as was Soleimani. Was he as quick to mourn the killing of Soleimani and embrace him as a martyr? It would appear that such is so given the manner in which he smiling and eagerly embraced the killer of our Canadian soldiers, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif with their meeting at the Munch ‘Westlessness’ conference.

Trudeau supports the Iranians protesting against our government. We must put a stop to this and him. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a banned terrorist group and Trudeau is supporting them. All Iranians who organize the annual Iran-directed Al Quds day hate march in Canadian cities must be expelled and Trudeau prosecuted for helping them.

We need to revoke the student visas of all Iranian nationals who are studying in Canadian universities and cease all assistance to persons involved in the Ukrainian Airlines disaster. Simultaneously we should freeze Iranian assets in Canada sufficient to compensate the Canadian victims of this terrorism who are truly Canadian.

We need to immediately pass a Senate resolution condemning Iran and enforce a cancellation of the millions of dollars a year Trudeau has now flowing to Iran in foreign aid.

We need to immediately stop all pretense that you can trust or deal with liars in any manner. So we must now put an end to all dealings of Canada with both Trudeau and Iranian Islamic interests!

Flight PS752

Neither Trudeau nor Iran has the access to technology that in any manner ultimately threatens the security of the United States. And both unabashedly carry on a pretense that they are somehow trustworthy.

Iran continues to try to paint itself as not being a terrorist aggressor and that they had innocently somehow saw flight PS752 as a threatening missile. But they do not have the ability to extract information from the black box and refuse to hand it over to the Ukrainians and other government sources that do. The Iranians claim “We need to learn why our operator committed such a grave mistake. If provided the needed software, cables and expertise to interpret the data, we won’t touch the black box without the presence of all interested parties.”

They can be trusted in this as much as they could in the pretense of stopping their development of the ability to produce an atomic or nuclear weapon. You can trust Trudeau as much if he was to state he was innocent in the methods his government has channeled funds to their coffers and would see that the taps were turned off, pipes torn out and operators forever cast out. It is not in the nature of these beasts not to lie as they desire.

Fortunately, the Trump administration is curbing both parties, but in his duplicity our Trudeau thinks he can still wreck havoc on our western democracy through his relationships with the Chinese government and Canada’s part in the Five Eyes intelligence network. This network shares international intelligence gathering and operations that includes the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Heads Up EH!

Back in December 2018 the US sought extradition from Canada for prosecution of Meng Wanzhou the top executive of China’s Huawei Technologies on charges of fraud linked to the skirting of Iran sanctions. Business was being conducted that benefited the killer Iranian regime.  (China – Iran – Trudeau)

The problem is big. China’s Huawei Technologies has inserted itself into the 5G development network and our Trudeau is complicit in attempting to see it remains there. He is every bit as guilty in manipulating policing sources to do his dirty work within Canada.

Do not let Trudeau’s public posturing around the Huawei affair side track you. Do not lose sight of the forest amid his trees of lies and deceptions. Huawei’s relationship with Hong Kong-based company Skycom is documented to have been designed and employed to transact business with Iran. So has Trudeau’s actions with China had the same design.

The US is putting an end to the Chinese and Iranian typed regimes ability to spy upon us from within our intelligence networks. The US has stated it will not allow present Five Eyes allies to threaten its security in such manner, no more than it will allow European actors to do the same.

The United States has warned one and all that it will not be put at a security risk by allowing any nation to partner with it that creates such a problem. To fully lose US Cyber-Security protection is problem for free Canadians that they will not survive.

As to Huawei? It vehemently denies they present such a security risk, but once again the Chinese have been found lying through their Oriental noodle lips!

Only nations able to protect their data will be democratically sovereign in the near future if action is not taken now. We cannot allow Huawei to have any role in development of 5G and Trudeau must be monitored closely to see that no more 5G intelligence networking is channeled to Iran.

Iran has been and spying through the Iranian community and bribery of Canadian companies and universities through Iranian sources is as every bit prevalent as through the Chinese.

In particular, the Iranian Muslim faction has been very adept at using economic greed to advance our democratic demise.

Academic Fascism

Our democratic demise is highly visible in what many thinkers have called ‘intellectual terrorism’ that is rampant in our educational and political spheres.

We hear all types of minority groups claiming that they need to find ‘safe spaces’, but the ones that claim to champion the cause of creating the ‘safe spaces’ are the actual perpetrators of the climate of fear that generates the claimed need. It is the reigning orthodoxy that one needs to fear if you disagree with their personal ideologies. They are the tyrants and breed the snakes that poison all free expression.

