As stated we are carrying forward showing why Trudeau is completely unacceptable and absolutely not trustworthy to hold the office of Prime Minister of Canada.

Before his election, while leader of the Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau said he had no problem visiting a mosque that had given thousands of dollars to a charity that had recently been declared a terrorist entity by the Canadian government. The dolt was in fact proud of what he was doing in running to the controversial Islamic Community Centre of South Shore mosque.

Trudeau’s visit to the Brossard mosque was one of several stops on a campaign-style tour of Montreal’s South Shore and not the first time he’s visited a controversial Muslim place of worship.

He was quick to >  defended his visit to the controversial Islamic Community Centre of South Shore mosque.  and stated:  “If the minister of public safety has concerns about this or any other mosque, (then) he (should) act on it and not use it as a way to attack people who are doing their jobs and bringing Canadians together,” Trudeau said.

And just how were the people in this mosque bringing people together?

     Misbahuddin Ahmed      Kaurram Syed Sher             Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh

Even a blatant liar like Trudeau could not claim he was unaware of the Brossard mosque having connections to someone who stands convicted of terrorist activity. The media were replete with reports surrounding the three stooges above.

The terrorist Misbahuddin Ahmed was convicted by Justice Collin McKinnon. This Ahmed was a regular at Trudeau’s mosque of choice before his arrest through one, amid the many of Canada’s extensive anti-terrorism investigations in the post 9/11 era.  He was arrested with two co-conspirators after a nearly year-long CSIS and RCMP investigation and surveillance operation dubbed Project Samossa.

Watch the video and read the report centered around this man that was doing his job bringing Canadians together. >

It would appear the sentencing Judge, Colin McKinnon suffers the same delusions as Justice Simon Noel and Lame Brain Lamer for we read:

 “Justice Colin McKinnon, who said he was convinced that Ahmed had renounced his terrorist inclinations, refused to impose a maximum sentence.”  

It is impossible for a Muslim to renounce his inclinations to terrorism without renouncing Islam in total upon which such inclinations are based, required and justified. Simon Noel could not grasp this fact and as a result imposed his own ideas in judgment, just as we see McKinnon refusing to impose a maximum sentence. 

Further, McKinnon states: “You and your family, and particularly your wife and three young children, owe a deep debt of gratitude to CSIS and the RCMP. But for their vigilance and unceasingly hard work in frustrating your evil plotting, you might well have developed into a truly dangerous subversive responsible for the deaths of innocents. Had you acted on your evil intentions, you would be justifiably reviled by all law-abiding members of civilized society.”

Misbahuddin Ahmed was and remains a truly deadly subversive. The only thing that stopped completion of his evil terrorist designs and intentions was the vigilance and hard work of CSIS and the RCMP. He did not suddenly have some spiritual awakening that stopped him from completing his actions. And do not be so delusional as to think that he will not emerge from the ‘Jihad Educational Institute” our Jails have become as a much smarter and dedicated proponent of sharia.

I think that it is McKinnon himself that shall be ‘justifiably reviled by all law-abiding members of civilized society’ in Canada for further imposing their own stereotypes of the culture of Islam upon us, through their enactments within our legal system. These people seem to have forgotten that it is our legal system and not their personal playgrounds.

As well, McKinnon’s mental lumps of: ‘you and your family’, only ‘a hard-hearted judge’, ‘his being impressed by 75 letters of support received from friends and former co-workers’, ‘shame brought upon his family, his community, and peace-loving Muslims throughout this country’: all scream out his ignorance of what comprises the ummah, sharia and the devotee of Islam.

McKinnon, do you still have ‘ample time to reflect on the fact that you enjoy the immense privilege of living in one of the great democracies in the free world’? You may still be able to rectify the erroneous judgment base you operate from respecting Islam. No matter what the fact remains that Ahmed is now a convicted terrorist. You convicted him! But, based on the reality of Islam you should have imposed a maximum sentence. Why do you fear being seen as a ‘hard hearted judge’? The events show you based and pushed by your ‘own emotional opinions’ and not what is truly best for the National Security.

 Our second stooge is > Khurram Sher, one-time ‘Canadian Idol’ contestant, found not guilty   through a judicial reasoning process that might be employed by the criminally insane. He was acquitted in a separate trial from the others by Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland

Sher plead not guilty after he was charged along with two other men in August 2010. A graduate of Montreal’s McGill University, Sher worked as an anatomical pathologist at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas, Ont., south of London.

