DAY 32


DAY 32 – Thursday September 19.2019 –

Today we will get on with a number of unsavory PPC characters and how they popped up on my radar to begin with or identified as the miscreants they are.

You know about an ongoing investigation I had underway at the time I started red-flagging persons for follow up that were tied to negative matters I found swirling around Johanne Meanie Mennie.

Well, yesterday the Day 33 Events of an ‘all candidates’ presentation-debate at the Wesley United Church, 3913 Hillsdale Avenue, Regina was being held on Treaty 4 Land.

I was going there to support the local PPC Candidates in whatever manner I could and to see what role I might play. And I knew the PPC crew were not aware that the grounds the property occupied were from a “Questionable Treaty” that still needed settlements.

I also knew they were not aware that the Church was under the leadership of Sinday Bourgeois the first known, or openly transgender creature ordained by the United Church. ITS transition from a business owner in eastern Canada to a creature of the cloth in Saskatchewan was brought about through distortion of faith and the need to be what whatever IT thought the demons controlling IT meant IT to be.

I knew this creature and ITS associated churches in Regina for I had been dealing with the abominations for a number of years. But I kept silent and went to see how events would play out – but the Lord did not keep me silent in the play that unfolded within.

Many things occurred but the two that were personally a blessing to me were finally meeting Mario Milanovski the PPC Candidate for Regina Wascana and completing my investigation of the man, as I had found there was a great deal of secrecy surrounding being able to contact him directly.

I had met his campaign manager Dale Klein at the Regina Library – Meet the Candidates event on September 9 and let it be thought I was going to support Mario by posting his face on the Final Frontier. This was received with approval. But on September 10 this message came to me:

PPC EDA <>,Mario Milanovski

Sep. 10 at 4:03 p.m.

Hi Ken – It was nice to meet you at the library. We appreciate your support for the PPC. At this time we would request that you don’t put Mario’s picture on your camper without his permission.  We are being very focussed with our efforts and want to keep Mario’s image and advertising within the Wascana riding, and presented as a distinct person who stands out. So we’re not doing joint marketing as a result.  But thanks for your offer.  

All the best.   Dale Klein  

Well, as readers are well aware in th matters underway I do not seek permission as to who I place on the Final Frontier nor offer explanation for doing such to them. So up goes Mario Malanovski and he and Dale can run their campaign in any manner they choose.

But I am going to tell you this. With my finally meeting Mario and ‘doing the thing I do’ I will full steam ahead to do everything I can to see the man elected, with or without his permission, just as I am doing in the case of Wowk and Sparrowhawk.

He is 100% pure of heart and intent in gaining PPC Member of Parliament status because of his love for people and the precipice of Chaos and Violence that he sees the Nation tottering on. He personally lived through the Serbian genocide and horrors that engulfed people in his land of origin and this gave him a discernment into the social, physical, political and spiritual conditions of events around him, a discernment that has ever since kept him on high alert that they would never engulf him or the ones he loves.

He loves Canada for what he saw it to be when he escaped here for refuge and he intends to do all he can to return it first to his land of refuge and ensure it then becomes in full measure all that the Holiness of the God he serves intends it to be.

This man will die before he will see His Canada enveloped in evil designs.

So, Mario you do whatever you personally know best to do.

As for me, with or without your permission I am going to do everything I see as best to do to to ensure your overwhelming defeat of Rotten Ralph Goodale – as Rotten Ralph has been and is a very great catalyst – attempting to ensure that the genocidal conditions of your Serbian past overwhelm us all.

Now – the second great blessing to me was finally being able to trap Rotten Ralph Goodale where he had to deal with me face to face. Rotten Ralph Goodale is not a Political lion tamer he is a Political lying bastard that has damaged this Nation for over twenty-six years. My encounters with the Rotterdam from Hell began from the days he had his nose jammed up the asshole of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and then just continued his slide into the half-frog cavity of his son. 