Universities were at one time believed the home of open pluralism, debate, research and thought; but have become places of personal fear and intellectual terror. Education is eroded to the degree that fierce ideological minorities have been setting the lines of their new orthodoxy demanding our ‘political correctness and submission’. The greater the degree of  Muslim embedding amid the faculty and student body the stronger has become the demand for curbing of freedom of expression that violates their ideological beliefs. This feeds the intellectual sectarianism and terrorism that is choking free speech, freedom of expression to death. These people are starting to determine not only what actions are acceptable, but even your words and thoughts. Freedom of expression is now desperately needed to protect the majority in our society from the absolute tyranny of a minority in both educational and work places.

Tyrannical minorities now employ social media to enforce multiculturalism, Islam, immigration, post-colonial guilt and castigate anything at all righteous or holy. Small radical groups are creating a climate of terror to impose their opinions and permanently silence all opposition.

  If your personal opinion coincides with the official one, you have nothing to fear. But, if your ideas conflict with theirs you will be ostracized and punished for your dissent. Particularly, for the Christian you have become the new kind of criminal listed under their multitude of new crimes of opinion.

In Canada it is the Muslim educators, political leaders, media elements and generalized immigrant mob that will ultimately destroy you if you do not submit to their designs.

This Islamic element has employed the basic principles in our liberal democratic society to undermine our society. They know that if they can strangle free expression there will be no circulation of ideas, no increase in knowledge and true democratic progress will grind to a halt allowing implementation of full-blown sharia.

The educational campuses have become a prime locale for Muslims to further their designs. Thus, it has become commonplace to see invited speakers protested or cancelled due to what even a handful of their hardcore activists consider to be intolerable to their own thoughts.

And the educational administrators are evidently too frightened to even stand up against them. The educational world is rapidly imploding in Canada for a multitude of reasons.

This general malaise has exacerbated through the divergent methods that the Muslim element has used to gain entry to the nation.

Migrant Crisis – Swamped

Canada is facing the same swamping of the nation as evidenced on the Greek island of Lesbos. People there have had their properties destroyed, their livestock pillaged and slaughtered and their homes broken into.

We have experienced similar lawlessness factors with the migrant-immigrant swamping in Canada. And with the Greeks we share the knowledge and foreboding that the situation has really gotten out of hand.

People are truly fearing for their safety here and desperately want the immigrant-migrant problem to be curtailed, stopped and permanently fixed.

The flow must be stopped and Canadians truly choosing who is ultimately welcomed here. And this choice cannot be made by the Muslims embedded in our midst at all levels from coast to coast.

We can tolerate no more human trafficking of any sort; we must immediately eliminate all access to illegal asylum seekers and we must return all followers of Islam to the lands they entered from.

Primarily we must get rid of all political and business interests that turns the tap on and off surrounding our increasing societal chaos to extract more money and gain further political concessions that are destroying us.

The floodgates of mass migration into Canada must now be permanently closed.

The tactics of swamping invasion of our Nation employ the Muslim females to the highest degree and the Western view of the female as less dangerous than the male is pure cocky-pop. The roots of the Palestinian women are basically that of a pack of female terrorists, hijackers and bombers. Three persons are enough to exemplify this:

Fatima Bernawi, was the first Palestinian woman known to organize an attack in Israel, through attempting to place a bomb in a Jerusalem cinema in 1967.

Brandishing her AK-47 assault rifle Leila Khaled hijacked a TWA flight in 1969 and an El Al flight in 1970.

Rasmea Odeh was part of a terrorist attack at an Israeli supermarket in 1969 in which two university students were killed. After spending 10 years in an Israeli prison, Odeh was released in a prisoner exchange. She emigrated to the U.S. by lying on her immigration papers. She was ultimately deported but precedent teamed up with Linda Sarsour and the Women’s March on Washington, co-authoring the group’s militant manifesto.

Khaled and Odeh are also both connected to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a U.S.-designated terrorist organization responsible for more than 100 deaths in terrorist bombings in Israel as well the attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem in 2014 in which five worshipers and one policeman were killed.

Such women as these are not your normal everyday Western woman or housewife. But other generalized groupings are just an important invasive tactic in swapping the Western democratic ideal for the Eastern killer pathway of sharia.