During the trial, federal lawyers argued that Sher had agreed with the others to raise money, send cash abroad, take paramilitary training, make and use explosives, and scout targets in Canada.

Federal lawyers cited evidence gathered through wiretaps of phone calls, intercepted emails and covertly installed listening devices. They played sometimes sketchy audio culled from electronic surveillance of a July 20, 2010, meeting at Ahmed’s Ottawa home.

It was this meeting that became a pivotal point about the three plotters. It was held up to be the first time that Sher had a face-to-face encounter with our third stooge, Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh.

Their meeting was a rambling discussion of jihad, operational methods and the time the trio clearly stipulated his being their elected-selected cell group leader. This was a logical selection as he was the ‘hands on’ man of terrorist bent and the most jihad training.

Ahmed was the common link, but this does not insure in any manner that our boy Sher was not informed prior by his ‘hockey buddy’ who Alizadeh was. We only know that this July 20, 2010 meeting in Ahmed’s residence is where Sher makes his damning alliance as a cell member.

Was he serious in his intents to actively participate? For certain he was. Amid other statements of his compliance, at one point during the late-night meeting when asked whether it was better to acknowledge participation in a bombing or remain silent, Sher said, “It is better not to.”

Bingo! Flatly stated he knew it was better not to acknowledge their plot and agreement to anyone. It is better to remain silent. He knew he was participating in a potential bombing and that he needed to remain silent about the fact. This essentially was an agreement to secrecy and non-disclosure.

During defence Sher attempted a ‘lame duck explanation’ of his recorded words. At trial, Sher said he meant ‘it was better not to bomb anyone at all’. This certainly is not what he was recorded as saying.

Now, let us look at what we are told Sher is truly like.

Defence arguments painted Sher as a humanitarian, capable of donating thousands of dollars to charity and helping with earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan.

He was supposedly a man of enduring friendships. He and Ahmed had known each other for an extended period in Montreal and the visit was characterized as being simply a spontaneous friendly stopover with a hockey buddy while Sher was in route from Montreal to his new job in southern Ontario.

After trial, speaking outside the courthouse, defence lawyer Michael Edelson said Sher was shocked that Ahmed had become a supporter of extremism. He said that his client’s life had been in limbo the last four years and he would now focus on rebuilding his life.  “His career has been ended, he’s lost over a million dollars in income, prestige in the community, and it’s been a very, very tough four years,” Edelson said.

Was and is their something foul in how Sher was ‘doing the job of bringing Canadians together’ as Trudeau claims such Mosque Morons are doing?

Think about these facts:

His lawyer states a claimed loss of a $250,000.00 a year income which makes him capable of funding whatever he desires.

He has funded ‘relief’ in Pakistan, a harbor of Taliban and protector of hard core terrorists like bin-Laden. Would further investigation still show exactly what this man was funding from behind closed doors?

He has great self-confidence, certainly enough to strut around in the public eye on American idol. Being under public scrutiny while trying to achieve his personal goals is a pressure he has proven ability to handle.

He has a high degree of education as a pathologist. This demands intelligence and the ability to minutely examine and look for causes and results of events. It also requires that one be able to articulate their findings in concise, highly discernable manner.

So why was he acquitted?

In his decision, Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland described Sher as an undoubtedly bright, but ultimately ‘quite naive, immature and inarticulate young man.’  This description by Hackland does not describe a Pathologist and American Idol participant that records show him to be. Inarticulate is defined as being unable to speak distinctly or express oneself clearly. And naïve is defined as a person or action that shows a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. You cannot be a successful pathologist and be lacking in attributes of wisdom, judgment and the ability to articulate.

It appears he was on the pathway of gaining experience in successful bomb making when the events blew up in his face. He was quite capable of acting out a pretense that Hackland believed we all should be so naïve as to believe.

Hackland said Sher probably harbored some jihadist sympathies, but he was not convinced the doctor genuinely intended to join a conspiracy.

In his reasons for acquittal, Hackland said it was clear that Sher had not met the third man before the meeting. Meeting for the first time and knowledge of the man and his purposes are two different matters being spoken to. I think it is more highly improbable that his buddy Ahmed just happened to surprise him with a new friend on what was supposedly a spur of the moment encounter because Sher was moving to a new job location.

There is record of a meeting between Ahmed and Alizadeh in February 2010 and some six months until our trio met in July 2010. Two many communication methods between our hockey buds existed to eliminate the fact of probable complicity in some manner existed between the trio precedent to the February meeting that Hackland fixated on.  