With the 15 minute break I grabbed a two cookie and cup of coffee participants bribe and went looking for the man who has a riding office I have visited in the past. In fact, the morning of the 9th of September, at the sight of me, the Goodale riding office went into full scale panic mode. They put the building into security lockdown and called the police to have myself and the Final Frontier ejected from the parking spot immediately in front of the office door.

I caught our rat trying to come out the kitchen door and blocked his path as I hollered out loudly for the crowd around me to hear – Rotten Ralph Goodale. I stuck my face close into his and vehemently proclaimed – “Take a good look at me, I’m going to be in your face at the office from here on as often as I wish for I am campaigning now.

With the aplomb of the accomplished public liar he made pretense that he did not know who I was. On my web you can locate the manners in which he was made aware of who I was and my intents to see him and Baby T secured behind bars for their sedition and treason. He tried maneuvering his pumpkin size head around but I followed his motions keeping looking into the deadpool eyes. I expressed a few ‘choice opinions’ as to my regard for his personage and blocked his path until the point where I let him past me so the cowardly old prick could return to the stage with the other assembling candidates.

From the start of the session I had remained standing at the back of the forum where I was highly visible to the stage and all seated participants at the times I deliberately loudly screamed out words of encouragement for some candidates or made enough mocking noise to ensure the rear of the hall contingent could see me mocking the three Liberal liars on the stage. 

The PPC candidate Wowk let it be known that the First Nations man Tyler Reyes would receive an answer to his “I’ve Got A Question” inquiry. He had made an inquiry at Rotten Ralph’s Riding Office on the morning of September 9.2019. I had gone there the same morning of the  9th to observe what might happen.

Tyler was quickly refused any response to where his relatives and other First Nations monetary entitlements ended up upon their deaths.For his question he was abruptly escorted to the door and locked out. 

Events since and at the assembly where I ‘eye balled’ the old turkey have shown the critter is in somewhat a panic mode at the pressure coming down on him. On September 20 a personal friend of Ralph let it be known to Trevor Wowk, the man that had guaranteed Tyler assistance in attaining his questions answer, that Ralph Goodale wanted Tyler to know that he was personally going to give Tyler his answer.

I do not know what has resulted in this answer scenario to “I’ve Got a Question”, but I know that Rotten Ralph Goodale will be eventually jailed and so does he. There is a team of prominent First Nations personages at all levels of Canadian activity Nationally and Internationally assembling to ensure that none of the Liberals treasonous to Canada shall see ‘golden retirement years’ at further Canadian expense.Ralph Goodale is heading the pack of Liberal Liars following Justin Trudeau into jail cells quickly following the ballot count.

People’s Party of Canada candidates Mark Friesen, left, and Guto Penteado pose during a news conference outside the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation range near Aberdeen, Sask. Saskatoon StarPhoenix photo by Zak Vescera.

Rotten Ralph is no longer digestible in healthy Canadian Society. 

But there is more than one fouled PPC pancake that Maxime Bernier needs to push off his plate before continuing onward on claimed higher moral ground.

We shall delineate some parts of the rotted pancake stack tomorrow.

Suffice it for now to state the true ignorance of Mark Friesen when it comes to the political reality of the threat on the ground to public safety here in Saskatchewan. 

On my Daily Election CountdownDAY 33 – Wednesday September 18.2019 – I clearly documented the presence of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi Travis Patron here in the Province. 

Friesen obviously never read it or continues to miss out on many matters salient to the PPC as he rides around with his dog looking to bark at Liberal crows.

 Listen to his “I’m a Mennonite KKK”

I’m a ‘Mennonite KKK’?

And….wow….. some editing has taken place from first let loose…. Friesen is on ‘recorded tapes’ mocking and denying the existence of the KKK in Canada.

Guess this should stoke your fire eh Mark. Dependent on your position in the stack of pancakes you might want to take your dog for a pee permanently “My Designated Voice of Saskatchewan”…..after all, I did coin the title for you, did I not. 

See you tomorrow Roman Catholic Reactionary……? ? ?