In many manners it is the generalized pack of undereducated, Muslim female breeders that are lauded by the male leadership. These women breed like rats with an exponential birthrate that simply swamps the Canadian landscape and places an economic burden in every aspect upon the public purse and the social-educational services they demand. They literally have decimated the ability of the educational and health systems to function properly, leaving the non-Muslim and general immigrant society in some prevalent states of depravation.

A key for our physical swamping and economic demise is simply get into the country in some format and breed. Get yourself a ‘Canadian Status Child’ or seven and employ this to your advantage. This loopy loop hole needs absolute stoppage.>

And yes, there is a necessity of a Muslim travel ban into our nation as seen necessary in the USA by President Trump. But this will only alleviate the swamping process as an initial measure. >

However, to really hammer a nail into the coffin of Muslim advancement of sharia in Canada is to go full force against the educated women in the subversive swamping process.

It is the mouthy, arrogant somewhat educated Muslim women that are the most publicly vocal, invasive and mentally damaging to our society. They are the ‘hijab horde’ burrowed in everywhere and advancing the cause of sharia from coast to coast. 

They are very adept liars and portray that wearing the hijab does not deprive women of basic rights enjoyed in Western society. They claim they love the hijab and what it represents to them, that wearing it is normal and totally acceptable in our society. This is simply climatization of our larger society to accept their presence and allow them mobility access at every and all levels. It has created a complacency surrounding their presence.

These critters make pretense at being feminists and have even gone so far as to create their own fashion magazine and an annual awards show called ‘The Look of the Year’. There aim is to normalize the hijab in the fashion industry.

But there is nothing normal about the hijab for a female. It is integral and mandatory to Islamic chastity ethics that are linked to daughters’ responsibilities for the family’s honor. Their code is nothing more than gender apartheid and worldwide wearing the hijab and veil mark the difference between the pure (chaste) and the unclean woman.  People who protest and fight against such mandatory dress codes are typically prosecuted in nations like Iran under charges related to ‘morality,’ such as ‘encouraging people to corruption and prostitution.

For years, some women in Iran have been arrested and imprisoned for refusing to wear the mandatory headscarf and even for protesting its use. In Canada we have seen parents kill their own daughter for rebelling against their Islamic cultural traditions.

Trudeau is a double headed snake in his love affair with this Iran. He claims himself feminist in government and supporter of child rights but stands with Iran in trampling upon the human rights of children and women for his Islamic ideals. Trudeau is working toward establishing his personal gender apartheid dictatorship here in Canada. Within this nation wearing a hijab for Muslim women and children is far from being a voluntary choice. There are even parents putting veils on children as young as three years old.

Schools and other local authorities do not know how to deal with the problems created by the Muslim element that has exploded in Canada. People now shudder at hearing the cry of “Islamophobia” and being classified as a criminal for proclaiming the need to ban the hijab from coast to coast. Given the reality of Islam you would think that Canadians would run away from anything promoting the hijab, but it is not so. On February 1, World Hijab Day was marked in countries all over the world and Trudeau forcefully joined us in the foulness of such ceremony.

Instead we should all have been defecting from relationship with Trudeau just as Iran’s only female Olympic medalist, Kimia Alizadeh, had defected from Iran on January 20, 2020. She made the statement: “I am one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran whom they’ve been playing for years.”

And Canada you have been ‘played by Trudeau for years’ as he seeks to place you under total oppression of sharia through embracing the Iranian regime. It is thus you find his government supporting the enshrinement of terrorists, hijackers and bombers in similar manners to the student movements enshrining female terrorists in the United States and here at home.

For example, the student government at the University of California, Berkeley erected a shrine to Palestinian female terrorists, hijackers and bombers.  We find similar posts about North America such as the one erected by the students at Oberlin College in Ohio. And we have all manner of unrighteous spiritual antics taking place around our campuses promoting the evil of the advancing sharia laden hordes.


In a show of incompetence, the CBC’s 5th Estate has accidentally released the identity of a long-time Antifa informant. This is someone who works with, employs, and shares information with the members and supporters of the violent Antifa movement: Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips from Drumheller Alberta. He is essentially just another symptom of greed initiatives that drive the educational system, politicians and business interests in North America.

It is due to the greed initiatives, the bribes, that Canada has become the ‘most popular destination for Iranian students from abroad’. It is thus many who appear on the passenger list of Flight PS752 are members of student, research and teaching communities in our nation. Of the 138 passengers travelling to Canada many were being mourned as having ties to the educational institutes in Alberta.