As a result, the Crown has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, Hackland said.How did Hackland conclude that Sher did not genuinely intended to join a conspiracy?

Are there any doubts as to the meeting, all the other recordings and evidence entailed and the fact of the stated Bingo of secrecy-acknowledgement? Sher can come up with ‘a lame duck’ excuse, but it is Hackland that certainly is quite logically quackers in his reasoning.

As to the Bingo secrecy-oath recording in Sher’s own words, Hackland called this an obvious misrepresentation. An obvious misrepresentation of what? The fact that the image in Hackland’s mind of Sher does not balance with the public performance of the man is the only obvious misrepresentation that appears truly visible.

The judge said it was relevant to ask whether a medical doctor with a track record of humanitarian support “would so readily sign on to a group planning potential terrorist activity in Canada without any careful consideration or reflection.”

No Hackland, it is not possible that he did so without careful consideration. He is Muslim first and intelligently pursuing sharia as demanded by his faith.

Ultimately, Hackland said there was not enough proof for a criminal conviction.

I do not think Hackland has proven himself qualified to reach such judgment. Proof available could only lead to conviction if proceeding to trial had been his judgment and not acquittal. There was enough evidence to move onward for a final judgment by a jury, but certainly not by this judge. Why? Because there was sufficient evidence to garner Ahmed 12 years and Alizadeh 24 years sentences and they were Sher’s ‘bingo boom buddies’.

But, in circumstance like this how do you get a shot at convincing an appeals court that the judge in concern went too far in expressing himself?

But it is the third bird Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, the stipulated elected-selected leader of the trio that raises some interesting facts that will get our focus directed more deservedly back upon Jihad Justin.

It was the third co-conspirator Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh that was declared the recognized leader. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison by McKinnon after pleading guilty to a series of charges and apologizing for his crimes. You can link into all the information you require surrounding this case through > Ottawa man gets 24 years after surprise guilty plea in terror..    >

I draw your attention to this fact. In all the material I looked through I asked why I could only come up with a Court Room sketch of this hard-core terrorist. The visibility through photos was no problem locating for the rest of the cruddy lot.

The answer appears to be in the reality of who this man is and who Trudeau has publicly stated himself as ultimately representing.

Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, is an ethnic Kurd born in Iran before the start of the Iran-Iraq War. But, he grew up in the midst of war and his home town suffered the effects of chemical weapons attacks by then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s troops.

He was a Sunni religious extremist when he came to Canada in 2002. And, as a religious fundamentalist he obtained his Canadian citizenship in 2007. His terrorist ideologies had began well before CSIS and the RCMP > began keeping tabs on him in the investigation dubbed Project Samosa.

Alizadeh studied electrical engineering at a Winnipeg college before moving to Ottawa, where he worked as a school custodian and part-time Algonquin College student before becoming an active terror plotter in 2009.

He recruited others to his jihadist cause, transferred money abroad to other terrorists including his brother Rizgar to buy weapons in Afghanistan and Iran, and began stockpiling circuit boards, transmitters and electronic components for use in an improvised explosive device in Canada. He used aliases, pay-as-you-go cellphones and pay phones, fake identities on email, and public library internet connections to avoid detection.”

He was in the process of identifying his specific Canadian targets when CSIS and the RCMP drew in the net they caught him up in.

“According to an agreed statement of facts read aloud at court, Alizadeh travelled in March 2009 from Canada to Iran. He snuck across the border into Afghanistan. He attended a terrorist training camp there run by Islamic militants for two months, getting trained in using AK47s and handguns, and assembling remote-controlled IEDs.

His training was first-rate, led by an expert bombmaker known as “Westa Omar” who had personally built IEDs to use against coalition forces in Afghanistan. Alizadeh was a good student. He “successfully detonated” IEDs he had assembled there.

Alizadeh returned to Canada in July, smuggling in how-to instructional manuals, 56 electronic circuit boards for building explosive devices, other components, and violent jihadist propaganda videos he intended to upload to YouTube.

Alizadeh stayed in contact with terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan, including a man known as Mansoor Al Baloosh — a kind of travel agent who “facilitated” the journey for foreigners seeking to join terror camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan. He also kept loose touch with a group of Kurdish insurgents actively battling coalition forces — including Canadians, Americans and British — fighting the Taliban. Their goal was to destabilize the government of Hamid Karzai and drive “coalition forces out of Afghanistan.