In addition to the University of Alberta, the institutions that have confirmed that they have similar ties with students, faculty or recent grads on board Flight PS752 are the following: University of Manitoba. University of Waterloo. University of Windsor. University of British Columbia. Western University. University of Guelph. University of Toronto. McGill University. Aviron Technical Institute. Concordia University. Dalhousie University. St. Mary’s University. Langara College. McMaster University. Ryerson University. Ontario Tech University. University of Ottawa. Carleton University and Queen’s University.

Amid this grouping we have a multitude of persons that are anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian, pro-Sharia and 100% Muslim terrorist supporters in their horrendous designs both outside and within our country. No more rot such as this can be continued through the greed laden education institutional components across our land. We can no longer permit such breeding grounds for terrorism to exist in such fashion as made evident through the Flight PS752 fiasco.


American and Canadian Universities Continue to Get Rich by Taking Islamist Money

Foreign donations — to the tune of over $10 billion since 2012 – continue to flow in to U.S. universities. With that money comes influence ops to try to mold public opinion and policy.

In some cases, the funding comes via government-tied entities with known links to subversion, spying, terrorism and extremist ideology. For example, the terror-linked Qatar Foundation donated $33 million to Georgetown University in 2018 alone.

Over the years, Iran used a well-known front to send donations to about 30 universities in the U.S. and Canada. These donations, for example, don’t even show up U.S. records.

The Department of Education is currently investigating funding from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and (presumably) other countries.

In Canada we find Islamic student groups being backed by the subversive foreign funding interests to deploy anti-Israel and puritanical hatred of the Jews. In November of 2019 an anti-semitic mob converged on a York University meeting room after the Jewish student group  ‘Herut Canada’ brought former IDF soldiers onto campus to give a talk. The Muslim dominated contingent fomented a censorious riot.

Unfortunately, this is the type of activity taking place on Muslim infested campuses every where. And the Iranian faction on these campuses are the extreme hard core in such activities. Thus, Trudeau’s fawning and special treatment of the Iranians killed on Flight PS752 is even more sickening than his normal nauseating actions in behalf of Islam.

Say What?

If you read the reports you should be well aware that Iran as well as others have been pouring massive amounts of money into our educational institutions. This is why you have seen Trudeau embracing the Iranians as he does for the advancement of sharia. It is also why he has taken the measures he has to cast money at the Iranian educational person mess that was on the downed airlines Flight 752.

The CBC touting of there being a loss to Canada because of ‘the incredible contributions through their work’ is too much propaganda hype and the ‘mourning of the nation’ because of them is absolute crap.

As to their loss to our decimated educational system? The foundations are in place for the ‘embedded Islamic structure’ to have another Muslim adherent quickly carry forward in their lucrative spot.

Rest assured the Trudeau government will do all in its power with your cash to see that they do.


The double headed snake Justin Trudeau is pushing what amounts to a totalitarian agenda on our country of Canada. And this agenda has the goal of instilling the same spiritually stifling aroma you find in any of the Muslim majority countries. It is an atmosphere in which you will no longer have the ability to freely establish your own career goals or financial stability.

Your world is quickly becoming one in which you can absolutely make no criticism of the ruling political-economic personages and what they define as appropriate to religion, government, laws, gender equality and human rights.

In Canada we are well along the pathway to absolutely no freedom of expression or debate.

All freedoms have the important foundation of freedom of speech. The strongest erosion of this base came about with a tsunami of political correctness leading to Motion 103 (M103) which does not allow for any critique of Islam or Muslims.

M103 has petrified Canadians into silence to such degree they won’t confront Islamic extremist attacks on our soil or the rise of hate-speech in their places of worship.

And through the government has come Bill C-25 seeking to impose “diversity” within all Canadian corporations and establishes financial penalties against individuals and organizations that do not comply.  with these government standards.

This has resulted in minority group people routinely running to the Human Rights Commissions with complaints, whether they have the proper credentials or not to qualify, to attain the position they covet.

And the Trudeau government has infested the Canadian mentality with “diversity” and forced it to become the buzz word for the Human Rights Commissions who jump to appease the Muslim immigrants, migrants and illegals that whine the loudest amid the Middle Eastern and African people flooding our land.

As a totalitarian state-in-progress we have many laws on the books with bills such as C-59C-75 and C-76 that reduce and criminalize freedom of expression. The government continues to infringe on privacy rights, to compromise our due process and render any government accountability an event of the distant past.

Through fear of being called a racist or a bigot we watch on as freedom dies. And, through Bill C-16 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression we have an extreme attempt to destroy the Canadian family and continue the onward spiral into chaos that sharia feeds upon.

This bill mandates all citizens must address others by their preferred gender pronouns and transgender fantasies and the keyword here is “mandate”. This means that at all places of work or within our academic institutions if you do not choose to comply you face legal and social troubles and woes.

Such circumstance should not be mandated by any government or “liberal” democracy, but the government requiring disposal of now is under Jihadi Justin Trudeau.


There are many aberrant aspects to the Trudeau government. But the second now prominent is his handling of the First Nations protests that have blocked rail and road traffic in many parts of the country. It is largely the ‘uninvited guests’ that have rushed into protest the building of the Coastal GasLink pipeline that are fomenting what is in some manners absolute non-compliance with existing Canadian law. They are deliberately agitating the First Nations groupings with methods that promote violence. There is no genuine desire by First Nations to promote violence against their non-indigenous Canadian neighbours, but they have been manipulated and also backed into a corner where the injustice they face has made them somewhat easy victims of foreign interests and the Trudeau government itself.

Do not be so naïve as to confuse the cause of the First Nations actions with the necessity of their thrusting themselves forward at this time. There is a total difference between the two when events are examined in the light of justice and injustice. Don’t confuse one with the other and further enhance the melee and make yourself a victim of the tactics of Jihadi Justin Trudeau.  

February 21 Trudeau had the audacity to state: “While Canadians have been patient with protests that have blocked rail traffic in parts of the country, the situation is “unacceptable and untenable” and the barricades must come down. Everyone involved is worried.

Canadians have been patient; our government has been patient. But it has been two weeks and the barricades need to come down now.

Our government has engaged directly with Indigenous leaders and premiers with the aim of finding a ‘peaceful and lasting resolution’ to the crisis.”

No Justin Trudeau, it is not the situation that is unacceptable. It is you and your lies and methods of government that is unacceptable and untenable.

You are nauseating in your speech when you state: “we chose dialogue and mutual respect. When others urged us to give up, we extended a hand in good faith. Despite these efforts every attempt at dialogue with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs behind the initial protest has failed to deliver a resolution.

We cannot have dialogue when only one party is coming to the table. For this reason, we have no choice but to stop making the same overtures.”

Trudeau has attained what he desired. He has gotten the majority of non-indigenous people fully at loggerheads with the First Nations. Chaos from coast to coast hastens one and all along his slippery slope into full blown sharia.

Questioned if he would use the RCMP to end the blockades, he responded ‘that since the railway blockade in Ontario falls under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Provincial Police, the Mounties would not be involved.’ He was evasive as usual and made it sound as if he had no responsibility and that in times of ‘national emergency’ it was not his direct responsibility to deploy the Federal police force.

And we are clearly in times of national emergency as Canadians are now suffering from shortages and layoffs due to Trudeau’s political agenda and posturing.

Protesters have put over 1,500 railway workers out of a job and have caused spin-offs increasing unemployment for all sectors of public transport and supply services.  They have disrupted the transport of farm products, the entire farming economy and have placed both the lives of farmers and livestock at unnecessary risk.

Items necessary to health of all Canadians like chlorine for water purification and propane for home heating are not getting through.

Trudeau’s actions have placed the entire oil industry and potential for economic recovery further into the doldrums and makes it sound like the First Nations are to be held responsible for the horrendous economic woes.The woes are his direct causative actions and lack of true government concern for any Canadian and in particular our indigenous compatriarts.

He mouths platitudes about the cultural wrongs of the past and does nothing to decrease the present wrongs that need to be addressed. First Nations have been left no other alternatives to bring light upon their concerns through the protests underway. And Trudeau is totally remiss in not separating out and arresting the paid professional political anarchists from the protesting First Nations and leave the native people truly free to advance their cause. There are foreign sources at play in Canada that are trying to destroy the nation through particular resource development destruction and the supposedly ‘Illegal occupation in Wet’suwet’en territory’ is a means of doing so.

There is noRule of lawunder Jihadi Justin and there has been some harassment and both legal and illegal arrests made in the battle underway surrounding territory and strangling rail traffic.

First Nations and the RCMP? Both sides are waiting for a commitment to genuine change before implementing planned actions known necessary as there is no genuine trust on either side from coast to coast let alone in the Wet’suwet’en traditional territory.

The policing that ultimately keeps all Canadian people safe and secure is simply not present.