Alizadeh’s brother Rizgar — a member of a terrorist group in Iran — is beyond the reach of Canadian law, said Prosecutor Wakely, while Canadian authorities have determined other conspirators “died in battlefields in Afghanistan.”

It is obvious his group was ready to carry out their designs independent of his personal presence for Alizadeh had turned over the electrical bomb-making components to Ahmad.

When police had searched Alizadeh’s apartment, they found a partially assembled circuit board for an IED with seven components soldered on, as keeping with instructions in the accompanying terrorist training material. There were only three more components necessary and readily available at consumer electronic stores to make the bomb functional when combined with explosives.  This is part of the contents found in Ahmed’s possession that led toward conviction.

Alizadeh’s plans were to leave the country for Saudi Arabia, with his children and wife, just before he was arrested in August 2010.

(Two out of three conviction isn’t bad, eh? It is bad when it involves terrorists Mr. Wakely.)

Under a deal agreed to by the Crown and defence lawyers, Alizadeh pleaded guilty to explosives possession with the intent to cause harm as part of a terrorist conspiracy and received a 24-year sentence as part of an agreement.

Do not think his guilty plea was in any manner an expression of remorse over his intended actions. Far from it. He was prepared to indiscriminately slaughter on Canadian soil before being thwarted and will be even be more determined so with his ‘early release’ from prison.

Our ‘quick release boy, Judge McKinnon agreed to the joint sentencing submission. He gave Alizadeh time-and-a-half credit for the four years of pre-sentence time already served in the “notoriously difficult conditions that prevail at the Ottawa Regional Detention Centre.” From time of sentence Alizadeh could be eligible for parole within nine more years.

The recommended terms for consideration of parole are even more ludicrous than the agreed to sentence.

But then, as we know McKinnon to be the man that simply refused to give Ahmed the maximum sentence that should have been due him.

So, why did ‘Mr. Blow Them All Sky High’ plead guilty?

Through reaching a deal and pleading guilty Alizadeh avoided the “catastrophic implications of a life sentence” that would have more greatly hindered his ability to actively advance sharia.

And, it appears the ‘deal reached’ must have included his photo identification not becoming public knowledge. This type of available visibility would have again greatly hindered his ability to actively advance sharia upon release.

In addition, there is a deafening silence surrounding his matter of Citizenship, of possible revocation and deportation to his land of origin. Why?

For a certitude we know that no one was going to place any obstacles in the way of Jihad Justin’s boys ‘bringing people together’. He made it quite clear he was leading a Liberal Party that embraced the wrongs of terrorists and he would fight for their rights to remain sources of wrongs for Canada.


But during his electoral run-up Trudeau and crew were starting to be called everything from Muslim extremist apologists to terrorists for his South Shore Mosque escapades. It was at such a point Ralph Goodale chimed in with a lame duck timing excuse that was supposed to somehow vindicate Trudeau.

He stated Trudeau visited the mosque in March of 2011, before > classified U.S. intelligence reports naming it were made public in April 2011. According to Goodale, Trudeau had no way of knowing the mosque’s true status and had done nothing wrong.

Goodale’s statement was utter dog crap, like most everything else that has proven to emerge from the man. Trudeau and all his cronies knew the status of the mosques he was visiting.


They were up on the news of the day surrounding Awso Peshdary, Jihad John and all the recruitment activities that were taking place for ISIL through the colleges and educational institutes. Read this > Who is Awso Peshdary? The case against an alleged Ottawa.. ISIL recruiter. No, claims of innocence through uninformed ignorance are just not within the realm of reason.

It was a well published fact prior to his visit that the > Mosque was a terrorist base and so the controversy follows Trudeau onward.   “It now turns out as early as 2006 the mosque in question was well known in Quebec as a hotbed of Islamic extremism, and where the Imam and congregation was committed to jihad and hatred towards non-Muslims.” 

How much light of exposure will be necessary to bring our lying, manipulating Jihad Justin to receiving his just legal retributions through incarceration, trial and imprisonment? The man is treasonous.

I doubt even Goodale would try to claim that the Fuddle Duddle Kid walked around Quebec oblivious for some five years as to the reality of what was going on around him. But then, Goodale just might claim it to be the case and try justifying it through spreading more of his Saskatchewan manure mixed with Trudeau’s Muslim chants as they sing out their Liberal political Islamic lullaby of Deceptions.

But, Arthur Weinreb pretty much summed up such ‘visiting days’ with Jihad Justin.

It doesn’t faze Trudeau that the mosque has had ties to Hamas. The boy doesn’t care that Hamas’ charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel but for the killing of all Jews. That’s perfectly fine with the “hair apparent.” Of course, unless the Hamas Charter is available in comic book form, it is unlikely little Justin ever read it.

It is too simplistic to say Trudeau visits mosques with extremist views just to get votes. He can easily flit from mosque to mosque without going near those who have been linked to extremism and terrorism. But he’s proud to go into mosques whose principles includedeath to Israelanddeath to the Jews.”

Trudeau has another reason for ingratiating himself with terror-related mosques He believes, or so he says, that he goes to these mosques to teach its members about “Canadian values.” What nonsense. What arrogance!

The people in these mosques live in Canada and are not stupid. They know what Canadian values such as same sex marriage and equality of the sexes are. To pretend they don’t know and have to be taught by a former part time drama student is absurd. The problem is not that Islamic extremists don’t know what Canadian values are; it is they don’t like them. They prefer Sharia law and such practices as female genital mutilation. They understand these things better than the Fuddle Duddle kidlet who criticized the Harper Conservatives for daring to describe practices such as female genital mutilation and honor killings as “barbaric.”

Trudeau is nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer who is unable to understand potential threats to the country he hopes to lead.”

Arthur Weinreb was correct, however, you bozos bit right in, chewed up the Trudeau crap like cows at your cuds, eventually belching, passing wind and following baby T down the pathway of blindsiding the Conservatives and onward into >  the Loco-Motion of Muslim M-103. You were loco when you bit into the Trudeau Tripe and even more loco with everyday you keep swallowing it.

But Trudeau’s visits were part of a campaign-style tour of Montreal’s south shore that raised the ire of the Tories as he garnered votes  through visiting mosque whose imams supported severing the hands of thieves and stoning of women.

And Trudeau was shameless in his desired associations with such men,  going so far as to bragging about them while campaigning in a Muslim mosque in Calgary. …

“In 2013, when he was campaigning in a Muslim mosque in Calgary, Justin Trudeau bragged about how many mosques he visits in his hometown of Montreal.

He listed them: the Bangladeshi mosque, the Pakistani mosque, the North African mosque and the Wahhabi mosque. But Wahhabi Islam is an ideology, not a place.

Wahhabism is to the rest of Islam what the Ku Klux Klan is to the rest of Christianity. It’s an extremist fringe that believes in violence. Or, as it’s called in Arabic, jihad.”

And it is Wahhabism to which Trudeau has his chains welded. >  Robert Spencer has gone so far as to call Trudeau Canada’s Obama -…


Trudeau’s Terrorist Assuna Annabawiyah Mosque

The Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque was inaugurated in April 1993 as a registered charitable society. The building has two large halls in addition to a Chapel for women and a library. Its place is large enough to easily accommodate more than two thousand worshipers.

‘The main goals of Al Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque stated in its official website are calling on Muslims to espouse the creed of the Muslim nation’s ancestors ; disseminating information regarding the Islamic Law and providing social services to the Muslim community.’

They fail to mention the hard-core terrorist promoting base they truly are.

‘The Assuna Annabawiyah was listed by US intelligence sources as Canada’s equivalent of London’s notorious terror-linked Finsbury Park Mosque. One of the Assuna mosque’s former Imams is currently being held in Guantanamo for terrorism and one of its former congregants is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List with a $5 Million dollar bounty on his head, and that’s just two examples of many.’

This Salafi Wahabi Al Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in Trudeau’s riding has held terrorist connections for a long time. > Two prominent members of the Montreal Assuna Mosque had links with al-Queda      > A video segment of the CBC 2006 undercover expose of the Assuna mosque in Montreal   

The Assuna Montreal Mosque International emissaries seen through > the Seattle Times and the Terrorists Within.  “The Terrorist Within,” told in serial-narrative form, is based entirely on information gathered in interviews or contained in official documents, transcripts and recordings, some public and others classified. You will find our jihadi Charkaoui and Ressam highlighted in here as well.

Our Justin knew of all this and personally many of the characters referred to. Much of this came through a displayed love of Wahhabism and his mosque of first choice. We shall show you more of the Islamic disaster Trudeau is foisting upon the Nation in Series-3 following.






Remove Trudeau from office and prosecute him for treason against our Nation

It is a righteous action that this take place.




Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?