Surrounding blockades Trudeau just leaves Canada’s federal and provincial law enforcement agencies to work out settlement issues. This allows him to further point the finger of blame at policing services if there is not any genuine settlement or the Canadian public in mass does not agree with any potential settlements that may occur.

Trudeau points the finger anywhere but at himself and cares less about the crisis he is urging onward. However, counter-protesters and vigilantes are now showing determined efforts to put an end to what they see as Indigenous demonstrations that have snarled the flow of goods and people and crippling the land.

Chaos and anarchy approach where ever Jihadi Justin walks. And it appears that it may be the actions of the First Nations women that ultimately outfox him in his designs. Such women are as intent upon seeing genuine truth, justice and peace in the nation as are the female Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists to destroy us from within.

A cat fight appears to be on the horizon that the Muslim interests can not ultimately win, for they confuse the ability of the Eastern alley cats with the superior intellect and strength of the Indigenous Northern Canadian fox.



In Canada and the States, we see Muslim women charging forward in the political arena screaming forth their anti-Semitic, anti-Democratic invectives, lies and hate propaganda with impunity. Typical is Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib above, her Congressional cohorts Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their activist associate Linda Sarsour. ( Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Linda Sarsour) The Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) is an active proponent of the BDS movement along with activist Linda Sarsour. CAIR is a designated terrorist entity in Canada but in no way hampered by Trudeau in their activities within our midst. It will take someone other than Trudeau and his ilk to face off with the likes of the black cavern you see above and look directly into it.

One person in the States has stood up and looked directly into the hole above.

Dov Hikind, former Democratic New York State Assemblyman, stood up in from of a room of 600 people at Rutgers University and challenged Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s blood libel against the Jewish people.

Tlaib recently tweeted an accusation that Israelis executed a Palestinian child. The accusation was proven false but Tlaib offered no retraction to her almost 900,000 Twitter followers.

The face-off between Tlaib and Hikind happened at a Muslims 4 Peace event at Rutgers where Tlaib was a featured speaker. Hikind sat through three hours of speakers before asking Tlaib why she retweeted the blood libel and pushed fake news of a child’s death to her 900,000 followers — and then never apologized for it when it was discovered the child had accidentally drowned through no fault of anyone.

The fact is that anti-Semitic Muslim liars never apologize for anything they lie about. They just ignore statements of truth tell more lies and carry onward.

A 2014 survey of antisemitism by the US Anti-Defamation League covered 100 countries. It found that all the countries in the top 10 most antisemitic locations were in the Middle East or north Africa region, with an overall figure of 73%. The West Bank and Gaza came at the top, with 93% of Palestinians expressing antisemitic views.

Where ever Trudeau has lodged himself in allegiance to the top ten most antisemitic nations is difficult at times to state. Why? Because he has spread himself all over the Islamic map seeking sharia buddies. But, when it comes to the combination of the hatred of antisemitism and the hatred deployed against indigenous concerns we find Jihadi Justin amply dispensing both. In this area he clearly is leader of the pack. May this Trudeau and his pack of Muslim mutts within our nation soon come face to face with this Indigenous Northern Canadian Fox.



Double for your money in Regina Saskatchewan?

Here one First Nations group stages a teach-in opposed to comments made by Andrew Scheer, while the same day another group protests First Nations blockades in Canada.

But, tell me this. How would you like this Foxy Lady below teaching you a thing or two? You just might run for the back of the class when looking into such a cavernous hole, eh? This is a force that the Muslim mouthpieces like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Linda Sarsour have never faced.

This First Nations Foxy Lady from Regina will never swallow any of their Islamic political crap nor will she step back from a face-off at center ice from politicians like insipid Snot Bubbles Andrew Scheer or Jihadi Justin out to destroy the First Nations and Canada she knows one and all deserve.

So, at Scheer’s office we have Foxy Lady putting facts into reality therapy. And this is a therapy that certainly needed to be applied to the local Maxime Bernier PPC crew of hypocrites – the PPC Triplets of Wowk, Sparrowhawk and Milanovski.

All three espouse doctrines adverse to the First Nations as does their leader. One must thank God that not a PPC hypocrite was elected to office. At least in this area Canadians exhibited some common sense.

It would probably be an exhibition of common sense by the Regina Triplets for them to pull their tails back between their legs and exit the political scene entirely before encountering a Foxy Lady. It looks like she may have traded in her Talking Stick used for formal negotiations. Appearances have it that she now carries a Stop Talking Stick and is fully prepared to use it.

Keep feeding First Nations political crap and most likely she will whack you all along side the head and you Will Stop Talking in a very informal manner.

Yep! The new First Nations Lady is not going to take one step backward Jihadi Justin. Perhaps it is best that you once again increase your RCMP security detachment. But then, who would you be able to point the finger of blame at when they fail to do their job? After all, you manipulated them and the entire Canadian legal system to a point whereby they cannot truly enforce the rule of law. It looks like you have shot yourself in the foot dufus.


The term dufus is the politest expression I can use to describe Justin Trudeau. He simply refuses to acknowledge and act on motions legally passed by our government or enforce them if they hinder his Islamic agenda in any manner.

February 23, 2020 11:25 am – Benjamin Kerstein

Leading Canadian Jewish Group Files Lawsuit Against Government for Failing to List Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Group

A leading Jewish group has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government for failing to enforce a House of Commons motion to list Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

The motion was passed by the House in 2018 and called on the government to “immediately designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a listed terrorist entity under the Criminal Code of Canada.” It condemned Iran “for its ongoing sponsorship of terrorism around the world.”

Thus far, the government has not acted on the motion.

“We made it clear last month that no further delays by the government would be accepted by Canadians,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Unfortunately, there is no alternative at this point to legal recourse.”

 “It is intolerable that 20 months have elapsed since this important motion passed, and no action has been taken by our government to implement it,” he added.

Referring to the US assassination of IRGC head Qassem Soleimani on Jan. 3, Mostyn said, “Today, the Islamist regime is undoubtedly seeking to avenge the killing of its IRGC General. Canadians are more at risk than ever by the IRGC. Our safety concerns are pragmatic, moral, and urgent.”

“The government must act immediately — and our lawsuit aims to ensure this immediate action,” he said.

The IRGC has committed acts of terrorism against Jewish institutions in the past, most famously the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Argentina, killing dozens.

Since 2012, Canada has listed the Quds Force, the IRGC unit that runs Iran’s global terror operations, as a terror group. Activists have long advocated for designating the IRGC in its entirety, as the US did last April.

If the IRGC is placed on the terror list, it will be illegal for it to operate in Canada and for Canadian citizens to support or fund it.”

Having to keep the Canadian tax money flowing to the Muslim coffers is the primary reason that Jihadi Justin does not enforce laws that are already in the books. The Dufus is soon going to pay a heavy and justified legal punishment for doing this.



International Migrants Day Judith Bergman  –  February 25, 2020

This statement is an absolute truth when applied to the state of multiculturalism and integration of persons from the nations most favored by Trudeau and his policies.

“The project of multiculturalism in Europe, including the integration of people from the Middle East and Africa, has fared extremely poorly until now and no amount of denial from the UN or the World Economic Forum, including leveling accusations of “hate speech” and “fake news” at its critics can alter that fact.”

This statement is an absolute truth when applied to the state of our Canadian cities and the Middle Eastern and Muslim ghettos that have grown like weeds in them. The Muslim faction in particular has made it clear that they will only integrate to the degree that it advances their sharia. They deliberately drain the financial supportive social net, impose and demand their will be submitted to in every fashion they can and are spreading out from the cities into the remote regions of the nation. In their movement they drawn an increasing tide of migrants in behind them through whatever means legal or illegal they choose. And this is an affair that Trudeau loves to see rapidly bloom.

“Many migrants have made it clear that they have no wish either to contribute to, or become part of, the European societies into which they have migrated. Parallel societies… have sprung up all over Western Europe.”

This statement is an absolute truth when applied to the rise in criminal elements and activity that has been evidenced in Canada. Trudeau’s favorite criminal insurgence takes place through his Somali contingent and the blacks from all regions and Asian counterparts have turned our larger cities into shooting arcades on an almost daily basis.

The First Nations wanna be gang bangers and criminal element have quickly emulated this activity. In particular look at the opioid mess and sexual exploitation it has exploded upon their communities, leaving their leadership desperate for sane government policies that will alleviate this condition. And Jihadi Justin just loves to have it so.

“In Germany, authorities believe that it will take decades to get rid of the Middle Eastern family crime clans that have spread their criminal activities throughout the country. Sweden also is reeling from the many shootings and explosions that migrant crime gangs are responsible for throughout the country.”

This statement is an absolute truth when applied to how Trudeau responded to International Migrants Day here in Canada and his demands for Canadian obedience to UN decrees. He has demanded the provinces and our populace deal with critics of his ‘migrant and open borders policies’.

“None of these grave issues was even hinted at by the UN’s and the World Economic Forum’s “experts” on migration in their statements on International Migrants Day. Instead, they encouraged states to clamp down on critics in the name of “hate speech”.”

When the UN marked International Migrants Day on December 18, 2019, the theme was ‘social cohesion’ and touted boldly the recognition that for true social cohesion Migration is a Benefit that Works for All. And nothing could be further from the truth when you look at Trudeau’s totalitarian agenda.

Migrants, illegal immigrants and Muslims in particular are divisive in Canadian communities and this is what needs to be recognized. They cost a lot and their payback is further disintegration of social programs and law and order. The cultural evolution within Canada due to them is due to Trudeau’s love affair with sharia and the forces of Islam.

Trudeau claims that his multiculturalism and integration policies are evolving and enrich us in multiple and intangible ways.

The results are obvious and Trudeau is spouting horse shit, bull shit or any other term you may want to label him with. It is for such reason I politely label him THE DUFUS.

What Trudeau labels hate speech leads to the stigmatisation and criminalisation of honest citizens and has a grave negative impact on the realisation of their human rights.

Trudeau claims that Security concerns are being wrongly used to criminalize migrants and people trying to support them while facts show clearly all his migration policies poses grave security risks. He is importing both terrorism and crime into the country. The situation for Canada is rapidly becoming a reflection of the European nations.

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies, in the report “What Terrorist Migration Over European Borders Can Teach About American Border Security”, describes the extent to which terrorists disguised as migrants have entered the European Union to commit terrorist attacks:

“Between January 2014 and January 2018, at least 104 Islamist extremists entered Europe by way of migration… All 104 were killed or arrested in nine European nations after participating either in completed and thwarted attacks, or arrested for illegal involvement with designated terrorist groups…Of the 104 migrants implicated in terrorist acts, 29 were involved in 16 completed attacks inside Europe between 2015 and 2018. These attacks killed 170 people and wounded at least 878 more…”

The difference for we Canadians? – under Trudeau we do not arrest or kill these types. We welcome them, embrace them and ensure they do not run out of cash or have their mobility restricted.

Trudeau is particularly interested in ensuring the hardest of the hardcore terrorists gain entry. He has been secretly trying to establish ‘secret embassy connections’ with Iran as recently reported in the Globe and mail.

‘Iran and Canada held discussions about opening special interest-sections in other countries’ embassies. Two Canadian delegations went to Iran in 2017; two Iranian delegations visited Canada for such purpose.’

Trudeau is a damnable liar and expedites Iranian incursions in all fashions. The matter of the COVID-19 event underway is another good example. He tells us that ‘travellers arriving in Canada from Iran will be asked to self-isolate for two weeks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus.’ He espouses that Iranians are honorable in enacting what is best without necessary measures to ensure they do not threaten our health.

These people will self-isolate to the same degree that his returning terrorists self-isolate. They will simply disappear into the ranks and ensure their personal paths are unencumbered.

But we find that suddenly new measures have to be imposed upon his Iranians because public media has revealed the true extent of the Iranian Covid-19 events. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said the new measure is being imposed because new cases confirmed in Canada have been traced to travel in Iran, a pattern she called “very concerning.”

What remains very concerning is that no one within the Trudeau government can define in any manner what this new secretive measure is.

But there is no secret to the fact that Iranian doctors lodged in Canada are being denied entry to the United States following the Ukrainian plane crash that killed his wife. Why no entry for Farzad Alavi on January 10, 2020? “It was his past military service in Iran — which the officer claimed effectively linked him with terrorists and he was told to never try to enter the States again.”

This Farzad Alavi is only one of the Iranian-born Canadian citizens interviewed by the CBC denied entry to the United States for similar reasons. Is this just another show of incompetence by the CBC as when it accidentally released the identity of our long-time Antifa informant Schoolteacher Kurt Phillips. Or do we have someone within the rotted CBC ranks that has seen the light of day and shining a bit of it back now upon Trudeau and his great Muslim Iranian love affair?

It does not really matter at this point does it?

I believe that it has been established that Trudeau firmly embraces Iranian Killers and they all must be expunged from this Nation. Do it or die from the results of your lack of action.

God willing, I have not overloaded whatever remains of your media induced cranial capacity. I will leave that up to the Foxy Lady out there somewhere on the prowl in the sludge and dirty traffic mush of Regina Saskatchewan.

It is now time for me to get on with this COVID-19 event coming to our neighbourhood.